Thursday, June 23, 2011

Office Sex, etc.

I've only worked here 6 years, and finally was able to hook up in my office.  It wasn't long after 5pm but it was on a day my boss wasn't in since she usually worked late.  I hadn't seen C in forever, he had a lot of personal drama going on and I wasn't about to get involved.  But one afternoon he began texting me, desperate to see me.  I wasn't quite sure when the cleaning staff came to the office, but was willing to take a chance.

I shut the door behind me and turned around.  His mouth attacked me, his large lips enveloping mine, hungry and filled with need.  I can feel his erection pressing against me already.  He apologizes in advance for not keeping up with his shaving (he usually keeps his member completely smooth) but I didn't mind, I liked his cock for it's size, not for the absence of hair.  He undoes my pants and slides his hand underneath my panties and is greeted with a wet pussy.  I remembered the times we had been together before and wanted it all again, except this time, in a much more taboo locale.  The mere thought had me dripping.

His fingers expertly bring me to a shuddering orgasm - my knees buckle and I nearly collapse in his arms.  I push him back in my chair and get on my knees.  I needed his cock in my mouth and I needed it immediately.  I took him in my mouth as far as I could.  He reiterated previous notions of him not really enjoying blowjobs unless I was the one performing them.  I smiled around his cock and quickened my pace.  I looked up and watched his eyes nearly roll back in his head.  He eventually stops me.  I thought I had done something wrong, but he just really needed to be inside me.

My desk had too many things on it to be bent over it properly so we chose the floor.  I laid on my back and relished the full feeling in my cunt when his huge cock entered me to the hilt.  I needed to be fucked hard and fast, no playing.  He tried to slow down but I wouldn't let him, bucking my hips up from floor needing more and more of him inside me.  I was able to reach one small orgasm before he flooded me with his cum.  Needless to say I was disappointed, this was not the fucking I had envisioned!  He tried to finger me again after that but the moment was lost.  He claimed that my blowjob had gotten him too excited.  For someone older than I, I thought he would be able to control his orgasms but apparently not.  I mean, I guess it was nice to know that I get him so excited but still.

Later that evening, I ended up seeing SM and sleeping in his bed.  I hadn't yet showered but it didn't matter, we didn't do anything sexual, we just cuddled.  When I woke up in the morning, the sunlight pouring over his body was almost too much handle, he was so beautiful - an image forever burned into my memory. I didn't want to leave but I had to.

That night, I met up with my RW and our mutual friends.  Again, everyone passed out and we stayed up talking forever.  Out of nowhere, he grabs my hand and puts in on his junk, then leans forward to kiss me and then somehow in all one motion pushes my head down. "No one ever taught you proper head etiquette, eh? All you have to do is ask!"  I remove his pants and take his cock into my mouth.  He's awfully quiet so I'm not really sure if he's into what I'm doing but then I realize he probably doesn't want to wake anyone up. Eventually he leads me to his room and bends me over and fucks me from behind.  This is definitely fucking for the sake of fucking - no passion, no romance, just sex.  I completely respect it.  While the details aren't all that sexy, I still come a few times and don't regret the experience.  I wonder though if his sister (my friend) could hear since her room was right next door. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where should we go?

A friend's brother and another girl came to town late one Friday night. I thought they were dating, but on Saturday I learned that they weren't. I wasn't immediately attracted to the kid but the more he talked the more I became interested. Still, strange ground to try and discover when he's related to a pretty good friend.

A group of us were hanging out, and one by one everyone crashed but the two of us. We went outside to talk so he could smoke and our voices wouldn't bother anyone. We talked about everything, but as most conversations go, eventually it turned to relationships and sex.  I gave him my standard diatribe on how I eschew the ideals of the traditional relationship, which I have realized is basically the intellectual version of saying I'm DTF.

We were sitting rather close, and I can't remember who kissed who first but quickly we realized we needed to fuck but weren't quite sure where to go.  My place was a bit of a walk, the back of our friend's truck was considered but I feared it would be too noisy.  He grabbed my hand and led me around the back of the apartment building, to the side that faced the woods.  I knew that our friend's windows may be open and that they could hear, so I tried to be quiet as I got down on my knees to take him in my mouth.  I didn't get much chance to pleasure him this way as he pulled me back up, kissed me roughly and yanked off my pants.

I was a Girl Scout once, so I was prepared...I had a condom in my pocket that I handed him.  He put it on quickly, then pressed me face first into the brick and came at me from behind.  I nearly bloodied my lip as I bit it to keep from screaming out loud as he entered me forcefully.  It was exactly what I needed.

We are about the same height, so for him to penetrate me fully, we would need a different angle.  I pushed back into him and leaned over farther, grabbing my calves and pushing my ass out.  I was just the right way to get him to hit the spots I needed to cum hard.  He pounded me and came rather quickly but I was still able to cum with him.

