Monday, December 14, 2009


It was always better when we strayed away from prescribed positions and became tangled in each other. My mouth on his cock, my back twisted in such a way that he could finger my dripping cunt with ease...caught between concentrating on the ministrations of my tongue on his thickness and the way he was massaging my g-spot. His need to taste me would have us changing our bearings once again so I could writhe and shake under his expert tongue. As much as we loved the pleasure each other's mouths brought us, the desire to become one would overtake us, and he would slip inside me at a moment not always expected, sometimes from an angle not premeditated, and I would cry out in the sheer perfection of being filled with him.

The glory achieved in finally being penetrated is always terribly short lived...I always crave more. I need to feel him move inside of me, to feel the friction deep inside in places it seems only his cock can find. It almost always leads to me being on top...he'll place me there, loving how I tease him and eventually use him for my own pleasure. But it is not all about me...despite me remaining above him, the power will shift and I find myself motionless as his strong arms hold me still and his cock drills into me from below. The sounds I make are barely human. He releases his hold and we move together, his legs spreading, my feet hooking around his thighs, preventing me from rising too high and him slipping out. Our motions become so fast it is difficult to believe that it is possible, strange that the intensity that I feel inside is pleasure and not pain. My orgasms roll into each other and couldn't be counted, even by a voyeur. I see his face begin to contort in the beginnings of his own intense pleasure, so I close my eyes and concentrate solely on bringing him over the edge. His cock expands ever so slightly, impaling me just a little deeper, and as he cries out in that final moment, I am brought to new unexpected heights. A kiss is the last thing I remember, as I must have been filled with a delicious sense of exhaustion.

Monday, September 7, 2009

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“I bet the secret thrill of this has your cock already climbing to attention.”

The Painter

“He says something, small talk, and I stutter something back, lost in the blue depths of his eyes.”

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Yet Another Reason You Should Buy a Vibrator

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anal all around...

He drove 45 minutes to see me. We met at a local bar, chatted a bit over a drink or two. Not normally my type...shorter than me, a scene kid. The more he talked, the more I realized he was very critical of people. But he liked my tits and wanted to be fucked in the ass. I decided to oblige.

We undressed quickly, got on the bed. I sucked his cock for a moment and then turned him over. I had all my toys and lube laid out, ready for him. He was nice and tight, so I opened him up with my fingers and then slid in my smaller plug. He really seemed to like it, and was even able to hold it inside. Moved on to the larger plug...he got it almost all the way in before he cried mercy. I loved seeing how hard it made him though.

We switched places for a while...he dove into my pussy. I came hard for him as he fingered me and mouthed my clit...I couldn't get enough. Then he decided he wanted to fuck. I got on all fours for him...I was really in the mood to get it from behind. It felt good, but everytime I would start to cum he would stop for some reason, which was frustrating. I fixed the problem by fingering my clit to send me over the edge. I then flipped over and bent my knees back so he could get in deeper. He made himself cum but I didn't cum with him...not a very good angle.

I hadn't had much sleep so I was a little tired by this point so we rested a bit. I didn't mind messing around with this kid, but I really had no desire to cuddle with him...a strange feeling. Sex for sex's sake, I guess.

We decided to get to what he came there for. A good fucking with a strap on. I always feel like I'm going to hurt people when I use such a thing in their ass, but he took it well. I leaned him over the edge of the bed, he had one foot on the floor and the other knee bent and up on the bed. This made for a good angle to slide my cock inside him. He insisted that I take photos of was a pretty hot sight, I have to admit.

After taking my time sliding in, I scratched my nails down his back and started a slow rhythm, in and out. I loved hearing the noises he made and my nails made marks that lasted a while. He eventually begged for it to be harder, and harder he got. I grabbed onto his hips and began to pound his tight little ass. His moans turned to grunts and it was really hot to have that power over him at that moment.

He eventually had enough, but had a hell of an erection that he didn't want to waste. I was rather tired by this point, so I traded places with him so I could be face down on the bed, standing on the floor. He started fucking me again, and I was rather uninterested until he started trying to put it in my ass. Didn't ask...I was like "you might want to use the lube for that". He smeared me with far too much lube (thank goodness I'd just gotten the gel kind) and slid into my ass.

