Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

After hours with friends at SM's place. I ask if I should stay or go, he says stay. We go to bed soon after that. He strips naked before going to bed but I only take off my pants. We immediately embrace. He says "if I'm teasing you too much you don't have to do this." It had been a few weeks since I had been here...I wasn't really thinking about sex, I just wanted a hug. "This is all I've wanted to do for two weeks, just hold you." He hugs me tighter. " just icing." He pulls back a bit, looks me in the eye, and then kisses me deeply. "But sometimes it's just nice to do that." "Indeed." We realize that me still wearing a shirt is awkward, so it's removed. We continue to kiss and eventually I feel his fingers slide under my panties and inside of me, feeling my wetness.  He finds the right spot inside and sends me over the edge.  I'm compelled to keep relatively quiet and instead grab him tightly.  He kisses me as I come down from ecstasy. I explain that there are 2 different types of girls, those that build up to one orgasm that may or may not come, and girls like me that can keep on orgasming forever if allowed.  I think this was my subtle hint that I could have cum a few more times but I could tell that he was tired. We change our embrace naturally and settle in for sleep.  I commented on how with some people I toss and turn but I like that he and I fit together. We pass out and the next morning I give him a back rub and we get lunch together.


As I was hanging out with friends, SM calls says he's having after hours.  I meet new some new people, and we stand on porch and chat for a long time. They leave, then SM and I listen to music. The Pixies, then the Mountain Goats, then Do Make Say Think. I love singing along to the Mountain Goats with him, it's a moment. In the middle, he asks "Why do I feel uncomfortable right now?" "Are you cold?" He wasn't wearing a shirt and we had just been outside to smoke. Shakes his head. "I shouldn't feel uncomfortable around you..." I say that I'm sorry I make him feel that way, it's not my intention. "And once again I'm hammered and you're not." "I'm used to it, don't worry about it." He says he needs to go to bed soon as it was almost 5am.

He again strips naked for sleep, I leave my panties and tshirt on. We embrace, his leg between mine, my leg over his hip. "I feel like all I do is tease you." This was sort of true but I never believed it to be intentional. "Nah, what makes you say that?" "Because i'm always too drunk to do anything". "I don't expect anything when I come over here. I just like to spend time with you." This was the truth.  He grabs me and holds me so tight.  I was happy to be on the same page with him, and expected to fall asleep in that exact position.

He goes in for the most intense kiss out of nowhere, and I'm taken aback for a second and apparently don't seem as into it as he would like. "Don't hold back." In between attacking him with kisses, I explain: "I'm not...I just never know what you're really hard to said you wanted to go to I believed you". I was practically on top of him at this point. He starts scratching my back intently, his thigh wedged between my legs, his mouth on my throat. I pull away long enough to remove my shirt. Simultaneously he pulls off my panties. I pull him on top of me. He sort of missed when he came in for the kiss, and I adjust a little under him and admit "You may or may not have just licked my eyeball. That was pretty funny." We both laugh hysterically and he rolls off me for a moment.  He mentions "I'm so glad we can laugh about these things."  "I think we have fun, right?" I ask. "Hell yeah we do." "And that's what it's about."

Somehow we went from laughing to him pinning my hands above my head, kissing down my body, until his fingers began to explore me inside.  I was not quite wet and it hurt a little. I waited to see if my body would adjust but it didn't, so I advised "not so deep".  He listened, and pulled his fingers back a bit and found a spot that hadn't been hit in a long while, pressing deeply downwards. I begin having explosive, convulsive orgasms - if his fingers weren't inside me, I could probably be mistaken for having a seizure. Somehow he ended up on my side of the bed, and I was perpendicular to him. "I have you figured out. I stay shallow and then press when you squeeze my fingers." I had no idea there was a method to the madness but I loved every second.  I think my vagina squeezing him was involuntary which made it that more interesting.  He came up and let me taste myself on his lips. I get very comfortable after so many orgasms and him by my side.  After a moment I move back to where we had started - we had to find his pillow, it had somehow migrated in the craziness of my orgasms.

Coming down from my orgasm high, I sigh, "You're wonderful." His response?  "I'm a fucking asshole."  There is a really long pause. "I'm a fucking asshole who happens to like you." I smile. "I like you too."  I fell asleep happy.