Thursday, April 10, 2008


M came over and sat down for the last 10 minutes of a movie I was watching with my roommate. It was a sort of romantic film, so it left me wanting to feel close to him. He'd said on the phone that it was much later than he thought and he should only stop by for a few minutes.

I had been doing laundry, so I told him that if he helped me put a new sheet on the bed that we could cuddle for a little while before he had to go. We had a little trouble with the sheet as my bed is made of memory foam and is thicker than most. We spooned and chatted and cuddled and I marveled in the fact that we never really get to just be with one another - there always seems to be an agenda.

I turned around to face him...I love just looking at him. The way he looked at me changed suddenly, and then he kissed me. Slowly at first...he drew my body closer to him, kissing more deeply. My body instinctively moved against his, my right leg draped over him, my hips making slow circles. The combination of his intense focus on my lips and tongue with his own coupled with the pressure of his body against mine made me lose myself in him, my pussy growing wetter by the second. This idea usually doesn't last long...we're both usually quite content with moving on to getting naked. This time we were in no rush...we rolled over and continued to make out, his hand behind my head, fingers entwining in my hair and he pressed my face even closer to him. He seemingly wanted to devour me, and I was more than inclined to be his prey.

His body ground against me, us still fully legs wrapped around his body as I tried my best to apply friction to where I craved it clitoris. As his kisses moved to my ears and neck, his effects on me became clearly audible...I couldn't help but moan in his ear as my body wriggled beneath his weight. I adjusted my hips and slid down slightly, finally finding the pressure I so desperately needed between my legs. I came almost instantly, screaming, digging my nails into his back, soaking myself. As I caught my breath, I managed to ask him if he liked ruining my panties. He replied that it was one of his favorite things to do.

We silently decided the clothes had to go. He undid my belt and removed my pants, then stripped himself bare as I removed my shirt and bra. He made a seemingly conscious decision to leave my panties on as his mouth went straight for my left nipple. He licked and sucked hungrily, switching to the right breast as moans continued to escape my lips. I felt his hand move down, and he grabbed his rock hard cock and aimed it toward my still panty-clad pussy. He stroked me up and down with the head of his dick, moving it up and down rapidly where he believed my clit to be. He was a little off, so I adjusted his hand slightly, and as soon as he found the right spot, I came all over again, my panties now completely soaked through. His cock began to press into me, the moistened material stretching to allow his head to enter me. I asked if he could feel how hot he made me, and he nodded.

He sat up and removed my panties and looked at them. They were black panties, so the evidence of my arousal was quite apparent. M smiled. "Well, look at that. Aren't you a naughty girl?" He climbed back on top of me, and I could have sworn he was going to dive into me with his cock, but instead he kissed me and began to tease my now completely liquid hole with only the tip. This was too much teasing, so I had an idea. I reached down and pulled his cock up along his body so that the underside was rubbing against my sopping slit, and I began to move my hips slowly up and down, using my hand on the top of his cock to apply pressure. Once he saw how easily this made me cum as his cock slid effortlessly across my clit, he pressed our bodies together and was able to acheive the same effect without the help of my hand. I came repeatedly, my body all over the place, coating him in my juices. I thought that at any moment he would give in and bury his hard member inside of me.

It was his turn for an idea, and he said so. He rolled over onto his back and wordlessly urged me to straddle him. I sat down on his cock in the same position we had been in, his cock surrounded by my cunt lips. "Now it's all in your hands. Let's see how long you can hold out." I was totally up to the challenge. Being on top allowed me more control over angles and pressure and speed, so I eagerly began to use his cock for my own pleasure, grinding myself against him as hard as I could. He egged me on, almost begging for me to cum on his cock. I used the wall for leverage and began to rub my clit on him in very small rapid movements. I exploded onto him, screaming, dripping my juices all over his lower body. He had a huge smile on his face...I leaned down to kiss him.

His hands found my breasts as I began slower more deliberate movements. He rose his hips up to give me better leverage, and doing so made it easier for me to cum at least 2 more times. By then, I was ready to give up. I needed to fuck. I needed to impale myself on M's cock repeatedly, so this is exactly what I did. Clearly M needed it too, as I got no chiding as I slid him into me. With what little enegy I had left, I bounced on his cock. I came at least once when M could tell I was out of breath. He thought that it might be time for a new position.

It had been a while since he had taken me from behind, so we positioned ourselves in this manner, and I was pleasantly surprised at the depth in which he could penetrate me from this position. He aligned himself so the front of his thighs were pressed up against mine. I grabbed a pillow and put it under my stomach to keep myself at the proper angle for the delicious intrusion of his cock. I could tell he was getting a little weak, so I told him that he could put his weight on me. I love feeling his full weight on my back - it makes me feel completely powerless to the rhythm of his movements between my legs. He kissed my neck and moved his arms under mine and took my hands in his, and the moment felt briefly romantic until he picked up his pace, slamming into my river of a pussy.

I told him how hot this position was and how naughty I felt and he said that I should wait to see what he was going to do the next day. I asked him what that was, and he said, "You really want to know? We'll be in this position, but I won't be in your pussy." And with the delicious thought of his cock to be buried in my ass, I came harder than I had yet that evening. My contractions around his cock took him over the edge as well, and he nearly growled as he filled me with his creamy deliciousness. With one final thrust, he collapsed on top of me, and I felt completely satisfied.

Clearly, he ended up staying much longer than he had originally anticipated. Too bad the next day, he was unable to visit. :(

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