Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahh...much better.

It took less than 24 hours to get A back in my bed. He came over around 11 Thursday night, and we were all over each other as soon as he walked in the door. We walked in my room and he began to kiss me and then leaned back on the bed but kept his arms around me so I had no choice but to fall on top of him. He was already hard...and I was already quite wet, not only from anticpating his arrival, but from getting myself off as soon as I'd gotten home from work. Knowing that I'd be seeing him again had kept me hot and bothered all day.

I quickly maneuvered him out of his clothes, kissing and fondling all the way. There was a sense of urgency within both of us that I hadn't felt with anyone in a long time. We had to have each other. When his pants came off and his cock was finally exposed, I couldn't help but lean down to suck on him. I then remembered why I'd never really given him head much...his cock is incredibly thick, with and enormously bulbous head. It's perfect for my pussy, but my throat - not so much. Didn't stop me from trying though.

I had him completely naked before I'd taken off a thing. After sucking him for a few, I straddled him and took off my shirt, and his hands went immediately to my breasts and his mouth to a nipple. I could feel his erection pressing between my legs, and as much as I wanted to tease him, this simply wasn't the time. I rolled off of him so I was sideways on the bed, and began to pull off my pants as he kissed me. He reached down to find my soaking pussy, and then wasted no time in climbing on top of me and sliding his thickness into me. It was the most perfect feeling of being full of cock.

As he fucked me , the words just started pouring out of my mouth. I told him that I should never had started dating M, that his cock was so much better, that it could hit me in places that M's never could (that'd be the g-spot), and that I was so sorry for blowing him off. I think this just fed his ego because he smiled and leaned into me farther and fucked me even deeper. My head started making contact with the wall on the upstroke, but both of us were so engrossed in the fucking that neither of us were about to stop to change positions. He propped himself up by his elbows and cradled the back of my head with his hands. I felt so consumed by him, which is a feat with his shorter stature. He was gently pressing on my head to keep it away from the wall and fucking my pussy so was exactly what I needed. I scratched my nails down his back and screamed as I came.

There's something that I've always found a little unsettling about A. He never cums when we fuck. He loves fucking me, he just never gets off, unless of course he's taught himself how to orgasm without ejaculating. I think next time we're together, I'm gonna ask if I can watch him masturbate. Maybe there's some secret trick to getting him off that I haven't found yet.

I had taken a nap on purpose earlier that evening, and I'm really glad that I did. We fucked 4 or 5 times that night, each time in a different position and then going until I needed a break. The last time was doggy style, which is one of my favorites. I was already rather sore by then, but I knew it would be so good coming from that angle that I couldn't argue with him. He even commented that even though I'm always wet for him, that I'm even more wet when he fucks me from behind.

I was ready to pass out from all the activity, but since A is still a student, he's gotten himself on a rather backwards sleep schedule and doesn't usually go to bed until 5 or 6 in the morning. He wanted to stay, but couldn't get to sleep and kept tossing and turning and keeping me awake. I handed him a book and turned on a dim light in my room and rolled over and went back to sleep with his arm draped over my shoulder. It was perfect. When I left in the morning for work, he looked so cute curled up in my bed.

I've also been getting lots of texts from D (the ex's roommate mentioned in previous post) about wanting to come down ASAP. This is a really busy week, so I've put him off until the weekend. But it seems that now that he's changed jobs, he has more weekends free, so instead of a fuck and run, we may be able to spend a little more time together and discover a few more things about each other sexually. I can't wait.

Also, the internet has delivered me a shy, extremely socially awkward virgin that we'll call DN. We had chatted for a while when I was still dating M, which seemed harmless. Who doesn't like new friends? However, I think he's taken a rather liking to me. Before I met him, I'd warned him that if he chooses to develop a crush on me, that the mostly likely result will be that I will break him in two. He seemed ok with this, somehow.

In a late night online conversation, I pushed a little bit to see just how submissive he really wished to be. I showed him this post and asked him if he'd like to do a little domestic work for me while wearing women's panties. He said that as long as no one but me saw him, he'd do it. It was too easy. Also before I met him, I gave him the schedule of movies I planned on seeing at the local indie theatre as they are having a "film festival". So he's been following me around to every single show I've seen. Unfortunately his appearance does not live up to his online profile (which was sketchy at best anyway) and while he's really sweet, he's also terribly awkward and I'm not that attracted to him. But I guess I'm stuck with him for the next few days. I'll have to find a way to let him down easy.

