Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A memorable birthday...

My birthday was on a Sunday and I had to work the day before, so I didn't make any plans, just thought I would see what would happen. I took a nap after work, got dressed up and went out, on a mission to find SM. Went to the usual hangout, he wasn't there but I knew the bartender and ran into some other friends so I had a drink and two shots for free. This sudden rush of alcohol gave the me the nerve to call SM. He was across the street at a different bar with a mutual friend. There was a band doing covers of old songs, Chuck Berry and the like. They both bought me drinks, and since I had forgotten to eat anything before going out, it hit me really hard. I had to excuse myself for a minute, but no one knew cause I went right back out to the dance floor. SM was so cute in his fedora trying to spin me around. Not the greatest dancer but his enthusiasm made up for it.

Back at his place, he insisted on putting on more music and continuing dancing at his place. I was too drunk and could barely stand up...being spun around wasn't really in the cards.

We ended up in bed and next thing I know he's devouring my cunt. I came a few times before passing out. We slept for roughly forever. I have a vague recollection of an alarm clock going off and also of a phone ringing but not being sure when either of those things happened.

Eventually he sat up straight in bed, incredulous at the time, it was almost 5pm! He had needed to be at work much earlier, but instead of scrambling to get ready, he simply said "I'm not going to work today", made a phone call to assure his shift was covered, and handed me a bottle of much needed water.

He climbed back into bed. The sight of his delicious body had me speechless. He kissed me hard, deeply, his hands all over me, causing me to shake a bit, my core becoming wet.

"What do you want?"

Normally when he asks this, it feels akin to an interrogation, as though I have some ulterior motive that he's trying to uncover. This time it was a much softer question, as though he truly wanted to give me what I wanted in that moment. If this was related to the fact that it was my birthday, so be it.

"For you to do what you want with me."

It was true. I wanted him to take me, to fold me into whatever position, to use me in whatever way he liked. I wanted to please him. I wanted him to use me, my body to bring himself to ultimate pleasure and for me to derive my own pleasure from knowing that he was satisfied. In our previous encounters he had not orgasmed, and while this could be attributed to being intoxicated, it also made it all feel a little one sided, despite his apparent enthusiasm for feasting on my pussy. In short, I needed him inside me, and wanted to see what his face looked like when he came.

He climbed on top of me, pressed my knees to my chest, and slid inside me. Exactly what I was hoping for. Slow going for mere seconds until he began a quick rhythm that dragged an orgasm from my depths outward, my legs surrounding him as he fucked me with abandon.

My thoughts: "This is my life. I'm 27 now, and this fascinating, mysterious, gorgeous man wants to fuck me, is deep inside me right now. This is THE life."

As we're getting dressed later, I have a fabulous idea. "How do you feel about sushi?" He was rather excited at the idea - turned out he'd never been to the only sushi place in town. Icing on the cake of a fabulous day.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Part 2

On Saturday night there was nothing going on, surprisingly. Some friends were watching a movie I wasn't interested in. I had been texting CW to see what he was up to and invited him over to watch Boogie Nights since I hadn't seen it. I thought he would just go home after the movie since it was so late. In classic fashion he asks straight up if I wanna fuck. With a cock like that, who am I to argue?

"It's 2 am, isn't it past your bedtime?" I had to play a little.

Even after not having fucked regularly in forever, we still have a pattern, a rhythm. We know what works and don't hesitate for a second.

A classic fingering, in expert manner. Rubbing the sides of my clit, sliding inside and finding my g-spot instantly, amazing how my body reacts to such slight touch. A short but intense spanking, face down on the bed, I feel my ass redden as I bring myself to an intense orgasm. Just as I feel the need to be full of cock, I feel my hips being pulled up and my cunt stuffed with the perfect thickness. Just what I needed. I fit a pillow under my stomach and let him pound me, using his full weight. I was screaming incoherently. I looked forward to more occasions of this.

At 3am I notice my phone blinking. CW was passed out, so I tried to be quiet. I answer SM's call.

A simple, "Come over."

"I can't." I whisper.


I leave the room so I can talk at a normal volume.

"As much as I would love to, I can't."

"Why not?"

Pause. How do I say politely "I just fucked someone else and that he's still here and I would love to come fuck you too but that's just slutty!"

"I, um, have someone else in my bed."


"I'll see you soon."

After hanging up I can't help but laugh out loud. When it rains, it pours. After a rather slow summer, this was a welcome change.


I made a point to find him SM on Sunday night since it was a long weekend. I was barely at the bar a half hour before he suggested we go back to his place.

I have a vague recollection of watching something on his computer, but before long he's tackling me to the floor and ripping my clothes off. His body pressed against mine felt amazing but the carpet was rough. He buries his head between my legs but his movements are hot as the experience was, I couldn't quite get over the edge, but oh so close. He grabs a condom, the same one I noticed in on his coffee table the last time I was there. He removes the rest of his clothes and gives me exactly what I need, hard and fast, my nails down his back, for about 2 minutes until he accidentally slips out (I was rather wet). He rips off the condom and says "I'm too drunk for this!" I tell him he's not...I desperately wanted him back inside me, filling me, but he goes back to eating my pussy. I don't recall getting it but I discover rug burn in various places on my body the next day.

We eventually end up in his bed in a 69, his seemingly favorite position. While I like the theory of this entanglement, I often find it difficult to concentrate. Despite the alcohol I was still concerned about trying to impress this gorgeous man, which doesn't let me enjoy myself as much as I could have if I was relaxed. He proceeds to try to fuck my face and I do my best despite my gag reflex.

He eventually stops me turns back around to pass out. I wasn't sure whether I should cuddle with him or not...I think I settled for lying on my side with my hand on his chest, my mind reeling trying hard not to overthink this and just let it flow through me.