Friday, June 27, 2008

Mmm...people from all angles...

I heard from both C and JR recently. I had emailed the posts I had written here to them so they could see how they inspired me to write.

JR sent me an out of the blue email basically reiterating how much he loved the post and that he'd been bragging about it. He explained that he was indeed seeing someone exclusively, but that she was moving away in a few weeks, and that it would be ending then and he wanted to catch up with me at that point. "Feel free to think of some terrible things you and I - and whoever else you want - can do together. You get points for creativity. I've already thought of a number of wonderful things while writing this sentence, so try to keep up. Basically, I'd really like to fuck the shit out of you again." This email totally made my day.

After that we had some good email banter about what we were into. He says that he's "into doing crazy things, particularly stuff that is interesting on sensory or psychological levels. For instance, fucking you twice without knowing your name or really even talking to you much." I told him that I fantasize and read a lot about submission, but have never really trusted anyone enough to really let go. I think we'll have a lot of fun exploring together - I should write him soon. He also asked a little more about this blog and what it's purpose was, but seemed cool once I explained that it's anonymous and really just for me to remember all the stellar sex I've been having lately and to share it with the sex blog community.

C messaged me once he had a chance to sit down alone and read his post. He said it was very moving, and that he was trying to find someone distant and non-judgmental enough to show it off to. He also explained that he was aggressive because I had asked for it, and was only playing a role. He said that when I was on top of him that it hurt because I resisted. He was trying to "swirl my cunt with his cock". He said to think of it as being blended. Perhaps next time I'll try to completely let go with him. As he signed off, he referred to me as "magic pussy" - quite amusing.

I was traveling on business recently when C texted me and wondered why I was out of town and not sucking his cock. He said his thoughts of late have revolved around how amazing my mouth feels on his cock, my tongue and hands playing with his balls and taint, and being torn between that and not wanting to miss the feeling of kissing me with his cock nestled deep inside me. He told me not to expect a marathon the next time, and that he was hard just thinking about it and that he really wants to cum inside me. Problem is trying to find time for us to see each other, but hopefully we can figure out something really soon, cause I can't stop thinking about his cock.

It's been about a month since I heard from A, so it wasn't too surprising when I woke up one morning to this text from him: "Mistress, I miss you." Later that night, we talked on the phone as I was still out of town, and had some stellar phone sex. He really wants me to be controlling of him, and said that the last time that we were together was really hot, but there was one thing that I had said I was going to do but hadn't. He really wants me to take him over my knee and give him a good spanking. He said that if I was spanking him, that he might get into it and call me naughty things. I wasn't catching his drift, so I asked what he meant. He was rather hesitant to tell me this, but he said that he might end up calling me "Mommy". Age role play has never really done anything for me, and while I prefer to be called "Mistress", we'll have to see how that works. I have an huge aversion to ever being a parent myself, and trying to translate that idea sexually in my head is difficult, but we'll see how it goes. My mantra has always been, "I'll do anything once...maybe twice."

I also got a text recently from JS asking if I was going to be around this summer, and I told him that indeed I am, so hopefully we can get together soon, because thinking about fucking his sweet little ass is just incredible.

A week or so ago, I hung out with this girl, NF, that I've always wanted to know but never really got the chance to see much. She invited me over for Indian tea, and I didn't realize that was going to include a full meal amongst other things. There were a few other of her friends there, but we got high and smoked hookah and ended up being ridiculous and flirting and touching a bit. It's been a long time since I've really been around a girl that I think might actually like me back, so that was nice. I also "stole" a necklace from her as an excuse to see her again. Problem was, she was leaving for the summer a few days later. I talked to her last night and she said that she might be coming back to town for a job, and when I told her I was going to some Pride weekend festivities on Saturday, she said she really wanted to go and started looking for flights. It was a little surprising that she wanted to buy a last minute plane ticket just to see me. She also said I should keep the necklace as a gift, which I thought was really sweet. I told her that I'd have to think of something to give her, and she said it has to be spontaneous, so maybe when I'm unpacking and organizing my stuff I'll find something awesome for her. Hopefully we'll see more of each other soon.

