Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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For tonight, we’ll forget who and what we are.

“I want to play with you all night.”

Please, please don’t

“It will hurt, but it will be fine”


“I want you on top of me.”

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Airport Conversations with C

C: So a little problem with seeing you today that I'd forgotten about. Go to [conference website] and search for [company name].

SA: That's a really bad picture of you.

SA: Have fun!

C: Yeah it is! We'll see about the fun. On one hand, I'm getting away, which I need. On the other, a) it's work, b) it looks to be a dismal [name of conference], and c) it's money we don't need to be spending, and d) I was REALLY looking forward to spending some quality time with you today. I need it.

SA: I'm sorry.

C: Me too. I think you need to debrief me when I come back.

SA: Is that what they call it now? FYI, I'm naked in my bed.

SA: For what it's worth, I need to see you too. I should break some patterns I've fallen into.

C: That's what's I'm calling it. Oh god, please send me pics, voicemail, text, whatever you can to make this flight actually enjoyable.

C: I want to join the mile-high soloist club while looking at you.

SA: I thought you couldn't receive such things mid-flight.

C: Like what?

SA: Like only sleeping with [CW]. It's weird. We get along spectacularly, there's no drama, no requirement to be monogamous, and the sex is amazing. But still, it lacks *passion*.

C: Flight leaves in an hour.

SA: It seems I can only get that with you.

C: Ugh, and me only sleeping with [girlfriend's name]. Yeah, let's fix that.

SA: With you, it's somehow less about sex and more about the physical manifestation of how you make me feel. You terrify and excite me more than anyone ever has.

SA: It's less about your cock in my ass, and more about you having that power over me, telling me that you're going to penetrate me in the naughtiest of places.

SA: It's that thought that really gets me wet.

C: Keep going. Won't be able to text or talk til I'm past security.

SA: Alright.

SA: It scares me to tell you how badly I want to submit to you. I've never trusted anyone enough to give them that But the nature of our situation lends so easily to me trusting you, almost too easily. I need to be taken to a new level.

C: Hmm, such as?

C: I trust you too. It's pretty wonderful.

SA: Indeed. And I don't know. I just want to be there with you.

C: Me too.

C: I know I haven't seen you in ages, but I already miss you more sitting on the plane about to fly away.

SA: This is what I love about you. I'm laying in bed, falling in and out of consciousness, and all I want is you here, wrapping me in your arms. I need to see you more than an hour at a time.

SA: I need you to remind me how dirty I really am. I want you to bend me over the nearest object and redden my ass as you tell me how much I've tempted you.

SA: I want you to discover how wet your discipline makes me. I want you to explore my depths as you feed me your cock and continue assaulting me with your words.

SA: I want you to bury your face in my dripping cunt and force orgasms from me with your tongue as you stretch my ass with your wet fingers.

SA: I want you to fuck me deeply from behind as you pull my hair.

SA: Then, without warning, I want you to flip me onto my back and penetrate my ass. I want to see the wicked look on your face as you empty yourself deep into my ass.

SA: With your cock still lodged inside me, I want you to thumb my clit and kiss me deeply, forcing one last orgasm from my already spent body.

SA: I want to fall asleep in your arms, your cum still deep inside me.

SA: Tell me later what I would wake up to.

(a while later)

C: If you woke up right now, in [layover airport], you'd wake up to me viciously sodomizing you, then making you choose between your mouth and your cunt for the next layover before I start the whole process over again. But, in all fairness, [layover airport] doesn't have smoking lounges anymore, so I'm ready to chew through horseshit for just one cig. In other words, I'm nic-fitting my ass off. And I love what you wrote me, and I'm going to aggressively jack off as soon as I can.

SA: I wish I could watch that.

C: Me too, though I'd be sure to snatch you up by your hair and force you to jack me off with your lips, tongue, and throat, each thrust more ragged and aggressive.

C: Until I couldn't take anymore, spun you around by your neck, forced your shoulders down along with your pants, threw my cock into you just enough to let your cunt be fully aware of that for which it begs, and then ram it -- all in one motion -- up your ass to the balls, ripping your head around so I can watch your face.

SA: Jesus, you have this way of freaking me out and making my cunt drip at the same time.

SA: I'm shaking.

SA: I fear your ability to damage my body with your cock, but trust that you will be good to your property as it is good to you.

(much later)

C: Shaking in a good way?

SA: At the time, I dunno.

C: I've got 58.1 seconds of video for you. And I treat my property very well.

SA: I like video. And I hope that you will.

C: I will. You know I will.

Finally, a real post about CW

It had been a few weeks since we had been able to get together for an all out fucking session. I had been sick and he had been traveling. We missed being together, and it showed.

We were supposed to have dinner, but I decided I needed to shower. He came over before I ever made it into the bathroom, and chatted with me as I washed myself. I would have invited him in, but alas, my shower stall is too small for two, especially since he's 6'4".

I began to get dressed, but he scolded me, saying that if I put on underwear he was just going to have to take them off again. I was in the middle of drying my hair when an old friend called, so I felt compelled to answer. I put the phone on speaker because the conversation wasn't personal. I laid down next to him and his hands began to gently caress my naked body. I managed to keep the conversation going without a hitch when his fingertips delved between my legs. I shifted myself upwards on the bed and spread my legs a bit to give him easier access. I found the whole situation hilarious, especially since my friend on the phone is a bit reserved.

I had to let her go when his tongue hit my clit. I thought that my heavy breathing would give me away. I hung up the phone and grabbed his hair and moaned as his warm tongue explored me. He made me cum a few times with his tongue, snaking his long fingers deep inside me at the same time. After he got me breathing hard, he came up to lay next to me, kissing me deeply. I turned myself upside down and undid his belt, releasing his stunning erection from his pants and immediately began to tease the underside of his cockhead with my tongue, one of his favorite spots. The taste and scent of his precum was extremely enticing. He stripped off his clothes. I went back to his cock, sucking him as his fingers explored my already dripping wet pussy. I had wanted to try a 69 position with us on our sides, but I had to stop my mouth action as he furiously rubbed the sides of my clit, causing me to groan and thrash about as I came. I've never known a man to be so consistently good with his hands.

When I recovered, I turned myself back around and pressed my body against his, cheek to cheek, just wanting to be close to him. Hands were everywhere as we kissed and talked dirty to each other. I told him how much I love his cock buried inside me from all angles and how good his hands are to me, and he mentioned how much he loves how wet I get and that I like being spanked. Which of course led me to rolling over onto my stomach so he could spank me. He whispered in my ear how dirty I am as I fingered myself and his hand came crashing down on my asscheeks repeatedly. I had trouble getting the proper friction on my clit because I was so wet from his earlier work on me and his naughty words. I ground my hips into the mattress and my cunt against my hand and came twice as he reddened my ass. After I caught my breath, I decided I needed his cock.

I tossed him a condom, and pulled my hair back. It had been a long time since I had been on top, and loved the thought. I straddled him, and rubbed my wet slit against his cock, not yet letting him enter me. He sighed as he felt my warmth against him. Then I slowly slid down onto his thickness, only part way, and started a slow up and down motion. He tried to thrust in deeper, but I wouldn't let him just yet.

"Are you trying to tease me?"

"Just maybe."

I continued my rhythm, lowering down farther with every few strokes until eventually he was completely inside me. His cock is so thick and stretches me in the most perfect ways. I rubbed my clit against his body and came hard, contracting against him.

He has this trick where he contracts his Kegel muscles which cause his cock to move up and toward himself slightl. The first time we had sex, he did that just as I was orgasming, and he was completely blown away by how much I screamed and how hard I came. Now, he's learned that if he does that when he's buried deep inside me, it causes me to cum uncontrollably. There's something about the thickness and curves of his cock and my cunt that just line up perfectly and send me to another planet.

