Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just another Manic Monday...

SM is not too into texting, but he sent me a couple of messages just after midnight.

"Do you want to come over tonight?"

(10 minutes later)

"I want to play with you right now."

I was dead asleep, but soon after that he called and woke me up. Such a lovely voice to wake up to. I took a quick shower and was on my way.

As I walk into his place I see his computer screen displaying a bunch of porn video thumbnails. No descriptions, just a screenshot of each. He tells me to pick one. So I don't have to get up, I say "the one with the big boobs on the left" and let him decide which one that is.

His lack of a furniture piece made for more than one person can be frustrating at times, but it just means that when he does sit with me on his recliner he's basically sitting in my lap.

He starts to fondle my tits as we try to get into the office threesome scene unfolding in front of us. The terrible dialogue was turning us both off.

"Perhaps we should move." He gestures to the bedroom.

We immediately fall to the bed, kissing, hands everywhere, clothes flying. He reaches between my legs but I'm not too wet to I suggest that he spank me to get things going.

"I really like spanking you." After several hard swats I guided his hand to touch me again so he could see the difference it makes. Next thing I know my legs are near my head and he's sliding inside me. Fast, frantic fucking, like he didn't want anything else in that moment but to pound me. It was beautiful.

He took a break for a second and I asked if he would fuck me from behind, something I had been craving since I hadn't seen much of CW lately. I prepared myself for awesomeness but I think the alcohol got the best of him at that point and it just didn't happen. I was a little disappointed and laid there rather frustrated.

He got up to get some water and got a phone call. When he returned, he found me face down, touching myself. He laid on top of me, which I think he was only going to do for a second but I told him not to move. I continued what I was doing, enjoying the weight of his body as resistance as I ground my cunt against my hand. I begged him to tell me something dirty. His warm breath in my ear with that accent telling me how much he likes to make me cum sent me soaring over the edge.

After that he rolled me over and dove his face into my pussy, desperately lapping up my juices and creating even more, contorting his body in such a manner that his cock was conveniently in front of my face.

He slides two fingers inside me, then asks me how he can make it better, how he can make me cum even harder. I let on that the most sensitive spot is actually right under my clit, something he has definitely remembered.

We're lazily playing with each other, when I think of a song to put on since there was strangely no music being played. If there are any lesbians reading this, they'll shoot me for having put on Melissa Ferrick's "Drive", but that song really turns me on. I did mention that it was actually about girls going at it as I climbed on top of him. After riding him to a few more orgasms, I was spent, exhausted.

"I think you can guess what I want." I was too out of it to know what he could possibly desire at that moment and told him so as he began to rub my shoulders.

"I want to put my dick in your mouth." It was less what he said and more how he said it, a dirty need of his more than just a request that got me hot. I mustered up some energy and settled between his legs. He tried to get me to stay where I was so he could at least touch my pussy, but I really just wanted to concentrate on him this time, to focus on how he felt in my mouth, to experiment with his foreskin, to be able to pay attention to the sounds he was making and his motions. His hands on my head, gently guiding my mouth to be penetrated deeper. I loved it.

All of this ended when he got up out of bed, turned around and tells me that I seem to have a high opinion of him that he doesn't deserve. This completely floored me, and I respond by saying that I don't know why he gives me the time of day but I try really hard not to question it. The mood turned from sexy to emotional quite fast - I figured that he may have wanted that in the first place but was operating under a guise of sex to get me into his bed.

He says that he doesn't know why he gives anyone the time of day, so naturally I ask him "Then why am I here?"

"Because I care about some people, yourself included."

"I would ask why but I know you wouldn't tell me."

"I don't really know, myself."

"Maybe it's because I can see past how most people see you, and I still like you."

He smiles, and kisses me deeply, which leads to him eliciting a few more orgasms out of me before we fall asleep to the sound of the rain, coiled in each other.

When I wake up, he's facing away from me. I kiss his back, and wrap my leg around him.

"Every morning before I go to work I get myself off thinking about you, so why should this morning be any different? Except it's better this time because you are here."

I began touching myself with him pressed into my side, kissing and touching me all over. I made myself cum, then rolled over, feeling his hardness and pressing it into me. I mounted him, taking what I needed from him. I was so wet that he kept falling out, so I rolled over onto a pillow so as to get the perfect penetration angle. As he's fucking me, my phone alarm went off, so I threw it across the room.

We exhausted each other, and I reset the alarm for 20 more minutes of sleep. I notice him touching himself under the blanket so I dive my head under the covers and enjoy the taste of myself on his cock. I lament that I can't figure out how to make him cum and ask if he could show me so maybe I could learn from how he does it. I lay next to him, touching and kissing him as he brings himself closer and closer to the edge. He grabs me intensely as he orgasms.