I just texted A and I think we'll be getting together this evening, so I think I need to go back to my old place and get my riding crop. I'm sure it will come in handy. I also need to look into purchasing some other bondage gear. Good times.

I think I might have to start scheduling all of this activity since it all seems to keep coming at me at once. ;)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

3 days, 3 guys (Part 3)

Sometimes fun things find you when you're not looking for them.

I noticed a status message of a guy, ML, that I was friends with online but had never met in real life, however we have mutual friends. I responded to the message, so we got chatting. We were both at home somewhat early on a Friday night but didn't really feel like going out. He lives near me, actually in a place I used to live, so he decided to come over and watch a movie. I told him to stop by whenever, that I would just be putting some laundry and the sex toys away. He didn't miss a beat: "Don't do that, we'll just have to get them back out again." I didn't know what to expect, but I knew it'd be fun.

I'd seen him on the street a few days prior, but he still seemed taller than I expected. We never got around to watching a movie...we realized we had a lot in common regarding music, so we sat and talked about what new albums had come out recently and what we were currently listening to for almost 2 hours. We got closer and closer to each other on the couch. Eventually, he said, "Hey, do you want to go in your room and listen to more music and make out for a while?"

I appreciated the straightforward attitude, but my response was, "You don't have to be so direct, you could have just kissed me." And then I kissed him. We found my bed quickly.

Making out turned to clothes being removed quite quickly. I love it when a man dives right into me...before my encounter with C, it had been a long time since anyone was actively interested in making me cum with their tongue. I probably came three or four times for him, fucking his face and pulling his hair. It was really hot. I made him come up and kiss me...I love tasting myself on other's lips.

I think he was little surprised when I asked to switch places. He made a point of telling me that he didn't like having his balls played with, which I found a little strange, but I appreciated the directness as that's usually something I'll do when sucking someone off. His cock was curved in a way I hadn't seen before, so that made the operation that much more interesting. His eyes seemed to roll back in his head as I built up a rhythm with my mouth. It took a little longer than I expected to get him to cum, but when he did, he came quite forcefully. I loved that he warned me first, as if somehow swallowing his cum was a bad thing.

We then chatted for a while (there seems to be a pattern here, right?) and ended up briefly mentioning my friend that he was briefly engaged to. I asked him what he learned from the experience, and he said that if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. I wonder what that says about me, if anything.

After a bit more small talk, he asked if he could go down on me some more. I was rather satisfied as it was, and I knew that getting me more aroused was just going to make me want to fuck, but I figured that's what he was up to, so I agreed. I was still rather wet from before, and of course sucking cock makes me rather wet as well, so he had fun licking up all my juices before making me cum all over again. He then asked me to turn over. I was thinking I was in for a doggy style fuck, but instead I found him fingering my pussy from behind while he started to lick my ass. He spread some of my wetness upwards and began to slowly work a finger from each hand in and out of my ass alternately. It felt amazing! I put a pillow under my hips to keep myself propped up and began playing with my clit as he continued his fingering and tonguing of my most naughty place.

Before long, my pussy was drenched and the pillow was on it's way there. I couldn't stop cumming and screaming. It was an incredible feeling, and I think he was a little surprised at how much I liked it. After I had cum several times and I couldn't breathe anymore, he finally stopped. I think he wanted to have me play with him some more, but we were both really tired. I liked him enough to ask if he wanted to crash since it was after 3am by this point, but he opted to go home in order to take his contacts out. I fell asleep, musing on how much action my ass had gotten in the past week.

The next night I went out of town, and got a text from ML asking if I wanted to get together again that night. I clearly couldn't, but scheduled to see him the following night. We exchanged some more texts, and he mentioned that "we should do some more of that last part" and asked if I would be willing to return the favor, to which I readily agreed. I also mentioned that I actually do have a sex toy collection, and he was all about discovering what I had.

