Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ahh, the uses of the internet...

This will require a little backstory. Senior year of college I used to occasionally fuck this guy we'll call L. He had a supposed open relationship with his girlfriend...and we ended up having a threesome eventually, but that's not this story. This story is when L came to visit me just after the holidays this past year. However, I told the story of this encounter via instant message to my friend R, and below is the resulting conversation when I recounted the conversation with R about L with T. Does this even make any sense? Maybe once you see it...

me: how are you?

T: Usual

me: hehe

me: tired and horny?

T: Yeah... you should be my girlfriend. Can already read me. At distance, mind you.

me: it's not difficult

me: i'm working on a little tease for you

me: hold on

T: Uh-oh...

T: What kind of tease?

me: i recounted my sexual exploits of this afternoon to R earlier. so i shall show you the transcript of our conversation.

me: interested?

T: Probably as close to sex as I'm gonna get with you for a while

T: Damn straight I wanna see it

me: lol

[23:43] R: I do want details.
[23:45] me: well when he arrived, my friends were still here. as soon as they left the room...he kissed me and moved my hand to his cock. "see, i'm hard for you already"
[23:46] me: he doesn't believe in underwear, so it was quite apparent.
[23:46] me: i said that my friends would probably leave in a bit, and they did.
[23:47] me: L got up to take out the movie that had just finished...and i asked what he was doing... he said he had no idea and stood up and kissed me deeply in the middle of the living room...his hands traveling to my ass.
[23:48] me: i could feel his hardness pressed against my stomach. (he's really tall and a stick)
[23:48] R: Hmm. :P
[23:49] me: he said something about he's really been wanting me and was glad he was able to between kissing my neck. i told him he had a one track mind.
[23:50] me: he asked if we should get more comfortable...and i said that my bed is really comfy and that he should check it out
[23:50] me: he sunk into it and was impressed...i mentioned that it's not good for certain sexual positions as he removed his shirt.
[23:51] me: "like what?" "like me being on top. can't get the right leverage." as he's unbuttoning his pants....
[23:51] me: "oh." "mmm...i almost forgot how big you are. almost."
[23:52] me: i teased the head of his cock with my tongue. "oh, damn..."
[23:53] me: his pants came off and he's completely naked, and i'm still totally clothed, so i take off my sweater, leaving my bra on. he feels my tits as i start to suck his cock.

me: shall i wait for your commentary, or just post it all and wait until the end?

T: Heh... up to you

me: i like comments.

me: let me know when you want a new section.

T: Probably... I'll make a reference with each comment, so you know whereof I speak

me: :)

T: BTW... this was L?

T: Next

me: yes

T: How long is the guy?

[23:54] me: he moans some more and goes on about my cock sucking skills. he loves what i do to him. i pause for a moment to change the lighting and to remove my pants.
[23:54] R: People need to go away. lol
[23:54] R: This is hot.
[23:54] me: haha
[23:54] me: you like?
[23:55] R: Mmhmmm...
[23:55] me: hehe
[23:57] me: as i come back into the bed, we lie back and make out, hands all over each other, his cock pressing into my leg. hot.
[23:57] me: as i go back to sucking his cock, i muse "you can't tell me that you find a girl in cali to do this for you". "none as good as you".
[23:59] R: That's probably the truth.
[00:00] me: he loves to moan as he gently holds my head in place above his cock. he's way too big to take in fully as i still have my damned gag reflex, but he doesn't seem to mind as my hands make up for what my mouth can't.
[00:00] me: ha
[00:00] me: he pulls my head up to kiss him bring me close as his hands travel to my ass

me: i just texted you a pic of his cock.

me: i'd say at least 8...maybe larger. i'm a horrible judge of actual measurements.

