Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just another Manic Monday...

SM is not too into texting, but he sent me a couple of messages just after midnight.

"Do you want to come over tonight?"

(10 minutes later)

"I want to play with you right now."

I was dead asleep, but soon after that he called and woke me up. Such a lovely voice to wake up to. I took a quick shower and was on my way.

As I walk into his place I see his computer screen displaying a bunch of porn video thumbnails. No descriptions, just a screenshot of each. He tells me to pick one. So I don't have to get up, I say "the one with the big boobs on the left" and let him decide which one that is.

His lack of a furniture piece made for more than one person can be frustrating at times, but it just means that when he does sit with me on his recliner he's basically sitting in my lap.

He starts to fondle my tits as we try to get into the office threesome scene unfolding in front of us. The terrible dialogue was turning us both off.

"Perhaps we should move." He gestures to the bedroom.

We immediately fall to the bed, kissing, hands everywhere, clothes flying. He reaches between my legs but I'm not too wet to I suggest that he spank me to get things going.

"I really like spanking you." After several hard swats I guided his hand to touch me again so he could see the difference it makes. Next thing I know my legs are near my head and he's sliding inside me. Fast, frantic fucking, like he didn't want anything else in that moment but to pound me. It was beautiful.

He took a break for a second and I asked if he would fuck me from behind, something I had been craving since I hadn't seen much of CW lately. I prepared myself for awesomeness but I think the alcohol got the best of him at that point and it just didn't happen. I was a little disappointed and laid there rather frustrated.

He got up to get some water and got a phone call. When he returned, he found me face down, touching myself. He laid on top of me, which I think he was only going to do for a second but I told him not to move. I continued what I was doing, enjoying the weight of his body as resistance as I ground my cunt against my hand. I begged him to tell me something dirty. His warm breath in my ear with that accent telling me how much he likes to make me cum sent me soaring over the edge.

After that he rolled me over and dove his face into my pussy, desperately lapping up my juices and creating even more, contorting his body in such a manner that his cock was conveniently in front of my face.

He slides two fingers inside me, then asks me how he can make it better, how he can make me cum even harder. I let on that the most sensitive spot is actually right under my clit, something he has definitely remembered.

We're lazily playing with each other, when I think of a song to put on since there was strangely no music being played. If there are any lesbians reading this, they'll shoot me for having put on Melissa Ferrick's "Drive", but that song really turns me on. I did mention that it was actually about girls going at it as I climbed on top of him. After riding him to a few more orgasms, I was spent, exhausted.

"I think you can guess what I want." I was too out of it to know what he could possibly desire at that moment and told him so as he began to rub my shoulders.

"I want to put my dick in your mouth." It was less what he said and more how he said it, a dirty need of his more than just a request that got me hot. I mustered up some energy and settled between his legs. He tried to get me to stay where I was so he could at least touch my pussy, but I really just wanted to concentrate on him this time, to focus on how he felt in my mouth, to experiment with his foreskin, to be able to pay attention to the sounds he was making and his motions. His hands on my head, gently guiding my mouth to be penetrated deeper. I loved it.

All of this ended when he got up out of bed, turned around and tells me that I seem to have a high opinion of him that he doesn't deserve. This completely floored me, and I respond by saying that I don't know why he gives me the time of day but I try really hard not to question it. The mood turned from sexy to emotional quite fast - I figured that he may have wanted that in the first place but was operating under a guise of sex to get me into his bed.

He says that he doesn't know why he gives anyone the time of day, so naturally I ask him "Then why am I here?"

"Because I care about some people, yourself included."

"I would ask why but I know you wouldn't tell me."

"I don't really know, myself."

"Maybe it's because I can see past how most people see you, and I still like you."

He smiles, and kisses me deeply, which leads to him eliciting a few more orgasms out of me before we fall asleep to the sound of the rain, coiled in each other.

When I wake up, he's facing away from me. I kiss his back, and wrap my leg around him.

"Every morning before I go to work I get myself off thinking about you, so why should this morning be any different? Except it's better this time because you are here."

I began touching myself with him pressed into my side, kissing and touching me all over. I made myself cum, then rolled over, feeling his hardness and pressing it into me. I mounted him, taking what I needed from him. I was so wet that he kept falling out, so I rolled over onto a pillow so as to get the perfect penetration angle. As he's fucking me, my phone alarm went off, so I threw it across the room.

We exhausted each other, and I reset the alarm for 20 more minutes of sleep. I notice him touching himself under the blanket so I dive my head under the covers and enjoy the taste of myself on his cock. I lament that I can't figure out how to make him cum and ask if he could show me so maybe I could learn from how he does it. I lay next to him, touching and kissing him as he brings himself closer and closer to the edge. He grabs me intensely as he orgasms.

"You get it now?"

"No, you grabbed me and I couldn't see. We'll have to try that again sometime."

I had to go to work but I really didn't want to, it seemed much preferable to stay in bed...maybe he'd cover me with his cum the next time.