Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conversations about Crossdressing (Early Morning Version)

9:46am   L  hey there

9:46am  SA  hey sexy.  what's up?

9:47am   L  just woke up, laying in bed, naked, with a rock hard cock :)   you?

9:47am  SA  mmm...  at work, sadly.  but i woke up this morning feeling a little randy. :)

9:49am   L you needed a long hard cock in your juicy little pussy?

9:50am  SA  a big cock like yours would be lovely right now.

9:50am   L  mmmmm...i really want your mouth wrapped around it

9:50am  SA  oh ps, i love love love that pic of you that you took of your look so delicious...mmm...

9:51am   L  :)  glad you enjoy it

9:52am  SA  i always enjoyed know that.

9:53am   L  i do...and very much likewise!

9:54am  SA yeah?  you seemed less than thrilled the last time i saw you. :/

9:54am   L  condoms dont really work for me...dont take offense :)

9:55am  SA  well, you know, a necessary evil. i now keep them in three sizes. :)

9:57am   L  nice.  i love how slutty we are :)

9:57am  SA  hehe.  well, i never know what will end up in my bed.

9:57am   L  exactly

9:58am  SA  there was a guy i slept with over the summer that reminded me of you...tall skinny big cock. very good times.

9:58am   L  mmmmmmm...sounds like the three of us would have had some fun

9:58am  SA  perhaps.  i think he was bi, now that i think of it.  he was in from out of friend's boyfriend's friend from home...if that makes sense.  funny, when my friend and him broke up, he tried to sleep with me front of her.  must have heard good things.

9:59am   L  he probably heard what a sexy little slut you are! :)

10:00am  SA  perhaps.  yeah, i chatted that guy up all night at a party and took him home with me, and then we did it again in the morning.

10:01am   L  did he have a big cock?

10:02am  SA  indeed. not quite as big as yours though. :)

10:02am   L  good girl :):)  i really want to play with your tits right now

10:05am  SA  yeah? they could use the attention. :)

10:05am   L  mmmmm...i'd love to give them what they need:  fondle them, squeeze them, suck on them, slide my cock between them

10:07am  SA  mmm...  Have you played around with any men lately?

10:11am   L  yeah, just one.

10:11am  SA  do tell.

10:11am   L  this hot drag queen...took me back to her place.  sucked each others cocks then i fucked her tight little ass

10:12am  SA  ooh, that's hot.  how did she take your big cock? :)

10:13am   L  like the dirty little slut he is :)

10:13am  SA  so naughty.

10:13am   L  very

10:14am  SA  so there's this guy that was friends with my roommates senior year (when you and i were fucking) that sent me a drunk message lst spring about how he's been fantasizing about me for years.  he ends up telling me that he wants me to fuck him with my strap on, so i do, and i come to find out later that he's got all sorts of other naughty fantasies.  [speaking of JS, of course]

10:15am   L  mmmmmmmmmmmmm

10:16am  SA  i never hooked up with him again (he was shy when not drunk) and he messaged me last night to tell me that he's been having crossdressing fantasies.  he wants me to catch him trying on my underwear and to punish him for it.

10:16am   L  fucking hot.  i love cross dressing.  my ex that we fucked together...i used to wear her panties sometimes when we fucked.

10:17am  SA  yeah? that's hot.  why did you have to go and move away? we could have had some downright dirty times. :)

10:18am   L  hah.  i know!  just the way it goes.

10:18am  SA  indeed.

10:22am   L  god damn my cock is hard talking to you

10:23am  SA  yeah? i can imagine you stroking it...what a beautiful thought.  got any other naughty fetishes i was unaware of?

10:25am   L  i love having my ass licked and played with

10:26am  SA  mmm...

10:27am   L  wanna lick? :)

10:27am  SA  i have a friend i met online that i finally got to meet in person recently (he was going to school overseas) and he wanted that done since no one he'd been with would ever entertain the thought.  it was really hot seeing how hard it made him.  [speaking of JL]

10:27am  SA  indeed i do.  (i'm getting all wet sitting here at my desk...)

10:28am   L  mmm...i want you to tongue fuck my little asshole.

10:32am  SA  ooh, that would be hott.

10:32am   L  yes it would be...tongue fuck my ass while you play with my big cock

10:34am  SA  oh yes.  and then i can trade...finger you, find that lovely spot that makes guys so hard as i take your thick cock in my mouth.  i want to watch your face, hear you moan as i work your cock...  god that makes me so wet just talking about it.  doing that would make me that much wetter...and dying to have your length deep inside me.

10:37am   L  fuck yeah.  thats so hot - finger fuck my ass while you gag on my cock.

10:38am  SA  mmm...

10:39am   L  i wish you could see how hard im stroking my cock right now

10:39am  SA  i want you to shoot that all over me, my face and my tits. i want to be covered in you...

10:40am   L  you want to be my little cum slut?

10:41am  SA  pretty please?

10:41am   L  say it ;-)

10:42am  SA  i want to be your naughty little cum slut.  do with me what you will.

