Monday, April 28, 2008

Ahh...much better.

It took less than 24 hours to get A back in my bed. He came over around 11 Thursday night, and we were all over each other as soon as he walked in the door. We walked in my room and he began to kiss me and then leaned back on the bed but kept his arms around me so I had no choice but to fall on top of him. He was already hard...and I was already quite wet, not only from anticpating his arrival, but from getting myself off as soon as I'd gotten home from work. Knowing that I'd be seeing him again had kept me hot and bothered all day.

I quickly maneuvered him out of his clothes, kissing and fondling all the way. There was a sense of urgency within both of us that I hadn't felt with anyone in a long time. We had to have each other. When his pants came off and his cock was finally exposed, I couldn't help but lean down to suck on him. I then remembered why I'd never really given him head much...his cock is incredibly thick, with and enormously bulbous head. It's perfect for my pussy, but my throat - not so much. Didn't stop me from trying though.

I had him completely naked before I'd taken off a thing. After sucking him for a few, I straddled him and took off my shirt, and his hands went immediately to my breasts and his mouth to a nipple. I could feel his erection pressing between my legs, and as much as I wanted to tease him, this simply wasn't the time. I rolled off of him so I was sideways on the bed, and began to pull off my pants as he kissed me. He reached down to find my soaking pussy, and then wasted no time in climbing on top of me and sliding his thickness into me. It was the most perfect feeling of being full of cock.

As he fucked me , the words just started pouring out of my mouth. I told him that I should never had started dating M, that his cock was so much better, that it could hit me in places that M's never could (that'd be the g-spot), and that I was so sorry for blowing him off. I think this just fed his ego because he smiled and leaned into me farther and fucked me even deeper. My head started making contact with the wall on the upstroke, but both of us were so engrossed in the fucking that neither of us were about to stop to change positions. He propped himself up by his elbows and cradled the back of my head with his hands. I felt so consumed by him, which is a feat with his shorter stature. He was gently pressing on my head to keep it away from the wall and fucking my pussy so was exactly what I needed. I scratched my nails down his back and screamed as I came.

There's something that I've always found a little unsettling about A. He never cums when we fuck. He loves fucking me, he just never gets off, unless of course he's taught himself how to orgasm without ejaculating. I think next time we're together, I'm gonna ask if I can watch him masturbate. Maybe there's some secret trick to getting him off that I haven't found yet.

I had taken a nap on purpose earlier that evening, and I'm really glad that I did. We fucked 4 or 5 times that night, each time in a different position and then going until I needed a break. The last time was doggy style, which is one of my favorites. I was already rather sore by then, but I knew it would be so good coming from that angle that I couldn't argue with him. He even commented that even though I'm always wet for him, that I'm even more wet when he fucks me from behind.

I was ready to pass out from all the activity, but since A is still a student, he's gotten himself on a rather backwards sleep schedule and doesn't usually go to bed until 5 or 6 in the morning. He wanted to stay, but couldn't get to sleep and kept tossing and turning and keeping me awake. I handed him a book and turned on a dim light in my room and rolled over and went back to sleep with his arm draped over my shoulder. It was perfect. When I left in the morning for work, he looked so cute curled up in my bed.

I've also been getting lots of texts from D (the ex's roommate mentioned in previous post) about wanting to come down ASAP. This is a really busy week, so I've put him off until the weekend. But it seems that now that he's changed jobs, he has more weekends free, so instead of a fuck and run, we may be able to spend a little more time together and discover a few more things about each other sexually. I can't wait.

Also, the internet has delivered me a shy, extremely socially awkward virgin that we'll call DN. We had chatted for a while when I was still dating M, which seemed harmless. Who doesn't like new friends? However, I think he's taken a rather liking to me. Before I met him, I'd warned him that if he chooses to develop a crush on me, that the mostly likely result will be that I will break him in two. He seemed ok with this, somehow.

In a late night online conversation, I pushed a little bit to see just how submissive he really wished to be. I showed him this post and asked him if he'd like to do a little domestic work for me while wearing women's panties. He said that as long as no one but me saw him, he'd do it. It was too easy. Also before I met him, I gave him the schedule of movies I planned on seeing at the local indie theatre as they are having a "film festival". So he's been following me around to every single show I've seen. Unfortunately his appearance does not live up to his online profile (which was sketchy at best anyway) and while he's really sweet, he's also terribly awkward and I'm not that attracted to him. But I guess I'm stuck with him for the next few days. I'll have to find a way to let him down easy.

Been chatting a bit with C, also. I'm not really sure if he's up for anything further going on between us as I'm now single and because he's got a lot of pressure going on at work, but time will tell.

Got a few other people that I'm thinking about as well, but I'll give details when something actually happens with it. It feels so good to not be attached. I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I got together with M.

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Anonymous said...

Good to see some more posts here. It sounds like you've been under a little pressure and now you're getting back to what's comfortable. I enjoy being filled in. ;)