Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When you lay off the whiskey...

...good things can happen.

Coming down from a trip, I find myself on an epic journey to after hours at SM's place. Everyone leaves around 4:30, and by 5, he was ready to go to bed. We climb in bed and immediately spoon. His arms surrounding me, he kisses my shoulder, a seemingly perfect end to a wonderfully eventful day. I expected it to be cold so I left my hoodie on, but it wasn't, so as soon as I took it off I was met with his lips on my neck and his hands on my tits. He had said that he needed to crash because he had a lot to do the next day.

He's been so unpredictable that I wasn't sure if this was a "let's make out a bit before we pass out" moment or something more, and then he started grabbing for my clothes. He really loves my tits...who could blame him?

"Do whatever you want to me." "Oh don't you worry about that." I kiss his smooth downward as I reach for his fly. I treat myself to a deliciously hard cock. I'm perpendicular to him, but turn myself around as he reaches between my legs. "Spank me." One hand comes crashing down on my ass as two fingers from his other hand explore me inside. I increase the speed of my mouth on his dick, moaning around it as he finds all the right spots in my cunt.

I climb on top of him and slowly lower myself on him, relishing the feeling.  I try to start a rhythm but can't quite get the right angle so I ask if we can switch places.  He agrees but is slow to do so, wanting to kiss my neck.  I lean down and suck his cock again, enjoy my taste on him.  In one fluid motion, he flips me on my back, bends my knees back and enters me forcefully, deeply, intensely, hitting places he hadn't   before.  I couldn't stop cumming, I never wanted him to stop but despite the lack of whiskey he still didn't orgasm.  

We pass out. My alarm went off at 12:30, as I thought he would need to get up but he doesn't, so we fell back asleep for an hour. I wake up and kiss his neck a little, he doesn't respond but is awake. He asks, "What time is it?"  I reach for my phone on his side of the bed and as i'm looking for it under the pile of clothes, he spanks my ass a few times since I'm leaned over him. "Almost 2".

I look back and can almost see the "that should be enough time" look on his face. He flips me over and kisses me deeply, passionately. I can feel him getting hard against my leg. As we kiss, he rolls onto his back and without hesitation, my mouth is surrounding his cock, giving it my best effort. He responds with thrusting motions and delicious sounds of pleasure. Sometimes he's so quiet I never know if I'm doing it right but this time it was obvious. "You sure do know how to do that, and I really appreciate it. I replace my mouth with my hands for a moment to respond. "Well, I have been doing it for... [I couldn't remember how many years]...a while now." I smile, flip my hair out of the way and go back to what I was doing. He guides me to turn around enough for him to finger my pussy again while I continue. When a guy is really into it I can keep sucking cock just as long as my jaw doesn't go numb. It makes me so wet, just thinking about his cock moving in and out of me. Makes me want it in my pussy or deep in my ass. I wonder what it would take to get him to fuck my ass? Hmm...

Anyway, I took a break and kissed him and immediately he's rolling into me and sliding his leg between mine. I had redonned my panties for sleeping purposes, so I reached down and pulled them out of the way so that my dripping cunt would rub against his thigh. The purpose being a cross between needing to be pushed over the edge and wanting to mark him with my cum. I came hard, shaking in his arms, clawing at his back, not caring about what sounds I made. I think this threw him into a frenzy...he threw me onto my back, pried my legs apart and just started fucking. I needed it so badly, to be fucked like that, hard, no pretense, no "Is this ok?", nothing gentle, just stiff cock pounding into me. I was so wet he slid out a few times but was not dismayed, just kept right on going. I couldn't stop screaming "YES! FUCK ME!" over and over again. After several orgasms, he shifted a bit and started a different spot that really got to me, and as a huge orgasm rushed over me my legs clasped around his back and I kept him from thrusting for a bit so I could grind my clit against his body. He seemed to be convulsing a bit too so I thought he came too, which would have been wonderful but no matter what we do he never does. He could see that I was satisfied so he got up and went to the bathroom, came back and started to get dressed for work. I wondered if any of his coworkers would be able to smell me on him.