10:43am   L  so naughty im stroking so hard for you 

10:45am  SA  mmm...maybe sometime i'll try to take you in my ass...see how far you can stretch me before i can't take it anymore.  would you like to have my tight ass wrapped around you?  i think it would be so hot to ride you with you deep in my ass. you could rub my clit and i would cum so hard for you.

10:47am   L  mmmmm fuck yeah. lube up your tight little asshole and slide my cock in nice and deep.  finger fuck your cunt and make you squirt all over my body

10:47am  SA  oh, fuck yes.  i would love being so full of you.  god i need to cum.  my panties are ruined for the rest of the day. ;)

10:48am   L  ooh,  i want to wear them.

10:49am  SA  you can put them on and then clean up this mess you made between my legs with your tongue.

10:49am   L  oh yeah, i want to drink your pussy juice

10:52am  SA oh yes.  get my pussy nice and ready for your cock. i want to get on all fours for can pound me from behind...pull my hair as you slip your thumb in my tight ass.  i want to see how deep you can get inside me.

10:53am   L  sooooo fucking hot

10:54am  SA  god i need your cock right now.

10:55am   L  and i need your cunt

10:57am   L  and i need to get ultra, nasty, dirty kinky with you

10:57am  SA  yes please!

10:57am   L  i mean really kinky...

10:57am  SA  such as?

10:57am   L  laying down in your shower so you can piss on me

10:57am  SA  ooh, naughty boy.

10:58am   L  very naughty.  im a total slut :)

10:58am  SA  and that's what i love about you.  cum for me yet? ;)

11:03am   L  not yet.  fantasizing about you standing over me in the shower

11:03am  SA  mmm, holding on, eh?  yeah? you want me to let go all over your face?

11:04am   L  yes, i want to taste it.

11:05am  SA so naughty.  you can lick me clean when i'm through. :)

11:06am   L  mmm...nasty.  i love it

11:06am  SA  i bet that would make your cock throb.

11:06am   L  it is.

11:07am  SA  tsk tsk

11:07am   L  i want you to make me your filthy whore

11:07am  SA  oh i can do that.  do you like to be spanked?

11:08am   L  yes

11:08am  SA  good...cause i have a riding crop that hasn't gotten much use.

11:08am   L  yea, make me your bitch

11:09am  SA  i can dress you in my panties and then redden your ass with my hand first and then the crop, telling you all the while what a dirty nasty slut you are.

11:10am  SA  then i can pull the panties to the side and slide the handle of the crop in your tight little ass while i rake my nails down your back.  i would tell you to be moan and tell me what it feels like and how naughty you are.

11:12am   L  oh my god thats hot.  i want you to totally dress me...panties, thigh highs, little skirt

11:12am  SA  turn you into a dirty little girl?

11:12am   L yes

11:13am  SA   take you over my knee and spank you like you deserve?

11:13am   L  yes... oh god yes.   spank me for being such a filthy slut

11:15am  SA  pull your hair, make you tell me all of the naughty things you've done that so i can decide on the proper punishment for each of them.

11:15am   L  yes!

11:15am  SA  i think the proper way to handle your naughty time with that drag queen would be for you to be fucked the way that she was.   bend you over the nearest object and hike up your your panties off and slide the large end of my double ended strap on deep inside of you.  see if you can take it like she did.  fuck your tight ass until i cum...

11:18am   L  fuck yeah...fuck me rough.  make it hurt.  abuse me.

11:19am  SA  oh yes.   nice and deep and hard, just the way you need it.

11:21am   L  mmmmmmm.  oh god, so hot.  i want people watching you rape me.

11:22am  SA  yeah?   you want boys or girls watching?  i think it should be boys so they can stroke their cocks while watching me fuck you silly.  i want you blindfolded. i don't want you to see them, i just want you to feel their presence, to hear them. to have to guess how many there are and what they are thinking.  i want them to take turns in front of you, making you pleasure them with your mouth as you take my cock deep in your ass.

11:25am   L  oh my fucking god thats hot

11:26am  SA  after they've each had a turn, i want to flip you over and pull you to the edge of the bed and let them each have 10 strokes in your tight little ass, not letting them cum inside you.  you have to get used to the various shapes and sizes of cock coming at you.

11:28am  SA  then i want them to stand around your face and finish themselves off on you.  i want you to taste the combination of their juices.  then, and only then, can you touch yourself and make yourself cum...while i shove and even larger toy in your ass...even larger than any of the cocks you've just had.

11:29am   L  that sounds amazing.  i just came so hard.

11:29am  SA  mmm, yes.   you like group sex fantasies where you're the center of attention?  did you make a mess? :)

11:33am   L  i just love group sex

11:33am  SA  haha me too.

11:33am   L  and yes i did.  all over my tummy.

11:33am  SA  mmm...i wish i were there to lick it off

11:35am   L  me too :)  god that was hot.  i am going to go clean up and take a shower.  i'll talk to you soon.

11:37am  SA  hehe, ok.  peace.

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