Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Disappointment and Hope

Been talking to more people on the internets, some of which I met through FetLife. There's a particularly delicious boy that I got to put a vibrating egg in his ass and cum for me. Such a good little sub...he calls me Ma'am even though we've never met.

I also talked a little with two local boys online. It seems that I have mutual friends with both. The one I was more interested in used to fuck a girl that I've been wanting to fuck for over a year now, so the conversation was a little more fun once we discovered that. I asked her about him, and she said that he was her best fuck up until her current boyfriend, so I figured he can't be all bad. He's not been online lately though, sad.

The second guy seemed alright, and gave me his number so I drunkenly called him when I was wasted on Friday night. He ended up coming over and I was too drunk to really lead things too much, he ended up fucking my ass and hard, but I was too drunk to really feel it until the morning. It was really awkward...I barely knew him, and here he was snoring and taking up the whole bed until noon. I don't think that'll be happening again anytime soon.

A was supposed to come over on Sunday, but he took an extra long nap, and by the time I called and woke him up, he was too comfortable to get up and come over. He was supposed to call me yesterday but that didn't happen either. Same old unreliable A.

Been having a lot of heart to hearts with JL. Even from such a distance, we seem to understand each other, or at least trust each other enough to talk about things we don't talk about with others. He's been amazing, especially since R isn't talking to me, which is heartbreaking.

I hadn't heard from C in a long while, but I was pleasantly surprised to get a message from him today. He wants to see me tomorrow. It'll take a little rearranging of my schedule, but it will be completely worth it. Despite our differences, it seems we're in much of the same place right now emotionally, so I think that spending some time together might just be what we both need. I'm sure there will be fun details for later.

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Em said...

Sounds like a couple of erotic moments going on there...fun!