T: Just keep 'em coming

T: I don't wanna stop... um... doing what I'm doing

me: ok

T: You like having me this worked up, don't you?

me: of course

[00:01] me: i kiss his neck as his fingers travel under my panties...
[00:01] me: get this...he asks if he can play with my pussy before he does.
[00:01] me: i moan..."please..."
[00:01] R: Mmm...
[00:02] R: I want you.
[00:02] R: Seriously, right now.
[00:02] R: Hehe.
[00:02] me: come and get me.
[00:02] me: i feel a finger slip inside about an inch and we both moan at the same time. me from the sensation and him from the realization of my wetness.
[00:03] me: "you're already wet for me, baby" "see what sucking your cock does to me?"
[00:04] me: did i mention that he's been rubbing his cock on my leg this whole time.
[00:04] me: i run my nails down his back as he begins to play with my ass. such a naughty boy. i told him so.
[00:05] me: he then plunges his fingers deep in my pussy as i moan and grab his cock.
[00:06] me: he kisses me deeply and flips me over and spreads my legs.
[00:06] me: i removed my bra at some point during all of that.
[00:07] me: he begins to rub his cock along my still panty-clad but soaking wet pussy, acting like he was going to fuck me.
[00:08] me: i tell him i want him inside me. he asks if i have any large condoms. (seriously, he's one of those that really needs the magnum ones, lol). i told him that i didn't cause no one else i know is up to his standards. he laughed.
[00:08] me: i pointed to the ones i had.
[00:09] me: he wasn't done teasing me though.

T: Making me wanna fuck you

me: heh

[00:10] me: he removed my panties and then slid up and straddled my chest. his cock was right in front of me, but at a bad angle for sucking, so i licked what i could. his hands reached behind him and began playing with my pussy now i'm really wet.
[00:11] me: he slides two fingers inside as i'm moaning with the tip of his cock in my mouth.
[00:12] me: i feel his chest with my fingertips as his fingertips drive me wild. "ah, there's your clit..."
[00:13] me: "don't act't was there...the whole time." i said as i was nearing orgasm.
[00:14] me: i grabbed his cock tighter and tighter as i got closer and closer...finally i came all over his fingers.
[00:14] me: by this point i really wanted him inside. he reached for a condom and slipped one on as i played with his balls.
[00:14] R: Wow....
[00:16] me: yes?
[00:17] R: It is dangerous to be this turned on.
[00:18] me: haha
[00:18] me: i'm almost done
[00:18] R: I wish I could talk more. Just know I'm sitting here constantly flipping back to this screen with a hard on.
[00:18] me: i know
[00:18] me: you're fine, lol
[00:18] me: anyway...

T: Fuck... don't stop

[00:19] me: he parts my legs wide and teases my slit with the head of his cock.
[00:20] me: when he slides inside, i think he might have been surprised by my wetness and how easily he slid in. i think he's used to having to work up to getting himself inside a woman. alas, not me.
[00:20] me: he stays upright and begins fucking me slowly, propping up my hips a bit...he felt so good inside.
[00:21] me: i adjusted myself a bit so he could come in deeper from a horizontal angle and it felt amazing.
[00:21] R: Mmm....
[00:22] me: he then leaned over me and i pulled my knees up and i could feel the head of his cock hitting my cervix back and forth. normally this would hurt but when you're that turned on, it's not bad.
[00:23] me: i adjusted a bit again and this time he was really hitting bottom but he was going too slowly so in between moans i yelled for him to really fuck me like i needed to be fucked.
[00:24] me: he really started going at it and i came really hard...squeezing his cock which sent him over the edge.
[00:25] me: i could feel him get just a little harder and fuck me just a little faster right before he came. he all but collapsed on top of me as i was breathing half conscious post orgasm comments like "damn, that's exactly what i needed", etc.
[00:26] me: i slipped into a bit of a joey voice and said "how you doin'?" "well, i came". "that would be the point".
[00:26] me: lol
[00:27] me: he rolled off of me and i handed him a tissue.
[00:27] me: we got comfy and cuddled a bit
[00:27] me: he said that was the shortest sexual encounter he'd ever had, and i apologized.
[00:27] me: he said, "no, you're just that good".
[00:28] me: :)

