Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blogroll Update!

Always Aroused Girl's post made me realize that I needed to update my favorite blogs as well. It seems I've added quite a few! Check out the list of sexy bloggers that I read.

Let me know if I'm on your list and you're not on mine. I like to know who's reading and referring me! Thanks.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


...of the last few weeks.

Met a new guy, RH, over the holiday weekend. Let's just say that homemade chicken parmesan can get you everywhere. Sometimes I like being with inexperienced boys cause I like to see how they react to certain things, like my tongue circling their cock or me climbing on top of him. Over the course of the evening we fucked three times. He wasn't terribly adventurous, but I got him to try a few things. I can't believe he'd never done it doggy style before. We even tried it in a chair at one point. He had said that his last girlfriend had complained that he was too large for her, but I found that he fit quite nicely deep inside me.

However, I could see that look in his eye that he liked me for more than a fuck buddy. He considers himself to be pagan, but comes from an incredibly Christian family that he hides his beliefs from. He's a textbook romantic, and although I've been known to have those tendencies, I discourage them in him. He doesn't need his heart broken by the likes of me.


A while back I got a text from A around 2:30 in the morning. It woke me was one of those rare nights that I actually went to bed at a decent hour. He wanted to come over, and while I was still rather drowsy, I agreed. I moved since I'd seen him last, so I gave him directions to my place, and went and sat on a porch chair. By the time he arrived, I'd passed out in the chair.

We went upstairs, and he knows to undress as soon as we're alone together. We had a nice leisurely fuck...I rode his thick cock for a while until my knees couldn't take it anymore, and then we traded positions. He must have really needed me, because he came rather quickly, filling me with his stickiness. He rolled off me and commented that I probably wouldn't remember this in the morning. He left as he needed to work in a few hours, and apparently ran into my roommate who had just drunkenly come in on his way out.

When I did wake up, it felt like a dream, but in checking my phone, I realized he had indeed been there. It's so nice to have someone in my life that likes no nonsense sex.

I've hung out with NF a few times and I have trouble reading her. One of these I'm just gonna kiss her and see what happens. The last time she was here, she brought a couple of friends, and I swear one of them was staring at me the whole time. She seemed like a classic softball dyke, and I was wearing a shirt that was a little low cut, but maybe I'm just imagining things. It's been much to long since I've had the opportunity to pleasure a woman...I miss it.

RH mentioned that he wanted to see me again,and since nothing else was really going on, I invited him over on Sunday. He canceled on me, saying he heard from old friends he wanted to see. He ended up here the next day. I came home from work and took a nap when I should have been cleaning and taking a shower. As soon as he got here, he climbed in bed with me, and got a little overeager. Right then, I got a text from C, who was wanting to take a break from work to see me. I was rather annoyed at this point, because I knew that even if somehow the sex with C was bad, it would still probably be better than anything most people could come up with. I went and took a shower, leaving RH in my bed, and continued to text C. I wanted him so much, yet I had to settle for this amateur.

The sex was average...I came but not hard. He wanted to fuck again much too soon after the first time which left me a little sore. However, the second time he shifted his weight to the side and he fell over as he was still inside me, and began fucking me as we were sideways, and he'd never done that. I think he rather enjoyed it, and it was a different sensation for me as well. He got annoyed at himself that he wasn't able to cum a second time, and I was grateful when he gave up because it was getting rather uncomfortable.

As I went to clean up, I texted C again to mention how uneventful that was, and how I wished it had been him. He said "that was fast", and said he'd gotten himself off thinking of me. I couldn't wait to see him again...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Recognition feels pretty good...

So I got all excited when I had been featured on Sexoteric, but who could I tell? I don't share this blog with people I know in real life, really. Saves on jealousy and drama...two things I can't stand. People know the blog exists, but they don't know where it is.

But when I mentioned to JR that I had been featured somewhere, the immediate reaction was "Were you on Fleshbot? Cause it's nothing until you're on there." I said no, but I got my Sitemeter report today and my hits had skyrocketed the last few days...turns out I have been on the Sex Blog Roundup. Twice! I'm such an idiot for not subscribing. This has since been remedied.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

So, I'm walking home from work...

...and I get fucked. Funny how that works.

I leave work an hour late, and as I'm walking out the door I call my roommate and make plans to meet him at a local coffee shop. This is maybe a ten minute walk, if that. On my way, I run into NF, who's back in town and really wants to hang out. She looks gorgeous, and I make a mental note to call her really soon.

As I keep walking down the street, I run into another friend and I stop to chat. We have a conversation about drugs and we exchange numbers so that we can connect about that later.

I continue my journey, and I see a local well known DJ across the street...his hair is unmistakable. He's talking to someone that I can't quite see, but as I get closer, I realize that it's C. As I walk up to say hi, said DJ goes on his way and we stand there, staring at each other.