We redressed and went back to the porch, and not long after the friend he had come to town with woke up and started talking to us, even asking him why his fly was down.  I was pretty sure she had a crush on him so I found the entire situation hilarious because I was pretty sure there was no way she could have known that we just went at it.  Also, I never told my friend that I had fucked her brother.  She probably wouldn't have cared but I'm pretty sure he would have been weird about it, and why would I want to create an awkward, unnecessary situation?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

After hours with friends at SM's place. I ask if I should stay or go, he says stay. We go to bed soon after that. He strips naked before going to bed but I only take off my pants. We immediately embrace. He says "if I'm teasing you too much you don't have to do this." It had been a few weeks since I had been here...I wasn't really thinking about sex, I just wanted a hug. "This is all I've wanted to do for two weeks, just hold you." He hugs me tighter. " just icing." He pulls back a bit, looks me in the eye, and then kisses me deeply. "But sometimes it's just nice to do that." "Indeed." We realize that me still wearing a shirt is awkward, so it's removed. We continue to kiss and eventually I feel his fingers slide under my panties and inside of me, feeling my wetness.  He finds the right spot inside and sends me over the edge.  I'm compelled to keep relatively quiet and instead grab him tightly.  He kisses me as I come down from ecstasy. I explain that there are 2 different types of girls, those that build up to one orgasm that may or may not come, and girls like me that can keep on orgasming forever if allowed.  I think this was my subtle hint that I could have cum a few more times but I could tell that he was tired. We change our embrace naturally and settle in for sleep.  I commented on how with some people I toss and turn but I like that he and I fit together. We pass out and the next morning I give him a back rub and we get lunch together.


As I was hanging out with friends, SM calls says he's having after hours.  I meet new some new people, and we stand on porch and chat for a long time. They leave, then SM and I listen to music. The Pixies, then the Mountain Goats, then Do Make Say Think. I love singing along to the Mountain Goats with him, it's a moment. In the middle, he asks "Why do I feel uncomfortable right now?" "Are you cold?" He wasn't wearing a shirt and we had just been outside to smoke. Shakes his head. "I shouldn't feel uncomfortable around you..." I say that I'm sorry I make him feel that way, it's not my intention. "And once again I'm hammered and you're not." "I'm used to it, don't worry about it." He says he needs to go to bed soon as it was almost 5am.

He again strips naked for sleep, I leave my panties and tshirt on. We embrace, his leg between mine, my leg over his hip. "I feel like all I do is tease you." This was sort of true but I never believed it to be intentional. "Nah, what makes you say that?" "Because i'm always too drunk to do anything". "I don't expect anything when I come over here. I just like to spend time with you." This was the truth.  He grabs me and holds me so tight.  I was happy to be on the same page with him, and expected to fall asleep in that exact position.

He goes in for the most intense kiss out of nowhere, and I'm taken aback for a second and apparently don't seem as into it as he would like. "Don't hold back." In between attacking him with kisses, I explain: "I'm not...I just never know what you're really hard to said you wanted to go to I believed you". I was practically on top of him at this point. He starts scratching my back intently, his thigh wedged between my legs, his mouth on my throat. I pull away long enough to remove my shirt. Simultaneously he pulls off my panties. I pull him on top of me. He sort of missed when he came in for the kiss, and I adjust a little under him and admit "You may or may not have just licked my eyeball. That was pretty funny." We both laugh hysterically and he rolls off me for a moment.  He mentions "I'm so glad we can laugh about these things."  "I think we have fun, right?" I ask. "Hell yeah we do." "And that's what it's about."

Somehow we went from laughing to him pinning my hands above my head, kissing down my body, until his fingers began to explore me inside.  I was not quite wet and it hurt a little. I waited to see if my body would adjust but it didn't, so I advised "not so deep".  He listened, and pulled his fingers back a bit and found a spot that hadn't been hit in a long while, pressing deeply downwards. I begin having explosive, convulsive orgasms - if his fingers weren't inside me, I could probably be mistaken for having a seizure. Somehow he ended up on my side of the bed, and I was perpendicular to him. "I have you figured out. I stay shallow and then press when you squeeze my fingers." I had no idea there was a method to the madness but I loved every second.  I think my vagina squeezing him was involuntary which made it that more interesting.  He came up and let me taste myself on his lips. I get very comfortable after so many orgasms and him by my side.  After a moment I move back to where we had started - we had to find his pillow, it had somehow migrated in the craziness of my orgasms.

Coming down from my orgasm high, I sigh, "You're wonderful." His response?  "I'm a fucking asshole."  There is a really long pause. "I'm a fucking asshole who happens to like you." I smile. "I like you too."  I fell asleep happy.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When you lay off the whiskey...

...good things can happen.

Coming down from a trip, I find myself on an epic journey to after hours at SM's place. Everyone leaves around 4:30, and by 5, he was ready to go to bed. We climb in bed and immediately spoon. His arms surrounding me, he kisses my shoulder, a seemingly perfect end to a wonderfully eventful day. I expected it to be cold so I left my hoodie on, but it wasn't, so as soon as I took it off I was met with his lips on my neck and his hands on my tits. He had said that he needed to crash because he had a lot to do the next day.