In this particular instance, once he started using this trick, he didn't stop. I completely lost control of all of my senses and could only focus on the immense pleasure emanating from my cunt. I bucked wildly, hands and arms everywhere, making noises I didn't know I could make but not caring in the slightest. As I began to attempt to catch my breath from my second orgasm like this, he did the unthinkable...he placed his thumb over my clit. I barely noticed his eyes growing wide as I bounced on him with even more of a frenzy. I nearly screamed at him to press harder...my clit didn't need to be dealt with delicately at this stage...it needed some serious contact. I couldn't tell you if it was one long orgasm after that or several all linked together. All I know is that I nearly blacked out and couldn't breathe and collapsed on his chest.

Even after all that, he still didn't cum. I've since learned that he needs a steady rhythm in order to build up to orgasm, and my spastic movements weren't going to take him there. Despite that, he seemed to enjoy himself immensely, even when I expressed that I was sad that he couldn't join in my experience.

His response: "Gotta save something for after dinner."

7 Things Meme...Thanks, Jay

(I had this written a while ago, but was having trouble trying to find people to tag that hadn't already been tagged, especially while at work)

* Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
* Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Jay's 7 Facts:

1. When I was a child my fantasy future was to live in a big house with several other loving men and women all sharing responsibilities and partners.
2. My sister (almost 3 years younger than me) and I wrestled constantly, and until I was 15 she almost always won.
3. While I was in an open relationship with my High School beau (and considered myself gay), I realized that most of my reasons for being involved in a homosexual relationship were “daddy worship” issues. Once I started working on those my attraction to men diminished but did not disappear. Now I’m quite picky and shy when it comes to datable guys.
4. “Jay” is only a facet of my personality, I’m quite a bit more shy than I come across to most people through my blog. I think people also assume that I’ve had quite a few sexual partners because I write so openly about sex. However, like Ellie, I was a late bloomer. I had only 4 sex partners until 2 years ago. While I ‘play’ with a decent number of people in a BDSM context and love to make-out, there isn’t a gratuitous amount of sex outside of my relationship with Ellie.
5. I have a whole box of things that Ellie loves about me, and I look inside of it all the time.
6. I’m a pretty big nerd, and I have about the dorkiest sense of humor. My step-dad infected me with his love of puns. Luckily, the people I tend to have a good connection with can tolerate my turbopuns.
7. In Middle School I got first place in a karate tournament. I was pretty proud of my Shorei Goju Ryu skillz :)

My 7 facts:

1. I played the violin from 4th-12th grade.

2. Almost all of my close friends are gay or bi or some form of 'not straight-and-narrow'.

3. I recently found out that me and my friend in her mid-forties have had the same number of sex partners. However, 3/4 of hers have taken place in the last 6 months. If I'm 20 years younger, which one of us is more of a slut?

4. I have a ridiculous collection of patterned socks.

5. I keep my list of escapades (and their blog-abbreviations) in an Excel spreadsheet, because I am a nerd.

6. My favorite thing to draw when I was little was a rainbow, and I was always sad that I got to use so little purple in the middle, because it has always been my favorite color. So I drew big rainbows.

7. I don't drive.

I tag:

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Anal Amy

Urban Roguery

Bedroom Closet

Bliss Warrior

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guest Post by Dark Corvus

A friend of mine, Dark Corvus, sent me this little story that got me going at work, so I thought I'd share since I've been so busy. Leave him some love!


The spot was secluded enough, with plenty of trees and shrubs to give us ample cover on the off-chance that someone would wander by, unlikely as that was. The small clearing gave us a good view of a fair portion of the sky, which was nice, because you can't properly sleep under the stars if you can't see them.

We rolled out a large blanket, and next to that our 2-person sleeping bag, overlapping the blanket just a little. That done we settled in, we sat and talked and sipped a little wine, occasionally touching, tickling, and kissing. We drained our wine-glasses and didn't bother to refill them, instead drawing closer into ever-deeper kisses.

Your eager fingers moved down and slid my shirt up and over my head, and I gasped as you tugged and sucked at each of my nipples. Turnabout being fair play, I soon had your shirt and bra joining mine in a heap, so that I could kiss, caress, and suck your heaving breasts. I kissed and licked at you here and there, shoulders, neck, wrists, tummy...and I could no longer tolerate the presence of your jeans. You helped me as I removed them, and then helped me do the same.

Naked and exposed to the air and one-another, we explored our bodies. Your fingers found my hardness and stroked gently before you lowered your head and took me into your warm, wet mouth. My fingers moved through your hair, tugging gently as you gently sucked and moved up and down along my shaft, making me sigh and moan. After a time I had to do the same for you, and I shifted so that you could continue to suck me, and you spread your legs to invite my tongue to slide along your already-wet sex. My fingers toyed with your fur as I lapped at you, occasionally sliding my tongue inside you or whirling the tip around your clit. This went on for quite some time, until we pulled away with some reluctance and once again moved eye-to-eye to kiss with growing passion.

"Susan..." I said, your name escaping slowly on my breath.

"Randy..." you said, your voice soft, but tinged with need.

Time became a blur of passion and sensation, and the world around us lost all meaning. We kissed again and again, hands moving over skin growing ever-warmer, legs intertwined as we pressed and shifted and writhed against one another, each breath quickening as our hearts did the same.

Lost as we were in each other, we failed to notice the final setting of the sun and the slow ascent of the moon as Luna took its turn ruling the sky. The world darkened and the stars shone, the only light upon us now being Luna's dim, reflected glow. It was more than enough, since we now saw one another with more than just our eyes, our primal passions pushing us towards an inexorable oneness of purpose.

You fell gently against the blanket, pulling me with you and atop you. There was no thought at this point as I paid heed only to the call of the primitive within and moved between your legs. With a long sigh I slid myself inside you, and your legs quickly wrapped around me and locked me into place. My mouth found your warm, soft neck and gently-rolling breasts as we pressed our hips into one another, grinding again and again. Your nails scratched across my back and arms, and the intermingled pain and pleasure summoned a low growl from my throat as I bit at your neck, and then raised up on my arms and pressed that much harder.

We locked eyes in the dim light, sweat steadily beading and rolling along our skin as we drew ever closer to our climax. And soon it came, we came, your back arching, both of us releasing near-screams of rapture as I emptied myself into you. Our pleasure washing over us like a wave until we collapsed together on the blanket, working to catch our breath. After a few moments of recovery, I pulled you in for a lingering kiss, and afterward I could see your smile, shining brightly and briefly in the near-darkness. As we nestled against one another, the pounding rush of blood subsided and soon we could hear the sounds of the night surrounding us.

But sleep would wait a while longer. Though we had blunted some of the force of tonight's desire for one another, it still remained. Soon, snuggled up together within the sleeping bag we acted on that desire again, this time a bit more slowly and tenderly, determined to see how long we would last.

After all, the night was still young.

Friday, October 17, 2008

A little more about CW...

Over the last couple of months, I've had a lot of extremely mind blowing sex with CW, to the point where each incredible night (or morning) has melded into the next in my mind, making blogging about it difficult at best. It's not enough to say that he's discovered at least a score of ways to make me cum. It's almost beyond words. Perhaps a recent text conversation we had will help.

SA: Is it weird that I have fantasies about my chiropractor fucking me while I'm lying here getting ultrasound therapy?

CW: I still masturbate to a fantasy of just laying my old creative writing teacher over a table and fucking her while the class watched. So no, not weird.

SA: Hott. This is why I like you.

