Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Visit from A (Part I)

He leans in to kiss me. "You're wearing too many clothes."

"How many is too many?"

"Off with it."

He removes his shoes and drops his pants and I see the thick head of his cock dangling from underneath his Nirvana tee. He leans over and I rip the shirt off his back.

He stands up and moves in to put his arms around me, and tries to kiss me again.

"Who said you got to be in charge?" I pushed him down onto my bed. He looked at me longingly. I reached for my riding crop.

"You've been a very naughty boy. Get on your knees, facing away from me."

He did as he was told. I admired his smooth broad shoulders and was amused at how he was trying to hide his ass from me, even though he knew what was coming.

I tied his hands behind his back and ran the tip of the crop gently across his shoulders and back. I tested out sting of the crop on his gorgeous waiting ass. He jumped a little and then let out a sigh.

"You've been a very bad boy. Tell Mistress how you've been bad."

In between his tales, and whenever I felt like it, his ass become redder as I tried different strokes on him with my new favorite implement. He told me of how he'd been jerking off while thinking of me, and how he was such a bad boy for not calling me and always waiting for me to contact him.

"What have you been thinking about when you masturbate?"

"Cumming on you or inside you."

"Filthy, naughty boy! What makes you think you have a right to make a mess of your mistress like that?"

"I don't, Mistress."

He looked so helpless face down on my bed. The sight of him only made me wet. I leaned over him, pressing my full breasts into his back, my lips millimeters from his ear.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A lovely comment...

...from a new friend on FetLife that was too good to not share here...

"I am actually in awe of your blog. It's a very titillating read. It's kind of like reading about a sexual super hero who has all these adventures then getting to talk to them on Yahoo. I am amazed you actually have time to have all the sex that you do. I mean I worked a part time job and had trouble finding time to have sex with MYSELF, let alone with OTHER people. Its very sexy stuff. I found myself getting pretty turned on by a lot of it. I read a lot of erotic fiction and some of your blogs were just as fun to read. KUDOS KUDOS KUDOS!"


Saturday, September 13, 2008

An early evening chat with C...

SA: i'm supposed to have a dinner date tonight, but i pushed it back to give myself time to meditate on my intense need to have you buried deep inside me.

C: sounds like a good meditation

SA: my cunt drips for you.

C: see, this is why you need a car

SA: i wish you were here. my roommate is out to dinner with family.

SA: why's that?

C: because you could have already kidnapped me, if only briefly.

SA: mmm...

SA: god i need you, i'm so on edge.

C: same here

C: I'm turgid in my chair

SA: i want straddle you in that chair

C: mmm

SA: i want to bounce on you so hard the chair breaks

C: I love the sound of that, though I really like this chair!

SA: i need to feel your lips on my neck, your delicious words in my ear, your hands feeling every part of me as i impale myself on you.

C: I need to be consumed by your ass

SA: mmm. god yes.

SA: i need to be completly full of you

C: I want to jam my fingers hard, deep in your cunt, and jack myself off through the wall to your ass.

SA: that's fucking hot. i want to cum so hard for you, making my ass even tighter

C: I want you to cum so hard that your ass locks down on my like a cock ring, pinching me off long enough that I'm prevented from cumming, so I can redouble my efforts to force-fuck my jizz into you.

SA: (that sent me over the edge) yes, fuck me hard and fill me with the product of your lust.

C: you should be videoing your work for me.

C: I'm very quietly jacking off at my desk

SA: i don't know where my camera is.

C: bah

C: This is especially frustrating, as I tried to avoid carpooling today in hopes of fucking you.

SA: no good

C: ?

SA: that you had to

C: yes

C: I want to feel your tongue going over my cock from behind your tightly sealed lips

SA: mm, yes.

SA: i love the feel of your smooth cock in my mouth.

C: I want to feel it going down your throat

SA: hmm.

C: tears of strain, not pain, coming unbidden to your eyes.

SA: god.

SA: i want you.

SA: everything about you.

C: I want you to orgasm from a combination of stimulation, stress, exhaustion and, finally, release.

SA: you're so good at giving me all of those things.

SA: i need to become one with you again.

