Monday, November 17, 2008

Airport Conversations with C

C: So a little problem with seeing you today that I'd forgotten about. Go to [conference website] and search for [company name].

SA: That's a really bad picture of you.

SA: Have fun!

C: Yeah it is! We'll see about the fun. On one hand, I'm getting away, which I need. On the other, a) it's work, b) it looks to be a dismal [name of conference], and c) it's money we don't need to be spending, and d) I was REALLY looking forward to spending some quality time with you today. I need it.

SA: I'm sorry.

C: Me too. I think you need to debrief me when I come back.

SA: Is that what they call it now? FYI, I'm naked in my bed.

SA: For what it's worth, I need to see you too. I should break some patterns I've fallen into.

C: That's what's I'm calling it. Oh god, please send me pics, voicemail, text, whatever you can to make this flight actually enjoyable.

C: I want to join the mile-high soloist club while looking at you.

SA: I thought you couldn't receive such things mid-flight.

C: Like what?

SA: Like only sleeping with [CW]. It's weird. We get along spectacularly, there's no drama, no requirement to be monogamous, and the sex is amazing. But still, it lacks *passion*.

C: Flight leaves in an hour.

SA: It seems I can only get that with you.

C: Ugh, and me only sleeping with [girlfriend's name]. Yeah, let's fix that.

SA: With you, it's somehow less about sex and more about the physical manifestation of how you make me feel. You terrify and excite me more than anyone ever has.

SA: It's less about your cock in my ass, and more about you having that power over me, telling me that you're going to penetrate me in the naughtiest of places.

SA: It's that thought that really gets me wet.

C: Keep going. Won't be able to text or talk til I'm past security.

SA: Alright.

SA: It scares me to tell you how badly I want to submit to you. I've never trusted anyone enough to give them that But the nature of our situation lends so easily to me trusting you, almost too easily. I need to be taken to a new level.

C: Hmm, such as?

C: I trust you too. It's pretty wonderful.

SA: Indeed. And I don't know. I just want to be there with you.

C: Me too.

C: I know I haven't seen you in ages, but I already miss you more sitting on the plane about to fly away.

SA: This is what I love about you. I'm laying in bed, falling in and out of consciousness, and all I want is you here, wrapping me in your arms. I need to see you more than an hour at a time.

SA: I need you to remind me how dirty I really am. I want you to bend me over the nearest object and redden my ass as you tell me how much I've tempted you.

SA: I want you to discover how wet your discipline makes me. I want you to explore my depths as you feed me your cock and continue assaulting me with your words.

SA: I want you to bury your face in my dripping cunt and force orgasms from me with your tongue as you stretch my ass with your wet fingers.

SA: I want you to fuck me deeply from behind as you pull my hair.

SA: Then, without warning, I want you to flip me onto my back and penetrate my ass. I want to see the wicked look on your face as you empty yourself deep into my ass.

SA: With your cock still lodged inside me, I want you to thumb my clit and kiss me deeply, forcing one last orgasm from my already spent body.

SA: I want to fall asleep in your arms, your cum still deep inside me.

SA: Tell me later what I would wake up to.

(a while later)

C: If you woke up right now, in [layover airport], you'd wake up to me viciously sodomizing you, then making you choose between your mouth and your cunt for the next layover before I start the whole process over again. But, in all fairness, [layover airport] doesn't have smoking lounges anymore, so I'm ready to chew through horseshit for just one cig. In other words, I'm nic-fitting my ass off. And I love what you wrote me, and I'm going to aggressively jack off as soon as I can.

SA: I wish I could watch that.

C: Me too, though I'd be sure to snatch you up by your hair and force you to jack me off with your lips, tongue, and throat, each thrust more ragged and aggressive.

C: Until I couldn't take anymore, spun you around by your neck, forced your shoulders down along with your pants, threw my cock into you just enough to let your cunt be fully aware of that for which it begs, and then ram it -- all in one motion -- up your ass to the balls, ripping your head around so I can watch your face.

SA: Jesus, you have this way of freaking me out and making my cunt drip at the same time.

SA: I'm shaking.

SA: I fear your ability to damage my body with your cock, but trust that you will be good to your property as it is good to you.

(much later)

C: Shaking in a good way?

SA: At the time, I dunno.

C: I've got 58.1 seconds of video for you. And I treat my property very well.

SA: I like video. And I hope that you will.

C: I will. You know I will.


Anonymous said...

Very tasty...

And I still marvel at how trust can make an experience 100x better.

Rogue said...

Nothing quite like being both terrified and excited at once... ;)

Aneris said...

Your delicious sentence, "I need you to remind me how dirty I really am", contains an entire universe.

sinfullyanon said...

~~Just loved this.
Intimate, passionate, conversation..

..Just right.