Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I can still pick people up at college parties.

As soon as I got to the party, I knew I wanted him. This is not an unfamiliar feeling, but I've learned not to be disappointed when things don't work out as I wish them to in my head. This evening exceeded my expectations.

As luck would have it, he was standing next to a friend, so it was easy to be introduced. I complimented him on his hat, even though it was simple. He mentioned something about being a stoner, but not having smoked much recently. I asked if he wanted to fix that, and soon enough I had an entourage following me to the living room. Drugs are one of the best way to meet people. We'll call him RS.

People came and went from the room, but we both melted into the loveseat. He was from out of town, and the only friend he knew at the party was plastered and paying little to no attention to him, so I think he was glad for the conversation. I learned he was bi just through conversation, I didn't need to ask.

He was tall, I believe he said 6'4", and painfully thin. His dirty brown hair covered mostly by his hat perfectly framed his gauged ears. He was beautiful, delicious even.

When his friend left the party early, I offered to walk him home later as his house was on the way to mine. This detail only served to fuel my fantasies further. We milled around the party, occasionally spending time on the couch, in the backyard chatting, or upstairs to smoke more. I was pleasantly intoxicated.

At one point when RS was talking to some of my friends, I caught my friend LB in the kitchen. Brief backstory: She is dating the guy that RS was friends with. She had dated him about a year ago, and then they broke up and she moved away, and then she came back and they got back together. When I saw her in the kitchen and no one was around, I mentioned a previous conversation to her:

"Do you remember that party at your old house when we talked about how good sex was with W--- and then we...". I was interrupted by her kiss. I was going to make an offhanded comment about how we should get together for a threesome now that they're dating again just to see what she would say, but then she just started making out with me, and who am I to argue with that? She's a damn good kisser. We were caught by another friend who walked in, and he was all like "Don't let me interrupt!" It was all rather amusing.

Later, as the crowd began to thin, RS and I got caught up in conversation in the kitchen (it's where all the action happens!), and I mentioned that I dislike the drama of relationships and prefer casual sex. I amaze myself sometimes how easily I can slip things into conversation.

A few other friends showed up, and we witnessed some drunken debauchery but as we finished our last drinks, I mentioned that I was thinking of heading home. Another friend walked with us, which I thought was going to kill the idea of him following me home, but it didn't.

We smoked another bowl as he judged my music collection. I wasn't sure where this was going...he was one of those that seemed out of my league. His friend lived not far from me, so I thought maybe he just wanted to smoke more and then would head back. When he put his arm around me and leaned in for a kiss, I knew that wasn't the case.

He was embarrassed to take off his hat, but he concurred that being naked in a hat was a rather strange idea. I didn't care what his hair looked like, he was still beautiful to me, and even moreso as he removed clothing and revealed delicious tattoos that I couldn't help but lick. He rolled me over and delved his fingers into my already wet pussy. I was quite ready, and came hard under his touch, gripping his shoulder.

His turn. His eyes rolled back in his head as my lips wrapped around his cock. It amazes me sometimes how many guys have rarely had a proper blowjob. I marveled in his size. Before I got too into it, I stood up to grab a Magnum off the shelf.

"High expectations, eh?"

"I keep both sizes. You qualify."

He smiled as I tossed it to him and returned my mouth's attention to his cock, which was standing at attention beautifully away from his thin frame. In my experience the skinny boys almost always have big cocks.

In my drunken aroused state, it didn't take long for me to need him inside me. He slid the condom on and I asked how he wanted me. He seemed to be content with me on top, so I eased myself down onto his thickness. I wanted to go slowly, to tease him a little, but my intoxicated fantasies had been developing all evening and now that they had come true, all I wanted was to fuck. I bucked wildly on his cock, driving him as deep inside me as possible, reveling in the feeling of being full of him. I've gotten quite lucky that the boys I've seen lately have all been rather well endowed.

I pushed against his chest to give myself more leverage to gather friction on my clit so I could cum, over and over. My knees gave out eventually so we traded places. I wrapped my legs around him and whispered in his ear to cum for me. It didn't take long for him to pick up his pace and cum hard. I didn't cum with him, but I didn't mind too much.

He rolled off me and not long afterwards, he decided he was hungry. I, too, usually get hungry after sex (and smoking), but I was about to pass out so I gave him free reign of the kitchen. He came back a little while later and I was about 75% asleep. As he climbed into bed, he said I shouldn't be offended if he didn't spoon me, because he really couldn't sleep that way. It didn't bother me a bit...I just wanted to pass out.

In the morning when we awoke, he leaned over to kiss me, and I could tell he wanted a little more. I climbed on top of him again, and because the alcohol had worn off, it took him no time at all to cum. Usually I can get in at least one orgasm before my partner, but I also wasn't expecting to need to cum quickly after our experience the night before. Still, it was nice to feel him inside me again.

I walked him out and pointed him in the the direction of his friend's house. He said he'd look me up when he was in town next, but he was moving even farther away from here, so he wasn't sure when that would be. We've talked online a few times, but I've realized that we don't have a whole lot in common. Still, he made for a fun night.


Jake (of Facts and Friction) said...

'In my experience the skinny boys almost always have big cocks.'

I like the sound of that :P

I love random nights out, especially if they end up so well like this!

Sexual Adventurer said...

Glad you enjoyed this. And yes, I love it when unexpected naughty things happen. Thanks for reading. :)

Rogue said...

Delicious. You're wonderful, and I'd love to watch you suck. Meow.

MikeCindynJoe said...

Great post. I just found you (I can't say, "I came across you", as that would take too much explaining).

Anyway... like Arnold, I'll be back.