Tuesday, July 22, 2008


...of the last few weeks.

Met a new guy, RH, over the holiday weekend. Let's just say that homemade chicken parmesan can get you everywhere. Sometimes I like being with inexperienced boys cause I like to see how they react to certain things, like my tongue circling their cock or me climbing on top of him. Over the course of the evening we fucked three times. He wasn't terribly adventurous, but I got him to try a few things. I can't believe he'd never done it doggy style before. We even tried it in a chair at one point. He had said that his last girlfriend had complained that he was too large for her, but I found that he fit quite nicely deep inside me.

However, I could see that look in his eye that he liked me for more than a fuck buddy. He considers himself to be pagan, but comes from an incredibly Christian family that he hides his beliefs from. He's a textbook romantic, and although I've been known to have those tendencies, I discourage them in him. He doesn't need his heart broken by the likes of me.


A while back I got a text from A around 2:30 in the morning. It woke me up...it was one of those rare nights that I actually went to bed at a decent hour. He wanted to come over, and while I was still rather drowsy, I agreed. I moved since I'd seen him last, so I gave him directions to my place, and went and sat on a porch chair. By the time he arrived, I'd passed out in the chair.

We went upstairs, and he knows to undress as soon as we're alone together. We had a nice leisurely fuck...I rode his thick cock for a while until my knees couldn't take it anymore, and then we traded positions. He must have really needed me, because he came rather quickly, filling me with his stickiness. He rolled off me and commented that I probably wouldn't remember this in the morning. He left as he needed to work in a few hours, and apparently ran into my roommate who had just drunkenly come in on his way out.

When I did wake up, it felt like a dream, but in checking my phone, I realized he had indeed been there. It's so nice to have someone in my life that likes no nonsense sex.

I've hung out with NF a few times and I have trouble reading her. One of these I'm just gonna kiss her and see what happens. The last time she was here, she brought a couple of friends, and I swear one of them was staring at me the whole time. She seemed like a classic softball dyke, and I was wearing a shirt that was a little low cut, but maybe I'm just imagining things. It's been much to long since I've had the opportunity to pleasure a woman...I miss it.

RH mentioned that he wanted to see me again,and since nothing else was really going on, I invited him over on Sunday. He canceled on me, saying he heard from old friends he wanted to see. He ended up here the next day. I came home from work and took a nap when I should have been cleaning and taking a shower. As soon as he got here, he climbed in bed with me, and got a little overeager. Right then, I got a text from C, who was wanting to take a break from work to see me. I was rather annoyed at this point, because I knew that even if somehow the sex with C was bad, it would still probably be better than anything most people could come up with. I went and took a shower, leaving RH in my bed, and continued to text C. I wanted him so much, yet I had to settle for this amateur.

The sex was average...I came but not hard. He wanted to fuck again much too soon after the first time which left me a little sore. However, the second time he shifted his weight to the side and he fell over as he was still inside me, and began fucking me as we were sideways, and he'd never done that. I think he rather enjoyed it, and it was a different sensation for me as well. He got annoyed at himself that he wasn't able to cum a second time, and I was grateful when he gave up because it was getting rather uncomfortable.

As I went to clean up, I texted C again to mention how uneventful that was, and how I wished it had been him. He said "that was fast", and said he'd gotten himself off thinking of me. I couldn't wait to see him again...


dickie dick said...

sooooo....why didn't you go over and fuck C immediately to make up for the bad sex??
(actually is there such a thing as bad sex??)

Sexual Adventurer said...

C's in a relationship...so we see each other seldomly. But I think that adds to the passion we have when we do see each other.

The sex wasn't bad, it was just disappointing. I do have some standards.

Rogue said...

You sound annoyed. Maybe frustrated? Bored?

Sexual Adventurer said...

Rogue -

A little of both, actually. Sometimes it's difficult to find a truly satisfying experience. New posts coming soon that are a little better. :)