Saturday, May 2, 2009

Conversations About Crossdressing (Late Night Version)

So I hear from JS out of the clear blue late one night.  Seems he's been fantasizing about me pretty often over the last year but is too afraid to talk to me about it.  Below is the conversation.  Somewhere in there is my email address...if you'd like to send me pictures too - be my guest!

JS: ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

SA: what are you ughing at?

SA: silly

JS: you!! because i never got to be with you again before i left [town]!!

SA: i'm sorry?

JS: all your fault!!

SA: of course.

JS: why are you up so late

SA: it's not that late, really.

JS: ha well its only thursday!

SA: it's quiet now, though. everyone just left for a midnight movie

JS: why didnt you go?

SA: i haven't felt good all day, wanted the sleep more.

JS: then why are you up at midnight!!!

SA: i'm in bed

JS: sounds like fun!

SA: it is comfy, yes.

JS: you know whats weird, probably half the time i get off, im thinking about some fantasy with you in it

SA: oh really?

JS: creepy, i know

SA: not at all.

JS: you know you were my little fantasy girl

SA: hehe, that's so cute.

SA: what's funny about that is that you didn't even know me really

SA: how did you know i'd do what you wanted?

JS: i dont know, i felt comfortable on my hands and knees in front of you?

JS: thats good enough for me

SA: well you said i was your fantasy girl before that. Lol

JS: because you sent me picture with you in a strap on, which is amazing

JS: anything after that is fair game

SA: haha

JS: i need to make an appt in [town] soon with you i think?

SA: perhaps... :)

SA: i'll have my own place soon.

JS: well you could make a fortune catering to peoples fantasies

JS: such as creeps like me =)

SA: haha yeah, maybe i should charge people.

SA: i know a guy that gets off from just the idea of paying for it.

JS: ha yeah i know guys that make their cell phone payments from guys like that ha

JS: sooo how many guys have been in the spot i am?

SA: spot?

JS: wanting you to fulfill fantasies?

SA: oh plenty

JS: makes me feel special ha

SA: well, everyone has different fantasies you see.

JS: im sure mines not that original

JS: but it still gets me off at least once a week

SA: nice.

JS: oh man

SA: what?

JS: haha nothing

SA: right....

JS: just weird that i actually get to talk to you after about a year of fantasizing about you?

SA: you could have been talking to me this entire time, silly

JS: im not in [town]! it wouldve done no good

JS: couldnt have lived out what im thinking about

SA: sometimes it's fun to talk about though.

JS: uh huh.. well i didnt think you were into it

SA: some times are better than others.

JS: uh huh

JS: not like you ever think about me when i think about you ha

SA: there are many things that cross my mind. never be so sure.

JS: yeah but its different

SA: different how?

JS: i dont know, i just think about you more than is normal ha

JS: plenty of different situations youre in

SA: but see i'm weird and i like that

JS: i dunno.. shit gets kinky in my fantasies ha

SA: i do have a lot of things going on but i like knowing that people are out there thinking of me

SA: oh yeah?

JS: yeah im thinking of you.. just dont know if its anything you would be a part of ha

SA: try me

JS: hmm

JS: how graphic are we talking? and how disgusted are you going to be with me if its something weird?

SA: i don't judge

JS: hmmm welllllllllllllll

JS: are you going to share if i do?

SA: share what?

JS: i dont know. fantasies? i feel silly

SA: don't feel silly, sweetheart. you worry too much.

SA: most of my fantasies involve group sex.

JS: well one of mine does

JS: i have a few ha

JS: i worry because i feel silly?

JS: if that makes any sense

SA: you shouldn't feel silly feeling how you feel.

SA: it's ok, really.

JS: uh huh

JS: well we can alternate then

JS: you know you make me hard

SA: clearly.

SA: but you're all shy for no reason.

JS: im shy because my head wanders

JS: thats all

SA: wanders to where?

JS: creepy places ha

SA: such as?

JS: one involves crossdressing?

SA: oh yeah?

JS: likeee, you catching me dressing up in your clothes

SA: hott.

SA: and giving you a spanking?

JS: laying in bed in your panties...

JS: and you coming and fucking me like the girl im dressed up as

SA: what a naughty little girl.

JS: possibly bringing a guy in?

SA: yeah?

