Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Can I stay here?"

Hanging out with new friends at the bar, we get beer and end up back at my place.

Everything is quite chill, our friend plays DJ, we smoke and have some good conversations.

SM looks more tired than usual for that hour. Eventually he says "I need to sleep soon."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"Can I stay here?" Staying at my place wasn't a one time thing? Very surprised.

Eventually everyone leaves and it's just the two of us. "Make sure I'm up for work by 11:30."

I thought we would go right to sleep, but after a bit of just lying there, his mouth attacks mine. I'm seemingly irresistible.

Clothes are ripped off, his lips go straight for my clit, his fingers for my g-spot. I suddenly find a cock near my face. Delicious.

He tells me once again how much he likes spanking me, and while it's not the most coordinated effort, it's still appreciated. I wonder if it's even possible to teach someone how to spank you the way you want.

Eager, intense, seemingly effortless orgasms. He knows exactly how to push my buttons.

The last thing he says before passing out: "Oral sex is fun!" I can't help but giggle.

We fall asleep tangled in each other, perfection. I'm happy to make a few memories in my own bed.

I wake up still laughing about what he said. He's concerned at first because he didn't remember, but once I explained he was laughing too.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How do you want your eggs?

Out at the bar with SM and a mutual friend.

"Let's go back to your place for wine and cocktails, ok?", our friend suggests.

After a brief after hours, our friend wants to go home and crash, and expects SM to leave with him, but he says he thinks he'll stay. I'm somewhat shocked; he hates being at my house. I'm mildly embarrassed at my messy apartment but too drunk to do anything about it.

He motions to my bedroom, and we both are quick to remove our clothing as we climb into bed. I still am in awe at how he kisses, the level of passion and zeal are unmatched in my experience.
His slender fingers make their way between my legs, expertly applying the proper friction and pressure to elicit a few orgasms from my body before we pass out early, well, early for him.

We wake up early as well, he's hungry for food, I'm just hungry for him. I could tell that this was not something I could talk him out of, so I offer to cook. It began as a joke but then I realized that I actually did have the ingredients, and proceed to do so in my underwear. I would have preferred him to stay naked in bed while I cooked, but it wasn't to be. He seems to think I'll burn the bacon and can't chop things, so I let him dice the onion and peppers. A bit unnerving to cook for a chef.

We're quite a pair, him fully dressed as he had gone out for a cigarette, and me in my underwear waiting on the oven. Laying in bed, fingers intertwined, we tell stories of drugs and threesomes like it was the most normal thing in the world.

I was distracted and burned it a little but he still had three helpings before taking off to work. I sat on my couch, pleasantly satisfied that I hadn't completely failed at cooking for him.

Friday, December 24, 2010

"Sucking black cock makes me feel like I'm in a porn"

What I thought would be a lonely stay in a hotel room got a little more entertaining after midnight. Got a text from EH, a lovely black gentleman I'd hooked up with a couple times several years ago. I would occasionally get a flirty/naughty text from him since I last saw him, but this was the first time that we could seriously get together.

"What are you doing stranded in [city]?"

"Visiting family for the holidays, but right now I have a room to myself and rather bored."

"Mind a visitor?"

We exchanged some naughty thoughts as he made his way to my hotel. I told him how I wanted to wrap my lips around his cock, and he rather liked the idea but warned me that he doesn't usually come from getting head. Was this a challenge?

He looked a little different than I remembered. Cleaned up his image a bit, smelled delicious. We tried to remember the last time we'd seen each other but couldn't. The awkward conversation could have gone on for hours, but I made him lie on the bed next to me and kissed him. He rolled on top of me, removed my shirt and focused his attention on my left nipple. Gently, just the way I like.

He kept trying to ask me what I wanted, but I didn't want to talk, I just wanted him to do what he wanted to me, so that's what I told him. Sometimes I don't want to have to decide what's going to happen, it should just flow.

I haven't had too many experiences with black men...more lack of opportunity than anything. I relished the view of his full lips around my nipple. He kissed my lips deeply then lavished my other breast with attention. I was getting wet.

He was wearing too many clothes...I got him to strip to his boxers and took off my pajama pants. He kissed me again as he rubbed my clit through my panties.

"Oooh, getting wet already?"

The panties came off. He spread me open, holding me almost too firmly, and his tongue went straight for my clit. He was holding the hood back so it was a direct assault and I came almost immediately. He wouldn't let up...I eventually had to squirm away from him because it became a bit too intense. He replaced his tongue with his fingers in the same manner...I directed his hand slightly lower and it felt much better. I arched my back and grabbed his leg and came a few more times.

He let me catch my breath as he removed his undershirt and boxers. He then got up on his knees and offered me his cock, which was rather hard and looked delicious. I couldn't resist...I put as much of it in my mouth as I could and relished the moan this produced. I swabbed his cockhead repeatedly with my tongue and he continued to finger me.

I started a slow rhythm on his cock with my hand and mouth and he began to ever so slightly begin to thrust against my movements. I dug my nails into his thigh and increased my pace on his thickness every time he sent me over the edge. Eventually he became distracted...he would momentarily forget what his hands were doing as he thrusted into my mouth. The thought passed through my mind that if I put a pillow under my head, I could do this for hours. Why had I not come up with this position?

He came to for a second and plunged his fingers into my dripping wet cunt. I responded by nearly screaming around his cock and taking him in my mouth even deeper.

"God, you're really making me want to fuck you right now." I nodded in mouth was full! We had already realized that neither of us had condoms, so while that cock inside me sounded like a good idea, it really wasn't.

He went back to his assault on my clit, so I took a breath and moaned "lower" and he found my sweet spot. I went crazy, cumming intensely as my mouth's ministrations neared hyperspeed on his cock. He truly began fucking my face, so at some point I stopped moving my head and just let him use me as I concentrated on licking his head as it moved in and out of my mouth so quickly.

"I'm gonna cum...ok?" He felt he needed to ask permission?

I nodded and made positive noises as best I could without interrupting the rhythm we had going. Once he got the answer he was looking for, he increased his pace and in less than a minute I was treated to a hearty mouthful of cum. I swallowed earnestly.

"That was definitely a mouthful!" I slowly licked him clean as he was recovering.

"I told you I hadn't cum in a few days."

"That was really hot. Sucking black cock always makes me feel like I'm in a porn. I don't get to do that very often."

I hope to see him again soon.