"You get it now?"

"No, you grabbed me and I couldn't see. We'll have to try that again sometime."

I had to go to work but I really didn't want to, it seemed much preferable to stay in bed...maybe he'd cover me with his cum the next time.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

So where do we stand?

The last few times I hung out with SM, nothing sexual happened. We either listened to music or comedy and then went to bed and cuddled. Cute, worthwhile moments but not really something to write home about. I've been traveling a lot lately so seeing him had been inconsistent. When I got back from my most recent trip, I really wanted to see him. He rarely texts and I was still on edge about calling, so I looked for him at his favorite hangouts, but to no avail.

I sent a simple "What's happening?" text with no response around midnight. I stayed at our favorite bar until they kicked me out, hoping he might show. I was far too awake at that point but went home for lack of something to do. At 3 am, my phone rings.

"Hello?" I answer.

"Hey." It was SM.

"What's up?"

"We could do this all night."

I had no idea what he meant or what the rest of his night had consisted of, so I figured I should ask what he wanted directly. There was a long pause before he answered with slightly slurred speech.

"I want you...to meet me...at my house. I'm headed there now."

I arrive, and we make small talk with his roommate in the living room. The two of them had attended a show at a different bar and were pretty drunk. The roommate went to make food, so we were there alone. I wasn't sure what to expect sitting there.

He put his arm around me, and I fell into him naturally. As much as I love sex, sometimes it's just nice to be held close. A ridiculous song came on a mix his roommate was playing, and he laughs. I asked what he'd put on instead.

"Nina Simone."

"Sounds perfect."

He kissed me.

"We had better go downstairs then."

I expected to sit in his recliner, watch him drink wine and wait for an undetermined amount of time for something to happen. Instead I sat in his computer chair as he put on the aforementioned music, then went back upstairs to fill his water bottle. He returned, just standing in the middle of the room with a blank look on his face. I got up.

"You can have your chair."

He shakes his head and gestures toward his bedroom.

We climb in bed, clothed. I assume we are going to sleep, something I wouldn't have been sad about. We curl into each other, Nina singing her heart out in the next room. I am content.

After many motionless moments, he kisses me deeply. We get tangled in each other, are all over the bed. He pulls me on top of him, his hands are everywhere. I pull off my shirt and throw it across the room. He attacks my left breast with his mouth and rolls me over. His hand reaches up to my face, and I take a finger into my mouth, sucking deeply.

"I learned that trick in the 7th grade. The idea transfers nicely." Of course I couldn't JUST suck on his fingers, there were more important things to suck on.

We contort ourselves into a version of 69, rolling around, trying to keep our mouths in contact with each other. I try to take him as deeply as possible and he moans a bit into my cunt and he licks me furiously. After a few orgasms, we stop to breathe.

He tells me that if there's anything he could ever do to make it better, that I should let him know. I let on that I like to be spanked, and love being fucked from behind. At the bar a while back, I had mentioned a video to him, one that CW had shown me, of Nina Hartley giving a lesson on how to eat pussy. I brought it back up, saying that while what he had been doing to me was excellent, this video might give him a few ideas.

Still naked, we shared his recliner and watched. It's only about 10 minutes...I pointed out the parts that I particularly liked. He seemed unimpressed. I was mildly embarrassed, but figured it couldn't hurt.

Later, we end up back in bed, and whether it was conscious or unconscious, his ministrations on my cunt had become more advanced. It was so delicious having my g-spot massaged as he licked right underneath my clit. It left me begging for his cock to be inside me.

He was hesitant at first...but after a while the passion got the better of us and he slid into my dripping cunt. He couldn't fuck me hard enough...I needed it so much. He never orgasms when we fuck, he just seems to decide when it's over and rolls off. Somewhat disappointing, but he doesn't seem to mind too much.

As I lie there trying to catch my breath, something occurs to me.

"Turnabout is fair play. What are you into?"

He laughs a little and then tells me that he likes anal, being scratched and bitten in the heat of passion, and that he likes it when the girl is in control. So noted!

I was still all worked up and he was looking like he was going to pass out, so as he was laying on his back, I cuddled up to him, breathing dirty talk into his ear. My hips subconsciously rocked against his body, I couldn't help it.

"This morning, before work, I got myself off thinking about you. Bending me over a random piece of furniture, tearing my pants down and fucking my ass."

