Friday, April 4, 2008

Cuddling? Nope.

"Let's cuddle."

Riiiight. We don't see each other enough to "just cuddle." Cuddling turns into laughing and joking and spooning and touching and kissing and before you know it there's hand inside my panties and I'm dripping and moaning and cumming and needing to fuck. But not so fast...he wants to make me cum with his fingers a few more times, my ass rubbing against his crotch, feeling him get hard under the confines of his jeans. When he's got me panting he decides that we're wearing too many clothes, and he stands up on the bed and starts to take off his jeans and i shed my tshirt and pants and I see his cock appear and I want so badly to sit up and take him in my mouth, but my curiosity of what he's up to is too much so I resist my temptation.

Once all our clothes are off, he's on top of me, kissing and my neck and working his way to my breasts. He pries apart my thighs with his knee, exposing my dripping pussy and somehow keeping my legs in place, he begins to tease my clit with the head of his cock. When my body involuntarily tries to buck up against him to feel him inside me, I'm terribly unsuccessful. He teases his tongue around my nipples for what seems like an eternity, and I start to squirm around and try to find a way to get his cock into my desperate pussy. Eventually I think all the teasing got to him as well...he propped himself up on his hands and looked straight into my eyes and his cock magnetically dove into my soaked pussy to the hilt. He held it there only momentarily, but it was enough to send me over the edge from being teased for so long. I kept cumming as he began to fuck me. I wrapped my legs around his back trying to keep him deep inside me. My whole body just needed him to be as close as possible to me.

After a lot of long deep thrusts, my pussy spasmed around his cock once more. He then decided it was my turn to be on top. Somehow we manuvered ourselves to turn over, keeping his cock inside me. I was not about to let him slip out. I began to ride him hard and fast, and he coaxed me to slow down, because he hadn't had a chance to "take care of business" before he came over. And all this time I just thought he had amazing staying power...c'est la vie. I didn't care...I needed to fuck and I needed it bad. I bounced on his cock, impaling myself on him over and over again, my breasts bouncing freely. I saw his face start to contort so I bounced a little faster and then sat down on him hard and rubbed my clit against his body so we'd cum simultanueously. I felt his load shoot deep inside of me. It was a lot more than usual as he hadn't cum in a while.

I held him close for a minute, and then excused myself to use the restroom. When I came back, I put on some panties so as not to leak his cum onto the sheets as they had just been washed. We chatted a bit as I absentmindedly played with his softening cock. "I don't have one of my own, so I have to play with yours." He didn't seem to mind. I love playing with cocks when they aren't engorged with blood. They are so unique...his skin was very soft, no doubt from all of the soaking in my pussy's juices. I wanted to see what his soft cock would taste like, so I bent down and took all him in my mouth. He had cleaned himself up, but he still tasted vaguely of my pussy. I love it when a cock tastes like me. It seemed like he was getting a little cold, so I sat back up and covered him with a blanket, and when I reached back down under the covers to grab his cock, it was hard again. I smiled. "You like that?" "How could I not?"

He flipped me over and pulled my panties to the side and slid into me again, this time with zero effort as his sticky cum was still lubing my insides. He began to whisper in my ear about how he likes ruining my panties, as I could feel the cotton start to absorb the cum that was leaking out of me. It was unbelieveably sexy. I told him that I wanted to be on top again, but this time he laid on the bed sideways against the wall, propped up a bit on a pillow. I took him inside me again, and somehow manuvered into a position where the head of his cock was hitting the front wall of my pussy deep inside me. Doing this repeatedly caused me to lose control and howl quite loudly, something my roommates made fun of me for later. I kept bouncing and cumming until eventually he came inside me again and then I collapsed into his arms.

He needed to leave, but decided to stick around for 15 more minutes. That turned into two hours as we fell asleep, exhausted from the evening's activites.


Rogue said...

The image of gripping him with your legs, keeping him close and deeply inside you, is deliciously sensual. You're very yummy, you know.

Thursday's Child said...

You write beautifully -so very erotic. I just came across your blog by chance, but I like what I see. The imagery in your writing, the cum soaking through the cotton of your panties - just fabulous.

The Sexual Adventurer said...

I love blogs with detail, it makes it that much more erotic for me to read. I try to do as much of that as possible in my own writing. I hope I elicit some naughty responses from others in the process. :)