He's been so unpredictable that I wasn't sure if this was a "let's make out a bit before we pass out" moment or something more, and then he started grabbing for my clothes. He really loves my tits...who could blame him?

"Do whatever you want to me." "Oh don't you worry about that." I kiss his smooth downward as I reach for his fly. I treat myself to a deliciously hard cock. I'm perpendicular to him, but turn myself around as he reaches between my legs. "Spank me." One hand comes crashing down on my ass as two fingers from his other hand explore me inside. I increase the speed of my mouth on his dick, moaning around it as he finds all the right spots in my cunt.

I climb on top of him and slowly lower myself on him, relishing the feeling.  I try to start a rhythm but can't quite get the right angle so I ask if we can switch places.  He agrees but is slow to do so, wanting to kiss my neck.  I lean down and suck his cock again, enjoy my taste on him.  In one fluid motion, he flips me on my back, bends my knees back and enters me forcefully, deeply, intensely, hitting places he hadn't   before.  I couldn't stop cumming, I never wanted him to stop but despite the lack of whiskey he still didn't orgasm.  

We pass out. My alarm went off at 12:30, as I thought he would need to get up but he doesn't, so we fell back asleep for an hour. I wake up and kiss his neck a little, he doesn't respond but is awake. He asks, "What time is it?"  I reach for my phone on his side of the bed and as i'm looking for it under the pile of clothes, he spanks my ass a few times since I'm leaned over him. "Almost 2".

I look back and can almost see the "that should be enough time" look on his face. He flips me over and kisses me deeply, passionately. I can feel him getting hard against my leg. As we kiss, he rolls onto his back and without hesitation, my mouth is surrounding his cock, giving it my best effort. He responds with thrusting motions and delicious sounds of pleasure. Sometimes he's so quiet I never know if I'm doing it right but this time it was obvious. "You sure do know how to do that, and I really appreciate it. I replace my mouth with my hands for a moment to respond. "Well, I have been doing it for... [I couldn't remember how many years]...a while now." I smile, flip my hair out of the way and go back to what I was doing. He guides me to turn around enough for him to finger my pussy again while I continue. When a guy is really into it I can keep sucking cock just as long as my jaw doesn't go numb. It makes me so wet, just thinking about his cock moving in and out of me. Makes me want it in my pussy or deep in my ass. I wonder what it would take to get him to fuck my ass? Hmm...

Anyway, I took a break and kissed him and immediately he's rolling into me and sliding his leg between mine. I had redonned my panties for sleeping purposes, so I reached down and pulled them out of the way so that my dripping cunt would rub against his thigh. The purpose being a cross between needing to be pushed over the edge and wanting to mark him with my cum. I came hard, shaking in his arms, clawing at his back, not caring about what sounds I made. I think this threw him into a frenzy...he threw me onto my back, pried my legs apart and just started fucking. I needed it so badly, to be fucked like that, hard, no pretense, no "Is this ok?", nothing gentle, just stiff cock pounding into me. I was so wet he slid out a few times but was not dismayed, just kept right on going. I couldn't stop screaming "YES! FUCK ME!" over and over again. After several orgasms, he shifted a bit and started a different spot that really got to me, and as a huge orgasm rushed over me my legs clasped around his back and I kept him from thrusting for a bit so I could grind my clit against his body. He seemed to be convulsing a bit too so I thought he came too, which would have been wonderful but no matter what we do he never does. He could see that I was satisfied so he got up and went to the bathroom, came back and started to get dressed for work. I wondered if any of his coworkers would be able to smell me on him.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's happening?

After taking a hiatus from hooking up, SM and I delve back into bed after a rather strange dinner party. We 69, he eats my cunt like he forgot what it tasted like and wanted desperately to remember. He takes a break, starts talking about his issues with a mutual friend while still lounging between my legs. I'm confused, are we fucking or having a heart to heart? I call him out on it.

"Are we talking about that or are you gonna eat my pussy? I'm down with either but not at the same time." I turn back around, we both laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation and pass out.

In the morning, I wake up around 10 and try to wake him up with my mouth. He barely moves, so I go back to sleep for a bit. I try again in a few hours, he's more receptive to it this time. I knew he said that he didn't want to hook up anymore - I took it as though he respected me as a friend too much to be hooking up with me the same way he did random girls from the bar. But now we've gone back to it...I'm not sad about it. I concentrate on giving him the best blowjob possible, and he seemed to be really into it. At some point he stops me, flips me onto my back and starts to fuck me silly out of nowhere. This goes on for a few minutes and then he gets up and starts to get dressed. Smacks my ass and says, "This has been fun, but you've got to get the fuck out of here."

How rude. He did need to go to work, but that was the first time I was kicked out as opposed to us walking out together. I go to leave and he's standing in the doorway, smoking a cigarette in my way. "If you want me to 'get the fuck out of here', you've gotta get out of my way." He moves, I walk out without looking back.

Did he regret hooking up after making such a point not to? I have no idea but he did call me the very next night to come over.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A spanking lesson...

