Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weekend away with an ex...

Reconnected with an ex after 5 or so years, we'll call him MR. We live several hours away from each other but get together every couple of months. It's usually an escape for him into my world, but this time we both thought we needed a change of scenery. We decided to get away on Valentine's weekend of all times, which was slightly ironic since we aren't dating but it's what worked the best in our schedules. Found a cute little boutique hotel, halfway between where each of us lives.

When we arrive, we hear that there were some issues with the room that we had originally booked so we were upgraded to a suite. A nice touch, until we walk in and realize there are 2 double beds instead of the originally requested king. Not ideal but workable. We had a bit of time to kill before dinner.

He kisses me and I fall back onto "my" bed. His hands in my hair, my hands on his back, my legs wrapped around him. We suddenly found our clothes to be too constraining and began stripping them off.

Neither of us look as good as we did when we were 19 but the passion, the need to fuck is still there. For the longest time I considered him to be my most amazing past lover. While a few experiences have kicked him out of the top spot, he's definitely still high on the list.

We hadn't seen each other in a while, so we didn't get terribly creative. Once the clothes were off, I had him stand up so I could take his cock into my mouth as I stayed lying in bed. He was already hard, and began to fuck my mouth. I fingered my pussy to get myself ready for him.

When his thrusts started to become a bit too aggressive for my mouth to handle, I suggested he move to something he could thrust as hard as he wanted to. He suited up and stayed standing. I moved my ass to the edge of the bed and put my ankles on his shoulders and he dove right into me, deep, slow thrusts. I relished in the feeling of being full, as it had been since New Year's that I had been fucked properly.

He leaned over me and quickened his pace. He took an ankle in each hand, spreading my legs open and using me for balance. I loved the look on face, the sign that he needed to be buried deep in my cunt just as much as I needed him there. His pace became steady as he edged closer to orgasm. I fingered my clit to send me over the edge and the spasms of my pussy around his cock sent him there as well. With one final deep thrust I felt his cock empty into the condom. He pulled out and collapsed on the other bed. We both needed that.

We had an excellent dinner and then walked a bit too far to get to a bar where my friend is the manager. At the bar, MR made some comment along the lines of "We are going to fuck each other stupid when we get back to the room right?" Of course.

My friend treated us well and we drank far too much and would have been plenty warm to walk home but clearly that was going to take too long so we decided to take a cab back. I'm pretty sure his hands would have been in my pants in the back of the cab if I hadn't been wearing so many layers due to the cold.

He started kissing me in the elevator and down the hallway. We stripped as soon as we got back to the room. I sat on the bed and he dove head first in to my cunt, devouring me as though I were his last meal. It wasn't the most focused of actions, but I was so turned on at this point that it didn't matter. I grabbed at his hair as I came all over his face.

Now it was my turn. I made him sit where I had been, grabbed a pillow, threw it on the floor and got down on my knees. It took a little bit of convincing to get his cock fully erect due to the alcohol, but I was willing to do whatever it took cause I needed to be fucked. Hard. As soon as possible. I looked into his eyes and took as much of him into my mouth as I could and sucked hard and lo and behold, hard as a rock.

I desperately needed to be fucked from behind, so I got on all fours on the bed and put a pillow under my hips and waited.  Soon, I was rewarded with a deep thrust into my cunt that hit all the right spots.  If we had any neighbors in that hotel they had to have heard me cry out.

When I'm having sex, any inhibitions I have just seem to melt away.  I don't think about who is going to hear me or what my hair looks like or if I look fat or how messy things get or anything.  I'm just in it to please and be pleased.  Appearances don't matter when I'm fucking, mine or the person (people?) I'm with.

I reached my hand between my legs to rub my clit as he grabbed my hips and just pounded away, exactly what I needed.  I thought to myself that MR and I never really fucked this way and that we should start doing so more often because it felt perfect.  I pushed myself over the edge with help of his cock stretching me open several times until I heard a familiar sound:  his breathing changes when he's about to come, his strokes getting more intense and deliberate.  I slowly begin to bring myself to another climax, determined to hold it off until he was right there with me.  I'm right on edge and having trouble staying there when I feel him lean over me, grab my hips tightly, and make a long deep thrust, moaning loudly and just staying inside me. I pinch my clit and scream from the pain/pleasure combination, my cunt spasmodic around him.   We both collapse in a heap and fall asleep almost immediately, completely sated. 

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