Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's happening?

After taking a hiatus from hooking up, SM and I delve back into bed after a rather strange dinner party. We 69, he eats my cunt like he forgot what it tasted like and wanted desperately to remember. He takes a break, starts talking about his issues with a mutual friend while still lounging between my legs. I'm confused, are we fucking or having a heart to heart? I call him out on it.

"Are we talking about that or are you gonna eat my pussy? I'm down with either but not at the same time." I turn back around, we both laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation and pass out.

In the morning, I wake up around 10 and try to wake him up with my mouth. He barely moves, so I go back to sleep for a bit. I try again in a few hours, he's more receptive to it this time. I knew he said that he didn't want to hook up anymore - I took it as though he respected me as a friend too much to be hooking up with me the same way he did random girls from the bar. But now we've gone back to it...I'm not sad about it. I concentrate on giving him the best blowjob possible, and he seemed to be really into it. At some point he stops me, flips me onto my back and starts to fuck me silly out of nowhere. This goes on for a few minutes and then he gets up and starts to get dressed. Smacks my ass and says, "This has been fun, but you've got to get the fuck out of here."

How rude. He did need to go to work, but that was the first time I was kicked out as opposed to us walking out together. I go to leave and he's standing in the doorway, smoking a cigarette in my way. "If you want me to 'get the fuck out of here', you've gotta get out of my way." He moves, I walk out without looking back.

Did he regret hooking up after making such a point not to? I have no idea but he did call me the very next night to come over.

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