Randomly at the bar on a Sunday, and I run into SM of course.  The place is pretty dead but we get invited to hang out with some people we've met there.  Turns out I vaguely know the people whose house we end up at, and hung out til 4am, blasting various things on vinyl and generally being ridiculous.  Seeing as I have to work in the morning, I keep hoping that SM decides he's ready to leave at some point as clearly I want to go with him either to his place or mine.  I thought he went to the bathroom at one point, and when he doesn't return for quite some time, I go back to that part of the house to realize he's dipped out the back door and disappears.  Slightly angry, I say goodnight and start my trek home alone.

As I'm walking in my front door, I feel my pocket vibrating.  He's calling me to come over, and explains that his conversation with a guy at the party was pissing him off and that he needed to leave before the situation escalated.  I guess that was a smart move?  I agreed to come over only because I was still dressed and had my coat on and I had been waiting to hang out with him all night.  Had I already been in bed...I probably would have stayed there or told him to come to me.

We went straight to bed as soon as we got there considering the time and all. He begins to kiss me, intensely, and then lies back and says something a bit surprising. "Why don't you make a move?"  Usually he's all about making the moves, and seeing as I've always felt a little lucky to even know him let alone be in bed with him, I've always been happy to go with the flow of the situation.

I figure he said this for one of three reasons. a) He was tired and wanted me to "make moves" so to speak because he was took drunk and didn't have the energy.  b)  He actually wanted me to dominate him, at least in that moment.  c) This was code for "give me a blowjob".

At that moment, I didn't care what the reason was, I just wanted him. No thoughts, just went for his fly,  taking him in my mouth.  He was only semi-hard but I still enjoyed the feel of him there.

In retrospect, the answer to the above question was c), as it wasn't long before he insisted on reaching between my legs, turning me around, fingering me and burying his face into my cunt. 

Perhaps he had a hangnail or something because his fingering hurt at first but eventually became wet enough from his licking.  He's never had problems finding my g-spot but somehow the combination of his fingers ministrations and his mouth created a unique experience for a few moments. He was confused because he didn't seem to think he was doing anything new. I tried to explain via hand gestures but it was too dark to truly understand. I just didn't get why he stopped because whatever he was doing felt amazing.

He got up for a moment and returned to find me face down on the bed, still rather turned on. He laid on top of me for a moment (a feeling I love), then he gives my ass a playful smack and falls to the bed next to me. I tell him not to tease and lament that I no longer have someone that can seem to spank me properly.  He steps up to the plate, suddenly barraging my right ass cheek with all of his might. One of my hands moves to my cunt, my other grasping at whatever was around, blankets, pillows, his arms.

He lays closer to me, absorbing my energy, and continues his assault. I make sounds that if overheard could perhaps sound more abusive than pleasurable. I shifted away from him slightly, trying to get him to realize that my left ass cheek could also use the attention, and he took the hint. I begin to orgasm, simultaneously wanting him to pause so I could concentrate on cumming, and never wanting him to stop, to be able to bask in the pain/pleasure combination forever.  I was in another world...I'm not sure if he realized the effect he had on me in those moments. I lost track of how many times I came. I eventually rolled over and pulled him close. I needed to be tangled in him after such an experience.

He asked what that does for me and I had trouble explaining...I was still pumped full of adrenaline and it's not easy to describe how pain can transform into pleasure in the right situation. I invited him to see how wet it makes me and he seemed amazed. I passed out soon after, very pleased.

When we woke up, my ass was still a bit sore...I looked forward to seeing if he'd left any marks.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekend away with an ex...

Reconnected with an ex after 5 or so years, we'll call him MR. We live several hours away from each other but get together every couple of months. It's usually an escape for him into my world, but this time we both thought we needed a change of scenery. We decided to get away on Valentine's weekend of all times, which was slightly ironic since we aren't dating but it's what worked the best in our schedules. Found a cute little boutique hotel, halfway between where each of us lives.

When we arrive, we hear that there were some issues with the room that we had originally booked so we were upgraded to a suite. A nice touch, until we walk in and realize there are 2 double beds instead of the originally requested king. Not ideal but workable. We had a bit of time to kill before dinner.

He kisses me and I fall back onto "my" bed. His hands in my hair, my hands on his back, my legs wrapped around him. We suddenly found our clothes to be too constraining and began stripping them off.

Neither of us look as good as we did when we were 19 but the passion, the need to fuck is still there. For the longest time I considered him to be my most amazing past lover. While a few experiences have kicked him out of the top spot, he's definitely still high on the list.

We hadn't seen each other in a while, so we didn't get terribly creative. Once the clothes were off, I had him stand up so I could take his cock into my mouth as I stayed lying in bed. He was already hard, and began to fuck my mouth. I fingered my pussy to get myself ready for him.

When his thrusts started to become a bit too aggressive for my mouth to handle, I suggested he move to something he could thrust as hard as he wanted to. He suited up and stayed standing. I moved my ass to the edge of the bed and put my ankles on his shoulders and he dove right into me, deep, slow thrusts. I relished in the feeling of being full, as it had been since New Year's that I had been fucked properly.

