Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Can I stay here?"

Hanging out with new friends at the bar, we get beer and end up back at my place.

Everything is quite chill, our friend plays DJ, we smoke and have some good conversations.

SM looks more tired than usual for that hour. Eventually he says "I need to sleep soon."

"Do you want me to go with you?"

"Can I stay here?" Staying at my place wasn't a one time thing? Very surprised.

Eventually everyone leaves and it's just the two of us. "Make sure I'm up for work by 11:30."

I thought we would go right to sleep, but after a bit of just lying there, his mouth attacks mine. I'm seemingly irresistible.

Clothes are ripped off, his lips go straight for my clit, his fingers for my g-spot. I suddenly find a cock near my face. Delicious.

He tells me once again how much he likes spanking me, and while it's not the most coordinated effort, it's still appreciated. I wonder if it's even possible to teach someone how to spank you the way you want.

Eager, intense, seemingly effortless orgasms. He knows exactly how to push my buttons.

The last thing he says before passing out: "Oral sex is fun!" I can't help but giggle.

We fall asleep tangled in each other, perfection. I'm happy to make a few memories in my own bed.

I wake up still laughing about what he said. He's concerned at first because he didn't remember, but once I explained he was laughing too.