CW: And here, I thought it was because I like to give you clitoral and g-spot orgasms simultaneously.

SA: Is that what that is?

CW: Pretty sure. Could also be me being able to make my cock throb at will.

SA: Mmm…you're making me horny.

CW: How could me talking about how I like to rub your clit while making you cum uncontrollably with my throbbing cock make you horny?

SA: I have no idea.

SA: Maybe it's because I'm wishing that were happening right now.

CW: Hmm… Are you imagining my big cock deep inside you?

SA: Balls deep. I love being filled with every last inch of you.

CW: Mmm. Do you like it when I suck that pretty clit while fucking you with my fingers?

SA: God yes…it's so intense I can't help but scream.

CW: And when I put my finger in your ass while I play with your pussy?

SA: Yes, I like being naughty with you.

CW: Ahh… It's such a shame I'm out of town.

SA: Indeed. I need you to squeeze your super thick cock into my tight ass.

CW: Oh yes, I love that. I want to bury my cock in your ass and make it throb while I rub your clit and make you cum forever.

SA: Oh god, I'm gonna cum. I want you to cum deep in my ass.

CW: I want to cum in your ass so badly.

SA: I want you to fill my ass with your hot sticky cum. Then I want you to spank me and tell me how dirty I am.

CW: Mmm. I want to smack your naughty ass and make you cum again just from that while I whisper what a dirty slut you are into your ear.

SA: Mmm…do you like it when I'm a slut for you?

CW: I love it when you're slutty. I love that look in your eye when you're so turned on you can barely contain yourself.

SA: I love it when you make me feel that way. Where I can't help but just cum more and more.

CW: That's one of the reasons fucking you is so fun. You just cum and cum again and again.

SA: I blame you for that. This dirty girl is getting in the shower. But something tells me I won't quite get clean.

CW: At least not for long.

SA: Indeed. See you Sunday. ;)

A Visit from A (Part III)

"I want to cum inside you."

"Dirty, dirty boy! Sit up!"

I untied his hands and ordered him on his back. I straddled him and pinned his hands above his head with my own. He looked so helpless.

I slowly coated his cock with my juices, reveling in the feeling of him pressing against my folds. I allowed myself another orgasm just from the friction, and he moaned as I dripped over him. I grabbed his cock with one hand, keeping his hands above his head with the other. I used the huge head of his dick to massage my clit. It was incredible to feel how hard he was in my hand.

"Do you like it when I tease you with my pussy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I ever so slowly lowered myself onto his cock. Taking two, three minutes to fully impale myself on him, still pinning his hands behind his head and looking straight into his eyes, warning him not to move. His eyes closed and a small smile crept onto his face as his large cockhead slowly split me open. I loved being full of him, having him deep inside me.

When he was fully inside me, I clenched my muscles around him, and began to slowly rock back and forth. The friction on my clit caused me to cum yet again, unexpectedly. I started a slow rhythm on him, making sure he was just barely still inside me before descending down on him again. I kept this up for a while, increasing my pace every so often.

"Such a naughty boy, you're enjoying this too much. Don't you dare cum inside me."

"Please Mistress, I want to fill you with my cum."

"Denied. Tell me when you are going to cum."

I increased my pace further and came all over him, screaming. He begged to cum inside me, but I told him no.

"You can cum on my tits. Are you going to cum soon?"

He said yes so I climbed off of him and switched places with him. It only took a few strokes of his hand until he shot white hot jets of semen all over me. He was a little overzealous, and some of it hit my ear and got in my hair.

"Look you, you've made a mess of me! For that, you will lick this off."

I wasn't sure how he was going to react to that, but he was good and did as he was told. It was so hot to watch his tongue scoop up the mess he made. I made him hand me a towel to remove his stickiness from my hair. When he was done, he laid down next to me. I stroked his hair and told him he was good boy.

"Thank you, Mistress for letting me serve you."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Visit from A (Part II)

"Have you been fucking other people?"

"No, mistress."

"So, you survive by having sex only once a month? What a sad life you live. Your mistress needs more attention than that. Shame on you."

I threw one leg over him, and began to rub my dripping wet pussy on his bright red ass. I could feel the warmth of my strikes emanating from his skin.

"Do you like being covered in my juices?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Such...a...dirty...boy." I muttered as I came all over him.

I needed more direct stimulation, so I reached between my legs. He tried to move his hands over to finger me, but I scolded him and smacked his hand out of the way. I put my full weight on him, grinding into him, pressing his surely hard cock into the mattress with every thrust, grunting into his ear. I came once again, and shoved my dripping wet fingers in his mouth.

"Do you like the taste of my pussy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then make me cum with your tongue." Up until this point, A had never gone down on me.

He looked so cute trying to roll over and position his face between my legs without the assistance of his arms, as they were still bound behind his back. His tongue action was a little light and not perfect, but I was already worked up from the orgasms I'd given myself, so I still came in his mouth.

I then asked him what he wanted.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Visit from A (Part I)

He leans in to kiss me. "You're wearing too many clothes."

"How many is too many?"

"Off with it."

He removes his shoes and drops his pants and I see the thick head of his cock dangling from underneath his Nirvana tee. He leans over and I rip the shirt off his back.

He stands up and moves in to put his arms around me, and tries to kiss me again.

"Who said you got to be in charge?" I pushed him down onto my bed. He looked at me longingly. I reached for my riding crop.

"You've been a very naughty boy. Get on your knees, facing away from me."

He did as he was told. I admired his smooth broad shoulders and was amused at how he was trying to hide his ass from me, even though he knew what was coming.

I tied his hands behind his back and ran the tip of the crop gently across his shoulders and back. I tested out sting of the crop on his gorgeous waiting ass. He jumped a little and then let out a sigh.

"You've been a very bad boy. Tell Mistress how you've been bad."

In between his tales, and whenever I felt like it, his ass become redder as I tried different strokes on him with my new favorite implement. He told me of how he'd been jerking off while thinking of me, and how he was such a bad boy for not calling me and always waiting for me to contact him.

"What have you been thinking about when you masturbate?"

"Cumming on you or inside you."

"Filthy, naughty boy! What makes you think you have a right to make a mess of your mistress like that?"

"I don't, Mistress."

He looked so helpless face down on my bed. The sight of him only made me wet. I leaned over him, pressing my full breasts into his back, my lips millimeters from his ear.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A lovely comment...

...from a new friend on FetLife that was too good to not share here...

"I am actually in awe of your blog. It's a very titillating read. It's kind of like reading about a sexual super hero who has all these adventures then getting to talk to them on Yahoo. I am amazed you actually have time to have all the sex that you do. I mean I worked a part time job and had trouble finding time to have sex with MYSELF, let alone with OTHER people. Its very sexy stuff. I found myself getting pretty turned on by a lot of it. I read a lot of erotic fiction and some of your blogs were just as fun to read. KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS!"


Saturday, September 13, 2008

An early evening chat with C...

SA: i'm supposed to have a dinner date tonight, but i pushed it back to give myself time to meditate on my intense need to have you buried deep inside me.

C: sounds like a good meditation

SA: my cunt drips for you.

C: see, this is why you need a car

SA: i wish you were here. my roommate is out to dinner with family.

SA: why's that?

C: because you could have already kidnapped me, if only briefly.

SA: mmm...

SA: god i need you, i'm so on edge.

C: same here

C: I'm turgid in my chair

SA: i want straddle you in that chair

C: mmm

SA: i want to bounce on you so hard the chair breaks

C: I love the sound of that, though I really like this chair!

SA: i need to feel your lips on my neck, your delicious words in my ear, your hands feeling every part of me as i impale myself on you.

C: I need to be consumed by your ass

SA: mmm. god yes.

