Monday, December 14, 2009


It was always better when we strayed away from prescribed positions and became tangled in each other. My mouth on his cock, my back twisted in such a way that he could finger my dripping cunt with ease...caught between concentrating on the ministrations of my tongue on his thickness and the way he was massaging my g-spot. His need to taste me would have us changing our bearings once again so I could writhe and shake under his expert tongue. As much as we loved the pleasure each other's mouths brought us, the desire to become one would overtake us, and he would slip inside me at a moment not always expected, sometimes from an angle not premeditated, and I would cry out in the sheer perfection of being filled with him.

The glory achieved in finally being penetrated is always terribly short lived...I always crave more. I need to feel him move inside of me, to feel the friction deep inside in places it seems only his cock can find. It almost always leads to me being on top...he'll place me there, loving how I tease him and eventually use him for my own pleasure. But it is not all about me...despite me remaining above him, the power will shift and I find myself motionless as his strong arms hold me still and his cock drills into me from below. The sounds I make are barely human. He releases his hold and we move together, his legs spreading, my feet hooking around his thighs, preventing me from rising too high and him slipping out. Our motions become so fast it is difficult to believe that it is possible, strange that the intensity that I feel inside is pleasure and not pain. My orgasms roll into each other and couldn't be counted, even by a voyeur. I see his face begin to contort in the beginnings of his own intense pleasure, so I close my eyes and concentrate solely on bringing him over the edge. His cock expands ever so slightly, impaling me just a little deeper, and as he cries out in that final moment, I am brought to new unexpected heights. A kiss is the last thing I remember, as I must have been filled with a delicious sense of exhaustion.