Monday, March 24, 2008

A glorious Tuesday evening...

I came home from work and went straight to bed. I stripped down to nothing put panties and crawled under the covers and passed out. He had instructions to find me there when he arrived.

I was awakened by a kiss and a "hey, sweetie". What a glorious way to wake up. We chatted a bit as I awoke from my slumber, but eventually I became annoyed with the conversation and pulled him on top of me. I must have been having a naughty dream or something, because I was already incredibly turned on.

I think he may have been a little surprised by my lack of clothing, but he didn't seem to mind a bit. He asked how I was, and I rubbed my hands down his back to his ass, and said "How do you think I am?" I proceeded to press my body tightly against his, grinding my pussy against his leg, holding him close, kissing his neck and telling him just how much he turns me on.

Earlier in the day, I had texted him about how much I had really wanted to suck his cock, and the feeling never left me. So when he peeled himself from my grasp long enough to stand up and start to remove his clothes, as soon as his cock was revealed, it was in my mouth. I eagerly sucked him, as I heard him suck in a breath and then moan from my unexpected efforts. "Mmm...I love when you do that." He was standing on the floor and I was leaning to the side on the bed, so he reached down and began to rub slow circles around my clit through my panties. I moaned onto his cock, as he circumvented my last piece of clothing and dove his fingers deep into me.

I moved back onto the bed a bit to allow him room to lie down. We arranged ourselves into a 69 position and kept him in my mouth the whole time. I love the smoothness of his cock as it slides in and out of my wet mouth. He licked me for a while, but eventually his lips latched onto my clit and I moaned as I came, my sounds muffled by his cock still shoved into my mouth. As I was coming down, I went to back to bobbing my head on his cock, grabbing his ass to pull him closer to me, so I could take him in deeper. He was loving it, but eventually he said he really needed to fuck me.

He flipped me on my back, pushed my knees to my chest and entered me effortlessly, as I was so wet from the artful attentions of his tongue. I usually savor the first entrance of a cock into my pussy...I like to let the idea of being full of cock slowly set in. There was no time for this...he wanted me and he wanted me RIGHT THEN. He propped himself up on his hands and began to thrust quickly and deeply. I looked down and was able to see him disappear inside of me repeatedly, which was an incredible turn on. I threw my head back and screamed...his insistent penetration felt amazing. I think he sensed I was about to cum, so he pushed into me hard, balls deep, and held himself there. I lost body was writhing underneath him, rubbing my clit against his body, pulling him closer to me with my arms and legs. He shifted his hands and put his full weight on me and I exploded, screaming into his ear. I didn't have time to even catch my breath and he was already back to pussy loved every second of it. I wouldn't let him get too far away this time though...I wanted him as close as possible to me, as deep inside of me as possible. I rocked my hips and fucked him back as best I could...we could hear the sounds of wet skin slapping together. I felt his cock just a little harder and his thrusts were just a little more determined, so I squeezed my pussy around him and whispered, "Cum for me. Cum for me now." in his ear. With a few more dips into my pussy...I was flooded with his cum. God I love that feeling.

After recovering a bit, we realized that we usually have dinner first and then fuck, which made us realize how hungry we really were. So we put ourselves back together and went out for sushi. After a delectable meal, we came back to my place and cuddled in bed a bit. I knew it was getting late and that he would have to leave soon, but my body was not done with his. Not yet.

Before he could make any exit excuses, I rolled on top of him and whispered softly, "It's been too long since you've played with my ass." There are men in this world that are all about breasts, or legs, or all kinds of things, but I've discovered M is definitely an ass man. While I'm not fond at looking at myself from behind in the mirror, he loves my behind. I can't say that I mind at all, because my ass loves the attention. I love being spanked, rimmed, and fucked there. But it's rare to find a man that is interested in the concept and will treat my ass with respect. M is one of those men.

At those words, I could feel his cock hardening below me. What I had in mind was a good tongue exploration, a bit of finger play, and then feeling his cock in my ass. But he had other plans. "My are you naughty, wanting your ass played with. Well, we'll have to see to that." He disposed of my clothes quickly, leaving me naked and him fully clothed. He motioned to a pillow, and I knew what he wanted...I placed it under my hips and laid face down on the bed, spreading my legs a bit to reveal my core to him. My pussy must have been glistening, still moist from our earlier encounter.

