Friday, November 12, 2010

Sometimes a quickie is all you need...

CW had volunteered to take me to the airport for my most recent trip. He arrived early and hung out while I showered. As I'm finishing packing, he asks what time my flight is and wonders aloud if I have time for a quick fuck. He's still in his pajama pants, and I can see that he's already hard by the tent his cock has created. How can a girl resist?

We both stripped and hopped into bed...we have no use for clothing but I left my panties on for a little tease. While not the greatest kisser, it's not his lips I'm interested in, it's his cock. I dove for it...the feeling of his huge thickness in my mouth makes me so wet. After a bit I leaned up to kiss him and his fingers expertly found their way under my panties and between my folds. One orgasm from rubbing my clit, then he reached inside me and made my entire body shake from just the smallest movements of his fingertips on my g-spot. There is something to be said for a lover that pays attention to your body in that manner.

"Spank me. It's been far too long."

I flip over, bury my face in a pillow. He ripped off my panties in one swift motion, exposing my bare ass to his large hands. The anticipation is almost too much. Sometimes I rub my clit when getting spanked, but since I'd already cum a few times, I wanted to focus on the pain, to see how much I could take. If I focused enough, could I orgasm from it?

He has definitely perfected how to spank me. There are so many variables, not just how hard to hit, but where on the body and the pace...consistent or sporatic, fast or slow. Somehow he is able to read me and know exactly how I need it. The most sensitive part of my ass, where it joins my thigh is the perfect spot...he starts slowly and builds up pace, alternating sides every couple of strokes. It's ungodly delicious and my cunt begins to pour juices and I make inhuman sounds. Just what I needed.

I think he may have noticed that I wasn't touching myself this time. As I begin to squirm from the spanking being a bit too intense, he quickly switched from spanking into inserting two fingers deep into my cunt and massaging my g-spot once again. I cum so intensely I get a little dizzy. The absolute perfect pain-pleasure combo.

"Fuck me. For the love of everything I need your giant cock inside me right the fuck now."

I remain face down, grab my body pillow, fold it in half and place it under me to prop up my hips. Before I know it, his massive cock is balls deep inside me and then just stops. I cum immediately, my pussy throbbing around him just from being filled. I can barely take a breath before unleashes an all out assault on my cunt. At first he was on his knees, but as he's fucking me as hard as he can he leans forward and pins me to the bed. Being taken just like that is one of my favorite feelings, my go-to fantasy.

CW had recently sustained a rib injury, so he was sadly unable to keep up this pace or position. Not to be dismayed, he rolled over and pulled me on top of him.

"Bounce on my cock."

Didn't have to tell me twice. My turn to use him for my pleasure. I often will use his chest as leverage for this position but I couldn't due to his injury. I tried the wall but eventually just ended up flailing my arms and grabbing at my hair as I ground myself on his cock. I couldn't stop cumming, I just needed more and more and more of him. Eventually I felt his hands on my hips and some pointed deep thrusts as he came with me. I took all the energy I had not to just collapse onto him.

I rolled off, completely sated and out of breath. All of that took 15, 20 minutes tops but was absolutely exactly what I had been craving.