Sunday, March 16, 2008


I typically have been a rather dominant person in bed. I'm not talking whips and chains or anything (usually!) but I've always known what I've wanted in the bedroom. Also, I've been with too many people that are either inexperienced or timid (or both), so I've had to be in control or nothing was going to happen, or at least nothing that I was going to find satisfactory.

However, over the last year or so, I've really been craving to be with someone that I would trust enough to take the control from me, but for them to know me well enough that I would still be pleasured in the ways that I crave. I got a taste of this with A...which made it so difficult to let him go. There were a few times that he would fuck me from behind, nearly putting his whole weight on me as he plowed inside (which wasn't much, he was maybe 5'2", but still), and just as I was about to cum he would stop. Freeze his entire body, for about maybe 30 seconds (it felt like an eternity) and then he would slam deeply into me, hitting bottom, and rotate his hips a bit so as to grind the orgasm out of me. It was so intense I'll never forget it. However, A's real desire was to be dominated...he had a former lover that used to lead him around the house by a leash around his balls. While I find tales of this arousing (I love BDSM erotica!), I find the practice of such impractical in my current way of life. Maybe someday...

I had discussed my fantasies of being taken advantage of and being spanked and told how naughty I was to my current lover, M, recently. We had phone sex regarding the subject at least three times, him telling me how he would walk into my apartment and just bend me over the nearest object. However, he was still caring about it...he said on more than one occasion that he hoped that I would have been thinking about such an encounter before he showed up, so that I would already be wet enough for him to sink his cock into me, as he didn't want to hurt me. I found this sweet but also silly, as he clearly has no idea how easily he turns me on. Whenever I'm near him, and a lot of times when I'm not, I'm already thinking about his cock inside me, a thought that always leads to wet panties.

Anyway, after discussing this on multiple occasions, it still never happened. We would end up in the bedroom as usual after dinner, and the sex would be amazing in it's own right, but he never took the role I so desparately wanted. Until Friday night.

We went out to dinner as per usual. Neither of us were terribly thrilled with our meals, and I could tell throughout the evening that something was bothering him, and in predictable female fashion, I was trying to get him to talk to me about about it, and in typical male fashion, he expertly avoided it. When we got back to my apartment, he held me close and kissed me, and we started to almost dance to no music in my living room, rocking back and forth. I so love to be close to him. He finally started to talk a bit about what had been bothering him, and I asked if he wanted to go cuddle in my bed and talk about it for a while. I figured that he could get whatever he needed to off of his chest and then we could make love. Not to be.

He walked in my room behind me and shut the door. He grabbed my hand and pushed me against the back of the door using his full weight and kissed me deeply, passionately, his hands tracing my curves down to my ass. I was taken aback...I thought we were going to have a deep conversation...but when he began to rub my pussy through my jeans, I thought "Finally! He's going to take advantage of me!" and I put myself in a mindset to go along for the ride. I moaned into his mouth as I felt his hardness pressing against my thigh, his fingers pressing deeper into me. I had to almost gasp for air when his lips moved to my neck and his hands moved to undo my jeans and remove them. He wasted no time and took off my panties too in the same movement. His fingers found my wetness... It was all a flourish of kissing and touching but before I knew it his clothes were off too and he took off my shirt and bra and his cock was pressing between my folds. I lifted up one leg and wrapped it around him and felt him slide inside. I was in heaven at being taken like that, but the angle just wasn't right for him to get in deep and we both knew it, so he spun me around and pressed me face first into the door. He slapped my ass and shoved his cock inside me and held it there, then began breasts were flattened against the door but I didn't care, all I needed was his cock. I reached down to play with my clit but his fingers replaced mine and I came quickly.

The bed was not far away, so he wrapped his arm around my midsection and put me face down over the edge of the bed. I moved to get on all fours but he pushed me back down and said to keep my feet on the floor. I spread my legs slightly and he entered me again, this time fully and fucked me at a leisurely pace for a little while and then sped up as my moaning increased until I came again. Then he wanted me up on all fours, so I obliged. He started fucking me again from behind, deeply, while still standing on the floor, but then got up on the bed with me and spanked me a few times which only made me wetter. Then out of nowhere he lined himself up and fucked me harder and faster than I think I've ever been fucked. I looked over my shoulder and saw how fast his body was moving and I was amazed. I couldn't believe being fucked so deeply and with such force could feel so incredible. He even pulled my hair so as to get more made me feel so dirty. After I came repeatedly, he released me and I fell face first flat onto the bed. After such an intense fucking, I thought he stopped because he had cum inside me, but when I reached down to feel inside myself, I only found my own juices.

In my post-orgasm stupor, it was surprising to feel the sting of his hand as it came crashing down on my ass. He didn't even have to say it, I knew it was for touching myself so soon after being ravaged by his cock. He spread my legs and propped up my ass a bit for him. His tongue expertly dove for my clit, sending me over the edge again nearly instantly...I love it when he explores me with his tongue. Then he began to spank me repeatedly. It was rhythm, so I couldn't anticipate it, which made it even better. He told me I was his dirty girl. He asked if I liked being such a slut and told him I LOVED being HIS slut. With all the dirty talk and the assault on my tender ass, I was dripping wet yet again for him.