T: I'd like to find out for myself

T: Did R actually come and get you...?

me: nah

me: he lives too far away

me: and is stuck at work

T: ...but if he had... you'd have taken him?

me: well, here's the conversation that led up to me telling all of that:

[22:26] R: I wish I could be with you right now.
[22:26] me: ditto
[22:45] me: i really want to feel your tongue right now.
[22:48] R: Mmm...
[22:50] me: i was watching a video of this girl screaming as this guy was going down on her...and it made me think of what you do to me...
[22:52] R: Hehehe...
[22:53] me: :)
[22:54] R: I do like the way you sound.
[22:54] R: I think about it a lot.
[22:54] R: Specifically how you were when I used that dildo on you.
[22:56] me: probably feels so good because it's unrealistic...being fucked and sucked at the same time
[22:56] me: you've about mastered the concept
[23:18] R: Sorry, I was away.
[23:18] R: I wish I was more alone.
[23:18] me: hehe
[23:18] me: how long are you going to be there?
[23:19] R: All night.
[23:19] me: boo
[23:20] me: i mean good, cause i can chat with you and such since i'm home alone
[23:20] me: but that sucks that you can't be more...alone, as you say
[23:22] me: to this day, i do not understand tit fucking. does it do anything for you?
[23:24] R: Hm. I don't really either.
[23:24] R: It doesn't feel bad as a tease, but it's not really something I could get off on.
[23:25] R: And it's not something where I'm like, "Oh yeah baby, let me fuck your tits."
[23:25] me: haha, i know
[23:25] me: some people really like it though
[23:25] R: Yeah I've heard of that.
[23:25] me: i think it's more for visual effect than anything
[23:25] me: i hope, anyway
[23:25] R: Yeah.
[23:25] me: i'm hungry.
[23:25] R: I want to eat you.
[23:26] me: i'm naked and ready.
[23:27] R: Do you like teasing me?
[23:27] me: yes.
[23:27] me: do you like being teased?
[23:28] R: Mmhmm...
[23:29] me: well then, isn't this mutually beneficial... ;)
[23:29] me: lol
[23:29] R: I think so!
[23:29] me: sweet
[23:31] R: What would you have done if I was there around 7:00? [right after L left]
[23:32] me: sit on your face.
[23:40] me: i'd probably talk about my earlier encounter in the process, provided you wanted details

T: So, basically his fantasy

T: Were you actually naked?

me: yes

me: i never got dressed from my session with L

me: i threw on a robe for when we sat in my living room and smoked after

T: Heh... answer the door naked, and I'm there :P

me: but then it came right off when he left

me: i still haven't gotten dressed, although i put on some panties in an effort to save the sheets

T: I, uh... don't have to work until Wed. - though... not sure what that means, to you

T: You just that wet, or...?

me: yeah. condoms are a good thing.

me: well he's in town for a few more days...

T: So... you're saying...

T: ...I could have my fantasy of fucking 'my girl' after she just got fucked?

me: i meant, that i would probably be busy with him, lol

me: but you can take it however you wish

T: If I take it that way, I'm gonna be asking what day I can cum for you

me: see i dunno when he's leaving and he doesn't either. it's up to his brother as to when he wants his car back

me: i dunno what to tell you

T: That you do wanna fuck me, is a start

me: honey, i'm getting things from all angles these days

me: it's getting to be a bit of a juggle

T: So, you're enjoying yourself ;-)

T: Just imagine how eager I'd be to lay tongue to your still-swollen lips, suck you to screaming, and then just pump you like an oil tanker

me: that's romantic.

T: Not really, no

T: ...but it underscores just how bad I need it, I guess. And the enthusiasm level, in particular.

me: the only thing LESS romantic i've ever heard is when my friend said "i won't lie, i've thought about dumping my babies in your ass".

me: but when you consider the source...