His cock wasn't terribly impressive, but it was the perfect size for a good ass-fucking where I didn't have to worry about being torn in two. I rubbed my clit in a circular motion as I begged him to fuck my ass harder. He told me later that he'd never fucked a girl in the ass before, but I had no idea at that point. He rode my ass to three or four more of my orgasms. Delicious.

He then decided he wanted me to suck him off. He ripped off the condom, and as much as I hate the taste of such things, I figured it would be easier to oblige than to protest. He was trying to mess with the camera to take a picture while I was sucking him, but it was breaking his concentration, so I took the camera and threw it on the bed and made him pay attention to what I was doing. He'd read my previous post about ML that I'd emailed him, so he decided he wanted to cum on my face as well. I let him do so because I figured that if he'd already cum once, he couldn't make that much of a mess. He mostly just dripped down my lips and chin. He still seemed to enjoy himself, however.

We were both starving at this point, so we went on a mission to find food. The original plan was for him to crash at my place, but after that I sent him on his way.

Monday, June 22, 2009

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“I wasn’t sure how I felt about him. But tonight, I was sure.”

A Thousand Kisses

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Sex Work And Honesty: Religion

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

A much needed fucking...

It had only been a week, but god did I need him. Everything seemed to be getting in the way, so one night we made an escape to the privacy and seclusion of his place.

We started kissing almost as soon as we walked in the door. Clothing removed, I found his smooth cock standing straight out from his body. Without thinking, I was on my knees, sliding my tongue out to catch the drop of precum about to fall from the tip of him.

I love being on my knees in front of him even though my knees really don't like it. I love hearing him moan from above as I lick and suck. I love looking up at him, catching his eye as I take him farther in my mouth. He rolls his neck back and his knees get weak with pleasure. He can only stand for so long. Eventually he takes a step back and sits on the bed and leans back. I resume my place on the floor between his legs, kissing and licking the full sack in front of me, reaching up and stroking his ever hardening cock. I take him in my mouth again, while gently massaging him underneath his balls. I love hearing him moan when I do that.

The act of having a cock in my mouth makes me so so wet. I lean up to kiss up and roll onto my back, and he takes this as his cue to trade places. He kneels on the floor in front of me and I spread my legs for him. As soon as his tongue touches me, I'm close to cumming since it's been so long. He plays some of his tricks- licking the spot just below my clit, rubbing just the sides of my clit making me beg for it to be touched directly, and then sliding two fingers inside while sucking on my clit. This last move causes me to writhe and scream and nearly rip the sheets off the bed. I have to grab a pillow and hold on for dear life as my lower body squirms uncontrollably as he strives to maintain direct contact with his mouth to my cunt. The orgasms start rolling into each other and he relents only when he realizes I can no longer breathe. As soon as I can catch the tiniest of breaths I start begging for his cock.

He wraps up and tries to lie down on the bed but I redirect him to sit on the side of the bed. He reaches his arms back for balance and I lower my dripping cunt onto his thick erection. It was exactly what I needed. I grip his back, scratching him a bit, trying to hold on and not fall backwards as I move up and down. I can't seem to get him inside me as deep as I need him - I realize this position is better suited for a chair, so instead I lean him back flat on the bed and shift so that I can fully impale myself on him. It had been a long time since we fucked at his place - his bed has so much more bounce than mine that I was having a bit of trouble matching his pace as I began to quicken my movements. He sensed that I needed to be fucked hard and fast, so he grabbed me and held me close and still and began fucking me rapidly from underneath.

It was exactly what I needed. While I love being on top and being in control, sometimes I like that he can instantaneouly immobilize me and take over and fuck me the way I crave to be fucked. I screamed and came and screamed and came and eventually he let me take over the pace again. When I opened my eyes, I could see his face begin to contort as he was nearing his orgasm. I increased my pace and felt him expand ever so slightly inside of me as he began to cum. I immediately sat fully down on him, ground my clit against his body and came with him, grabbing onto his chest.

I collapsed onto him, his arms wrapped around me, his cock softening inside of me. We rearranged ourselves on the bed more properly to take a bit of a break. I hadn't had enough, and I was feeling a little dirty because of it. I told him that maybe I needed to be punished for still needing more after all of that. I rolled onto my stomach and he happily obliged me by reddening my ass with his large hands.