SA: i need to be completly full of you

C: I want to jam my fingers hard, deep in your cunt, and jack myself off through the wall to your ass.

SA: that's fucking hot. i want to cum so hard for you, making my ass even tighter

C: I want you to cum so hard that your ass locks down on my like a cock ring, pinching me off long enough that I'm prevented from cumming, so I can redouble my efforts to force-fuck my jizz into you.

SA: (that sent me over the edge) yes, fuck me hard and fill me with the product of your lust.

C: you should be videoing your work for me.

C: I'm very quietly jacking off at my desk

SA: i don't know where my camera is.

C: bah

C: This is especially frustrating, as I tried to avoid carpooling today in hopes of fucking you.

SA: no good

C: ?

SA: that you had to

C: yes

C: I want to feel your tongue going over my cock from behind your tightly sealed lips

SA: mm, yes.

SA: i love the feel of your smooth cock in my mouth.

C: I want to feel it going down your throat

SA: hmm.

C: tears of strain, not pain, coming unbidden to your eyes.

SA: god.

SA: i want you.

SA: everything about you.

C: I want you to orgasm from a combination of stimulation, stress, exhaustion and, finally, release.

SA: you're so good at giving me all of those things.

SA: i need to become one with you again.

C: I want you to beg me to do things you only want to do because I fantasize about doing them to you and, as a result of me allowing you to please me, I want you to derive genuine pleasure where you didn't think you possibly could.

SA: you do make me want to do those things.

SA: it defies reason, but still is enthralling.

C: beg me to fuck your throat

SA: i want to learn to feel you deep in my throat.

SA: (check your gmail)

SA: sorry for the bad quality.

C: fucking awesome, though I'm sad I didn't hear my name.

SA: i'm sorry.

SA: i'm not used to cumming while standing up.

C: fuck

SA: what?

C: my nuts heard

C: hurt

C: sorry, dizzy

SA: my bad.

SA: i wish i could suck on them.

SA: are you ok?

C: my CSR interrupted me mid wank

C: oh crap, that was awesome

C: thank you

C: I'll cherish it

SA: what?

C: the video

SA: lol

C: the orgasm

SA: i love cumming for you.

C: I totally did a stressed "yeah, I'll come look at it in a sec" to my employee; just hid more under the desk and didn't zip up.

SA: naughty boy.

SA: i wish i was under that desk.

C: yes I am. That one knocked me over.

SA: hmm?

C: I came really, really hard.

SA: mmm, good.

C: watching you fuck yourself.

C: so hot

SA: you like that, eh?

C: that was pretty great.

SA: i did it standing up so i could see the reflection of the screen in the mirror. otherwise it probably wouldn't have worked...i move around too much when i cum.

SA: i guess now we're even.

SA: i still love the video i have of you.

C: Awesome.

C: Good work!

SA: i try.

C: I'm glad you like it; I love this one.

SA: good.

SA: i just love your cock...how could i not? it's so good to me.

C: It likes you. :)

SA: yeah?

C: He told me.

SA: what did he say?

C: mostly he just got really full of himself and, eventually, puked, but I'm pretty sure I got the message.

SA: lol.

SA: i love it when you cum inside me.

C: can't wait to do it again

SA: i know.

SA: i'm still surprised you wanted to in the first place.

C: how could I not?

SA: i dunno, i could think of a few reasons.

SA: i'm for sure not complaining though.

C: me neither!

SA: thanks for being the best sex i've ever had. you leave everyone else in the dust.

SA: in some screwy way i think it works to our advantage that we don't see each other that often. makes things much more intense when we do.

SA: not to say i would ever do that on purpose.

SA: there is a certain emotional element that we have that i lack with others. it's not something i can explain, only feel.

SA: and you have work to do.

SA: i should take a shower and call this boy back, but i think i'm gonna take a nap instead.

SA: text me sometime.

SA: i'll be thinking of you, as always.

C: I agree completely, and I'll be thinking of you, too. Naked.

SA: agree with what?

C: SA: thanks for being the best sex i've ever had. you leave everyone else in the dust. SA: in some screwy way i think it works to our advantage that we don't see each other that often. makes things much more intense when we do. SA: not to say i would ever do that on purpose. SA: there is a certain emotional element that we have that i lack with others. it's not something i can explain, only feel.

C: all of it

SA: really?

C: very much so. I've said as much before.

SA: i know. i'm just used to my feelings being one sided. it's hard to fathom you feeling the same way about me. (insert awkward self esteem issues here).

C: Well, fathom away, because s'true.

C: And go shower; you were right; I do have work to do.

SA: you're incredible, you know that?

C: You, too!

SA: *sending good 'get shit done' vibes your way*

SA: goodnight, lover.

C: goodnight, lover.

SA: *tear*

SA: :)

C: *smooch*

C: now go get soapy

SA: ok

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sugasm #145 (Psst...I was featured!)

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Thursday, September 4, 2008


...about a guy I spent a terrible amount of time fucking over the last two weeks, CW. Here's an email I received from him today:

"Recently I've noticed that my chest feels bruised in a couple different places. No actual bruises but a little tender, one spot on each side of my chest. They would go away, only to return in a different, but close-by, spot later.

I realized today that they are being made by you when you orgasm.

I don't mind them so much anymore."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can still pick people up at college parties.

As soon as I got to the party, I knew I wanted him. This is not an unfamiliar feeling, but I've learned not to be disappointed when things don't work out as I wish them to in my head. This evening exceeded my expectations.

As luck would have it, he was standing next to a friend, so it was easy to be introduced. I complimented him on his hat, even though it was simple. He mentioned something about being a stoner, but not having smoked much recently. I asked if he wanted to fix that, and soon enough I had an entourage following me to the living room. Drugs are one of the best way to meet people. We'll call him RS.

People came and went from the room, but we both melted into the loveseat. He was from out of town, and the only friend he knew at the party was plastered and paying little to no attention to him, so I think he was glad for the conversation. I learned he was bi just through conversation, I didn't need to ask.

He was tall, I believe he said 6'4", and painfully thin. His dirty brown hair covered mostly by his hat perfectly framed his gauged ears. He was beautiful, delicious even.

When his friend left the party early, I offered to walk him home later as his house was on the way to mine. This detail only served to fuel my fantasies further. We milled around the party, occasionally spending time on the couch, in the backyard chatting, or upstairs to smoke more. I was pleasantly intoxicated.

At one point when RS was talking to some of my friends, I caught my friend LB in the kitchen. Brief backstory: She is dating the guy that RS was friends with. She had dated him about a year ago, and then they broke up and she moved away, and then she came back and they got back together. When I saw her in the kitchen and no one was around, I mentioned a previous conversation to her:

"Do you remember that party at your old house when we talked about how good sex was with W--- and then we...". I was interrupted by her kiss. I was going to make an offhanded comment about how we should get together for a threesome now that they're dating again just to see what she would say, but then she just started making out with me, and who am I to argue with that? She's a damn good kisser. We were caught by another friend who walked in, and he was all like "Don't let me interrupt!" It was all rather amusing.

Later, as the crowd began to thin, RS and I got caught up in conversation in the kitchen (it's where all the action happens!), and I mentioned that I dislike the drama of relationships and prefer casual sex. I amaze myself sometimes how easily I can slip things into conversation.

A few other friends showed up, and we witnessed some drunken debauchery but as we finished our last drinks, I mentioned that I was thinking of heading home. Another friend walked with us, which I thought was going to kill the idea of him following me home, but it didn't.

We smoked another bowl as he judged my music collection. I wasn't sure where this was going...he was one of those that seemed out of my league. His friend lived not far from me, so I thought maybe he just wanted to smoke more and then would head back. When he put his arm around me and leaned in for a kiss, I knew that wasn't the case.