Been chatting a bit with C, also. I'm not really sure if he's up for anything further going on between us as I'm now single and because he's got a lot of pressure going on at work, but time will tell.

Got a few other people that I'm thinking about as well, but I'll give details when something actually happens with it. It feels so good to not be attached. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I got together with M.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back to being a slut...

...or to borrow a phrase from Juno, an eclectic slut.

M and I split. We just weren't communicating. The sex was incredible, but that's all we really had. I chalk it up to severely different upbringings, including completely opposite political views. It just wasn't meant to work out.

I'm really not that broken up about it - I'm more mad at myself for wasting my time with him and missing out on other (mostly sexual) opportunities. But it seems that I can pick up right where I left off.

I got in touch with A, under the guise of watching the new episode of House on Monday (it's his favorite show.) This was clearly a thinly disguised booty call, which he caught onto rather quickly. We exchanged some early morning texts that got us both a little worked up, so unless he decides to blow me off again, we should be getting together this evening. ;) I can't wait to feel his cock inside me again. We also chatted about his submissive nature, and how I had some ideas for him in that regard. Since I have such a willing subject, I should explore dominant side of me a little more. A long time fantasy of mine has been to fuck a boy with a strap on. I've had the strap on for a long time, just no willing boys. We'll work up to that, though. I had him create a safe word in the meantime, just to make sure I don't cross any lines that I'm unaware of.

Also, I texted an old friend (he was the roommate of my first college boyfriend) that I've slept with off and on over the years. While the sex we've had has always been terribly vanilla, I'd gotten him to open up a bit right before M and I got together, so most likely, when I see him next I'll be bent over the closest piece of furniture being fucked proper. Can't wait...being 6'5", he has a deliciously large cock to match his stature.

Cheers to more sexual adventures!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Thursday, April 10, 2008


M came over and sat down for the last 10 minutes of a movie I was watching with my roommate. It was a sort of romantic film, so it left me wanting to feel close to him. He'd said on the phone that it was much later than he thought and he should only stop by for a few minutes.

I had been doing laundry, so I told him that if he helped me put a new sheet on the bed that we could cuddle for a little while before he had to go. We had a little trouble with the sheet as my bed is made of memory foam and is thicker than most. We spooned and chatted and cuddled and I marveled in the fact that we never really get to just be with one another - there always seems to be an agenda.

I turned around to face him...I love just looking at him. The way he looked at me changed suddenly, and then he kissed me. Slowly at first...he drew my body closer to him, kissing more deeply. My body instinctively moved against his, my right leg draped over him, my hips making slow circles. The combination of his intense focus on my lips and tongue with his own coupled with the pressure of his body against mine made me lose myself in him, my pussy growing wetter by the second. This idea usually doesn't last long...we're both usually quite content with moving on to getting naked. This time we were in no rush...we rolled over and continued to make out, his hand behind my head, fingers entwining in my hair and he pressed my face even closer to him. He seemingly wanted to devour me, and I was more than inclined to be his prey.

His body ground against me, us still fully legs wrapped around his body as I tried my best to apply friction to where I craved it clitoris. As his kisses moved to my ears and neck, his effects on me became clearly audible...I couldn't help but moan in his ear as my body wriggled beneath his weight. I adjusted my hips and slid down slightly, finally finding the pressure I so desperately needed between my legs. I came almost instantly, screaming, digging my nails into his back, soaking myself. As I caught my breath, I managed to ask him if he liked ruining my panties. He replied that it was one of his favorite things to do.

We silently decided the clothes had to go. He undid my belt and removed my pants, then stripped himself bare as I removed my shirt and bra. He made a seemingly conscious decision to leave my panties on as his mouth went straight for my left nipple. He licked and sucked hungrily, switching to the right breast as moans continued to escape my lips. I felt his hand move down, and he grabbed his rock hard cock and aimed it toward my still panty-clad pussy. He stroked me up and down with the head of his dick, moving it up and down rapidly where he believed my clit to be. He was a little off, so I adjusted his hand slightly, and as soon as he found the right spot, I came all over again, my panties now completely soaked through. His cock began to press into me, the moistened material stretching to allow his head to enter me. I asked if he could feel how hot he made me, and he nodded.