C: I want you to beg me to do things you only want to do because I fantasize about doing them to you and, as a result of me allowing you to please me, I want you to derive genuine pleasure where you didn't think you possibly could.

SA: you do make me want to do those things.

SA: it defies reason, but still is enthralling.

C: beg me to fuck your throat

SA: i want to learn to feel you deep in my throat.

SA: (check your gmail)

SA: sorry for the bad quality.

C: fucking awesome, though I'm sad I didn't hear my name.

SA: i'm sorry.

SA: i'm not used to cumming while standing up.

C: fuck

SA: what?

C: my nuts heard

C: hurt

C: sorry, dizzy

SA: my bad.

SA: i wish i could suck on them.

SA: are you ok?

C: my CSR interrupted me mid wank

C: oh crap, that was awesome

C: thank you

C: I'll cherish it

SA: what?

C: the video

SA: lol

C: the orgasm

SA: i love cumming for you.

C: I totally did a stressed "yeah, I'll come look at it in a sec" to my employee; just hid more under the desk and didn't zip up.

SA: naughty boy.

SA: i wish i was under that desk.

C: yes I am. That one knocked me over.

SA: hmm?

C: I came really, really hard.

SA: mmm, good.

C: watching you fuck yourself.

C: so hot

SA: you like that, eh?

C: that was pretty great.

SA: i did it standing up so i could see the reflection of the screen in the mirror. otherwise it probably wouldn't have worked...i move around too much when i cum.

SA: i guess now we're even.

SA: i still love the video i have of you.

C: Awesome.

C: Good work!

SA: i try.

C: I'm glad you like it; I love this one.

SA: good.

SA: i just love your cock...how could i not? it's so good to me.

C: It likes you. :)

SA: yeah?

C: He told me.

SA: what did he say?

C: mostly he just got really full of himself and, eventually, puked, but I'm pretty sure I got the message.

SA: lol.

SA: i love it when you cum inside me.

C: can't wait to do it again

SA: i know.

SA: i'm still surprised you wanted to in the first place.

C: how could I not?

SA: i dunno, i could think of a few reasons.

SA: i'm for sure not complaining though.

C: me neither!

SA: thanks for being the best sex i've ever had. you leave everyone else in the dust.

SA: in some screwy way i think it works to our advantage that we don't see each other that often. makes things much more intense when we do.

SA: not to say i would ever do that on purpose.

SA: there is a certain emotional element that we have that i lack with others. it's not something i can explain, only feel.

SA: and you have work to do.

SA: i should take a shower and call this boy back, but i think i'm gonna take a nap instead.

SA: text me sometime.

SA: i'll be thinking of you, as always.

C: I agree completely, and I'll be thinking of you, too. Naked.

SA: agree with what?

C: SA: thanks for being the best sex i've ever had. you leave everyone else in the dust. SA: in some screwy way i think it works to our advantage that we don't see each other that often. makes things much more intense when we do. SA: not to say i would ever do that on purpose. SA: there is a certain emotional element that we have that i lack with others. it's not something i can explain, only feel.

C: all of it

SA: really?

C: very much so. I've said as much before.

SA: i know. i'm just used to my feelings being one sided. it's hard to fathom you feeling the same way about me. (insert awkward self esteem issues here).

C: Well, fathom away, because s'true.

C: And go shower; you were right; I do have work to do.

SA: you're incredible, you know that?

C: You, too!

SA: *sending good 'get shit done' vibes your way*

SA: goodnight, lover.

C: goodnight, lover.

SA: *tear*

SA: :)

C: *smooch*

C: now go get soapy

SA: ok

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sugasm #145 (Psst...I was featured!)

[Thank you to all who voted for my post. I feel truly honored. I'm glad to see that people appreciate reading about my more intense experiences.]

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Thursday, September 4, 2008


...about a guy I spent a terrible amount of time fucking over the last two weeks, CW. Here's an email I received from him today:

"Recently I've noticed that my chest feels bruised in a couple different places. No actual bruises but a little tender, one spot on each side of my chest. They would go away, only to return in a different, but close-by, spot later.

I realized today that they are being made by you when you orgasm.

I don't mind them so much anymore."