The next night, we skipped the small talk and went straight to getting naked. I love his tattoos...he has a full sleeve on one arm and two on his chest, among others...fucking sexy. We made out for a little while and then he wanted to see my toys, so I got them out so he could see the array of butt plugs and dildos. I don't have a lot, but enough. I think he was impressed how many things fit in that shoe box.

He dove into my pussy again and fingered me for a while. He then selected my smaller dildo and began to fuck me with it as he concentrated his tongue on my clit, which had me seeing stars. I love the feeling of being full and being licked at the same time. We then traded places and I started sucking his cock and then he asked if I would play with his ass. He got on all fours, and I started to lick him and slowly slide my finger inside. He was pretty tight, so I got out the lube. I asked if he wanted to start with the smallest toy I have, and he was quite interested (this is the same toy I posted in the picture of DN) so I slid it in and he took it with no problem. He seemed to enjoy me fucking him with it and stroking his cock at the same time. What amazed me was that despite it's smaller size, he was able to hold the toy inside him without my assistance. For everyone else (including myself) it always falls out.

I then asked if he wanted something larger. He asked what, and I told him that it would be the same dildo he'd used on me earlier. He agreed, but only if I'd strap it on. Hott! I adjusted the straps and walked over to him so he could see my newly donned appendage. He seemed apprehensive and aroused simultaneously.

I slid a condom onto my cock and was generous with the lube. I'd never fucked anyone's ass with a strap on before, so I wanted to make sure I didn't hurt him. It was a little awkward at first because he's so much taller than I am, but once I figured out that I needed to put one leg up to get the proper was much better. I pushed into his tight ass slowly, making sure that he was doing ok...he said it was great. I fucked him slowly for a while, and he made the most delicious moaning sounds. When I finally slid all of my cock into him and held it there, he loved it. I began to rotate my hips a bit and then went back to fucking - a little harder this time. It was great, until I slid out of him unexpectedly. I asked if he wanted me to stop, and he said no, to keep fucking him like that. I asked him to change positions and align himself with the edge of the bed so that I could stand on the floor. This position was much easier to manage. Watching my cock slide in and out of his tight ass was so arousing that my pussy was dripping. I told him that after this he would need to be fucking me.

Soon after that he said he was done, and had me get on the bed as he wanted to fuck my ass. I really wanted him in my pussy first, but I think he had a not-put-into-words aversion to actually fucking me. He asked me to suck on him first, as he was only half hard, so I got him solid again with my mouth and tongue. He got the lube and had me turn around, but was having issues getting himself inside me. I think we both realized that he wanted to cum but the fucking just wasn't working out, so he laid down and asked for another "awesome blowjob". How could I resist?

It didn't take long to get him going, and then he asked me if he could cum on my face because he'd never done that before. It's not something I'm particularly fond of, but I agreed. I was glad I finally got to fulfill my fantasy of fucking a guy in the ass, so I figured I should allow him the same satisfaction. I sucked harder, getting him closer and closer to the point of no return. Finally, he grabbed his cock from my mouth, and two or three strokes later I was covered in his white stickiness and it was amazing.

And then my phone rang, and we both laughed. It was like a jolt back into reality from the sexual intensity we'd just experienced. I got up to grab a towel, and made a probably unnecessary joke that it was most likely my mother calling. "Hi Mom, hold on, I need to get the cum out of my eye." It was her, but I didn't answer it, opting to put my phone on silent instead.

I made sure he enjoyed his money shot experience and he went home soon after. I was left reveling in the idea of how much fun I'd had in such a short time.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 days, 3 guys (Part 2)

Ok, this requires a little backstory.

Over a year ago, I met a guy through a friend that I thought was terribly attractive even though I could kind of tell he was an ass. He doesn't matter, but what does matter is this is how I met his roommate, MC.

I've never really been able to pinpoint what I really like about MC, but I've narrowed it down to his sense of humour and his double lip ring...yummy. We've mostly been smoking buddies, trading stories of intoxication and just generally being ridiculous. He had a girlfriend of several years when I met him, so I never thought to make a move. Then, last spring I heard that they had split.