He sat up and removed my panties and looked at them. They were black panties, so the evidence of my arousal was quite apparent. M smiled. "Well, look at that. Aren't you a naughty girl?" He climbed back on top of me, and I could have sworn he was going to dive into me with his cock, but instead he kissed me and began to tease my now completely liquid hole with only the tip. This was too much teasing, so I had an idea. I reached down and pulled his cock up along his body so that the underside was rubbing against my sopping slit, and I began to move my hips slowly up and down, using my hand on the top of his cock to apply pressure. Once he saw how easily this made me cum as his cock slid effortlessly across my clit, he pressed our bodies together and was able to acheive the same effect without the help of my hand. I came repeatedly, my body all over the place, coating him in my juices. I thought that at any moment he would give in and bury his hard member inside of me.

It was his turn for an idea, and he said so. He rolled over onto his back and wordlessly urged me to straddle him. I sat down on his cock in the same position we had been in, his cock surrounded by my cunt lips. "Now it's all in your hands. Let's see how long you can hold out." I was totally up to the challenge. Being on top allowed me more control over angles and pressure and speed, so I eagerly began to use his cock for my own pleasure, grinding myself against him as hard as I could. He egged me on, almost begging for me to cum on his cock. I used the wall for leverage and began to rub my clit on him in very small rapid movements. I exploded onto him, screaming, dripping my juices all over his lower body. He had a huge smile on his face...I leaned down to kiss him.

His hands found my breasts as I began slower more deliberate movements. He rose his hips up to give me better leverage, and doing so made it easier for me to cum at least 2 more times. By then, I was ready to give up. I needed to fuck. I needed to impale myself on M's cock repeatedly, so this is exactly what I did. Clearly M needed it too, as I got no chiding as I slid him into me. With what little enegy I had left, I bounced on his cock. I came at least once when M could tell I was out of breath. He thought that it might be time for a new position.

It had been a while since he had taken me from behind, so we positioned ourselves in this manner, and I was pleasantly surprised at the depth in which he could penetrate me from this position. He aligned himself so the front of his thighs were pressed up against mine. I grabbed a pillow and put it under my stomach to keep myself at the proper angle for the delicious intrusion of his cock. I could tell he was getting a little weak, so I told him that he could put his weight on me. I love feeling his full weight on my back - it makes me feel completely powerless to the rhythm of his movements between my legs. He kissed my neck and moved his arms under mine and took my hands in his, and the moment felt briefly romantic until he picked up his pace, slamming into my river of a pussy.

I told him how hot this position was and how naughty I felt and he said that I should wait to see what he was going to do the next day. I asked him what that was, and he said, "You really want to know? We'll be in this position, but I won't be in your pussy." And with the delicious thought of his cock to be buried in my ass, I came harder than I had yet that evening. My contractions around his cock took him over the edge as well, and he nearly growled as he filled me with his creamy deliciousness. With one final thrust, he collapsed on top of me, and I felt completely satisfied.

Clearly, he ended up staying much longer than he had originally anticipated. Too bad the next day, he was unable to visit. :(

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Exit to Eden and April Fools turned first bisexual experience

Amusingly, the first person on my list is actually a girl. I decided that I was only going to list boys with whom penetration was involved. Despite what people thought about the Lewinsky scandal, I don't count those with whom I've only given head. However, with girl-girl action, I've been a bit more lenient with inclusion in my list.

MK was a gorgeous little thing, my best friend at the time. She was short, about 5'2" maybe, and her mother was white but her father was Malay, so she had a beautiful Asian aura about her. Asian girls have always done it for me. I had always thought she was amazing, but since we bonded mostly over our problems with boys, I never really knew how to breach the subject with her about how I found her attractive. Until one April Fools Day...

