Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year's Fun x 2

New Year's Eve was a bust. I was hoping to party and spend some time with SM but he seemed less than interested. After the bars closed, I ended up hanging with his roommate. SM came home at 7am, god knows what he got into. I asked if he wanted some company and he said no. Great, fantastic.

After a nap, I got a text from CW that afternoon. He wanted to know if I wanted to "hang out". I wasn't sure if this was code for fucking but I wasn't afraid to find out. We watched some TV and caught up a bit, but next thing I know he's kissing me and moving my hand to his cock. We made our way back to my bedroom. No pretense, no games. We strip ourselves and hop into bed. His fingers find all the right spots inside me as I stroke his cock. I tell him I miss his spankings and he's all too eager to oblige me. I turn over and slide my hand between my legs to play with my clit as he barrages my ass with his large hands. I can feel my skin becoming redder as I scream and my cunt begins to drip. He always somehow knows just how far to push me and also when to stop and let me catch my breath. At this point, I am aching for his huge cock. "How do you want me?"

He lays down and asks me to climb on top. Certain guys need to be in control and other guys like to lay back and watch a girl go crazy bouncing up and down on their cock. I have no problems taking advantage. I love having that power, taking every inch of his thick cock inside me, using him to cum over and over as many times as I want. As great as that is, sometimes I just want to be taken. I want it deeper, I want to feel his weight on me as his cock slams into me.

After a few orgasms I climb off of him and beg him to fuck me from behind. I slip a pillow under my hips and bend over, displaying my ass and needy cunt to him. I sway a bit, waiting for that moment of contact, desperately needing him to fill me again. This was not a gentle move, not a moment of just sliding inside. He grabs my hips and slams into me full tilt, hitting bottom. But he doesn't stop there, doesn't let me get used to him being so deep, he just thrusts. Harsh, exacting thrusts that went right for my g-spot. I'm sure I sounded like an animal being killed as I came repeatedly. I love the way I feel like I'm about to be split open when he fucks me from behind, it's the good kind of pain that morphs into pleasure quickly and easily.

He leans forward, making me feel completely pinned down, completely taken, a need that only he seems to ever consistently fill. I wedge my hand in between the pillow and my legs and apply only a bit of pressure to my clit and I find myself bucking and somehow fucking him back even though I'm being held down by all 6'5" of him. Finally, with one last huge thrust I feel his cock pulsate as he joins me in orgasmic bliss. He pulls out slowly, and immediately reaches for his clothes, claiming that he has to meet a friend. I'm not sad about it, I got what I wanted.

Later, I was about to go to bed when I got a text around 3am from EH - he was in town for the holiday. It was clear what his intentions were, and I was tired but agreed to him coming over. He arrives and climbs in bed with me. We kiss, his hands slide over my tits and down my pants. He seems to move in such a way as to go down on me, but I warn him that I hadn't showered since my previous encounter. He understands, and decides instead to remove his pants and present me with his hard, black cock. I take it in my mouth, feeling deliciously slutty since I had just done this mere hours earlier with CW.

He positions himself over me. Not my preferred position for giving head, but I accept his cock as he thrusts into my mouth. In a moment of pause, I mutter "Someone must want to fuck" since he was so furiously attempting to fuck my face. I also figured he'd want my pussy since he didn't get to have it the last time we met up. I reached for a condom, and he was incredulous that I chose a Magnum. I know what size condom is right for each cock - I don't know why guys can't figure this out for themselves.

At first, the fucking was great. I held my legs back and let him go at me. I think the alcohol he had previously consumed had started to get the better of him, however, because he kept falling out. At this point I was kind of over the situation but I let him keep going. I felt something wet hit my lips, I thought he had spit or drooled on me! It took a few moments for me to realize he was just really sweaty and it was dripping from his face onto me. Definitely not sexy. After falling out once again, he finally decided to call it quits. He seemed disappointed that he hadn't pleased me as he had intended, but in all honesty, I was still satisfied from my fucking earlier that day. This was just for fun. What wasn't fun was that he passed out and couldn't stop snoring. Good thing I keep earplugs around.

While the beginning of the new year was definitely not what I was planning on, it turned out to be pretty hott.

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