I love the way it feels to have his hands crashing down onto the tender parts of my backside. My pussy was flooded...a fact that did not escape him. He then discovered a huge weakness of mine...being fingered while face down. He slid two fingers inside of my juicy cunt, pressed down slightly to find my g-spot, and with the smallest of circular motions, made me writhe and scream and cum harder than ever. I swear nothing mattered at that moment except the explosionary feeling inside my core that never seemed to end. He was rather surprised that such a simple motion could have such an effect on me. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't even attempt to explain. After an unimaginable amount of orgasms, I passed out right there, face down, pussy juices leaking everywhere.

It was exactly what I had needed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conversations about Crossdressing (Early Morning Version)

9:46am   L  hey there

9:46am  SA  hey sexy.  what's up?

9:47am   L  just woke up, laying in bed, naked, with a rock hard cock :)   you?

9:47am  SA  mmm...  at work, sadly.  but i woke up this morning feeling a little randy. :)

9:49am   L you needed a long hard cock in your juicy little pussy?

9:50am  SA  a big cock like yours would be lovely right now.

9:50am   L  mmmmm...i really want your mouth wrapped around it

9:50am  SA  oh ps, i love love love that pic of you that you took of your look so delicious...mmm...

9:51am   L  :)  glad you enjoy it

9:52am  SA  i always enjoyed know that.

9:53am   L  i do...and very much likewise!

9:54am  SA yeah?  you seemed less than thrilled the last time i saw you. :/

9:54am   L  condoms dont really work for me...dont take offense :)

9:55am  SA  well, you know, a necessary evil. i now keep them in three sizes. :)

9:57am   L  nice.  i love how slutty we are :)

9:57am  SA  hehe.  well, i never know what will end up in my bed.

9:57am   L  exactly

9:58am  SA  there was a guy i slept with over the summer that reminded me of you...tall skinny big cock. very good times.

9:58am   L  mmmmmmm...sounds like the three of us would have had some fun

9:58am  SA  perhaps.  i think he was bi, now that i think of it.  he was in from out of friend's boyfriend's friend from home...if that makes sense.  funny, when my friend and him broke up, he tried to sleep with me front of her.  must have heard good things.

9:59am   L  he probably heard what a sexy little slut you are! :)

10:00am  SA  perhaps.  yeah, i chatted that guy up all night at a party and took him home with me, and then we did it again in the morning.

10:01am   L  did he have a big cock?

10:02am  SA  indeed. not quite as big as yours though. :)

10:02am   L  good girl :):)  i really want to play with your tits right now

10:05am  SA  yeah? they could use the attention. :)

10:05am   L  mmmmm...i'd love to give them what they need:  fondle them, squeeze them, suck on them, slide my cock between them

10:07am  SA  mmm...  Have you played around with any men lately?

10:11am   L  yeah, just one.

10:11am  SA  do tell.

10:11am   L  this hot drag queen...took me back to her place.  sucked each others cocks then i fucked her tight little ass

10:12am  SA  ooh, that's hot.  how did she take your big cock? :)

10:13am   L  like the dirty little slut he is :)

10:13am  SA  so naughty.

10:13am   L  very

10:14am  SA  so there's this guy that was friends with my roommates senior year (when you and i were fucking) that sent me a drunk message lst spring about how he's been fantasizing about me for years.  he ends up telling me that he wants me to fuck him with my strap on, so i do, and i come to find out later that he's got all sorts of other naughty fantasies.  [speaking of JS, of course]

10:15am   L  mmmmmmmmmmmmm

10:16am  SA  i never hooked up with him again (he was shy when not drunk) and he messaged me last night to tell me that he's been having crossdressing fantasies.  he wants me to catch him trying on my underwear and to punish him for it.

10:16am   L  fucking hot.  i love cross dressing.  my ex that we fucked together...i used to wear her panties sometimes when we fucked.

10:17am  SA  yeah? that's hot.  why did you have to go and move away? we could have had some downright dirty times. :)

10:18am   L  hah.  i know!  just the way it goes.

10:18am  SA  indeed.

10:22am   L  god damn my cock is hard talking to you

10:23am  SA  yeah? i can imagine you stroking it...what a beautiful thought.  got any other naughty fetishes i was unaware of?