He has this ridiculous power over me...just seeing him standing there in a white button up shirt, messy from an earlier job, the curls of his hair just begging to be touched. We chat awkwardly for a moment, then he turns back the way I came from and says, "Walk with me to get some gum." I thought he meant to the drugstore down the street, but we go back to his office. As he sits at his desk and fumbles through a drawer, I'm reminded of the first time we kissed...and almost got caught. He was sitting and I was leaning over him, his hand in my shirt, his lips felt perfect over mine and the sensation was connected directly to my cunt, making me instantly wet. Unfortunately, someone walked in and it was really awkward for a bit, but it was moments like that that made me want him so badly for so long. Apparently, he still wanted me too.

"Come downstairs and help me find a tool."

And by tool, he meant his cock. His huge, hard, delicious cock. He went to the bathroom, and then came back out and shut the door to the room right outside the bathroom, and kissed me. His kiss makes me melt into the floor, nothing could have stopped it. His pants were still undone, so I reached down and felt his hardening cock, and he said how much he wanted to feel my lips around him. I dropped to my knees and took his thickness into my mouth. God, he has the most beautiful cock I've ever seen. I reveled in the smoothness of his cock in my mouth.

"This is going to be the fastest quickie in history."

He has me stand up and I undo my pants and he turns me around and all of a sudden my dripping cunt is stuffed full of cock. I was having to be so quiet as he fucked me, but as he entered me, I know I gasped a little loudly. I was grasping onto the air as my pussy grabbed onto his throbbing cock. I needed release so badly. I whispered that I love his cock, as he thrusted deeper into me. He pressed his thumb against my asshole as he slammed into me repeatedly. I nearly bloodied my lip trying to stay quiet, because it felt so deliciously naughty to be taken from behind like that when two of his coworkers were right upstairs.

I leaned forward a little farther, and his cock head began to rub my g-spot in such a way that sent me right over the edge. I think my orgasm sent him over the edge, too, as I felt him shoot deep into my cunt. He quickly withdrew and began to go clean up, leaving me with a huge glob of his cum running down my inner left leg. He tossed me some tissues, and within moments, we were back upstairs, and he was interrogating his coworkers about the "tool" he was missing.

I went and met my roommate as though nothing had happened, but I could still feel his thickness inside me. We exchanged a few texts...I asked if he saw that he'd covered me in cum, and he said that he was too busy reacting to expelling it to notice. He said that he loved my gasp when I took his cock, and that knew he'd take a risk when he saw me because if he stays away from me for too long, that I start intruding on his mind. If only he knew how much I think about him...I can't wait to see him again.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cock For Lunch

ML messaged me online yesterday morning while I was at work. He started talking about how he really wanted to have a repeat of last time. Apparently he likes messing around with me, but needs to be in a relationship to really have sex. Which I find amusing...I get to fuck him but he doesn't fuck me. Such an interesting dynamic.

He wanted to mess around after work, but then wanted to know what I was doing for lunch. I hadn't made any plans, so I agreed to meet him. His plan was for him to pick me up, run by my house to get my toys, and then go to his place.

When we got to his place, I reminisced for a moment about how I remembered that house (it really is a small town) and then headed upstairs to his bedroom. We kissed, and decided that clothes were unnecessary. He sat on the couch, and I assumed my position on the floor. He smiled as I took his cock into my mouth. It was so fabulously dirty, taking a break from contracts and spreadsheets to enjoy some delicious cock.

After a fair amount of mouth attention, he asked if I'd lick his ass. He's so into it that it's hard to resist. I figured we'd move onto the bed for him to get on all fours, but instead, he worked his way down onto the couch and put his legs in the interesting angle.

After licking and probing his ass for a while, I mused about how much he liked it. He wondered how anyone could not like that feeling. I then got in the toy box and pulled out that trusty purple butt plug and made sure is hole was nice and wet and slid it in. I had fun fucking him with it for a moment, and then he angled his cock downward so I could suck and fuck him simultaneously. I made a nice rhythm my mouth and the toy, alternating them, then moving them in tandem. It didn't take long to get him to the edge, at which point I pressed the toy deep into him, and he grabbed his cock and jerked it a few times until he exploded in my mouth. He came so much harder with the toy in his ass, and I swallowed every tasty drop.

We traded places, and he began to finger my clit. He found my favorite dildo, and slid it into my dripping pussy...sucking cock always makes me so wet. I nearly lost it when he shoved it's full length inside me as his tongue found my hard clit. I so love the feeling of being full and being licked at the same time. I like to imagine that's it a hard cock coming at me from behind, and a pretty girl underneath me, tonguing at my pussy. The kicker for that would be her delicious cunt in front of my face, just waiting to be eaten.

Back in reality, ML was commenting on how loud I was being. It felt that's what I do. He looked a little dazed, and he mentioned that he just did the typical "guy thing" of getting off and then getting really tired. I could tell that it would be pointless to have him continue, even thought I had been building up to something big. I motioned for him to sit next to me on the couch.

We entertained ourselves for a few moments with idle chit-chat, and then realized I should probably get back to work. We stopped back at my house to return the toys, and picked up something to eat for a more nutritious lunch, and I was still back at work with 10 minutes to spare.