He was embarrassed to take off his hat, but he concurred that being naked in a hat was a rather strange idea. I didn't care what his hair looked like, he was still beautiful to me, and even moreso as he removed clothing and revealed delicious tattoos that I couldn't help but lick. He rolled me over and delved his fingers into my already wet pussy. I was quite ready, and came hard under his touch, gripping his shoulder.

His turn. His eyes rolled back in his head as my lips wrapped around his cock. It amazes me sometimes how many guys have rarely had a proper blowjob. I marveled in his size. Before I got too into it, I stood up to grab a Magnum off the shelf.

"High expectations, eh?"

"I keep both sizes. You qualify."

He smiled as I tossed it to him and returned my mouth's attention to his cock, which was standing at attention beautifully away from his thin frame. In my experience the skinny boys almost always have big cocks.

In my drunken aroused state, it didn't take long for me to need him inside me. He slid the condom on and I asked how he wanted me. He seemed to be content with me on top, so I eased myself down onto his thickness. I wanted to go slowly, to tease him a little, but my intoxicated fantasies had been developing all evening and now that they had come true, all I wanted was to fuck. I bucked wildly on his cock, driving him as deep inside me as possible, reveling in the feeling of being full of him. I've gotten quite lucky that the boys I've seen lately have all been rather well endowed.

I pushed against his chest to give myself more leverage to gather friction on my clit so I could cum, over and over. My knees gave out eventually so we traded places. I wrapped my legs around him and whispered in his ear to cum for me. It didn't take long for him to pick up his pace and cum hard. I didn't cum with him, but I didn't mind too much.

He rolled off me and not long afterwards, he decided he was hungry. I, too, usually get hungry after sex (and smoking), but I was about to pass out so I gave him free reign of the kitchen. He came back a little while later and I was about 75% asleep. As he climbed into bed, he said I shouldn't be offended if he didn't spoon me, because he really couldn't sleep that way. It didn't bother me a bit...I just wanted to pass out.

In the morning when we awoke, he leaned over to kiss me, and I could tell he wanted a little more. I climbed on top of him again, and because the alcohol had worn off, it took him no time at all to cum. Usually I can get in at least one orgasm before my partner, but I also wasn't expecting to need to cum quickly after our experience the night before. Still, it was nice to feel him inside me again.

I walked him out and pointed him in the the direction of his friend's house. He said he'd look me up when he was in town next, but he was moving even farther away from here, so he wasn't sure when that would be. We've talked online a few times, but I've realized that we don't have a whole lot in common. Still, he made for a fun night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Clandestine Rendezvous

We'd been texting all afternoon. He wanted to come to my office, but there were people working late. He was having a moral dilemma, as it was technically 'date night'.

He called me his favorite slut, and I asked if he had more than one. He said he had other flirt buddies, but I was his only slut. So I asked why he chose to cross the line with me. He said he instantly wanted to fuck me the night we met at a bar a year ago.

I couldn't wait any longer...I had to see him, even if nothing happened. I wandered towards his office and told him to go out for a cigarette.

He leaned against the wall and lit up, looking like pure sex. He'd told me that he was growing his hair out, and all I wanted to do was run my fingers through it. We sat on the stoop and continued our conversation in roundabout terms as to why he wanted me.

It was painful to sit there and watch the people walk by when all I wanted to do was touch him, to breathe him in, to trace his full lips with my tongue and kiss him deeply. I think the contact but no contact was getting to him too, as he made an executive decision to give me a ride home.

As we walked to his car, he told me how he hadn't been feeling well, and that he was probably just going to come see my house. I knew this was bullshit, but I kept quiet.

When my front door shut behind me, I couldn't help but touch him. He turned around to kiss me and I melted. Without needing to say anything, we headed to my room. I was really glad I left the air on.

"Get naked. I'm ready for some full contact cuddling."

"Oh, really. Just cuddling?" I mused.

Sometimes I think he's afraid to undress me. That somehow being close to each other with clothes on just isn't right. I stripped and laid back on the bed, and he did the same and slid in next to me. We were still warm from our walk but it was glorious being in such close contact with his smooth body. I got closer and draped my leg over his hip as I kissed him...deeply.

His hands explored me as he kissed down my neck. I was melting into him when his hand came down square on my ass, which came as a bit of a shock. I like to think of it as mild punishment for tempting him. I rolled off of him and his fingers delved between my folds. He found the wetness that had been brewing over the last several hours as his mouth found my nipple. I yelped as he immediately buried two fingers deep inside me, finding the most sensitive of places and attacking it. He was relentless for an excruciatingly short amount of time, getting me to the edge but not sending me over it. He withdrew his fingers and I noticed his hardness. I couldn't help but wrap my hands around it.

"And what do you want me to do with this?"

"Suck it."

I couldn't help but smile. He was all stretched out on my bed, hands behind his head just waiting for me to pleasure him. I leaned over and kissed him, and then down his neck and body, breathing in his delectable scent. I stroked his cock as my tongue caressed his balls. My pussy was screaming, "Just do it. Climb on top of him and fuck him. Take your pleasure from him." but my mind won out as I did what he requested and took his thickness into my mouth. His hands found my hair and he let out a soft moan as I began a slow rhythm on his cock. I silently cursed my unfortunate reflexes as all I wanted to do was take in his full length, but knew I would be unable to. This hasn't seemed to matter..he had said once that he didn't really like getting head, but this doesn't seem to apply when I'm the one between his legs.

After giving the head of his cock a good tongue-lashing, I leaned up to kiss him. Mid-kiss, he found a way to flip me over so that I was perpendicular in the bed. I thought for sure he was going to start fucking me with abandon. Instead, he buried his face between my legs. I moaned and writhed and screamed and came instantly. He slid two fingers back inside me and continued his tongue's assault on my clit. It felt incredible, but still I craved something more. And more I got.

He leaned up and slid his thick cock inside me with one motion, filling me, stretching me perfectly. He began with a slow rhythm. My head was against the wall and he was looming over me...I felt as though I was being consumed by him, and happily so. I closed my eyes and lost myself in the feeling of being pinned to the bed with his cock and the sound of his words. His pace quickened slightly.

"Do you like being my slut, to use whenever I want? Do you want to be my property?"

Something in my head shifted at that moment. I wanted desperately to submit to him, but couldn't seem to find the words. My mind was swimming. This was the first time in my life I truly felt I could give myself over to someone else, even if it was only for the brief times that we see each other.

I slowly breathed, "Yes...I want...to be...your slut." I held him close, wrapping my legs around him.

It felt liberating to be able to sum up in just a few words everything I had been fantasizing about for months. But then I heard myself say, "Why do I trust you so much?"

I immediately regretted it...that was something that was supposed to stay in my head, to ponder later. I could analyze the significance of what had just happened at a later time. However, his response was exactly what I needed to hear.

He pressed his forehead against mine and said, "Because I trust you."

We melted together at that moment. It felt perfect - the weight of his body over me, his cock buried inside me, his words echoing in my head, the contentment I felt at being his - all despite the complications of what we have created.

I was so relaxed in his presence, my mind was nowhere else but in the moment. He increased his pace inside me slightly, and I felt his cock begin to swell. I asked if he was about to cum.

"Your ass isn't getting off that easy."

I got a little nervous. The location of lube was unknown as I had just moved into a new house. As wet as I was and despite how desperately I wanted my backdoor to be filled with his thickness once again, I knew it wasn't going to work out without some slippery assistance.