JS: i dunno yet

JS: i think i would much rather have just you in the room with me

SA: hehe, well it's fun to think about

JS: possibly if you blind folded me and told me what to do

JS: i couldnt do it alone

JS: but if i was told what to do...

SA: hehe, you like taking orders, eh? cause i like giving them.

JS: well you know i want you to bend me over.. sooo .. yeah i like taking orders

SA: of course. bend you over the nearest object, give you a few nice swats with my riding crop while i tell you what a dirty girl you are, and then pull your panties to the side and fuck you with my strap on.

JS: yummy.. making me put your strapon in my mouth

JS: grabbing the back of my head

JS: pushing it deep into my throat

SA: pulling your hair.

SA: you want me to fuck your face?

JS: definitely.. i want to choke on your dick

JS: my eyes watering.. looking up at you

SA: maybe i'll slide a plug in your can be buzzing away while you suck my cock.

JS: i wont let it slide out for you... on my knees with my chin on your inner thighs

SA: such a dirty girl! you want to be used, don't you?

SA: i'll wear the double ended strap on...the big one. see how much of it you can take.

JS: i hope i look cute laying there in your panties and bra, halfway underneath your sheets

JS: taking your dick and pulling you close to me

SA: i think you'd look adorably naughty

JS: i think you would be a good little mistress

SA: and i think you'd make a good little pet

JS: you know i would do anything you wanted

SA: i know.

JS: thats why i should come play with you some night

JS: your phone get videos?

SA: probably. i don't think anyone's ever tried to send me one

JS: well my stupid iphone cant send videos or pictures... but i can do email?

JS: id love to trade pictures of you for videos of me?

SA: ok.

SA: have i sent you pics before? other than on the phone, i mean?

JS: i dont think so...

JS: this is the first time ive sent videos.. gimme a minute, if thats ok

SA: k

JS: after some research.. iphones cant take video ugh

JS: hmm well is there anything in picture form i could send you that would turn you on?

SA: whatever you'd like to send

JS: thats no fun =)

SA: that's right, you like being told what to do.

SA: on all fours, from behind.

SA: if possible

JS: i want to see you in your cute little strap on again!

SA: i'm about to crash

SA: maybe you'll get a surprise in your email soon. :)

JS: yum.. well im already excited.. sooo ill be trying to send you a picture soon..

JS: my dick is so hard thinking of you

SA: tsk tsk

JS: i shouldve visited you more when i was in [town]

SA: indeed.

SA: i don't know why you didn't

JS: i was nervous.. i actually bought a toy and was using it for a bit.. just too afraid to come to you

SA: what kind of toy?

SA: you shouldn't be so afraid...i don't bite unless you want me to. :)

JS: ha.. a regular toy.. i bought it off the internet..

JS: blah i want you so bad right now

SA: mmm...

JS: you ever play with 2 guys?

SA: nah...never found any willing

JS: i think about you making me dress up in your panties and forcing me to help you suck a guys dick

JS: after i cum in you, of course =)

SA: tsk tsk

JS: too naughty for you?

SA: you can cum in me if you lick it out after. :)

JS: yum.. maybe if its out of your ass =)

SA: of course

JS: i would definitely lick my cum out of your ass

JS: you straddling my face

JS: mmm

JS: me on my back and you bouncing on my face.. perfect

SA: ooh, that's hot

JS: me struggling to breathe until you let me..

JS: my tongue deep in you

SA: my wetness dripping onto your chin

JS: of course..

SA: god i'm so wet...

JS: im so hard..

JS: i want to lick your ass and pussy so bad

SA: ooh, yes

JS: i want my dick in you again

JS: except next time when you make me cum i want you to lick it off of me

SA: hehe

JS: you think you could find a guy that would play with us?

SA: i dunno. all the guys i know that like guys don't like girls

JS: hmm.. well that probably wont work out then ha

JS: because i would be 100% yours

JS: in that situation

SA: hehe, good

JS: that night was fun, i loved eating your pussy and kissing your huge tits.. it was so hot for me

SA: :) ditto

SA: sorry...i just came and now i'm even more tired

JS: haha its ok, gnight babe, im close to cumming as well

SA: mmm...

SA: just think of my tight ass wrapped around your cock and you'll cum in no time

SA: night

JS: im so happy facebook has pictures of me to cum to =)

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