Sunday, April 6, 2008

Exit to Eden and April Fools turned first bisexual experience

Amusingly, the first person on my list is actually a girl. I decided that I was only going to list boys with whom penetration was involved. Despite what people thought about the Lewinsky scandal, I don't count those with whom I've only given head. However, with girl-girl action, I've been a bit more lenient with inclusion in my list.

MK was a gorgeous little thing, my best friend at the time. She was short, about 5'2" maybe, and her mother was white but her father was Malay, so she had a beautiful Asian aura about her. Asian girls have always done it for me. I had always thought she was amazing, but since we bonded mostly over our problems with boys, I never really knew how to breach the subject with her about how I found her attractive. Until one April Fools Day...

I was dating a guy, GM, and had been for a while. We were both virgins, and neither of us had had too much opportunity to explore sexually until we got together. Once we decided to mess around, things progressed to oral sex much more quickly than either of us anticipated, but we were enjoying ourselves immensely. We had spent every day of our spring break in my bedroom trying new things.

On April Fools Day, MK came over to visit, and I sat the two of them down to watch the movie Exit to Eden with me. I had rented it, not truly realizing the plot, and became fascinated with the ideas of bondage and going on a sexual retreat (an idea I got to deliciously relive in Jefferson's sex camp tales.) I wanted to share these ideas with them, to see if they had the same effect of arousal on others as they did to me. In previous conversations, I had told MK about how I had been messing around with GM a lot recently, and I had told GM that I had an attraction to women...I think I may have used the word 'bisexual' for the first time. For the life of me, I can't remember how the conversation went as this happened nearly ten years ago, but somehow the movie turned into a conversation about sex, and then it became some sort of an April Fools joke that MK should come over to my house the next day to 'play' with us before she went to work that afternoon. It was left completely open ended...I wasn't sure she would show up. I was left that night feeling hopeful and excited and apprehensive all rolled into one.

The next day when GM came over, we didn't want to wait around for her to show, so we left the door unlocked and left a note for her to "cum upstairs". It was cheesy, but hey, we were 15. When she came by, we were too engrossed in what we were doing to hear her come up the stairs, so she walked in on me naked and spread eagle on the floor with GM's tongue buried in my pussy, me very close to orgasm. After the initial shock of this moment, all of us couldn't help but be consumed with nervous laughter. I broke that by kissing her, and beginning to unbutton her shirt. All of a sudden it wasn't so funny anymore.

The order of events is kind of a blur but I will attempt to recount them as best I can. As I kissed her, I swore I could see GM stroking his cock out of the corner of my eye. I had something new to focus on, however. Kissing her was so different than kissing a boy that I was entranced. We got her undressed and laid her down, and I played with her nipples. I remember seeing her spread her legs for the first time...she was a bit more hairy than I, but it was interesting because the hair was straight, not curly. I remember her shuddering under my touch, her slit becoming wet. Instinctively, my tongue began to explore her...her taste was tangy and delicious. It took a bit to find her clit, but when I did, I could feel her entire body react. I can't remember if she actually came in my mouth, but she was definitely enjoying herself.

I do remember at one point that MK and I tag-teamed giving GM head. We took turns, one taking the shaft in our mouth, the other licking his balls, and then at one point each of us running our mouths sideways over each side of his cock. He loved every second of it...I can still see the immense grin on his face.

Later, he had both of us on our backs next to each other. He was using both hands to finger us both at the same time, playing with our clits and sliding a thick finger inside of us. I grabbed her hand and squeezed as I came under his touch. Then GM had an idea. He got out a set of wooden drumsticks and began to work one into each of our pussies. This was at a time when I didn't have any access to sex toys, so I used whatever I could find to masturbate...highlighters, the handles of various kitchen utensils, etc. The drumsticks were part of the collection. While I thought MK would find this idea strange...she seemed very receptive. Since I had already cum, I wanted to afford her the same luxury, so I sat up and began to play with her clit as GM worked the 'toy' in and out of her. She was quiet, but I felt her body shudder and then relax, and I knew we had pushed her over the edge.

She suddenly realized she was late for work, so she got dressed quickly and we kissed and hugged our goodbyes and said that we should get together again soon. Unfortunately, she started dating someone soon after that, one of GM's friends, so we never got to repeat the experience. However, she left me with a delicious memory.


Anonymous said...

As I said before, I think your writing is getting better as your blog gets longer. This story in particular was written in a way that makes it very hot. Though this is my first comment, it isn't the first time I've checked back repeatedly to see if there's a new update. This post is an excellent reason why.

Keep up the good work. ;)


The Sexual Adventurer said...

Thank you, R, for your kind words. I looked forward to your comments, as you are the only one I know personally that I've chosen to share this blog with. Glad you're enjoying your time reading. :)