My back was twisted a little, so I shifted my hips, and found that the motion made him slide a little deeper inside me. I repeated the motion, tightening my muscles around his thickness. The change in position also created greater friction on my clit, and I felt my orgasm nearing. As I continued to rotate my hips, he suddenly he gripped me tighter and muttered "Not fair...not fair." My motions had thrown him over the edge, and his increased effort to reach his point of no return sent me to mine. My fingers tangled in his hair as we made inhuman sounds.

Simultaneous orgasms are probably my most favorite thing in the world.

I held him for a moment and breathed him in, my mind rather devoid of thought. These are the moments where you want a pause button.

He rolled off of me and onto his back and I curled up next to him, despite the fact that we were both drenched in sweat. We mused over how we would never had experienced any of this had he not been in a relationship, because if he and I had dated, we would have killed each other by now. Funny how that works.

We caught our breath and then I fetched him a towel so he could shower. I peeked in the stall as we talked, it being too small for two people of any size. We discussed my desire to be dominated, and he explained how he doesn't want to go too far in that direction after a woman from a previous relationship truly wanted him to hurt her in ways he wasn't comfortable with. I understood that, but I still believe he has a dominant nature, especially for me to want to submit to him. I've never had that happen naturally.

He redressed and went back to work, realizing that he'd missed a meeting. Five minutes later I received a phone call from a (platonic) friend from out of town that was coming to stay with me for a few days. I was so distracted, it completely slipped my mind. I'm glad they didn't cross paths, for obvious reasons, and because that friend doesn't particularly like C for unrelated reasons.

I had planned on taking a shower, but instead ended up going to dinner and drinks with my friend and his friend, covered in C's scent and his cum still inside me.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The obligatory "sorry I haven't blogged but I will soon" post. I've been away from the internet. I will update my blogroll and have new posts next week!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blogroll Update!

Always Aroused Girl's post made me realize that I needed to update my favorite blogs as well. It seems I've added quite a few! Check out the list of sexy bloggers that I read.

Let me know if I'm on your list and you're not on mine. I like to know who's reading and referring me! Thanks.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


...of the last few weeks.

Met a new guy, RH, over the holiday weekend. Let's just say that homemade chicken parmesan can get you everywhere. Sometimes I like being with inexperienced boys cause I like to see how they react to certain things, like my tongue circling their cock or me climbing on top of him. Over the course of the evening we fucked three times. He wasn't terribly adventurous, but I got him to try a few things. I can't believe he'd never done it doggy style before. We even tried it in a chair at one point. He had said that his last girlfriend had complained that he was too large for her, but I found that he fit quite nicely deep inside me.

However, I could see that look in his eye that he liked me for more than a fuck buddy. He considers himself to be pagan, but comes from an incredibly Christian family that he hides his beliefs from. He's a textbook romantic, and although I've been known to have those tendencies, I discourage them in him. He doesn't need his heart broken by the likes of me.


A while back I got a text from A around 2:30 in the morning. It woke me up...it was one of those rare nights that I actually went to bed at a decent hour. He wanted to come over, and while I was still rather drowsy, I agreed. I moved since I'd seen him last, so I gave him directions to my place, and went and sat on a porch chair. By the time he arrived, I'd passed out in the chair.

We went upstairs, and he knows to undress as soon as we're alone together. We had a nice leisurely fuck...I rode his thick cock for a while until my knees couldn't take it anymore, and then we traded positions. He must have really needed me, because he came rather quickly, filling me with his stickiness. He rolled off me and commented that I probably wouldn't remember this in the morning. He left as he needed to work in a few hours, and apparently ran into my roommate who had just drunkenly come in on his way out.

When I did wake up, it felt like a dream, but in checking my phone, I realized he had indeed been there. It's so nice to have someone in my life that likes no nonsense sex.

I've hung out with NF a few times and I have trouble reading her. One of these I'm just gonna kiss her and see what happens. The last time she was here, she brought a couple of friends, and I swear one of them was staring at me the whole time. She seemed like a classic softball dyke, and I was wearing a shirt that was a little low cut, but maybe I'm just imagining things. It's been much to long since I've had the opportunity to pleasure a woman...I miss it.

RH mentioned that he wanted to see me again,and since nothing else was really going on, I invited him over on Sunday. He canceled on me, saying he heard from old friends he wanted to see. He ended up here the next day. I came home from work and took a nap when I should have been cleaning and taking a shower. As soon as he got here, he climbed in bed with me, and got a little overeager. Right then, I got a text from C, who was wanting to take a break from work to see me. I was rather annoyed at this point, because I knew that even if somehow the sex with C was bad, it would still probably be better than anything most people could come up with. I went and took a shower, leaving RH in my bed, and continued to text C. I wanted him so much, yet I had to settle for this amateur.

The sex was average...I came but not hard. He wanted to fuck again much too soon after the first time which left me a little sore. However, the second time he shifted his weight to the side and he fell over as he was still inside me, and began fucking me as we were sideways, and he'd never done that. I think he rather enjoyed it, and it was a different sensation for me as well. He got annoyed at himself that he wasn't able to cum a second time, and I was grateful when he gave up because it was getting rather uncomfortable.

As I went to clean up, I texted C again to mention how uneventful that was, and how I wished it had been him. He said "that was fast", and said he'd gotten himself off thinking of me. I couldn't wait to see him again...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Recognition feels pretty good...

So I got all excited when I had been featured on Sexoteric, but who could I tell? I don't share this blog with people I know in real life, really. Saves on jealousy and drama...two things I can't stand. People know the blog exists, but they don't know where it is.

But when I mentioned to JR that I had been featured somewhere, the immediate reaction was "Were you on Fleshbot? Cause it's nothing until you're on there." I said no, but I got my Sitemeter report today and my hits had skyrocketed the last few days...turns out I have been on the Sex Blog Roundup. Twice! I'm such an idiot for not subscribing. This has since been remedied.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So, I'm walking home from work...

...and I get fucked. Funny how that works.

I leave work an hour late, and as I'm walking out the door I call my roommate and make plans to meet him at a local coffee shop. This is maybe a ten minute walk, if that. On my way, I run into NF, who's back in town and really wants to hang out. She looks gorgeous, and I make a mental note to call her really soon.

As I keep walking down the street, I run into another friend and I stop to chat. We have a conversation about drugs and we exchange numbers so that we can connect about that later.

I continue my journey, and I see a local well known DJ across the street...his hair is unmistakable. He's talking to someone that I can't quite see, but as I get closer, I realize that it's C. As I walk up to say hi, said DJ goes on his way and we stand there, staring at each other.

He has this ridiculous power over me...just seeing him standing there in a white button up shirt, messy from an earlier job, the curls of his hair just begging to be touched. We chat awkwardly for a moment, then he turns back the way I came from and says, "Walk with me to get some gum." I thought he meant to the drugstore down the street, but we go back to his office. As he sits at his desk and fumbles through a drawer, I'm reminded of the first time we kissed...and almost got caught. He was sitting and I was leaning over him, his hand in my shirt, his lips felt perfect over mine and the sensation was connected directly to my cunt, making me instantly wet. Unfortunately, someone walked in and it was really awkward for a bit, but it was moments like that that made me want him so badly for so long. Apparently, he still wanted me too.

"Come downstairs and help me find a tool."

And by tool, he meant his cock. His huge, hard, delicious cock. He went to the bathroom, and then came back out and shut the door to the room right outside the bathroom, and kissed me. His kiss makes me melt into the floor, nothing could have stopped it. His pants were still undone, so I reached down and felt his hardening cock, and he said how much he wanted to feel my lips around him. I dropped to my knees and took his thickness into my mouth. God, he has the most beautiful cock I've ever seen. I reveled in the smoothness of his cock in my mouth.

