Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Visit from A (Part I)

He leans in to kiss me. "You're wearing too many clothes."

"How many is too many?"

"Off with it."

He removes his shoes and drops his pants and I see the thick head of his cock dangling from underneath his Nirvana tee. He leans over and I rip the shirt off his back.

He stands up and moves in to put his arms around me, and tries to kiss me again.

"Who said you got to be in charge?" I pushed him down onto my bed. He looked at me longingly. I reached for my riding crop.

"You've been a very naughty boy. Get on your knees, facing away from me."

He did as he was told. I admired his smooth broad shoulders and was amused at how he was trying to hide his ass from me, even though he knew what was coming.

I tied his hands behind his back and ran the tip of the crop gently across his shoulders and back. I tested out sting of the crop on his gorgeous waiting ass. He jumped a little and then let out a sigh.

"You've been a very bad boy. Tell Mistress how you've been bad."

In between his tales, and whenever I felt like it, his ass become redder as I tried different strokes on him with my new favorite implement. He told me of how he'd been jerking off while thinking of me, and how he was such a bad boy for not calling me and always waiting for me to contact him.

"What have you been thinking about when you masturbate?"

"Cumming on you or inside you."

"Filthy, naughty boy! What makes you think you have a right to make a mess of your mistress like that?"

"I don't, Mistress."

He looked so helpless face down on my bed. The sight of him only made me wet. I leaned over him, pressing my full breasts into his back, my lips millimeters from his ear.


Wilhelmina said...

(Must... find someone... to spank...)

I already want to read more.

Sexual Adventurer said...

There's plenty here to read. I need to catch up! I've been too busy out having fun and haven't had time to post about it!