Early that summer, there had been a night where one of his good friends was in town, and we all got deliciously drunk and were up til 5am. I was still too drunk to go home, so I crashed with him. For some reason, I didn't know how to make a move on him. We were close to each other and sort of cuddling, but considering how drunk he was and his recent breakup, I didn't want to take advantage. We woke up early, and I kept trying to hint at things since everyone else was still asleep. I couldn't tell if he was oblivious or purposely ignoring my comments, so it got awkward and walked home. A walk of shame and I didn't even get anything out of it.

We chatted online later that day, and I was so tired of not knowing what was going on that I just straight up asked him if he wanted to be friends with benefits. He said he was still fucked up in the head over his ex, and he just wasn't ready for any of that. I respected that, and even though I thought things would be awkward after that, they weren't.

Fast forward to this spring. We hadn't seen each other much...we both had gotten rather busy and I was of course pursuing other interests. But I made a point recently to see him a few times once I realized he was probably transferring for next year.

Then, his birthday came up, and unfortunately I had plans that night (and apparently he would have been too drunk to function that night anyway) so I went to his place the next night after I had dinner with some friends. It was good timing...both his roommates were at work. I brought a bottle of champagne and some killer bud as a present, but I had another present in mind. ;)

After much TV watching and catching up on the latest drunken stories, I couldn't take it anymore. I sat closer to him, and started touching his knee. After many conversational hints and no response, I finally said, "You know, you're the hardest person to flirt with because I never know how you're going to react to things."

He immediately went into apology mode, and was like, "Dude, when I'm stoned I don't pick up on anything." It was kinda cute and kinda strange, because most people have some sort of reaction when you hit on them. I then just started touching him, playing with his arm, his hands. I realized I needed to be direct, so I asked if I was bothering him. He said no and kind of smiled. I really wanted to kiss him, but I was at an odd angle, as I was sitting on the edge of the futon and he was in a papasan chair. So I just kept talking.

I told him that even after all this time, there was something about him that I really liked, and that I still wanted him, but that I didn't know what was up after all that nonsense with his ex. He said that that wasn't an issue anymore. Now that that was cleared up, I said, "Good", and leaned in to kiss him.

He was a better kisser than I expected, and I loved the feeling of his lip made me think of other places it would feel good. We chatted for a little longer, and then I told him I had another birthday present for him, but he probably didn't want to be in the living room for that.

At this point he reacted! We headed to his room. I could tell he was nervous so I talked him through it - I think I may have been the first person he'd done anything with since his ex. We kissed some more, and I climbed on top of him. He was kind of leaning against the wall strangely, so I told him to get comfortable. He laid flat on the bed.

I climbed back on him and kissed him again. He seemed eager and petrified at the same time. I kissed his neck, and then down his body. I was on a mission. As I began to undo his belt and his pants, I knew he was nervous because his cock was completely soft. I pulled his pants down a bit and took him into my mouth. He sighed a bit, but I wasn't really getting anywhere.

I sat back up and kissed him, and told him that he needed to relax. I started touching his body more, and I took off my shirt. That seemed to help. I went back down and began to lick his hardening cock up and down. It was such a sweet moment of satisfaction, knowing that I had wanted him for so long, and here he was in my mouth, under my control.

I used all of my tricks: long slow strokes, taking him deep in my mouth, sucking only on the head, etc. I could tell he was really into it as he started to make some noises with the occasional "Oh God!" thrown in. I live for that...I really love to suck cock. I regard it as an art, and men seem to appreciate that.

He seemed as though he wanted it to be a more intimate affair. Some guys will grab your hair and push you down on their cock (a move I loathe), but he just grabbed my hand. We intertwined fingers as I found a good rhythm on his cock. I licked just the head of his cock again, and he squeezed my hand and moaned. I kept that up for a while, and then increased my pace, impaling my mouth on him. I could feel him get harder, and all of sudden he yelled "Stop, I'm gonna cum!" but of course this just encouraged me.