I was dating a guy, GM, and had been for a while. We were both virgins, and neither of us had had too much opportunity to explore sexually until we got together. Once we decided to mess around, things progressed to oral sex much more quickly than either of us anticipated, but we were enjoying ourselves immensely. We had spent every day of our spring break in my bedroom trying new things.

On April Fools Day, MK came over to visit, and I sat the two of them down to watch the movie Exit to Eden with me. I had rented it, not truly realizing the plot, and became fascinated with the ideas of bondage and going on a sexual retreat (an idea I got to deliciously relive in Jefferson's sex camp tales.) I wanted to share these ideas with them, to see if they had the same effect of arousal on others as they did to me. In previous conversations, I had told MK about how I had been messing around with GM a lot recently, and I had told GM that I had an attraction to women...I think I may have used the word 'bisexual' for the first time. For the life of me, I can't remember how the conversation went as this happened nearly ten years ago, but somehow the movie turned into a conversation about sex, and then it became some sort of an April Fools joke that MK should come over to my house the next day to 'play' with us before she went to work that afternoon. It was left completely open ended...I wasn't sure she would show up. I was left that night feeling hopeful and excited and apprehensive all rolled into one.

The next day when GM came over, we didn't want to wait around for her to show, so we left the door unlocked and left a note for her to "cum upstairs". It was cheesy, but hey, we were 15. When she came by, we were too engrossed in what we were doing to hear her come up the stairs, so she walked in on me naked and spread eagle on the floor with GM's tongue buried in my pussy, me very close to orgasm. After the initial shock of this moment, all of us couldn't help but be consumed with nervous laughter. I broke that by kissing her, and beginning to unbutton her shirt. All of a sudden it wasn't so funny anymore.

The order of events is kind of a blur but I will attempt to recount them as best I can. As I kissed her, I swore I could see GM stroking his cock out of the corner of my eye. I had something new to focus on, however. Kissing her was so different than kissing a boy that I was entranced. We got her undressed and laid her down, and I played with her nipples. I remember seeing her spread her legs for the first time...she was a bit more hairy than I, but it was interesting because the hair was straight, not curly. I remember her shuddering under my touch, her slit becoming wet. Instinctively, my tongue began to explore her...her taste was tangy and delicious. It took a bit to find her clit, but when I did, I could feel her entire body react. I can't remember if she actually came in my mouth, but she was definitely enjoying herself.

I do remember at one point that MK and I tag-teamed giving GM head. We took turns, one taking the shaft in our mouth, the other licking his balls, and then at one point each of us running our mouths sideways over each side of his cock. He loved every second of it...I can still see the immense grin on his face.

Later, he had both of us on our backs next to each other. He was using both hands to finger us both at the same time, playing with our clits and sliding a thick finger inside of us. I grabbed her hand and squeezed as I came under his touch. Then GM had an idea. He got out a set of wooden drumsticks and began to work one into each of our pussies. This was at a time when I didn't have any access to sex toys, so I used whatever I could find to masturbate...highlighters, the handles of various kitchen utensils, etc. The drumsticks were part of the collection. While I thought MK would find this idea strange...she seemed very receptive. Since I had already cum, I wanted to afford her the same luxury, so I sat up and began to play with her clit as GM worked the 'toy' in and out of her. She was quiet, but I felt her body shudder and then relax, and I knew we had pushed her over the edge.

She suddenly realized she was late for work, so she got dressed quickly and we kissed and hugged our goodbyes and said that we should get together again soon. Unfortunately, she started dating someone soon after that, one of GM's friends, so we never got to repeat the experience. However, she left me with a delicious memory.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What's in a name, anyway?

I have a list of names, all nicely entered into a spreadsheet, chronologically categorized by gender, virginity status and if I only was with them once. Counts have been taken and percentages have been calculated. I'm a numbers person; this is what I do for a living. But the list, to me, is really more about the names.

I've had my fair share of casual sex; living in a college town affords one this luxury with little to no effort. But alas, the range of age and similarly, experience, can often be quite limited in this environment. I've had my fair share of bad sex, mediocre sex, and just plain fucking for fucking's sake. Sometimes fucking is just what you need. But there are a few people on the list that reading their name recalls much more than a fleeting memory.

