Friday, February 18, 2011

A dash of romance? Nah, couldn't be.

I slept through SM's call on a Thursday. I was surprised that he called at all since I hadn't heard from him in a few weeks.

Went out with coworkers on Friday, tried finding him out at our favorite bars, and even called him around 2 with no luck. Go home to bed a lot drunk and a little sad. Get woken up by a call at 4am to a slurred "I's be calling...right now...but I need...some company." I get out of bed and make my way there to comfort him. I didn't expect him to actually talk to me about anything, I thought just being there was enough. He was upset about how some health issues had been affecting his work. We talked about it for a bit.

We go to bed shortly after. He was very sweet, wanted to cuddle. Next thing I know he's going down on me, but didn't really want me to do anything to reciprocate. He was more sensual than usual...kissing my inner thighs, using his tongue more than fingers.

As we start to go to sleep, he got upset when I told him I care about him. For some reason he thinks that the people he cares about shouldn't care back. I tell him he confuses me by being hot and cold. I recount many of the nice things he's said to me in the past, and he tells me it's all true. Yet still, when we're sober I see none of that. I don't know what to think, but it's late. We fall asleep cuddling.

I wake up in the middle of the night to put on my panties but can't find them anywhere. Sleeping without underwear just kept me wet and turned on as I was sleeping...I'm pretty sure I had some naughty dreams.

Before we went to bed, I noticed what time his alarm was set for...I happened to wake up about a half hour before that. I cuddle up to him, kiss his face, try to wake him up. The alarm sounds, he turns it off. I kiss his neck gently, then quickly dive my head under the covers and engulf his soft cock in my mouth. I enjoy how he slowly becomes hard as I lick and suck up and down his shaft. I move the blanket enough to look up at him, his eyes are closed, looking like he's in heaven. His hands slowly move to fondle my breasts and lower to my pussy that's still so wet from the night before. He wordlessly convinces my body to twist in such a way to allow him better access to my cunt without pausing my tongue's ministrations on his uncut erection. He dives in as though I were his last meal, but also very intent on getting his. He starts fucking my face and for once it's a concept I actually enjoy.

His hands and mouth work in tandem to build up the most intense orgasms inside me, and he doesn't let up until I've exploded into three or four in a row. I wonder if anyone in the house can hear me since I can't seem to be quiet. He sits up and kisses me.

"I love tasting my pussy on your lips."

He lies half on top of me, kissing me deeply. He holds me tight, his hands in my hair. I expect there to be more. I wonder aloud why his tank top is still on as I unsuccessfully try to pull it off. "Because I have to go to work soon." He moves to get up. "Kiss me first." He pauses, then leans forward to give me a slow, intense kiss, that is more satisfactory than expected.

We then get up and go about our day as if nothing had happened at all.