I closed my mouth around him tightly and worked my tongue magic all over his head, and continued this as he was cumming, and even after. He became really sensitive, and sat halfway up and held my head as I kept going. When I had swallowed every last drop, I slowed my pace and then just kissed the head. I love the sight of a deliciously spent softening cock.

I told him, "Thanks for the warning, but the idea was to make you cum." He didn't respond as he was too busy catching his breath. I leaned up and looked at him and asked how he was doing. "That was amazing." I wanted to kiss him but I never know how people are about kissing after they've cum in my mouth, so I kissed his cheek, but he turned his head immediately and we started making out.

Normally after blowjobs, I really want to fuck, but not knowing his recovery time and knowing that we both had places to be, I was satisfied with giving him his birthday blowjob. He seemed pretty satisfied as well.

I laid down next to him, and we chatted for a while. I joked that he'd been missing out on that, and I told him I was sad he wouldn't be around next year. He said he'd visit a lot as he has tons of friends in town, and I said he can always come stay with me. He seemed to like that idea. I can't remember the origin of the joke, but we also now have a code for wanting to hook up. I'll be using that soon.

We chatted some online the next day...I wanted to get a feel for what he was into sexually and if there were any fantasies he wanted to fulfill, as that is one of my favorite things to do. He'd admitted to me long ago that he was a foot fetishist, so I wanted to know more about that. I expressed my love of being spanked, and dirty talk, and about my toy collection. He seemed cool with everything. I think that he's probably a lot kinkier than he lets on, I just need to spend some time with him and break him out of his shell a bit.

This summer will be quite fun...

Monday, June 9, 2008

3 days, 3 guys (Part 1)

"Ok, I'm gonna need you naked."

We were stripping our clothes off within 30 seconds of him entering my room. His kiss was intoxicating. The pent up desire was almost too intense to take.

The original intent was to spend the entire afternoon together, in between him finishing up a few things at work and catching a flight. But he got held up at work, and never had time to go home to shower and pack. As soon as he could escape work, he was at my door. I didn't care about the timing or the lack of showering...I needed him. More than I'd needed anything in a long time.

There was little foreplay, but at this juncture, after nearly a year of teasing each other, it wasn't necessary. Once we were naked, I leaned back on the bed and he pounced on me in an instant. The intensity of his kisses and the pressure of his body on mine was exhilarating. I was lost in the sensations of everything about him immediately.

I could feel his huge thickness against my leg, and longed for it to be inside me. Between the picture he'd sent me a long time ago, and my experience sucking him, I knew he was going to fill me up to the max. To be honest, it's probably the biggest cock I've ever fucked.

We kept kissing, and I felt pressure between my folds. I thought he was about to slide inside me, but he had other ideas.

"Hold on, I need to taste the rainbow."

He wasted no time diving his tongue into me, expertly licking and sucking and driving me insane. I wrapped my fingers in his curls, desperately wanting more, always more. I came so hard in his mouth, bucking wildly at his face, screaming. He barely let me come down before he sat up and slid two fingers deep into my cunt, finding my g-spot and massaging it exactly the way I like. He was talking dirty to me the whole time. His words are but mush in my head, but I can still feel his touch.

I came and clenched around his fingers tightly, covering his hand in my juices. I think he wanted to make me cum like that a few more times, but once he felt my contractions around his hand, he needed to be inside me, and fast. He lowered his weight onto me and the huge head of his cock probed at me and then pushed inside all at once. I couldn't believe the delicious instant feeling of fullness, of being completed. Everything I ever wanted I had at that moment.

He held his incredible length inside me for only a moment, and then began to fuck me with long strokes. I know I was screaming and saying incredulous things, but I couldn't tell you any of it. At one point he changed his angle, shortened his strokes and the bulbous head of his mammoth cock was playing with my g-spot and cervix, deep inside me. I came repeatedly from this action, my cunt gripping his thickness almost involuntarily. It took everything I had not to bite or scratch him, as I knew I wasn't allowed to leave any marks.

"You've got to sit on this."

We were about to trade places, but as he sat up, he pushed my head down onto his cock. I loved tasting my juices on his thick member, but was unable to take him as deeply as he wanted. After a few moments, he stretched out on the bed.