"This is going to be the fastest quickie in history."

He has me stand up and I undo my pants and he turns me around and all of a sudden my dripping cunt is stuffed full of cock. I was having to be so quiet as he fucked me, but as he entered me, I know I gasped a little loudly. I was grasping onto the air as my pussy grabbed onto his throbbing cock. I needed release so badly. I whispered that I love his cock, as he thrusted deeper into me. He pressed his thumb against my asshole as he slammed into me repeatedly. I nearly bloodied my lip trying to stay quiet, because it felt so deliciously naughty to be taken from behind like that when two of his coworkers were right upstairs.

I leaned forward a little farther, and his cock head began to rub my g-spot in such a way that sent me right over the edge. I think my orgasm sent him over the edge, too, as I felt him shoot deep into my cunt. He quickly withdrew and began to go clean up, leaving me with a huge glob of his cum running down my inner left leg. He tossed me some tissues, and within moments, we were back upstairs, and he was interrogating his coworkers about the "tool" he was missing.

I went and met my roommate as though nothing had happened, but I could still feel his thickness inside me. We exchanged a few texts...I asked if he saw that he'd covered me in cum, and he said that he was too busy reacting to expelling it to notice. He said that he loved my gasp when I took his cock, and that knew he'd take a risk when he saw me because if he stays away from me for too long, that I start intruding on his mind. If only he knew how much I think about him...I can't wait to see him again.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cock For Lunch

ML messaged me online yesterday morning while I was at work. He started talking about how he really wanted to have a repeat of last time. Apparently he likes messing around with me, but needs to be in a relationship to really have sex. Which I find amusing...I get to fuck him but he doesn't fuck me. Such an interesting dynamic.

He wanted to mess around after work, but then wanted to know what I was doing for lunch. I hadn't made any plans, so I agreed to meet him. His plan was for him to pick me up, run by my house to get my toys, and then go to his place.

When we got to his place, I reminisced for a moment about how I remembered that house (it really is a small town) and then headed upstairs to his bedroom. We kissed, and decided that clothes were unnecessary. He sat on the couch, and I assumed my position on the floor. He smiled as I took his cock into my mouth. It was so fabulously dirty, taking a break from contracts and spreadsheets to enjoy some delicious cock.

After a fair amount of mouth attention, he asked if I'd lick his ass. He's so into it that it's hard to resist. I figured we'd move onto the bed for him to get on all fours, but instead, he worked his way down onto the couch and put his legs in the air...an interesting angle.

After licking and probing his ass for a while, I mused about how much he liked it. He wondered how anyone could not like that feeling. I then got in the toy box and pulled out that trusty purple butt plug and made sure is hole was nice and wet and slid it in. I had fun fucking him with it for a moment, and then he angled his cock downward so I could suck and fuck him simultaneously. I made a nice rhythm my mouth and the toy, alternating them, then moving them in tandem. It didn't take long to get him to the edge, at which point I pressed the toy deep into him, and he grabbed his cock and jerked it a few times until he exploded in my mouth. He came so much harder with the toy in his ass, and I swallowed every tasty drop.

We traded places, and he began to finger my clit. He found my favorite dildo, and slid it into my dripping pussy...sucking cock always makes me so wet. I nearly lost it when he shoved it's full length inside me as his tongue found my hard clit. I so love the feeling of being full and being licked at the same time. I like to imagine that's it a hard cock coming at me from behind, and a pretty girl underneath me, tonguing at my pussy. The kicker for that would be her delicious cunt in front of my face, just waiting to be eaten.

Back in reality, ML was commenting on how loud I was being. It felt good...so that's what I do. He looked a little dazed, and he mentioned that he just did the typical "guy thing" of getting off and then getting really tired. I could tell that it would be pointless to have him continue, even thought I had been building up to something big. I motioned for him to sit next to me on the couch.

We entertained ourselves for a few moments with idle chit-chat, and then realized I should probably get back to work. We stopped back at my house to return the toys, and picked up something to eat for a more nutritious lunch, and I was still back at work with 10 minutes to spare.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Mmm...people from all angles...

I heard from both C and JR recently. I had emailed the posts I had written here to them so they could see how they inspired me to write.

JR sent me an out of the blue email basically reiterating how much he loved the post and that he'd been bragging about it. He explained that he was indeed seeing someone exclusively, but that she was moving away in a few weeks, and that it would be ending then and he wanted to catch up with me at that point. "Feel free to think of some terrible things you and I - and whoever else you want - can do together. You get points for creativity. I've already thought of a number of wonderful things while writing this sentence, so try to keep up. Basically, I'd really like to fuck the shit out of you again." This email totally made my day.

After that we had some good email banter about what we were into. He says that he's "into doing crazy things, particularly stuff that is interesting on sensory or psychological levels. For instance, fucking you twice without knowing your name or really even talking to you much." I told him that I fantasize and read a lot about submission, but have never really trusted anyone enough to really let go. I think we'll have a lot of fun exploring together - I should write him soon. He also asked a little more about this blog and what it's purpose was, but seemed cool once I explained that it's anonymous and really just for me to remember all the stellar sex I've been having lately and to share it with the sex blog community.

C messaged me once he had a chance to sit down alone and read his post. He said it was very moving, and that he was trying to find someone distant and non-judgmental enough to show it off to. He also explained that he was aggressive because I had asked for it, and was only playing a role. He said that when I was on top of him that it hurt because I resisted. He was trying to "swirl my cunt with his cock". He said to think of it as being blended. Perhaps next time I'll try to completely let go with him. As he signed off, he referred to me as "magic pussy" - quite amusing.

I was traveling on business recently when C texted me and wondered why I was out of town and not sucking his cock. He said his thoughts of late have revolved around how amazing my mouth feels on his cock, my tongue and hands playing with his balls and taint, and being torn between that and not wanting to miss the feeling of kissing me with his cock nestled deep inside me. He told me not to expect a marathon the next time, and that he was hard just thinking about it and that he really wants to cum inside me. Problem is trying to find time for us to see each other, but hopefully we can figure out something really soon, cause I can't stop thinking about his cock.

It's been about a month since I heard from A, so it wasn't too surprising when I woke up one morning to this text from him: "Mistress, I miss you." Later that night, we talked on the phone as I was still out of town, and had some stellar phone sex. He really wants me to be controlling of him, and said that the last time that we were together was really hot, but there was one thing that I had said I was going to do but hadn't. He really wants me to take him over my knee and give him a good spanking. He said that if I was spanking him, that he might get into it and call me naughty things. I wasn't catching his drift, so I asked what he meant. He was rather hesitant to tell me this, but he said that he might end up calling me "Mommy". Age role play has never really done anything for me, and while I prefer to be called "Mistress", we'll have to see how that works. I have an huge aversion to ever being a parent myself, and trying to translate that idea sexually in my head is difficult, but we'll see how it goes. My mantra has always been, "I'll do anything once...maybe twice."

I also got a text recently from JS asking if I was going to be around this summer, and I told him that indeed I am, so hopefully we can get together soon, because thinking about fucking his sweet little ass is just incredible.

A week or so ago, I hung out with this girl, NF, that I've always wanted to know but never really got the chance to see much. She invited me over for Indian tea, and I didn't realize that was going to include a full meal amongst other things. There were a few other of her friends there, but we got high and smoked hookah and ended up being ridiculous and flirting and touching a bit. It's been a long time since I've really been around a girl that I think might actually like me back, so that was nice. I also "stole" a necklace from her as an excuse to see her again. Problem was, she was leaving for the summer a few days later. I talked to her last night and she said that she might be coming back to town for a job, and when I told her I was going to some Pride weekend festivities on Saturday, she said she really wanted to go and started looking for flights. It was a little surprising that she wanted to buy a last minute plane ticket just to see me. She also said I should keep the necklace as a gift, which I thought was really sweet. I told her that I'd have to think of something to give her, and she said it has to be spontaneous, so maybe when I'm unpacking and organizing my stuff I'll find something awesome for her. Hopefully we'll see more of each other soon.