He leaned over me and quickened his pace. He took an ankle in each hand, spreading my legs open and using me for balance. I loved the look on face, the sign that he needed to be buried deep in my cunt just as much as I needed him there. His pace became steady as he edged closer to orgasm. I fingered my clit to send me over the edge and the spasms of my pussy around his cock sent him there as well. With one final deep thrust I felt his cock empty into the condom. He pulled out and collapsed on the other bed. We both needed that.

We had an excellent dinner and then walked a bit too far to get to a bar where my friend is the manager. At the bar, MR made some comment along the lines of "We are going to fuck each other stupid when we get back to the room right?" Of course.

My friend treated us well and we drank far too much and would have been plenty warm to walk home but clearly that was going to take too long so we decided to take a cab back. I'm pretty sure his hands would have been in my pants in the back of the cab if I hadn't been wearing so many layers due to the cold.

He started kissing me in the elevator and down the hallway. We stripped as soon as we got back to the room. I sat on the bed and he dove head first in to my cunt, devouring me as though I were his last meal. It wasn't the most focused of actions, but I was so turned on at this point that it didn't matter. I grabbed at his hair as I came all over his face.

Now it was my turn. I made him sit where I had been, grabbed a pillow, threw it on the floor and got down on my knees. It took a little bit of convincing to get his cock fully erect due to the alcohol, but I was willing to do whatever it took cause I needed to be fucked. Hard. As soon as possible. I looked into his eyes and took as much of him into my mouth as I could and sucked hard and lo and behold, hard as a rock.

I desperately needed to be fucked from behind, so I got on all fours on the bed and put a pillow under my hips and waited.  Soon, I was rewarded with a deep thrust into my cunt that hit all the right spots.  If we had any neighbors in that hotel they had to have heard me cry out.

When I'm having sex, any inhibitions I have just seem to melt away.  I don't think about who is going to hear me or what my hair looks like or if I look fat or how messy things get or anything.  I'm just in it to please and be pleased.  Appearances don't matter when I'm fucking, mine or the person (people?) I'm with.

I reached my hand between my legs to rub my clit as he grabbed my hips and just pounded away, exactly what I needed.  I thought to myself that MR and I never really fucked this way and that we should start doing so more often because it felt perfect.  I pushed myself over the edge with help of his cock stretching me open several times until I heard a familiar sound:  his breathing changes when he's about to come, his strokes getting more intense and deliberate.  I slowly begin to bring myself to another climax, determined to hold it off until he was right there with me.  I'm right on edge and having trouble staying there when I feel him lean over me, grab my hips tightly, and make a long deep thrust, moaning loudly and just staying inside me. I pinch my clit and scream from the pain/pleasure combination, my cunt spasmodic around him.   We both collapse in a heap and fall asleep almost immediately, completely sated. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Impromptu meetings

At the bar in the middle of the week for a special occasion: a friend that was back from overseas, visiting town for one night only.

I ignore SM when he comes in the bar, not feeling the need to pull him in to our conversation. He eventually notices me in a booth, comes over to drunkenly announce that he's going to a different bar. I explain that I'm visiting with a friend that's only in town for the night. I believe he thought I was referring to the girl friend that we were with, and thought that my guy friend was his coworker - he was that drunk. He offers to host after hours, and he leaves but not before I correct him about my friend. I told him to call me but didn't really expect him to.

He does call around 1:30, and is surprised that I'm in same place, and comes back. My friends think he's weird and ask me if he's actually foreign. I secretly wonder if everyone has the same first impression of him, but remember that he's really drunk and everyone has the same impression of drunk people. They try to sneak me away from him at the end of the night, but somehow he convinces them to give us a ride.

We take our usual chairs at his place. He looks melancholy. A serious look on his face, he says slowly, deliberately, "I'm going to keep drinking, and at best will be a mediocre lover to you. I mean, I can go down for hours, but we've never really fucked." I'm not sure how to react to these statements. He puts on music that is emotional for both of us. He feels too far away, so I kneel on the floor by his desk chair and lean my head on his shoulder. Someday he'll get a couch.

He wonders why I put up with him, I tell him it keeps life interesting. He doesn't think that's a very good answer. My reply: "There are moments that can be quite confusing, but in the sum total of everything, it's completely worth it. Is that better?"

He smiles that disarming smile that makes me melt. I sit on the floor, leaned against his propped up leg, hold his hand. The music continues. He says the song is not about me, or about him, but about loneliness. A tear runs down my cheek and he gets upset. I drunkenly get up and say "Fine, I'll go back and sit in the chair and pretend like this doesn't affect me". He scoffs and gets up as well to use the bathroom. I scream the lyrics to the song playing that seem appropriate at that moment. I never know how to feel, how to react, to be what he wants. If he even knows what that is.