10:25am   L  i love having my ass licked and played with

10:26am  SA  mmm...

10:27am   L  wanna lick? :)

10:27am  SA  i have a friend i met online that i finally got to meet in person recently (he was going to school overseas) and he wanted that done since no one he'd been with would ever entertain the thought.  it was really hot seeing how hard it made him.  [speaking of JL]

10:27am  SA  indeed i do.  (i'm getting all wet sitting here at my desk...)

10:28am   L  mmm...i want you to tongue fuck my little asshole.

10:32am  SA  ooh, that would be hott.

10:32am   L  yes it would be...tongue fuck my ass while you play with my big cock

10:34am  SA  oh yes.  and then i can trade...finger you, find that lovely spot that makes guys so hard as i take your thick cock in my mouth.  i want to watch your face, hear you moan as i work your cock...  god that makes me so wet just talking about it.  doing that would make me that much wetter...and dying to have your length deep inside me.

10:37am   L  fuck yeah.  thats so hot - finger fuck my ass while you gag on my cock.

10:38am  SA  mmm...

10:39am   L  i wish you could see how hard im stroking my cock right now

10:39am  SA  i want you to shoot that all over me, my face and my tits. i want to be covered in you...

10:40am   L  you want to be my little cum slut?

10:41am  SA  pretty please?

10:41am   L  say it ;-)

10:42am  SA  i want to be your naughty little cum slut.  do with me what you will.

10:43am   L  so naughty im stroking so hard for you 

10:45am  SA  mmm...maybe sometime i'll try to take you in my ass...see how far you can stretch me before i can't take it anymore.  would you like to have my tight ass wrapped around you?  i think it would be so hot to ride you with you deep in my ass. you could rub my clit and i would cum so hard for you.

10:47am   L  mmmmm fuck yeah. lube up your tight little asshole and slide my cock in nice and deep.  finger fuck your cunt and make you squirt all over my body

10:47am  SA  oh, fuck yes.  i would love being so full of you.  god i need to cum.  my panties are ruined for the rest of the day. ;)

10:48am   L  ooh,  i want to wear them.

10:49am  SA  you can put them on and then clean up this mess you made between my legs with your tongue.

10:49am   L  oh yeah, i want to drink your pussy juice

10:52am  SA oh yes.  get my pussy nice and ready for your cock. i want to get on all fours for can pound me from behind...pull my hair as you slip your thumb in my tight ass.  i want to see how deep you can get inside me.

10:53am   L  sooooo fucking hot

10:54am  SA  god i need your cock right now.

10:55am   L  and i need your cunt

10:57am   L  and i need to get ultra, nasty, dirty kinky with you

10:57am  SA  yes please!

10:57am   L  i mean really kinky...

10:57am  SA  such as?

10:57am   L  laying down in your shower so you can piss on me

10:57am  SA  ooh, naughty boy.

10:58am   L  very naughty.  im a total slut :)

10:58am  SA  and that's what i love about you.  cum for me yet? ;)

11:03am   L  not yet.  fantasizing about you standing over me in the shower

11:03am  SA  mmm, holding on, eh?  yeah? you want me to let go all over your face?

11:04am   L  yes, i want to taste it.

11:05am  SA so naughty.  you can lick me clean when i'm through. :)

11:06am   L  mmm...nasty.  i love it

11:06am  SA  i bet that would make your cock throb.

11:06am   L  it is.

11:07am  SA  tsk tsk

11:07am   L  i want you to make me your filthy whore

11:07am  SA  oh i can do that.  do you like to be spanked?

11:08am   L  yes

11:08am  SA  good...cause i have a riding crop that hasn't gotten much use.

11:08am   L  yea, make me your bitch

11:09am  SA  i can dress you in my panties and then redden your ass with my hand first and then the crop, telling you all the while what a dirty nasty slut you are.

11:10am  SA  then i can pull the panties to the side and slide the handle of the crop in your tight little ass while i rake my nails down your back.  i would tell you to be moan and tell me what it feels like and how naughty you are.

11:12am   L  oh my god thats hot.  i want you to totally dress me...panties, thigh highs, little skirt

11:12am  SA  turn you into a dirty little girl?

11:12am   L yes

11:13am  SA   take you over my knee and spank you like you deserve?

