Wednesday, June 11, 2008

3 days, 3 guys (Part 2)

Ok, this requires a little backstory.

Over a year ago, I met a guy through a friend that I thought was terribly attractive even though I could kind of tell he was an ass. He doesn't matter, but what does matter is this is how I met his roommate, MC.

I've never really been able to pinpoint what I really like about MC, but I've narrowed it down to his sense of humour and his double lip ring...yummy. We've mostly been smoking buddies, trading stories of intoxication and just generally being ridiculous. He had a girlfriend of several years when I met him, so I never thought to make a move. Then, last spring I heard that they had split.

Early that summer, there had been a night where one of his good friends was in town, and we all got deliciously drunk and were up til 5am. I was still too drunk to go home, so I crashed with him. For some reason, I didn't know how to make a move on him. We were close to each other and sort of cuddling, but considering how drunk he was and his recent breakup, I didn't want to take advantage. We woke up early, and I kept trying to hint at things since everyone else was still asleep. I couldn't tell if he was oblivious or purposely ignoring my comments, so it got awkward and walked home. A walk of shame and I didn't even get anything out of it.

We chatted online later that day, and I was so tired of not knowing what was going on that I just straight up asked him if he wanted to be friends with benefits. He said he was still fucked up in the head over his ex, and he just wasn't ready for any of that. I respected that, and even though I thought things would be awkward after that, they weren't.

Fast forward to this spring. We hadn't seen each other much...we both had gotten rather busy and I was of course pursuing other interests. But I made a point recently to see him a few times once I realized he was probably transferring for next year.

Then, his birthday came up, and unfortunately I had plans that night (and apparently he would have been too drunk to function that night anyway) so I went to his place the next night after I had dinner with some friends. It was good timing...both his roommates were at work. I brought a bottle of champagne and some killer bud as a present, but I had another present in mind. ;)

After much TV watching and catching up on the latest drunken stories, I couldn't take it anymore. I sat closer to him, and started touching his knee. After many conversational hints and no response, I finally said, "You know, you're the hardest person to flirt with because I never know how you're going to react to things."

He immediately went into apology mode, and was like, "Dude, when I'm stoned I don't pick up on anything." It was kinda cute and kinda strange, because most people have some sort of reaction when you hit on them. I then just started touching him, playing with his arm, his hands. I realized I needed to be direct, so I asked if I was bothering him. He said no and kind of smiled. I really wanted to kiss him, but I was at an odd angle, as I was sitting on the edge of the futon and he was in a papasan chair. So I just kept talking.

I told him that even after all this time, there was something about him that I really liked, and that I still wanted him, but that I didn't know what was up after all that nonsense with his ex. He said that that wasn't an issue anymore. Now that that was cleared up, I said, "Good", and leaned in to kiss him.

He was a better kisser than I expected, and I loved the feeling of his lip made me think of other places it would feel good. We chatted for a little longer, and then I told him I had another birthday present for him, but he probably didn't want to be in the living room for that.

At this point he reacted! We headed to his room. I could tell he was nervous so I talked him through it - I think I may have been the first person he'd done anything with since his ex. We kissed some more, and I climbed on top of him. He was kind of leaning against the wall strangely, so I told him to get comfortable. He laid flat on the bed.

I climbed back on him and kissed him again. He seemed eager and petrified at the same time. I kissed his neck, and then down his body. I was on a mission. As I began to undo his belt and his pants, I knew he was nervous because his cock was completely soft. I pulled his pants down a bit and took him into my mouth. He sighed a bit, but I wasn't really getting anywhere.

I sat back up and kissed him, and told him that he needed to relax. I started touching his body more, and I took off my shirt. That seemed to help. I went back down and began to lick his hardening cock up and down. It was such a sweet moment of satisfaction, knowing that I had wanted him for so long, and here he was in my mouth, under my control.

I used all of my tricks: long slow strokes, taking him deep in my mouth, sucking only on the head, etc. I could tell he was really into it as he started to make some noises with the occasional "Oh God!" thrown in. I live for that...I really love to suck cock. I regard it as an art, and men seem to appreciate that.

He seemed as though he wanted it to be a more intimate affair. Some guys will grab your hair and push you down on their cock (a move I loathe), but he just grabbed my hand. We intertwined fingers as I found a good rhythm on his cock. I licked just the head of his cock again, and he squeezed my hand and moaned. I kept that up for a while, and then increased my pace, impaling my mouth on him. I could feel him get harder, and all of sudden he yelled "Stop, I'm gonna cum!" but of course this just encouraged me.

I closed my mouth around him tightly and worked my tongue magic all over his head, and continued this as he was cumming, and even after. He became really sensitive, and sat halfway up and held my head as I kept going. When I had swallowed every last drop, I slowed my pace and then just kissed the head. I love the sight of a deliciously spent softening cock.

I told him, "Thanks for the warning, but the idea was to make you cum." He didn't respond as he was too busy catching his breath. I leaned up and looked at him and asked how he was doing. "That was amazing." I wanted to kiss him but I never know how people are about kissing after they've cum in my mouth, so I kissed his cheek, but he turned his head immediately and we started making out.

Normally after blowjobs, I really want to fuck, but not knowing his recovery time and knowing that we both had places to be, I was satisfied with giving him his birthday blowjob. He seemed pretty satisfied as well.

I laid down next to him, and we chatted for a while. I joked that he'd been missing out on that, and I told him I was sad he wouldn't be around next year. He said he'd visit a lot as he has tons of friends in town, and I said he can always come stay with me. He seemed to like that idea. I can't remember the origin of the joke, but we also now have a code for wanting to hook up. I'll be using that soon.

We chatted some online the next day...I wanted to get a feel for what he was into sexually and if there were any fantasies he wanted to fulfill, as that is one of my favorite things to do. He'd admitted to me long ago that he was a foot fetishist, so I wanted to know more about that. I expressed my love of being spanked, and dirty talk, and about my toy collection. He seemed cool with everything. I think that he's probably a lot kinkier than he lets on, I just need to spend some time with him and break him out of his shell a bit.

This summer will be quite fun...

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Rogue said...

I suspect that I enjoy reading about your cocksucking almost as much as you enjoy doing it.

You will let me know when you ever visit Ontario, now won't you? *wink*