Something had told me that I would end up here at the end of the night even though I hadn't really wanted to. I hadn't showered before going out, I was wearing a guy's sweater and was generally feeling unsexy. It was a Tuesday for goodness sake. I knew that I needed to work at 8am so I wanted to get some sleep but that was not to be. When we end up in bed, he's practically using his body as a weapon (an actual one, not the metaphor) in making out with me; I fear I may be bruised by errant elbows and knees. I'm normally quick to remove my clothes but since I hadn't taken that initiative he was trying really hard to reach under my shirt and not quite figuring it out. At one point I had to force myself to roll him over because I was getting smashed into the corner and was almost getting claustrophobic.

He got up to get some water and put more music on. The end of the night shots or maybe the lateness had hit me. I decided to ignore my preconceived notions of my appearance and stripped and got back under the covers. I think he was a little surprised when he got back into bed, but pleasantly so. I let myself go, allowed myself to be overtaken by his kiss, his touch.

After a few orgasms we lie quietly for moment. He's holding me, and I whisper "You're wonderful. I hope you know that." He pulls away, and I immediately regret saying it. How do I always fuck things up? Why can't I just keep my mouth shut?

He looks me straight in the eye. "You're more than wonderful. I hope *you* know that." He rolls over and lays on his back and I curl up to him, my face buried in his chest - I can't even look at him. "I don't, but it means a lot coming from you." He tilts my head up and kisses me, gently this time. As much as I love intense make out sessions, sometimes a softer kiss really gets my juices flowing.

"I like it when you kiss me the way you want to be kissed." That was news to me...I always thought it annoyed him when I would try to slow down his pace.

He begins to kiss my neck, and before I know it, he's burying his face into my cunt. It seems his favorite position is 69, and he wordlessly directs my body into achieving this position. As always I'm distracted in this position, wanting to concentrate on what I was feeling as much as what my mouth was doing on his cock. I think he got into what he was feeling even though he was only semi-hard, but then I got confused because he started fucking me with his hands instead of his tongue. After I came a few more times, I sat up so I could concentrate more on him.

I get a zone sometimes when sucking cock. Even if I know the guy I'm with is too drunk or doesn't cum from blowjobs, this doesn't deter me. I keep thinking, "Maybe just this once the stars will align and I'll know exactly what to do at the right moment to make him explode." I've always wanted to create a story like that, to leave an anecdote to be told into the future.

"I can't wait til the day when you make me cum. Because when I do it, it takes me less than a minute." This was both encouraging and discouraging at the same time. It's as though he believed that I could make him cum with my mouth...someday...but probably not right now. But if he could do it in "less than a minute", why couldn't I do it even if I'd been trying for a long time? I felt awkward, inadequate.

"One of the biggest things about sex for me is pleasing the other person, and I feel like I'm not able to do that with you."

"I almost never cum from sex. Do you really think I'm keeping track tit for tat? If so, you'd be soooo far ahead." He smiles, which makes me smile and laugh a bit. As long as he's having fun, it's all good.

We go back at it. I concentrate on the feel of his smooth cock moving in between my lips, slowly. I silently wish the music was turned down slightly so I would be able to hear his soft, barely audible moans more clearly. The better the feedback, the better the blowjob, right?

After a while he puts his hand in my hair and gently pulls me toward him and kisses me deeply. He's got a look of sleep on his face, I imagine he needed to pass out but didn't want to do so while I was pleasuring him.

We lie together, quietly, my own few moments of personal bliss. As much as I love sex, I also love the afterglow. I hear myself say "Sometimes when I don't see you for a while, I think you're a figment of my imagination. too good to be true."

He tells me to shut up, and I say no. "I hate when you tell me to shut up." He laughs and thinks it's funny but I don't want to be told to shut up when I express how I feel. I suddenly realize that his drunkenness will cause most of the evening to disappear anyway, so why be angry? I fall asleep with my hand on his chest.

In the morning it's as though nothing ever happened, no intense words, no orgasms, nothing. I often want to ask what he remembers, if anything, but never find it to be appropriate. Sometimes I wonder if he knows who is next to him when he first wakes up. Never quite sure how to handle these situations and over time, it doesn't get any easier.

Friday, February 18, 2011

A dash of romance? Nah, couldn't be.

I slept through SM's call on a Thursday. I was surprised that he called at all since I hadn't heard from him in a few weeks.

Went out with coworkers on Friday, tried finding him out at our favorite bars, and even called him around 2 with no luck. Go home to bed a lot drunk and a little sad. Get woken up by a call at 4am to a slurred "I's be calling...right now...but I need...some company." I get out of bed and make my way there to comfort him. I didn't expect him to actually talk to me about anything, I thought just being there was enough. He was upset about how some health issues had been affecting his work. We talked about it for a bit.

We go to bed shortly after. He was very sweet, wanted to cuddle. Next thing I know he's going down on me, but didn't really want me to do anything to reciprocate. He was more sensual than usual...kissing my inner thighs, using his tongue more than fingers.

As we start to go to sleep, he got upset when I told him I care about him. For some reason he thinks that the people he cares about shouldn't care back. I tell him he confuses me by being hot and cold. I recount many of the nice things he's said to me in the past, and he tells me it's all true. Yet still, when we're sober I see none of that. I don't know what to think, but it's late. We fall asleep cuddling.

