Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Guest Post by Dark Corvus

A friend of mine, Dark Corvus, sent me this little story that got me going at work, so I thought I'd share since I've been so busy. Leave him some love!


The spot was secluded enough, with plenty of trees and shrubs to give us ample cover on the off-chance that someone would wander by, unlikely as that was. The small clearing gave us a good view of a fair portion of the sky, which was nice, because you can't properly sleep under the stars if you can't see them.

We rolled out a large blanket, and next to that our 2-person sleeping bag, overlapping the blanket just a little. That done we settled in, we sat and talked and sipped a little wine, occasionally touching, tickling, and kissing. We drained our wine-glasses and didn't bother to refill them, instead drawing closer into ever-deeper kisses.

Your eager fingers moved down and slid my shirt up and over my head, and I gasped as you tugged and sucked at each of my nipples. Turnabout being fair play, I soon had your shirt and bra joining mine in a heap, so that I could kiss, caress, and suck your heaving breasts. I kissed and licked at you here and there, shoulders, neck, wrists, tummy...and I could no longer tolerate the presence of your jeans. You helped me as I removed them, and then helped me do the same.

Naked and exposed to the air and one-another, we explored our bodies. Your fingers found my hardness and stroked gently before you lowered your head and took me into your warm, wet mouth. My fingers moved through your hair, tugging gently as you gently sucked and moved up and down along my shaft, making me sigh and moan. After a time I had to do the same for you, and I shifted so that you could continue to suck me, and you spread your legs to invite my tongue to slide along your already-wet sex. My fingers toyed with your fur as I lapped at you, occasionally sliding my tongue inside you or whirling the tip around your clit. This went on for quite some time, until we pulled away with some reluctance and once again moved eye-to-eye to kiss with growing passion.

"Susan..." I said, your name escaping slowly on my breath.

"Randy..." you said, your voice soft, but tinged with need.

Time became a blur of passion and sensation, and the world around us lost all meaning. We kissed again and again, hands moving over skin growing ever-warmer, legs intertwined as we pressed and shifted and writhed against one another, each breath quickening as our hearts did the same.

Lost as we were in each other, we failed to notice the final setting of the sun and the slow ascent of the moon as Luna took its turn ruling the sky. The world darkened and the stars shone, the only light upon us now being Luna's dim, reflected glow. It was more than enough, since we now saw one another with more than just our eyes, our primal passions pushing us towards an inexorable oneness of purpose.

You fell gently against the blanket, pulling me with you and atop you. There was no thought at this point as I paid heed only to the call of the primitive within and moved between your legs. With a long sigh I slid myself inside you, and your legs quickly wrapped around me and locked me into place. My mouth found your warm, soft neck and gently-rolling breasts as we pressed our hips into one another, grinding again and again. Your nails scratched across my back and arms, and the intermingled pain and pleasure summoned a low growl from my throat as I bit at your neck, and then raised up on my arms and pressed that much harder.

We locked eyes in the dim light, sweat steadily beading and rolling along our skin as we drew ever closer to our climax. And soon it came, we came, your back arching, both of us releasing near-screams of rapture as I emptied myself into you. Our pleasure washing over us like a wave until we collapsed together on the blanket, working to catch our breath. After a few moments of recovery, I pulled you in for a lingering kiss, and afterward I could see your smile, shining brightly and briefly in the near-darkness. As we nestled against one another, the pounding rush of blood subsided and soon we could hear the sounds of the night surrounding us.

But sleep would wait a while longer. Though we had blunted some of the force of tonight's desire for one another, it still remained. Soon, snuggled up together within the sleeping bag we acted on that desire again, this time a bit more slowly and tenderly, determined to see how long we would last.

After all, the night was still young.

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