Thursday, March 26, 2009

A few thoughts...

Still having consistent sex with CW.   For some reason, sex with him doesn't lead well to storytelling...despite that it's amazing.  He's definitely the most consistent lover I've had in all areas.  

LB has a boyfriend now, but there has been talk of the three of us getting together.  He seems a little shy, but I think we could break him out of that.  She spoke with him about the idea, and he seemed interested in a dual blowjob...which amused me since it's something i haven't done since I was 15.  I should call her and see if we can set something up before she moves in about a month.

JL is back, we've been talking more often.  He might come to visit soon, but he claims he is really shy in person.  This is difficult for me to imagine, since he's so forthcoming online and I know so much about him after the years of conversations.  I think we could explore some fantasies together.

And then there's this girl...LY.  It's been so long since a girl has outright hit on me, I don't know what to do with her.  But she's playing a little bit of hard to get.  She's vacationing in Florida at the moment, so we'll see what transpires when she gets back.