11:13am   L  yes... oh god yes.   spank me for being such a filthy slut

11:15am  SA  pull your hair, make you tell me all of the naughty things you've done that so i can decide on the proper punishment for each of them.

11:15am   L  yes!

11:15am  SA  i think the proper way to handle your naughty time with that drag queen would be for you to be fucked the way that she was.   bend you over the nearest object and hike up your your panties off and slide the large end of my double ended strap on deep inside of you.  see if you can take it like she did.  fuck your tight ass until i cum...

11:18am   L  fuck yeah...fuck me rough.  make it hurt.  abuse me.

11:19am  SA  oh yes.   nice and deep and hard, just the way you need it.

11:21am   L  mmmmmmm.  oh god, so hot.  i want people watching you rape me.

11:22am  SA  yeah?   you want boys or girls watching?  i think it should be boys so they can stroke their cocks while watching me fuck you silly.  i want you blindfolded. i don't want you to see them, i just want you to feel their presence, to hear them. to have to guess how many there are and what they are thinking.  i want them to take turns in front of you, making you pleasure them with your mouth as you take my cock deep in your ass.

11:25am   L  oh my fucking god thats hot

11:26am  SA  after they've each had a turn, i want to flip you over and pull you to the edge of the bed and let them each have 10 strokes in your tight little ass, not letting them cum inside you.  you have to get used to the various shapes and sizes of cock coming at you.

11:28am  SA  then i want them to stand around your face and finish themselves off on you.  i want you to taste the combination of their juices.  then, and only then, can you touch yourself and make yourself cum...while i shove and even larger toy in your ass...even larger than any of the cocks you've just had.

11:29am   L  that sounds amazing.  i just came so hard.

11:29am  SA  mmm, yes.   you like group sex fantasies where you're the center of attention?  did you make a mess? :)

11:33am   L  i just love group sex

11:33am  SA  haha me too.

11:33am   L  and yes i did.  all over my tummy.

11:33am  SA  mmm...i wish i were there to lick it off

11:35am   L  me too :)  god that was hot.  i am going to go clean up and take a shower.  i'll talk to you soon.

11:37am  SA  hehe, ok.  peace.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Conversations About Crossdressing (Late Night Version)

So I hear from JS out of the clear blue late one night.  Seems he's been fantasizing about me pretty often over the last year but is too afraid to talk to me about it.  Below is the conversation.  Somewhere in there is my email address...if you'd like to send me pictures too - be my guest!

JS: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

SA: what are you ughing at?

SA: silly

JS: you!! because i never got to be with you again before i left [town]!!

SA: i'm sorry?

JS: all your fault!!

SA: of course.

JS: why are you up so late

SA: it's not that late, really.

JS: ha well its only thursday!

SA: it's quiet now, though. everyone just left for a midnight movie

JS: why didnt you go?

SA: i haven't felt good all day, wanted the sleep more.

JS: then why are you up at midnight!!!

SA: i'm in bed

JS: sounds like fun!

SA: it is comfy, yes.

JS: you know whats weird, probably half the time i get off, im thinking about some fantasy with you in it

SA: oh really?

JS: creepy, i know

SA: not at all.

JS: you know you were my little fantasy girl

SA: hehe, that's so cute.

SA: what's funny about that is that you didn't even know me really

SA: how did you know i'd do what you wanted?

JS: i dont know, i felt comfortable on my hands and knees in front of you?

JS: thats good enough for me

SA: well you said i was your fantasy girl before that. Lol

JS: because you sent me picture with you in a strap on, which is amazing

JS: anything after that is fair game

SA: haha

JS: i need to make an appt in [town] soon with you i think?

SA: perhaps... :)

SA: i'll have my own place soon.

JS: well you could make a fortune catering to peoples fantasies

JS: such as creeps like me =)

SA: haha yeah, maybe i should charge people.

SA: i know a guy that gets off from just the idea of paying for it.

JS: ha yeah i know guys that make their cell phone payments from guys like that ha

JS: sooo how many guys have been in the spot i am?

SA: spot?

JS: wanting you to fulfill fantasies?

SA: oh plenty

JS: makes me feel special ha

SA: well, everyone has different fantasies you see.

JS: im sure mines not that original

JS: but it still gets me off at least once a week

SA: nice.

JS: oh man

SA: what?