I wake up in the middle of the night to put on my panties but can't find them anywhere. Sleeping without underwear just kept me wet and turned on as I was sleeping...I'm pretty sure I had some naughty dreams.

Before we went to bed, I noticed what time his alarm was set for...I happened to wake up about a half hour before that. I cuddle up to him, kiss his face, try to wake him up. The alarm sounds, he turns it off. I kiss his neck gently, then quickly dive my head under the covers and engulf his soft cock in my mouth. I enjoy how he slowly becomes hard as I lick and suck up and down his shaft. I move the blanket enough to look up at him, his eyes are closed, looking like he's in heaven. His hands slowly move to fondle my breasts and lower to my pussy that's still so wet from the night before. He wordlessly convinces my body to twist in such a way to allow him better access to my cunt without pausing my tongue's ministrations on his uncut erection. He dives in as though I were his last meal, but also very intent on getting his. He starts fucking my face and for once it's a concept I actually enjoy.

His hands and mouth work in tandem to build up the most intense orgasms inside me, and he doesn't let up until I've exploded into three or four in a row. I wonder if anyone in the house can hear me since I can't seem to be quiet. He sits up and kisses me.

"I love tasting my pussy on your lips."

He lies half on top of me, kissing me deeply. He holds me tight, his hands in my hair. I expect there to be more. I wonder aloud why his tank top is still on as I unsuccessfully try to pull it off. "Because I have to go to work soon." He moves to get up. "Kiss me first." He pauses, then leans forward to give me a slow, intense kiss, that is more satisfactory than expected.

We then get up and go about our day as if nothing had happened at all.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In search of..., for once.

I'm sitting on my couch watching bad television on a Monday when I get a knock on my door at 9:30. I'm not expecting anyone, so I get up to answer the door instead of just yelling "come in". I'm very surprised to see SM. It's obvious that he's rather intoxicated so his motives for being at my apartment could be anything, especially so early. We usually hang out after the bars close.

I sit him down and we make small talk for bit. It gets quiet for a moment, and he says, in his slow, calculated manner, "You want to know...what I like...about you? You're people. You really...make people...feel welcome." That's probably one of the kindest, most sincere things anyone's ever said to me, unprompted and out of the blue. I told him that it's the nicest thing anyone could be, so that's what I try to do.

"You have to work tomorrow, I don't want to get you in trouble anymore." I had made an offhanded comment to him once about I had been chastised at work for being late, but I hated that he somehow was trying to take the blame for it. I make my own decisions, and if they happen to involve staying in bed with him a little longer, than so be it.

I put some music on, and we sing along to some favorite tunes. He seems like he wants to go to bed, or at least lie down, but he insisted on washing his feet first because he believed them to smell horrible. I gave him a towel and let him take care of that as I changed into pajamas.

He returns, and is sad to see I've already changed. "I wanted to watch you undress..." I told him that wouldn't be very exciting. I'm terrible at stripping, I get too impatient - I just want to be naked and touching, not semi-clothed and teasing. I climb into bed and he joins me after taking off his shirt. God I just love his shoulders...

He pulls me on top of him and kisses me. Strange, usually he's the one all over me, not the other way around. Then he says something I'd never thought I'd hear, at least not from him. "Do whatever you want to me." A secret submissive? He was too drunk to explore the concept in that moment, but I wasn't sad to take control in our usual activities. I straddled him and threw off my tank was no longer necessary.

"You have such fantastic tits." A compliment that never gets old.

He apparently got distracted from his desire to have me be in control, so I find myself flipped onto my back, where his hand slips into my pants. His coordination in fingering me is not quite there, and it is much more intense than expected. I think he felt my body instinctively start to move away from him as what he was doing wasn't exactly comfortable so he stopped. He seemed wholly disinterested and/or too drunk for me to do anything to him, so I just curl up to him.

I was still sort of confused as to why he was there in the first place, but it wasn't long before he started talking. Maybe mumbling is a better way of putting it, but the pieces I was able to gather together didn't paint a very pretty picture. This led to a big misunderstanding but we were able to talk our way through it and we fell asleep spooning.

We wake up in the middle of the night, and begin to kiss and fondle each other. He tries to finger me again, but I let him know my stomach is bothering me. He worries, which is cute. We fall back asleep.

My alarm goes off early, and I'm still not feeling too great so I call in a half day. I spoon him, but he's still tired so we go back to sleep for a bit.

I wake up before him. I can't help but touch his soft skin, kiss his back, his shoulders. He seems cold, which is strange because he has 2 blankets compared to the one that I'm only half using. I cuddle up to him to keep him warm but he seems disinterested in being close.

