Saturday, August 18, 2012

Little Miss Luna

I met a pretty girl a few days ago.  I don't usually mention names but her name is so lovely I can't help but call her Luna, even here.  She seemed familiar, although a bit shy and somewhat reserved.  She was looking for a girl friend to go shopping with, so after work she picked me up and we went to the mall.

The first store we went to didn't seem to have the style clothes she was looking for, but they did have some lingerie, so we picked out a pretty purple bra, since purple is her favorite color as well as mine.  It came in a set with another pattered bra.  We also found some cute panties that were on sale, so she chose 3 - a black and white striped pair, and animal print pair with purple trim, and a pair of boyshorts with pink flowers on them.  They all were super adorable.

We checked out another store with some much cuter outfits, but decided to come back later for that and instead went to look for makeup!  We found lipstick in a sexy purple shade as well as bright red (every girl needs to wear bright red lipstick sometimes!), some black eyeliner, and a palette of fun eyeshadow colors that could go with nearly any outfit.

Then we went back to my place.  I have a lot of clothes that I've either outgrown or never wear, and although Luna is thinner than I am we were able to find her some cute things that fit.  Her favorite was this fuschia patterned dress that made her tits look awesome.  With my roommate's help, we found some heels that fit and did her hair and makeup, and made her look extra sexy and gorgeous with a corset.

She was so gorgeous that I just had to fuck her, to mess up that hair and makeup, to see that pretty lipsticked pout form her "O" face.  I had to know what that looked like.  I figured it was the least she could do for me for all of the gifts I had given her that day.

She decided to take off the dress because it was too nice and didn't want it to get messed up.  This proved to be an excellent choice as the evening did indeed get dirty.  This left her with the purple bra, black corset, black and white striped panties, and sexy black platform heels.

KH likes to insist that I wear heels when we fuck and I never really understood it until I saw Luna wearing them when I told her to get on all fours on the bed.  I loved the look!  The heels made her already gorgeous legs look longer, the lacing of the corset tied tightly around her arched back, her beautiful brown curly hair - so gorgeous.  She was told to call me Mistress and I was going to show her what being a girl was all about.

I got out a leather slapper and slowly traced lines up and down her smooth legs.  She asked what it was she was feeling, and I told her not to ask so many questions and to just enjoy the experience.  Her ass looked so cute in those striped panties...but it was so pale.  I gave her several slaps, not too hard as she wasn't quite used to the idea, but just enough to give her ass a little color.

Before long she was begging to have something in her pussy.  I pulled down her panties a bit and landed several bites on her luscious ass cheeks, all while scolding her for being such a wanton slut.  I couldn't resist her request though, I wanted to hear her squeal with delight as I filled her pussy with toys.

First I started with my fingers.  My goodness was that pussy tight!  I found my way in far enough to reach her g-spot, and she made some delicious noises.  I wish I could have seen her face!  In the future, I will face her towards a mirror so I don't miss a minute of her reactions.  I spanked her ass a bit with my other hand and added another finger.  She yelped a bit as I rotated my fingers so I added some lube which helped her relax a bit.  However, before I got to use any toys, she had other ideas.

The dirty girl wanted to suck my cock!  I had her get on her knees before me and enjoyed her slutty mouth on my thick cock.  I told her that she should get it nice and wet because that was going to be inside her soon.  She seemed nervous and excited about this all at the same time - I wondered if this would be the first time she'd ever had something so big in her pussy.  I told her she was a good girl for sucking my cock so deeply, and then asked if she was ready to have some toys in her pussy.  She nodded with her mouthful of cock, so cute!

Back on the bed she went on all fours, and I got the lube and my smallest dildo.  I placed it at the opening of her cunt and told her to push back against me.  She leaned back and got it all the way inside, but then tried to start fucking it, but I stopped her.  I wanted the pleasure of fucking her.  I found her g-spot again with the head of the toy which was curved more that my other toys.  It must have felt so good she squealed !

We took a break and then this filthy slut wanted to eat my pussy!  I laid down on the bed and she eagerly buried her face into me.  I held her hair back a bit so she didn't get my juices all over it.  Fucking her pussy had me rather wet and she had it all over her face.  She looked so hot looking up at me while her tongue explored me.

Soon she was ready for the next toy.  Back on all fours she went, and she was so ready...the thicker dildo slid in easily right to the hilt.  Then I had an idea!  There was a stool in the room that I had Luna sit on while I was doing her makeup.  I had her sit on it again, only this time she had the toy in her pussy.  I wanted to tell her to sit still, but she was having so much fun fucking herself by squirming and bouncing up and down that I could only watch.  She made the naughtiest faces, thanking me for the good idea.

I think her squirming around got her ready for my cock.  But before I would let her have it, I made her get down on her knees.  As she was leaning down I leaned down with her, my face very close to hers.

"Worship my cock." Those words tasted so delicious leaving my lips.  But what was even more delicious was the eagerness in which she attacked my thickness with her mouth.  She really wanted to please and it showed.

Then I got her on her back, legs in the air, a pillow propping her up so I could get at her pretty little pussy properly.  I loved that she was still wearing the heels as she propped her feet up on my shoulders while I slid my cock into her.  I started a slow rhythm and her eyes nearly rolled back in her head she was so happy.  I loved that smile.

"Mistress may I see your beautiful tits?"  I was so caught up in fucking her I totally forgot I was even still wearing a shirt. I ripped it off and she got so excited!  She grabbed my tits and began fucking me back from below.  I leaned over and kissed her, continuing to fuck her even more deeply.  She loved it.

I knew she'd want to see her pussy being fucked from my angle, so I grabbed her phone and shot a video of me fucking her.  I knew she'd want to see what her face looked like with my dick deep in her pussy.

She kept playing with her clitty and I could see that she was close to squirting.

"Dirty girl! Don't cum on that corset, it doesn't belong to you."

We decided that it would best to fuck her from behind. I had no mercy for her pussy at this point...I grabbed her hips and slammed into her hard, over and over again.  I knew how much I liked to be railed and I wanted to give her the same experience.  This is what she looked like while I fucking her from behind:  

She squealed so loudly and squirted all over the sheets.  She made such a mess she could hardly believe it!

I loved being able to give her such an awesome fucking.  The one regret of the evening was not using any vibrators on her pussy, but there would be another opportunity very soon.