Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anal all around...

He drove 45 minutes to see me. We met at a local bar, chatted a bit over a drink or two. Not normally my type...shorter than me, a scene kid. The more he talked, the more I realized he was very critical of people. But he liked my tits and wanted to be fucked in the ass. I decided to oblige.

We undressed quickly, got on the bed. I sucked his cock for a moment and then turned him over. I had all my toys and lube laid out, ready for him. He was nice and tight, so I opened him up with my fingers and then slid in my smaller plug. He really seemed to like it, and was even able to hold it inside. Moved on to the larger plug...he got it almost all the way in before he cried mercy. I loved seeing how hard it made him though.

We switched places for a while...he dove into my pussy. I came hard for him as he fingered me and mouthed my clit...I couldn't get enough. Then he decided he wanted to fuck. I got on all fours for him...I was really in the mood to get it from behind. It felt good, but everytime I would start to cum he would stop for some reason, which was frustrating. I fixed the problem by fingering my clit to send me over the edge. I then flipped over and bent my knees back so he could get in deeper. He made himself cum but I didn't cum with him...not a very good angle.

I hadn't had much sleep so I was a little tired by this point so we rested a bit. I didn't mind messing around with this kid, but I really had no desire to cuddle with him...a strange feeling. Sex for sex's sake, I guess.

We decided to get to what he came there for. A good fucking with a strap on. I always feel like I'm going to hurt people when I use such a thing in their ass, but he took it well. I leaned him over the edge of the bed, he had one foot on the floor and the other knee bent and up on the bed. This made for a good angle to slide my cock inside him. He insisted that I take photos of was a pretty hot sight, I have to admit.

After taking my time sliding in, I scratched my nails down his back and started a slow rhythm, in and out. I loved hearing the noises he made and my nails made marks that lasted a while. He eventually begged for it to be harder, and harder he got. I grabbed onto his hips and began to pound his tight little ass. His moans turned to grunts and it was really hot to have that power over him at that moment.

He eventually had enough, but had a hell of an erection that he didn't want to waste. I was rather tired by this point, so I traded places with him so I could be face down on the bed, standing on the floor. He started fucking me again, and I was rather uninterested until he started trying to put it in my ass. Didn't ask...I was like "you might want to use the lube for that". He smeared me with far too much lube (thank goodness I'd just gotten the gel kind) and slid into my ass.

His cock wasn't terribly impressive, but it was the perfect size for a good ass-fucking where I didn't have to worry about being torn in two. I rubbed my clit in a circular motion as I begged him to fuck my ass harder. He told me later that he'd never fucked a girl in the ass before, but I had no idea at that point. He rode my ass to three or four more of my orgasms. Delicious.

He then decided he wanted me to suck him off. He ripped off the condom, and as much as I hate the taste of such things, I figured it would be easier to oblige than to protest. He was trying to mess with the camera to take a picture while I was sucking him, but it was breaking his concentration, so I took the camera and threw it on the bed and made him pay attention to what I was doing. He'd read my previous post about ML that I'd emailed him, so he decided he wanted to cum on my face as well. I let him do so because I figured that if he'd already cum once, he couldn't make that much of a mess. He mostly just dripped down my lips and chin. He still seemed to enjoy himself, however.

We were both starving at this point, so we went on a mission to find food. The original plan was for him to crash at my place, but after that I sent him on his way.