Friday, October 17, 2008

A little more about CW...

Over the last couple of months, I've had a lot of extremely mind blowing sex with CW, to the point where each incredible night (or morning) has melded into the next in my mind, making blogging about it difficult at best. It's not enough to say that he's discovered at least a score of ways to make me cum. It's almost beyond words. Perhaps a recent text conversation we had will help.

SA: Is it weird that I have fantasies about my chiropractor fucking me while I'm lying here getting ultrasound therapy?

CW: I still masturbate to a fantasy of just laying my old creative writing teacher over a table and fucking her while the class watched. So no, not weird.

SA: Hott. This is why I like you.

CW: And here, I thought it was because I like to give you clitoral and g-spot orgasms simultaneously.

SA: Is that what that is?

CW: Pretty sure. Could also be me being able to make my cock throb at will.

SA: Mmm…you're making me horny.

CW: How could me talking about how I like to rub your clit while making you cum uncontrollably with my throbbing cock make you horny?

SA: I have no idea.

SA: Maybe it's because I'm wishing that were happening right now.

CW: Hmm… Are you imagining my big cock deep inside you?

SA: Balls deep. I love being filled with every last inch of you.

CW: Mmm. Do you like it when I suck that pretty clit while fucking you with my fingers?

SA: God yes…it's so intense I can't help but scream.

CW: And when I put my finger in your ass while I play with your pussy?

SA: Yes, I like being naughty with you.

CW: Ahh… It's such a shame I'm out of town.

SA: Indeed. I need you to squeeze your super thick cock into my tight ass.

CW: Oh yes, I love that. I want to bury my cock in your ass and make it throb while I rub your clit and make you cum forever.

SA: Oh god, I'm gonna cum. I want you to cum deep in my ass.

CW: I want to cum in your ass so badly.

SA: I want you to fill my ass with your hot sticky cum. Then I want you to spank me and tell me how dirty I am.

CW: Mmm. I want to smack your naughty ass and make you cum again just from that while I whisper what a dirty slut you are into your ear.

SA: Mmm…do you like it when I'm a slut for you?

CW: I love it when you're slutty. I love that look in your eye when you're so turned on you can barely contain yourself.

SA: I love it when you make me feel that way. Where I can't help but just cum more and more.

CW: That's one of the reasons fucking you is so fun. You just cum and cum again and again.

SA: I blame you for that. This dirty girl is getting in the shower. But something tells me I won't quite get clean.

CW: At least not for long.

SA: Indeed. See you Sunday. ;)

A Visit from A (Part III)

"I want to cum inside you."

"Dirty, dirty boy! Sit up!"

I untied his hands and ordered him on his back. I straddled him and pinned his hands above his head with my own. He looked so helpless.

I slowly coated his cock with my juices, reveling in the feeling of him pressing against my folds. I allowed myself another orgasm just from the friction, and he moaned as I dripped over him. I grabbed his cock with one hand, keeping his hands above his head with the other. I used the huge head of his dick to massage my clit. It was incredible to feel how hard he was in my hand.

"Do you like it when I tease you with my pussy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I ever so slowly lowered myself onto his cock. Taking two, three minutes to fully impale myself on him, still pinning his hands behind his head and looking straight into his eyes, warning him not to move. His eyes closed and a small smile crept onto his face as his large cockhead slowly split me open. I loved being full of him, having him deep inside me.

When he was fully inside me, I clenched my muscles around him, and began to slowly rock back and forth. The friction on my clit caused me to cum yet again, unexpectedly. I started a slow rhythm on him, making sure he was just barely still inside me before descending down on him again. I kept this up for a while, increasing my pace every so often.

"Such a naughty boy, you're enjoying this too much. Don't you dare cum inside me."

"Please Mistress, I want to fill you with my cum."

"Denied. Tell me when you are going to cum."

I increased my pace further and came all over him, screaming. He begged to cum inside me, but I told him no.

"You can cum on my tits. Are you going to cum soon?"

He said yes so I climbed off of him and switched places with him. It only took a few strokes of his hand until he shot white hot jets of semen all over me. He was a little overzealous, and some of it hit my ear and got in my hair.

"Look you, you've made a mess of me! For that, you will lick this off."

I wasn't sure how he was going to react to that, but he was good and did as he was told. It was so hot to watch his tongue scoop up the mess he made. I made him hand me a towel to remove his stickiness from my hair. When he was done, he laid down next to me. I stroked his hair and told him he was good boy.

"Thank you, Mistress for letting me serve you."

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Visit from A (Part II)

"Have you been fucking other people?"

"No, mistress."

"So, you survive by having sex only once a month? What a sad life you live. Your mistress needs more attention than that. Shame on you."

I threw one leg over him, and began to rub my dripping wet pussy on his bright red ass. I could feel the warmth of my strikes emanating from his skin.

"Do you like being covered in my juices?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Such...a...dirty...boy." I muttered as I came all over him.

I needed more direct stimulation, so I reached between my legs. He tried to move his hands over to finger me, but I scolded him and smacked his hand out of the way. I put my full weight on him, grinding into him, pressing his surely hard cock into the mattress with every thrust, grunting into his ear. I came once again, and shoved my dripping wet fingers in his mouth.

"Do you like the taste of my pussy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Then make me cum with your tongue." Up until this point, A had never gone down on me.

He looked so cute trying to roll over and position his face between my legs without the assistance of his arms, as they were still bound behind his back. His tongue action was a little light and not perfect, but I was already worked up from the orgasms I'd given myself, so I still came in his mouth.

I then asked him what he wanted.