T: Heh

T: I remember that one

me: yeah, i still wanna fuck that guy.

T: 'course... now I wanna run my tongue there, too

T: Jesus

me: what?

T: Nothing sane...

me: out with it

T: You just love my perverted side

T: Just a thought...

me: always

T: You and me... living together

T: Coming home...

T: ...finding you 'intimately engaged'

T: How hot, sweaty you'd be...

T: long into the night, once I shooed your visitor away, that dinner would be postponed, while I took your amazing sexuality to bed myself

T: The ultimate workout

T: I'd be thin in 2 weeks

me: ha

me: yeah, fucking is about the only exercise i get

me: guess i'm not getting enough

me: i did win a membership to the gym though

me: i guess i should start going

T: ...or date me :P You'll be free to 'work out' all you wish, and it'd only make me hotter for you... benefits, all over

T: True or false: you've considered what that'd be like... and thought that maybe that'd be kinda fun to try

T: Kinda... as in, 'a lot' :P

me: i always wonder about how people fuck.

T: Well... you'd have my (subtle, unspoken) permission to find out

me: i think it'd be fun to turn you into my slave for a day

me: i think you'd listen

T: Elucidate

T: Couple of examples of what you'd do to me... or make me do for you

me: i think you could use a good spanking

me: i think i'd like to make you watch...

me: watch me shower, watch me masturbate, watch me fuck.

T: Tie me down, first?

me: did i mention your hands are behind your back? a collar might be good.

T: Afterwards... well....

T: I have a new fetish I'd wanna explore - but you'd deny me, so... it's OK

me: hide you somewhere so you can watch but not join in as i fuck someone senseless, and then as soon as they're gone, order you to clean my pussy with your tongue

me: what fetish is this?

T: Fuck you like crazy... but, you'd need an oral contraceptive - unleash my hot load into your wet pussy... then, after you tongue-tease me back to life while I return the favor...

T: ...use my own cream as a lubricant... to take you again

T: Feel you slick... warm... freshly-fucked - just...

T: Sounds so yummy

me: you want to fuck me and cum inside me and then fuck me again.

me: this is not new.

T: Messy...

me: eh, can be.

T: Eh... several rounds, several targets... just skip the shower

T: I wanna be coated in sex :-)

T: Told you... so many things I wanna try, that I've never thought I'd find women to let me explore with

me: makes sense, since you've seemed to magnetically repel it for so long.

T: What - semen?

T: Ah... sex

T: Got it

me: lol

me: i think the term they use for such a thing is "creampie"

T: When a woman wants you so bad, she doesn't care that she still has your cum smeared on her tits when she remounts you... that's just lustful non-inhibition

T: My women have only been vanilla - showering or cleaning up after sex, typically no bodily cum shots... never a 'creampie' - if you will

T: Never forceful in taking it from me...

me: so sad

T: Always making me work so hard to get it - then being, compared to all I've seen/and or heard... lackluster :-(

me: gross

T: Good women - just... not free, very restrained... or at least, unskilled

me: i think people should take sex lessons. kinda like dance lessons.

T: You, obviously, are none of that... is it any wonder I've been willing to fuck you for so long?

me: willing? try begging

T: Heh

T: Complaining?

me: that's where the idea of making you my slave came from

T: How high on a 10 scale does this fantasy have a chance of becoming reality - were it in your power?

me: i dunno

T: My guess is around a 6, at least... though 7 or 8 would be when you're more horny

me: kinda difficult to do in my little apt.

T: ...but you definitely would try ;-)

T: You want me to drool

T: You want it... badly :">

me: it's just been built up too much.

This conversation went on for a while, but was no longer sexy. I love how I can fuck someone and then tease someone with that story, and then tease someone else with that tease. Who knew that you could multitask with sexual experiences?

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