After a few smacks across the ass, I was left alone for a minute. I couldn't see what he was doing behind me. I learned later that he had shed his clothes and gotten into my closet to find my toys. Ahh, this was going to be a very naughty night. I have two anal toys...a long thin purple plug that feels great when deep inside, but it doesn't stay in without help. The other one was new...I had used it once in phone sex play, but M had yet to see it in action. It's a shorter but much fatter lavender plug, with a cord that extends from the base. This cord can be plugged into a battery pack with a dial that can adjust the speed of the vibration. I'd used the vibration the last time only near the time I was about to cum, and it send me over the edge and into outer space within seconds. M had heard this happen on the phone, but I could tell he wanted to witness it's effects in person.

He started with kissing and nibbling my already sensitive ass. I squirmed a bit, and even more when his tongue delved into my crack. I love how naughty that feels. He continued to probe my rosebud with his tongue as he slipped the thinner toy into my pussy. It didn't feel like much in there, but I knew the purpose was just to get it ready for my ass...and it got rather wet as my pussy was now nearly dripping. He the slowly pushed the toy into my ass. He went slow...I think he's always afraid of hurting me. I relaxed and it slid in the full length easily. He held it inside and began to toy with my clit. I loved the sensation and began to moan into the bed. He began to slide the toy in and out just a little, and then dove his fingers into my pussy. It was glorious...almost as soon as he found my g-spot, I came, flooding with juices. Anal play always gets me so worked up. He continued toying with my pussy and clit, pressing toy in deep until I came at least two more times. He then asked if I was ready for something bigger.

The base of the larger toy is wide enough that my ring barely stretches over it, so I told him that I wanted to insert it, and then he could do whatever he wanted to me. I got the lube and applied some to the toy and then fingered my asshole for a minute and somehow managed to manuever a good angle for insertion while still face down and my ass propped up in the air. I began to slowly insert the tip, taking deep breaths and trying to relax while stretching out my asshole. When it was almost in but began to hurt, I asked M to finger my clit. The pleasant distraction was enough to facilitate the entire toy slipping into my anus, and after a moment of settling, my ring closed around the receded base to hold the toy firmly in place.

I heard him sigh, and he said something along the lines of "Damn, that's beautiful...a dripping wet pussy and a naughty toy in your ass. What a dirty girl!" and then I felt a sudden sting on the most sensitive part of my ass as his other hand delved back into my now much tighter pussy. There was so much stimulation in my core that my head started to spin and I came uncontrollably.

He withdrew his fingers and let me catch my breath. I moaned that I needed to fuck him. That I craved to be penetrated in both holes simultaneously. That I wanted to be filled with cock. I think he began to move to get behind me, but I had other ideas. I wanted to ride him...NOW. As we moved to change positions, I found the battery pack for the toy in my ass and plugged it in but didn't turn it on...yet. I straddled M and kissed him deeply. After a bit of difficulty finding the right angle with the addition of a toy deep in my ass, I began to slowly lower my pussy down onto his cock. He had a rather incredulous look on his face as he felt how tight my pussy was now that I was being penetrated in both holes.

I closed my eyes and sat up tall and concentrated on the intense feeling between my legs. It's been a long time fantasy to be double penetrated, and this was the closest thing I'd ever felt. I leaned forward, squeezed myself around his shaft, rubbed my clit against his stomach and came hard, my ass spasming around the large object protruding from it. I made such loud noises. I then began a slow rise and fall rhythm on his cock, and looked down to see an approving smile. "You like my tight pussy?" I got a moan in response. I picked up the remote to the toy and turned it on ever so slowly. A gentle vibration spread quickly from the depths of my ass to my pussy to his cock. "You like that?" "Mmm, yes..."

I increased the pace of my bouncing on his cock, and increased the intensity of the vibrations as well, being careful not to let him slip out of me as I was very tight and now completely dripping wet with cum. This was nearly sensory overload for me. I began to shake with orgasm as I bounced. I'm not sure if it was my orgasm or my wetness or the vibrations that pushed M over the edge, but soon enough I could see his face contorting and his hips bucking at me and he filled me with his creamy goodness.

I collapsed on top of him, impaled on his still hard cock. I whispered to him that he had just fulfilled a fantasy of mine, and that it was glorious.


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oh, oh, wonderful.

Sexual Adventurer said...


Oh oh oh...keep reading. There are some other juicy posts in here.