He was already beginning to wear me out, but I relished the idea of being in control, of impaling myself on his cock. This was not to soon as I was on top of him, he thrust his cock up into me so hard that he hit bottom and it hurt. He then kept fucking me hard from underneath. I tried to lean forward and adjust my angle to ease the pain, but he held my shoulders back. I was grasping at the air, not knowing how to react to having lost control, to him using my body for his pleasure and nothing more. I was beginning to like the sensation, but I knew I wasn't going to cum from that angle and pace so I tried to push his hands off my shoulders, but this only made him grasp me harder as he muttered "no breaks" and continued his upward assault on my cunt.

"I don't...want...a break. I fuck."

He relented his hold on me then and let me take over for a bit. I leaned forward which increased the pressure on my clit, and began to buck wildly on his cock, increasing the pace substantially and cumming so hard. I looked him in the eyes, and I think he was surprised at how much I needed him, how badly I had been wanting this.

He kept talking about how he needed to have my ass, and while the thought of his monster cock penetrating my ass was terrifying, my desire to please him overrode sanity. I grabbed the lube.

"Suck my cock while you get that ass ready for me."

My mouth lowered to him as I greased up my tight hole. After my experience with riding his cock, I made him promise not to move until I said so. He consented, so I lubed up his cock and positioned myself on top of him again.

Getting the head inside was terribly painful, but his cock's thickness doesn't relent much after the head. I felt like he was splitting me in two. I'm not sure if he could see the tears welling up in my eyes, but he became somewhat kinder at this moment and talked me through it. My descent onto his cock was incredibly slow, but eventually I began to loosen up. I was slowly riding him, feeling him stretch me in places I didn't know I had. The pain/pleasure combo was the closest to subspace that I think I've ever been. Still, I was able to speak.

"Do you remember...a long time ago...when you told me...that you dump your my ass? I should...have been...insulted. But just...turned me on."

I've never seen a bigger grin on anyone. He took this as his cue to begin to actively fuck my ass then, still slowly. I stopped moving for a few and just let the feeling of him sliding in and out take me over. I was propped up on my hands, wondering how much more I can take, when my elbow buckled and I fell forward, his cock slipping out of my stretched hole. I moaned at the sensation of his cock escaping my tightness, and laid on his chest, nearly spent.

He was not done with me, and was certainly not done with my ass. He flipped me over, and somehow propped me up so that he was able to enter my ass easily while on top of me. He kissed me deeply as his cock plunged back into my ass. This was a much better angle, and this time it actually felt good...I could hardly believe it. He was rambling about how he wanted his cock in my mouth and my pussy again after that, but rational thought made me shake my head. He told me to play with my pussy as he fucked my ass deeper.

I began rubbing my clit furiously. My pussy was drenched...any sort of ass play makes juices just pour out of me. Due to my extreme wetness, it was difficult to get any friction at first, but once I got it I was cumming almost immediately, reveling in the delicious feeling of orgasm with my ass shoved full of cock. I believe that going over the edge caused my muscles to clamp around his cock, and he began to fuck me faster. He leaned over me and really drove into me, and I continued my assault on my clit. As my second orgasm hit me, I could feel his cock expand and pulsate as he shot his stickiness into my depths.

I was so far gone, I couldn't move or speak. I think I tried to tell him how amazing that was and failed to put a complete sentence together. His cock stayed in my ass, and he rested his body on me. I tried to tell him to kiss me, and he didn't hear me right and I got frustrated because I thought he was withholding that from me for some reason, but I really needed his kiss at that moment. He apologized and kissed me deeply when he realized what I had said.

Eventually his cock began to soften, and I tilted my hips a little to allow him to slowly slip out of my ass. I felt empty somehow when he finally left my ass for good, but as I clamped myself shut, I could feel his cum inside me, and that was good enough for me. Usually I excuse myself to the bathroom after anal, but this time being filled with his cum was just too good.