JS: haha nothing

SA: right....

JS: just weird that i actually get to talk to you after about a year of fantasizing about you?

SA: you could have been talking to me this entire time, silly

JS: im not in [town]! it wouldve done no good

JS: couldnt have lived out what im thinking about

SA: sometimes it's fun to talk about though.

JS: uh huh.. well i didnt think you were into it

SA: some times are better than others.

JS: uh huh

JS: not like you ever think about me when i think about you ha

SA: there are many things that cross my mind. never be so sure.

JS: yeah but its different

SA: different how?

JS: i dont know, i just think about you more than is normal ha

JS: plenty of different situations youre in

SA: but see i'm weird and i like that

JS: i dunno.. shit gets kinky in my fantasies ha

SA: i do have a lot of things going on but i like knowing that people are out there thinking of me

SA: oh yeah?

JS: yeah im thinking of you.. just dont know if its anything you would be a part of ha

SA: try me

JS: hmm

JS: how graphic are we talking? and how disgusted are you going to be with me if its something weird?

SA: i don't judge

JS: hmmm welllllllllllllll

JS: are you going to share if i do?

SA: share what?

JS: i dont know. fantasies? i feel silly

SA: don't feel silly, sweetheart. you worry too much.

SA: most of my fantasies involve group sex.

JS: well one of mine does

JS: i have a few ha

JS: i worry because i feel silly?

JS: if that makes any sense

SA: you shouldn't feel silly feeling how you feel.

SA: it's ok, really.

JS: uh huh

JS: well we can alternate then

JS: you know you make me hard

SA: clearly.

SA: but you're all shy for no reason.

JS: im shy because my head wanders

JS: thats all

SA: wanders to where?

JS: creepy places ha

SA: such as?

JS: one involves crossdressing?

SA: oh yeah?

JS: likeee, you catching me dressing up in your clothes

SA: hott.

SA: and giving you a spanking?

JS: laying in bed in your panties...

JS: and you coming and fucking me like the girl im dressed up as

SA: what a naughty little girl.

JS: possibly bringing a guy in?

SA: yeah?

JS: i dunno yet

JS: i think i would much rather have just you in the room with me

SA: hehe, well it's fun to think about

JS: possibly if you blind folded me and told me what to do

JS: i couldnt do it alone

JS: but if i was told what to do...

SA: hehe, you like taking orders, eh? cause i like giving them.

JS: well you know i want you to bend me over.. sooo .. yeah i like taking orders

SA: of course. bend you over the nearest object, give you a few nice swats with my riding crop while i tell you what a dirty girl you are, and then pull your panties to the side and fuck you with my strap on.

JS: yummy.. making me put your strapon in my mouth

JS: grabbing the back of my head

JS: pushing it deep into my throat

SA: pulling your hair.

SA: you want me to fuck your face?

JS: definitely.. i want to choke on your dick

JS: my eyes watering.. looking up at you

SA: maybe i'll slide a plug in your can be buzzing away while you suck my cock.

JS: i wont let it slide out for you... on my knees with my chin on your inner thighs

SA: such a dirty girl! you want to be used, don't you?

SA: i'll wear the double ended strap on...the big one. see how much of it you can take.

JS: i hope i look cute laying there in your panties and bra, halfway underneath your sheets

JS: taking your dick and pulling you close to me

SA: i think you'd look adorably naughty

JS: i think you would be a good little mistress

SA: and i think you'd make a good little pet

JS: you know i would do anything you wanted

SA: i know.

JS: thats why i should come play with you some night

JS: your phone get videos?

SA: probably. i don't think anyone's ever tried to send me one

JS: well my stupid iphone cant send videos or pictures... but i can do email?

JS: id love to trade pictures of you for videos of me?

SA: ok.

SA: have i sent you pics before? other than on the phone, i mean?

JS: i dont think so...

JS: this is the first time ive sent videos.. gimme a minute, if thats ok

SA: k

JS: after some research.. iphones cant take video ugh

JS: hmm well is there anything in picture form i could send you that would turn you on?

SA: whatever you'd like to send

JS: thats no fun =)

SA: that's right, you like being told what to do.

SA: on all fours, from behind.

SA: if possible

JS: i want to see you in your cute little strap on again!