I lie on my back, not touching him. I almost fall back asleep when he turns around out of nowhere and pulls me to him, lifting my leg over his hip, his erection firmly pressed against my stomach. I adjust myself a bit so my arm is under his pillow and the head of his cock is pointed at my clit. I had put my panties back on before we slept, so he decided to be a bit of a tease and try to fuck me with them still on. The pressure was too much on me, I needed more. In between kisses, I reached down and pulled the crotch of my panties far to one side, and on his next thrust he found himself half inside me, something I don't think he was expecting. He immediately flipped me onto my back and began fucking me with abandon. He missed a couple of times - I always get so wet! - and eventually he went soft so he rolled off of me. He had this look on his face that I couldn't quite read.

I still had plenty of time before I had to leave so I took it upon myself to try to please him with my mouth. I always hope that someday I can get him to cum this way. I was doing this for quite a while but eventually he stopped me. He was super quiet through all of it, so clearly he was distracted, but by what? Was he upset with me for calling off work? Embarrassed that he didn't stay hard while we were fucking? (This really doesn't bother me.) Or was it our conversation from the night before that was still on his mind? I never did find out. We share an awkward moment as he gets dressed and leaves.

New Year's Fun x 2

New Year's Eve was a bust. I was hoping to party and spend some time with SM but he seemed less than interested. After the bars closed, I ended up hanging with his roommate. SM came home at 7am, god knows what he got into. I asked if he wanted some company and he said no. Great, fantastic.

After a nap, I got a text from CW that afternoon. He wanted to know if I wanted to "hang out". I wasn't sure if this was code for fucking but I wasn't afraid to find out. We watched some TV and caught up a bit, but next thing I know he's kissing me and moving my hand to his cock. We made our way back to my bedroom. No pretense, no games. We strip ourselves and hop into bed. His fingers find all the right spots inside me as I stroke his cock. I tell him I miss his spankings and he's all too eager to oblige me. I turn over and slide my hand between my legs to play with my clit as he barrages my ass with his large hands. I can feel my skin becoming redder as I scream and my cunt begins to drip. He always somehow knows just how far to push me and also when to stop and let me catch my breath. At this point, I am aching for his huge cock. "How do you want me?"

He lays down and asks me to climb on top. Certain guys need to be in control and other guys like to lay back and watch a girl go crazy bouncing up and down on their cock. I have no problems taking advantage. I love having that power, taking every inch of his thick cock inside me, using him to cum over and over as many times as I want. As great as that is, sometimes I just want to be taken. I want it deeper, I want to feel his weight on me as his cock slams into me.

After a few orgasms I climb off of him and beg him to fuck me from behind. I slip a pillow under my hips and bend over, displaying my ass and needy cunt to him. I sway a bit, waiting for that moment of contact, desperately needing him to fill me again. This was not a gentle move, not a moment of just sliding inside. He grabs my hips and slams into me full tilt, hitting bottom. But he doesn't stop there, doesn't let me get used to him being so deep, he just thrusts. Harsh, exacting thrusts that went right for my g-spot. I'm sure I sounded like an animal being killed as I came repeatedly. I love the way I feel like I'm about to be split open when he fucks me from behind, it's the good kind of pain that morphs into pleasure quickly and easily.

He leans forward, making me feel completely pinned down, completely taken, a need that only he seems to ever consistently fill. I wedge my hand in between the pillow and my legs and apply only a bit of pressure to my clit and I find myself bucking and somehow fucking him back even though I'm being held down by all 6'5" of him. Finally, with one last huge thrust I feel his cock pulsate as he joins me in orgasmic bliss. He pulls out slowly, and immediately reaches for his clothes, claiming that he has to meet a friend. I'm not sad about it, I got what I wanted.

Later, I was about to go to bed when I got a text around 3am from EH - he was in town for the holiday. It was clear what his intentions were, and I was tired but agreed to him coming over. He arrives and climbs in bed with me. We kiss, his hands slide over my tits and down my pants. He seems to move in such a way as to go down on me, but I warn him that I hadn't showered since my previous encounter. He understands, and decides instead to remove his pants and present me with his hard, black cock. I take it in my mouth, feeling deliciously slutty since I had just done this mere hours earlier with CW.

He positions himself over me. Not my preferred position for giving head, but I accept his cock as he thrusts into my mouth. In a moment of pause, I mutter "Someone must want to fuck" since he was so furiously attempting to fuck my face. I also figured he'd want my pussy since he didn't get to have it the last time we met up. I reached for a condom, and he was incredulous that I chose a Magnum. I know what size condom is right for each cock - I don't know why guys can't figure this out for themselves.

At first, the fucking was great. I held my legs back and let him go at me. I think the alcohol he had previously consumed had started to get the better of him, however, because he kept falling out. At this point I was kind of over the situation but I let him keep going. I felt something wet hit my lips, I thought he had spit or drooled on me! It took a few moments for me to realize he was just really sweaty and it was dripping from his face onto me. Definitely not sexy. After falling out once again, he finally decided to call it quits. He seemed disappointed that he hadn't pleased me as he had intended, but in all honesty, I was still satisfied from my fucking earlier that day. This was just for fun. What wasn't fun was that he passed out and couldn't stop snoring. Good thing I keep earplugs around.

While the beginning of the new year was definitely not what I was planning on, it turned out to be pretty hott.