As I seem to have put my promiscuity on the shelf for a while, I think I shall use this blog to reminsce about the good, the bad, and the ugly in the bedroom (and elsewhere!) throughout my life. For a class in college, I wrote my autobiography in terms of sex and the role that sex is played in my life. However, because I had to read it to the class, and because it only had to be 20 pages, I left out most of the details. I think here would be a better place for these tales.

However, you'll have to wait for the first one...I was up much too late last night. ;)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Cuddling? Nope.

"Let's cuddle."

Riiiight. We don't see each other enough to "just cuddle." Cuddling turns into laughing and joking and spooning and touching and kissing and before you know it there's hand inside my panties and I'm dripping and moaning and cumming and needing to fuck. But not so fast...he wants to make me cum with his fingers a few more times, my ass rubbing against his crotch, feeling him get hard under the confines of his jeans. When he's got me panting he decides that we're wearing too many clothes, and he stands up on the bed and starts to take off his jeans and i shed my tshirt and pants and I see his cock appear and I want so badly to sit up and take him in my mouth, but my curiosity of what he's up to is too much so I resist my temptation.

Once all our clothes are off, he's on top of me, kissing and my neck and working his way to my breasts. He pries apart my thighs with his knee, exposing my dripping pussy and somehow keeping my legs in place, he begins to tease my clit with the head of his cock. When my body involuntarily tries to buck up against him to feel him inside me, I'm terribly unsuccessful. He teases his tongue around my nipples for what seems like an eternity, and I start to squirm around and try to find a way to get his cock into my desperate pussy. Eventually I think all the teasing got to him as well...he propped himself up on his hands and looked straight into my eyes and his cock magnetically dove into my soaked pussy to the hilt. He held it there only momentarily, but it was enough to send me over the edge from being teased for so long. I kept cumming as he began to fuck me. I wrapped my legs around his back trying to keep him deep inside me. My whole body just needed him to be as close as possible to me.

After a lot of long deep thrusts, my pussy spasmed around his cock once more. He then decided it was my turn to be on top. Somehow we manuvered ourselves to turn over, keeping his cock inside me. I was not about to let him slip out. I began to ride him hard and fast, and he coaxed me to slow down, because he hadn't had a chance to "take care of business" before he came over. And all this time I just thought he had amazing staying power...c'est la vie. I didn't care...I needed to fuck and I needed it bad. I bounced on his cock, impaling myself on him over and over again, my breasts bouncing freely. I saw his face start to contort so I bounced a little faster and then sat down on him hard and rubbed my clit against his body so we'd cum simultanueously. I felt his load shoot deep inside of me. It was a lot more than usual as he hadn't cum in a while.

I held him close for a minute, and then excused myself to use the restroom. When I came back, I put on some panties so as not to leak his cum onto the sheets as they had just been washed. We chatted a bit as I absentmindedly played with his softening cock. "I don't have one of my own, so I have to play with yours." He didn't seem to mind. I love playing with cocks when they aren't engorged with blood. They are so unique...his skin was very soft, no doubt from all of the soaking in my pussy's juices. I wanted to see what his soft cock would taste like, so I bent down and took all him in my mouth. He had cleaned himself up, but he still tasted vaguely of my pussy. I love it when a cock tastes like me. It seemed like he was getting a little cold, so I sat back up and covered him with a blanket, and when I reached back down under the covers to grab his cock, it was hard again. I smiled. "You like that?" "How could I not?"

He flipped me over and pulled my panties to the side and slid into me again, this time with zero effort as his sticky cum was still lubing my insides. He began to whisper in my ear about how he likes ruining my panties, as I could feel the cotton start to absorb the cum that was leaking out of me. It was unbelieveably sexy. I told him that I wanted to be on top again, but this time he laid on the bed sideways against the wall, propped up a bit on a pillow. I took him inside me again, and somehow manuvered into a position where the head of his cock was hitting the front wall of my pussy deep inside me. Doing this repeatedly caused me to lose control and howl quite loudly, something my roommates made fun of me for later. I kept bouncing and cumming until eventually he came inside me again and then I collapsed into his arms.

He needed to leave, but decided to stick around for 15 more minutes. That turned into two hours as we fell asleep, exhausted from the evening's activites.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

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