SA: i'm about to crash

SA: maybe you'll get a surprise in your email soon. :)

JS: yum.. well im already excited.. sooo ill be trying to send you a picture soon..

JS: my dick is so hard thinking of you

SA: tsk tsk

JS: i shouldve visited you more when i was in [town]

SA: indeed.

SA: i don't know why you didn't

JS: i was nervous.. i actually bought a toy and was using it for a bit.. just too afraid to come to you

SA: what kind of toy?

SA: you shouldn't be so afraid...i don't bite unless you want me to. :)

JS: ha.. a regular toy.. i bought it off the internet..

JS: blah i want you so bad right now

SA: mmm...

JS: you ever play with 2 guys?

SA: nah...never found any willing

JS: i think about you making me dress up in your panties and forcing me to help you suck a guys dick

JS: after i cum in you, of course =)

SA: tsk tsk

JS: too naughty for you?

SA: you can cum in me if you lick it out after. :)

JS: yum.. maybe if its out of your ass =)

SA: of course

JS: i would definitely lick my cum out of your ass

JS: you straddling my face

JS: mmm

JS: me on my back and you bouncing on my face.. perfect

SA: ooh, that's hot

JS: me struggling to breathe until you let me..

JS: my tongue deep in you

SA: my wetness dripping onto your chin

JS: of course..

SA: god i'm so wet...

JS: im so hard..

JS: i want to lick your ass and pussy so bad

SA: ooh, yes

JS: i want my dick in you again

JS: except next time when you make me cum i want you to lick it off of me

SA: hehe

JS: you think you could find a guy that would play with us?

SA: i dunno. all the guys i know that like guys don't like girls

JS: hmm.. well that probably wont work out then ha

JS: because i would be 100% yours

JS: in that situation

SA: hehe, good

JS: that night was fun, i loved eating your pussy and kissing your huge tits.. it was so hot for me

SA: :) ditto

SA: sorry...i just came and now i'm even more tired

JS: haha its ok, gnight babe, im close to cumming as well

SA: mmm...

SA: just think of my tight ass wrapped around your cock and you'll cum in no time

SA: night

JS: im so happy facebook has pictures of me to cum to =)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A few thoughts...

Still having consistent sex with CW.   For some reason, sex with him doesn't lead well to storytelling...despite that it's amazing.  He's definitely the most consistent lover I've had in all areas.  

LB has a boyfriend now, but there has been talk of the three of us getting together.  He seems a little shy, but I think we could break him out of that.  She spoke with him about the idea, and he seemed interested in a dual blowjob...which amused me since it's something i haven't done since I was 15.  I should call her and see if we can set something up before she moves in about a month.

JL is back, we've been talking more often.  He might come to visit soon, but he claims he is really shy in person.  This is difficult for me to imagine, since he's so forthcoming online and I know so much about him after the years of conversations.  I think we could explore some fantasies together.

And then there's this girl...LY.  It's been so long since a girl has outright hit on me, I don't know what to do with her.  But she's playing a little bit of hard to get.  She's vacationing in Florida at the moment, so we'll see what transpires when she gets back.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sometimes we make out for a while first.
Sometimes his hands are in my panties before I know it.
Sometimes my mouth is magnetically attracted to his cock.
Sometimes I just have to have him taste me.
Sometimes I beg to be spanked.
Sometimes he spanks me anyway.
Sometimes hard.
Sometimes he fucks me with his fingers.
Sometimes I cum all over him.
Sometimes he talks dirty.
Sometimes we talk about fucking other girls.
Sometimes he enters me from behind.
Sometimes he puts his full weight on me.
Sometimes I feel as though his cock is splitting me in two.
Sometimes I rub my clit.
Sometimes I'm on top.
Sometimes he flexes his muscles so it rubs me just the right way inside.
Sometimes I bounce up and down uncontrollably.
Sometimes I grind my clit up against his body.
Sometimes I slowly allow him to enter my ass.
Sometimes I scream at the top of my lungs.
Sometimes I wonder if I wake up the neighbors.
Sometimes we spoon-fuck.
Sometimes he rubs my clit.
Sometimes I grind into him so hard I hurt in the morning from using muscles I didn't know I had.
Sometimes I'm tired afterwards.
Sometimes I'm hungry.

Always, I am satisfied.