Sunday, March 13, 2011

A spanking lesson...

Randomly at the bar on a Sunday, and I run into SM of course.  The place is pretty dead but we get invited to hang out with some people we've met there.  Turns out I vaguely know the people whose house we end up at, and hung out til 4am, blasting various things on vinyl and generally being ridiculous.  Seeing as I have to work in the morning, I keep hoping that SM decides he's ready to leave at some point as clearly I want to go with him either to his place or mine.  I thought he went to the bathroom at one point, and when he doesn't return for quite some time, I go back to that part of the house to realize he's dipped out the back door and disappears.  Slightly angry, I say goodnight and start my trek home alone.

As I'm walking in my front door, I feel my pocket vibrating.  He's calling me to come over, and explains that his conversation with a guy at the party was pissing him off and that he needed to leave before the situation escalated.  I guess that was a smart move?  I agreed to come over only because I was still dressed and had my coat on and I had been waiting to hang out with him all night.  Had I already been in bed...I probably would have stayed there or told him to come to me.

We went straight to bed as soon as we got there considering the time and all. He begins to kiss me, intensely, and then lies back and says something a bit surprising. "Why don't you make a move?"  Usually he's all about making the moves, and seeing as I've always felt a little lucky to even know him let alone be in bed with him, I've always been happy to go with the flow of the situation.

I figure he said this for one of three reasons. a) He was tired and wanted me to "make moves" so to speak because he was took drunk and didn't have the energy.  b)  He actually wanted me to dominate him, at least in that moment.  c) This was code for "give me a blowjob".

At that moment, I didn't care what the reason was, I just wanted him. No thoughts, just went for his fly,  taking him in my mouth.  He was only semi-hard but I still enjoyed the feel of him there.

In retrospect, the answer to the above question was c), as it wasn't long before he insisted on reaching between my legs, turning me around, fingering me and burying his face into my cunt. 

Perhaps he had a hangnail or something because his fingering hurt at first but eventually became wet enough from his licking.  He's never had problems finding my g-spot but somehow the combination of his fingers ministrations and his mouth created a unique experience for a few moments. He was confused because he didn't seem to think he was doing anything new. I tried to explain via hand gestures but it was too dark to truly understand. I just didn't get why he stopped because whatever he was doing felt amazing.

He got up for a moment and returned to find me face down on the bed, still rather turned on. He laid on top of me for a moment (a feeling I love), then he gives my ass a playful smack and falls to the bed next to me. I tell him not to tease and lament that I no longer have someone that can seem to spank me properly.  He steps up to the plate, suddenly barraging my right ass cheek with all of his might. One of my hands moves to my cunt, my other grasping at whatever was around, blankets, pillows, his arms.

He lays closer to me, absorbing my energy, and continues his assault. I make sounds that if overheard could perhaps sound more abusive than pleasurable. I shifted away from him slightly, trying to get him to realize that my left ass cheek could also use the attention, and he took the hint. I begin to orgasm, simultaneously wanting him to pause so I could concentrate on cumming, and never wanting him to stop, to be able to bask in the pain/pleasure combination forever.  I was in another world...I'm not sure if he realized the effect he had on me in those moments. I lost track of how many times I came. I eventually rolled over and pulled him close. I needed to be tangled in him after such an experience.

He asked what that does for me and I had trouble explaining...I was still pumped full of adrenaline and it's not easy to describe how pain can transform into pleasure in the right situation. I invited him to see how wet it makes me and he seemed amazed. I passed out soon after, very pleased.

When we woke up, my ass was still a bit sore...I looked forward to seeing if he'd left any marks.