He rolled off of me. I couldn't believe how covered in sweat we both were...this was a true workout. It has also been rather humid here lately, so I think that added to the moisture that had collected on our bodies. I wanted to curl up with him, but it was just too hot, so I began to blow cool air up and down his body, and he loved it. I then remembered that the fan I had could be turned up higher, and that helped as well. I laid back down beside him and put his head on my chest.

I couldn't resist asking him if that was what he wanted. My thought was that since he had gone out of his way to be with me, that I hoped it was really what he was looking for. He said it was beyond what he had imagined. I told him that despite the fact that it was built up for a year, and that I knew we were going to have a killer time, that he had completely exceeded all expectations.

This was probably the hottest sex of my life, or at least in recent memory, and I can't wait to do it again.

He began to realize how much time had passed, and that he really needed to get on the road. I didn't want him to leave, but knew that that's how these clandestine arrangements work - he can't ever stay too long. He showed himself out.

I laid in bed, still naked, still full of cum. I kept replaying everything in my mind, and my hand involuntarily went to my pussy. I need to cum just once more...

My phone was him. He mentioned something about how he thought he heard one of my roommates as he was leaving, and I told him not to worry. I then admitted to being so turned on by him that I needed to cum again, and he said to do so while he was on the phone so he could hear. It took very little effort, as my pussy was so swollen and aroused. I was able to push myself over the edge easily, moaning and panting into the phone. He said that my sounds were already making him hard again. He was getting into a bad service area so he let me go. I passed out just as I was: naked, upside down on the bed, covered in cum.

The next few days were laden with dirty text messages back and forth. I told him that after having my ass ravaged like that, it made walking up and down stairs interesting. The next night, I was at a party and was texting him as I was walking home, and he was drunk at a bar. He told me that I when I got home I should call and leave a voicemail of me getting myself off. Our chatting had already gotten me worked up from thinking about the previous afternoon, so it wasn't difficult to bring myself to a couple of orgasms on a message for him. I think the message was four and a half minutes of me being completely turned on and needing him. Right after that I passed out.

I asked the next day if he liked my voicemail, and he said he'd already listened to it a few times. I said he should let me listen to it so I could laugh at it. But he said that it's really hot and I wouldn't laugh. I suggested that I listen to it while he's making me cum, so I can be turned on by my own sounds. He seemed to like the idea, so we'll see if we can make that happen.

Overall, pursuing C has a been a slow but completely rewarding process. I can't wait to see what else we get ourselves into.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Disappointment and Hope

Been talking to more people on the internets, some of which I met through FetLife. There's a particularly delicious boy that I got to put a vibrating egg in his ass and cum for me. Such a good little sub...he calls me Ma'am even though we've never met.

I also talked a little with two local boys online. It seems that I have mutual friends with both. The one I was more interested in used to fuck a girl that I've been wanting to fuck for over a year now, so the conversation was a little more fun once we discovered that. I asked her about him, and she said that he was her best fuck up until her current boyfriend, so I figured he can't be all bad. He's not been online lately though, sad.

The second guy seemed alright, and gave me his number so I drunkenly called him when I was wasted on Friday night. He ended up coming over and I was too drunk to really lead things too much, he ended up fucking my ass and hard, but I was too drunk to really feel it until the morning. It was really awkward...I barely knew him, and here he was snoring and taking up the whole bed until noon. I don't think that'll be happening again anytime soon.

A was supposed to come over on Sunday, but he took an extra long nap, and by the time I called and woke him up, he was too comfortable to get up and come over. He was supposed to call me yesterday but that didn't happen either. Same old unreliable A.

Been having a lot of heart to hearts with JL. Even from such a distance, we seem to understand each other, or at least trust each other enough to talk about things we don't talk about with others. He's been amazing, especially since R isn't talking to me, which is heartbreaking.

I hadn't heard from C in a long while, but I was pleasantly surprised to get a message from him today. He wants to see me tomorrow. It'll take a little rearranging of my schedule, but it will be completely worth it. Despite our differences, it seems we're in much of the same place right now emotionally, so I think that spending some time together might just be what we both need. I'm sure there will be fun details for later.