Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally, a real post about CW

It had been a few weeks since we had been able to get together for an all out fucking session. I had been sick and he had been traveling. We missed being together, and it showed.

We were supposed to have dinner, but I decided I needed to shower. He came over before I ever made it into the bathroom, and chatted with me as I washed myself. I would have invited him in, but alas, my shower stall is too small for two, especially since he's 6'4".

I began to get dressed, but he scolded me, saying that if I put on underwear he was just going to have to take them off again. I was in the middle of drying my hair when an old friend called, so I felt compelled to answer. I put the phone on speaker because the conversation wasn't personal. I laid down next to him and his hands began to gently caress my naked body. I managed to keep the conversation going without a hitch when his fingertips delved between my legs. I shifted myself upwards on the bed and spread my legs a bit to give him easier access. I found the whole situation hilarious, especially since my friend on the phone is a bit reserved.

I had to let her go when his tongue hit my clit. I thought that my heavy breathing would give me away. I hung up the phone and grabbed his hair and moaned as his warm tongue explored me. He made me cum a few times with his tongue, snaking his long fingers deep inside me at the same time. After he got me breathing hard, he came up to lay next to me, kissing me deeply. I turned myself upside down and undid his belt, releasing his stunning erection from his pants and immediately began to tease the underside of his cockhead with my tongue, one of his favorite spots. The taste and scent of his precum was extremely enticing. He stripped off his clothes. I went back to his cock, sucking him as his fingers explored my already dripping wet pussy. I had wanted to try a 69 position with us on our sides, but I had to stop my mouth action as he furiously rubbed the sides of my clit, causing me to groan and thrash about as I came. I've never known a man to be so consistently good with his hands.

When I recovered, I turned myself back around and pressed my body against his, cheek to cheek, just wanting to be close to him. Hands were everywhere as we kissed and talked dirty to each other. I told him how much I love his cock buried inside me from all angles and how good his hands are to me, and he mentioned how much he loves how wet I get and that I like being spanked. Which of course led me to rolling over onto my stomach so he could spank me. He whispered in my ear how dirty I am as I fingered myself and his hand came crashing down on my asscheeks repeatedly. I had trouble getting the proper friction on my clit because I was so wet from his earlier work on me and his naughty words. I ground my hips into the mattress and my cunt against my hand and came twice as he reddened my ass. After I caught my breath, I decided I needed his cock.

I tossed him a condom, and pulled my hair back. It had been a long time since I had been on top, and loved the thought. I straddled him, and rubbed my wet slit against his cock, not yet letting him enter me. He sighed as he felt my warmth against him. Then I slowly slid down onto his thickness, only part way, and started a slow up and down motion. He tried to thrust in deeper, but I wouldn't let him just yet.

"Are you trying to tease me?"

"Just maybe."

I continued my rhythm, lowering down farther with every few strokes until eventually he was completely inside me. His cock is so thick and stretches me in the most perfect ways. I rubbed my clit against his body and came hard, contracting against him.

He has this trick where he contracts his Kegel muscles which cause his cock to move up and toward himself slightl. The first time we had sex, he did that just as I was orgasming, and he was completely blown away by how much I screamed and how hard I came. Now, he's learned that if he does that when he's buried deep inside me, it causes me to cum uncontrollably. There's something about the thickness and curves of his cock and my cunt that just line up perfectly and send me to another planet.

In this particular instance, once he started using this trick, he didn't stop. I completely lost control of all of my senses and could only focus on the immense pleasure emanating from my cunt. I bucked wildly, hands and arms everywhere, making noises I didn't know I could make but not caring in the slightest. As I began to attempt to catch my breath from my second orgasm like this, he did the unthinkable...he placed his thumb over my clit. I barely noticed his eyes growing wide as I bounced on him with even more of a frenzy. I nearly screamed at him to press clit didn't need to be dealt with delicately at this needed some serious contact. I couldn't tell you if it was one long orgasm after that or several all linked together. All I know is that I nearly blacked out and couldn't breathe and collapsed on his chest.

Even after all that, he still didn't cum. I've since learned that he needs a steady rhythm in order to build up to orgasm, and my spastic movements weren't going to take him there. Despite that, he seemed to enjoy himself immensely, even when I expressed that I was sad that he couldn't join in my experience.

His response: "Gotta save something for after dinner."

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