Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sometimes we make out for a while first.
Sometimes his hands are in my panties before I know it.
Sometimes my mouth is magnetically attracted to his cock.
Sometimes I just have to have him taste me.
Sometimes I beg to be spanked.
Sometimes he spanks me anyway.
Sometimes hard.
Sometimes he fucks me with his fingers.
Sometimes I cum all over him.
Sometimes he talks dirty.
Sometimes we talk about fucking other girls.
Sometimes he enters me from behind.
Sometimes he puts his full weight on me.
Sometimes I feel as though his cock is splitting me in two.
Sometimes I rub my clit.
Sometimes I'm on top.
Sometimes he flexes his muscles so it rubs me just the right way inside.
Sometimes I bounce up and down uncontrollably.
Sometimes I grind my clit up against his body.
Sometimes I slowly allow him to enter my ass.
Sometimes I scream at the top of my lungs.
Sometimes I wonder if I wake up the neighbors.
Sometimes we spoon-fuck.
Sometimes he rubs my clit.
Sometimes I grind into him so hard I hurt in the morning from using muscles I didn't know I had.
Sometimes I'm tired afterwards.
Sometimes I'm hungry.

Always, I am satisfied.