I just texted A and I think we'll be getting together this evening, so I think I need to go back to my old place and get my riding crop. I'm sure it will come in handy. I also need to look into purchasing some other bondage gear. Good times.

I think I might have to start scheduling all of this activity since it all seems to keep coming at me at once. ;)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 days, 3 guys (Part 3)

Sometimes fun things find you when you're not looking for them.

I noticed a status message of a guy, ML, that I was friends with online but had never met in real life, however we have mutual friends. I responded to the message, so we got chatting. We were both at home somewhat early on a Friday night but didn't really feel like going out. He lives near me, actually in a place I used to live, so he decided to come over and watch a movie. I told him to stop by whenever, that I would just be putting some laundry and the sex toys away. He didn't miss a beat: "Don't do that, we'll just have to get them back out again." I didn't know what to expect, but I knew it'd be fun.

I'd seen him on the street a few days prior, but he still seemed taller than I expected. We never got around to watching a movie...we realized we had a lot in common regarding music, so we sat and talked about what new albums had come out recently and what we were currently listening to for almost 2 hours. We got closer and closer to each other on the couch. Eventually, he said, "Hey, do you want to go in your room and listen to more music and make out for a while?"

I appreciated the straightforward attitude, but my response was, "You don't have to be so direct, you could have just kissed me." And then I kissed him. We found my bed quickly.

Making out turned to clothes being removed quite quickly. I love it when a man dives right into me...before my encounter with C, it had been a long time since anyone was actively interested in making me cum with their tongue. I probably came three or four times for him, fucking his face and pulling his hair. It was really hot. I made him come up and kiss me...I love tasting myself on other's lips.

I think he was little surprised when I asked to switch places. He made a point of telling me that he didn't like having his balls played with, which I found a little strange, but I appreciated the directness as that's usually something I'll do when sucking someone off. His cock was curved in a way I hadn't seen before, so that made the operation that much more interesting. His eyes seemed to roll back in his head as I built up a rhythm with my mouth. It took a little longer than I expected to get him to cum, but when he did, he came quite forcefully. I loved that he warned me first, as if somehow swallowing his cum was a bad thing.

We then chatted for a while (there seems to be a pattern here, right?) and ended up briefly mentioning my friend that he was briefly engaged to. I asked him what he learned from the experience, and he said that if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. I wonder what that says about me, if anything.

After a bit more small talk, he asked if he could go down on me some more. I was rather satisfied as it was, and I knew that getting me more aroused was just going to make me want to fuck, but I figured that's what he was up to, so I agreed. I was still rather wet from before, and of course sucking cock makes me rather wet as well, so he had fun licking up all my juices before making me cum all over again. He then asked me to turn over. I was thinking I was in for a doggy style fuck, but instead I found him fingering my pussy from behind while he started to lick my ass. He spread some of my wetness upwards and began to slowly work a finger from each hand in and out of my ass alternately. It felt amazing! I put a pillow under my hips to keep myself propped up and began playing with my clit as he continued his fingering and tonguing of my most naughty place.

Before long, my pussy was drenched and the pillow was on it's way there. I couldn't stop cumming and screaming. It was an incredible feeling, and I think he was a little surprised at how much I liked it. After I had cum several times and I couldn't breathe anymore, he finally stopped. I think he wanted to have me play with him some more, but we were both really tired. I liked him enough to ask if he wanted to crash since it was after 3am by this point, but he opted to go home in order to take his contacts out. I fell asleep, musing on how much action my ass had gotten in the past week.

The next night I went out of town, and got a text from ML asking if I wanted to get together again that night. I clearly couldn't, but scheduled to see him the following night. We exchanged some more texts, and he mentioned that "we should do some more of that last part" and asked if I would be willing to return the favor, to which I readily agreed. I also mentioned that I actually do have a sex toy collection, and he was all about discovering what I had.

The next night, we skipped the small talk and went straight to getting naked. I love his tattoos...he has a full sleeve on one arm and two on his chest, among others...fucking sexy. We made out for a little while and then he wanted to see my toys, so I got them out so he could see the array of butt plugs and dildos. I don't have a lot, but enough. I think he was impressed how many things fit in that shoe box.

He dove into my pussy again and fingered me for a while. He then selected my smaller dildo and began to fuck me with it as he concentrated his tongue on my clit, which had me seeing stars. I love the feeling of being full and being licked at the same time. We then traded places and I started sucking his cock and then he asked if I would play with his ass. He got on all fours, and I started to lick him and slowly slide my finger inside. He was pretty tight, so I got out the lube. I asked if he wanted to start with the smallest toy I have, and he was quite interested (this is the same toy I posted in the picture of DN) so I slid it in and he took it with no problem. He seemed to enjoy me fucking him with it and stroking his cock at the same time. What amazed me was that despite it's smaller size, he was able to hold the toy inside him without my assistance. For everyone else (including myself) it always falls out.

I then asked if he wanted something larger. He asked what, and I told him that it would be the same dildo he'd used on me earlier. He agreed, but only if I'd strap it on. Hott! I adjusted the straps and walked over to him so he could see my newly donned appendage. He seemed apprehensive and aroused simultaneously.

I slid a condom onto my cock and was generous with the lube. I'd never fucked anyone's ass with a strap on before, so I wanted to make sure I didn't hurt him. It was a little awkward at first because he's so much taller than I am, but once I figured out that I needed to put one leg up to get the proper angle...it was much better. I pushed into his tight ass slowly, making sure that he was doing ok...he said it was great. I fucked him slowly for a while, and he made the most delicious moaning sounds. When I finally slid all of my cock into him and held it there, he loved it. I began to rotate my hips a bit and then went back to fucking - a little harder this time. It was great, until I slid out of him unexpectedly. I asked if he wanted me to stop, and he said no, to keep fucking him like that. I asked him to change positions and align himself with the edge of the bed so that I could stand on the floor. This position was much easier to manage. Watching my cock slide in and out of his tight ass was so arousing that my pussy was dripping. I told him that after this he would need to be fucking me.

Soon after that he said he was done, and had me get on the bed as he wanted to fuck my ass. I really wanted him in my pussy first, but I think he had a not-put-into-words aversion to actually fucking me. He asked me to suck on him first, as he was only half hard, so I got him solid again with my mouth and tongue. He got the lube and had me turn around, but was having issues getting himself inside me. I think we both realized that he wanted to cum but the fucking just wasn't working out, so he laid down and asked for another "awesome blowjob". How could I resist?

It didn't take long to get him going, and then he asked me if he could cum on my face because he'd never done that before. It's not something I'm particularly fond of, but I agreed. I was glad I finally got to fulfill my fantasy of fucking a guy in the ass, so I figured I should allow him the same satisfaction. I sucked harder, getting him closer and closer to the point of no return. Finally, he grabbed his cock from my mouth, and two or three strokes later I was covered in his white stickiness and it was amazing.

And then my phone rang, and we both laughed. It was like a jolt back into reality from the sexual intensity we'd just experienced. I got up to grab a towel, and made a probably unnecessary joke that it was most likely my mother calling. "Hi Mom, hold on, I need to get the cum out of my eye." It was her, but I didn't answer it, opting to put my phone on silent instead.

I made sure he enjoyed his money shot experience and he went home soon after. I was left reveling in the idea of how much fun I'd had in such a short time.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

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