He seemed to like this line of conversation. He could tell I was still hot and bothered so he reached between my legs to give me a few more orgasms because he knew I was in need. I love that he didn't leave me hanging. Eventually, I had come enough that I passed out along with him.

When we awoke in the morning, he couldn't keep his hands off me. My leg wrapped around his body, our flesh grinding against each other, all very intense, but curiously devoid of kissing for quite some time. Somehow that made it even hotter. My nails firmly pressed into the skin of his back, his leg slips between mine where he discovered my desires had gotten the better of me. A combination of my hips grinding against him and his leg pressing into me, almost imperceptibly moving back and forth sent me over the edge, drenching him. His lips on my neck, my teeth baring into his shoulder as I came again and again.

He lays in a few good spanks even with my body plastered to him, then easily slips two fingers into my cunt from behind. I writhe against his touch, nearly fucking his fingers. I can't get enough of him. Eventually he rolls me onto my back and pushes my knees to my chest. I grab a pillow and place it under my hips to improve the angle. No slow motion here, he immediately slides all the way in and starts fucking me with abandon. I couldn't argue one bit, I needed exactly that. Sometimes when in that position I throw my head back and lose myself, but with him, looking at how gorgeous he is only added to the turn on.

It always seems to end a little too soon...I really want him to cum from fucking me. Someday. He never leaves me unsatisfied though, his fingers instantaneously found all the necessary spots and made me cum until even I was over-sensitized and was done.

These are the moments where all I want to do is fall back asleep in his embrace, but alas, he had to go to work. I watched him dress, marveling at his exquisite body.

Damn, am I a lucky girl or what?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sometimes a quickie is all you need...

CW had volunteered to take me to the airport for my most recent trip. He arrived early and hung out while I showered. As I'm finishing packing, he asks what time my flight is and wonders aloud if I have time for a quick fuck. He's still in his pajama pants, and I can see that he's already hard by the tent his cock has created. How can a girl resist?

We both stripped and hopped into bed...we have no use for clothing but I left my panties on for a little tease. While not the greatest kisser, it's not his lips I'm interested in, it's his cock. I dove for it...the feeling of his huge thickness in my mouth makes me so wet. After a bit I leaned up to kiss him and his fingers expertly found their way under my panties and between my folds. One orgasm from rubbing my clit, then he reached inside me and made my entire body shake from just the smallest movements of his fingertips on my g-spot. There is something to be said for a lover that pays attention to your body in that manner.

"Spank me. It's been far too long."

I flip over, bury my face in a pillow. He ripped off my panties in one swift motion, exposing my bare ass to his large hands. The anticipation is almost too much. Sometimes I rub my clit when getting spanked, but since I'd already cum a few times, I wanted to focus on the pain, to see how much I could take. If I focused enough, could I orgasm from it?

He has definitely perfected how to spank me. There are so many variables, not just how hard to hit, but where on the body and the pace...consistent or sporatic, fast or slow. Somehow he is able to read me and know exactly how I need it. The most sensitive part of my ass, where it joins my thigh is the perfect spot...he starts slowly and builds up pace, alternating sides every couple of strokes. It's ungodly delicious and my cunt begins to pour juices and I make inhuman sounds. Just what I needed.

I think he may have noticed that I wasn't touching myself this time. As I begin to squirm from the spanking being a bit too intense, he quickly switched from spanking into inserting two fingers deep into my cunt and massaging my g-spot once again. I cum so intensely I get a little dizzy. The absolute perfect pain-pleasure combo.

"Fuck me. For the love of everything I need your giant cock inside me right the fuck now."

I remain face down, grab my body pillow, fold it in half and place it under me to prop up my hips. Before I know it, his massive cock is balls deep inside me and then just stops. I cum immediately, my pussy throbbing around him just from being filled. I can barely take a breath before unleashes an all out assault on my cunt. At first he was on his knees, but as he's fucking me as hard as he can he leans forward and pins me to the bed. Being taken just like that is one of my favorite feelings, my go-to fantasy.

CW had recently sustained a rib injury, so he was sadly unable to keep up this pace or position. Not to be dismayed, he rolled over and pulled me on top of him.

"Bounce on my cock."

Didn't have to tell me twice. My turn to use him for my pleasure. I often will use his chest as leverage for this position but I couldn't due to his injury. I tried the wall but eventually just ended up flailing my arms and grabbing at my hair as I ground myself on his cock. I couldn't stop cumming, I just needed more and more and more of him. Eventually I felt his hands on my hips and some pointed deep thrusts as he came with me. I took all the energy I had not to just collapse onto him.

I rolled off, completely sated and out of breath. All of that took 15, 20 minutes tops but was absolutely exactly what I had been craving.