The depths of my cunt had yet to begin to recover from such a deep fucking when he penetrated me with two fingers and magnetically found my g-spot and began to massage it frantically. I was spread eagle on the bed, clawing at the sheets so much that I ripped them off the bed, screaming and moaning and howling and making noises I never knew were possible. I thought he would stop after I came a few times but he just kept going, altering his movements and pressure slightly, occasionally toying with my clit or rosebud. I think he may have even spanked me a few more times. It was such a flourish of intense feelings in my core that I couldn't even say how many times I came, but my best guess would be five or six. He then withdrew his fingers as quickly as they entered me and I was left panting heavily, drenched in sweat. I had to roll over because I couldn't breathe.

As I lay there catching my breath, I looked over at M. He was leaning sexily, half propped up on his elbow, half leaning against the wall. He had a bit of a smile on his face, and his cock was still jutting away from his body, rock hard. Despite my exhaustion, I willed myself to move around until I could lower my mouth onto his cock. It was difficult to try to suck his cock and continue to catch my breath at the same time, so when I took my mouth away from him for a moment to inhale, he made a quick move and flipped me over so I was sideways on the bed and drove his cock into me again. I was so sensitive from all of his previous attention that I couldn't believe that it didn't hurt, yet his pistoning cock kept expertly extracting orgasms from me. I thought this would be it...I just *knew* that he took me so quickly because he needed to cum deep inside me. After all, he had waited such a long time. But after I came a few times, screaming and clawing at his back, my hips bucking up to rub my clit against his body and my legs clamping down around him, holding him deep inside, he surprisingly climbed off of me without having filled me with his cum. By this time, the room had magically become about 15 degrees warmer, and without even me asking, he turned on the fan on my desk and pointed it in my direction. I was so completely out of it that I just closed my eyes and basked in the cool air passing over me.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed that M had resumed his earlier leaning position, but I was close enough this time to be able to reach for his cock. I noticed it was still sticky from my juices, which just begged for me to taste him. I began to lick his cock like an ice cream cone...long, slow licks, savoring the taste of myself on his cock. I told him that I loved it when his cock tasted like my pussy. I began to stroke the tip of his cock which was now rather moist from my saliva as my tongue worked to clean my juices from the base of his cock, licking his balls in turn as well. He began to moan a little, and then moreso when I came up and took him into my mouth and began slowly sucking. I rested the side of my head on his stomach and began a slow rhythm of moving my mouth over his cock. My right hand felt his chest and concentrated on his nipples as my left hand gently massaged him right underneath his balls. I got a little brave and moved the fingers of my left hand lower, slowly, until I reached his ass, all the while steadily increasing the rhythm and pressure of my mouth sucking his cock. This was territory that I had not yet explored with M, but had been wanting to. I was encouraged by how he spread his legs wider for me to gain easier access to his asshole. I got up on my knees and began stroking his cock as I sucked him deep and hard, my tongue swabbing the head of his cock repeatedly as my fingers toyed with his anus. I cursed the fact that the lube was so far away, as I wanted to slip a finger inside but I didn't want to hurt him.

He must have been lost in the sensations for a while, but eventually he said, "Don't you remember what I told you?", with an edge in his voice. I looked up at him, still stroking his cock, and answered "Hmm?" All of my senses were so immersed in everything that had happened so far that my brain was not functioning properly, and suddenly I feared that there was some task he wanted me to perform on him, but it just wasn't coming to me. He muttered, "Clearly, you've forgotten..." as he maneuvered himself to be upside down underneath me so that he could tease my pussy with his tongue as I sucked him. I sighed. In a recent phone sex conversation, he had said that if I am to suck his cock than he is to eat my pussy at the same time. He really likes 69ing, and while I like the concept, I find myself either concentrating on what I'm doing or what's being done to me, I find it difficult to do both simultaneously. However, this time it wasn't such an issue...I had already cum so many times that I was really more interested in sucking his cock. I did cum once in his mouth, but I found that if I concentrated on licking and sucking just the head of his cock that he would get so distracted and stop licking me altogether. I alternated this move with sucking him in deeply, and while I considered bringing him to climax this way, I knew he preferred to cum inside me.

After a while I stopped and leaned down to kiss him upside down. I then laid down in the bed right-ways this time, and I thought he would take a breather, but he was on top of me in an instant. Breaking the character a bit, he asked what I wanted. I deferred to him, but he asked again, so I told him that I wanted him to fuck me hard until he was about to cum, and then cum all over me. This was something else we hadn't yet tried, so his response was "Really?", and as soon as I nodded he was fucking me intensely...I couldn't believe my pussy could take it. I waited anxiously to be covered in his cum. In a mutual masturbation session at his place, I learned how far he can shoot when he hit me square in the eye, so I couldn't wait to see how much he could cum after being built up for so long. I had a small orgasm before he said "You ready?" and next thing I knew he pulled out and there was cum everywhere. I think he began to cum when he was still in my pussy, because there was a bit inside me and a lot of it pooled where my legs meet my body, but it definitely shot up and covered my stomach and my right breast. I felt so naughty being covered in his cum...I was definitely his slut that night. I rubbed the sticky white mess into my skin...I wanted to smell like him, to feel him on me all night. I found a little pool of it in my navel and spread it was so naughty! He laid down next to me and I tried to express how incredible the night had been, but we were both so exhausted that we passed out in each others' arms almost immediately.

While this experience did not leave me being completely submissive, it definitely made me realize that I have found a lover that knows my body in ways that others could only have dreamed of, and that I can put my pleasure in his hands (and mouth, and cock, etc.) and still be intensely satisfied. This just opens whole new ways for us to pleasure each other...

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