Sunday, June 12, 2011

Where should we go?

A friend's brother and another girl came to town late one Friday night. I thought they were dating, but on Saturday I learned that they weren't. I wasn't immediately attracted to the kid but the more he talked the more I became interested. Still, strange ground to try and discover when he's related to a pretty good friend.

A group of us were hanging out, and one by one everyone crashed but the two of us. We went outside to talk so he could smoke and our voices wouldn't bother anyone. We talked about everything, but as most conversations go, eventually it turned to relationships and sex.  I gave him my standard diatribe on how I eschew the ideals of the traditional relationship, which I have realized is basically the intellectual version of saying I'm DTF.

We were sitting rather close, and I can't remember who kissed who first but quickly we realized we needed to fuck but weren't quite sure where to go.  My place was a bit of a walk, the back of our friend's truck was considered but I feared it would be too noisy.  He grabbed my hand and led me around the back of the apartment building, to the side that faced the woods.  I knew that our friend's windows may be open and that they could hear, so I tried to be quiet as I got down on my knees to take him in my mouth.  I didn't get much chance to pleasure him this way as he pulled me back up, kissed me roughly and yanked off my pants.

I was a Girl Scout once, so I was prepared...I had a condom in my pocket that I handed him.  He put it on quickly, then pressed me face first into the brick and came at me from behind.  I nearly bloodied my lip as I bit it to keep from screaming out loud as he entered me forcefully.  It was exactly what I needed.

We are about the same height, so for him to penetrate me fully, we would need a different angle.  I pushed back into him and leaned over farther, grabbing my calves and pushing my ass out.  I was just the right way to get him to hit the spots I needed to cum hard.  He pounded me and came rather quickly but I was still able to cum with him.

We redressed and went back to the porch, and not long after the friend he had come to town with woke up and started talking to us, even asking him why his fly was down.  I was pretty sure she had a crush on him so I found the entire situation hilarious because I was pretty sure there was no way she could have known that we just went at it.  Also, I never told my friend that I had fucked her brother.  She probably wouldn't have cared but I'm pretty sure he would have been weird about it, and why would I want to create an awkward, unnecessary situation?