Monday, August 6, 2012


It had been over a week since KH and I had been together.  He had been busy and I had been ill.  Still, I wanted him so badly that when he asked if I wanted to fuck, I told him I still wasn't feeling the greatest but that I would try.

When he came over my roommate answered the door, and we all made small talk for a bit and eventually my roommate said he was going to bed.  KH kissed me before we walked into my room. Tender, gentle.  I loved it but knew it wouldn't last.  It couldn't.

He raised my hands above my head and left them there, and kept kissing me, my lips, my neck.  He left me there as he emptied his pockets and kicked off his shoes.  "Are your arms tired yet?"  "A bit, Sir."

"Get on your knees and worship me."

I was more than happy to worship his gorgeous body. I kissed down his chest quickly, then concentrated on kissing his hips. I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled everything off. I was greeted with a delicious cock that I took into my mouth.  I tried very hard to be good, keeping my teeth covered and working up a nice rhythm.  The noises he made were indication that he was enjoying my ministrations.  "Look up at me, I want you to make eye contact when my cock is in your mouth."  He had a good idea, it was much hotter to watch his face as I tried to swallow his cock.  His hands were in my hair, guiding me along his shaft.  I loved servicing him.

He then told me to kiss my way down his legs and worship his feet.  As I leaned over to kiss his feet he grabbed the crop and hit my ass with it a few times.  I'm not sure if he hit my asshole or my pussy but it hurt and the tears started to fall. He said he didn't mean to hit my pussy and I believed him.

His phone kept going off, and he kept checking it and answering whoever was messaging him.  I didn't know what to do so I just kept kissing his left foot.  "Why are you still on that foot?  There's a whole other leg to worship!"  I felt stupid for not realizing that this was what he wanted but also hurt that his phone was seemingly more important to him than the girl worshipping at his feet.  Still, not my place to say anything so I kept my mouth shut.

He then had me get up and sit on the bed. "It's been too long since we've fucked."  He told me to lie down, then pulled my legs apart and almost dove right in.  "Are you forgetting something, Sir?"  I had made a request for him to use protection since I had been on antibiotics all week.  He complied and then went straight to fucking.  Since I had been ill, I hadn't even touched my pussy in a sexual way for nearly a week so I wasn't sure how my body was going to react to suddenly being fucked. It was a little intense at first but the act of having his cock in my mouth had turned me on enough to make it bearable.  I had  missed his cock inside me.

Yet, as he's fucking, his phone was a priority - he seemed more interested in it than me.  I wanted to ask who he was talking to, to know why he felt it was okay to go through the motions fucking me when he obviously felt there was something else more important to attend to.  But then I remembered that I'm just his toy, to be used at his discretion, and I knew that anything I would have said at that moment wouldn't have mattered or made any sense.  Instead, I thanked him for fucking me.

He finally gave up the phone, reached down and found a pair of my black heels and put them on my feet. They had been left out from a previous session, and he really seemed to enjoy my legs in the air donned with these shoes.   He then said that he wanted punish me, but couldn't think of a good reason to because I had been such a good girl.  This made me happy because I try so hard to be good to him, but at the same time I really wanted to be spanked whether he thought I "deserved" it or not.  He knew this.  "Maybe I don't have to spank you just because you deserve it, maybe I should just spank you because I want to.  I like it better when you deserve it though.  But maybe I should punish you as a reward, because you really like to be spanked, don't you, you little slut?"  "Yes, Sir."

He had me get on all fours. I cringed at the feeling of the crop running along my back.  "You went out of your way to make sure I could orgasm tonight inside you, and this first strike is your reward."

"One, thank you sir."

"You were so good earlier at sucking my cock, it seems I can no longer  punish you for errors, I can only reward you with this next strike."

"Two, thank you sir."

"You left these shoes out so I could see you in them, and this next strike is your reward."

"And since you love being my little pain slut, I must reward you with this next one."

"Four, thank you sir."

"How many total should we give you?  10? 15? 20?"

"As many as you want to, Sir."

"30, I think 30 will do nicely.  Keep counting.  What number are we on?"  This seems to be his magic number.

"The next one is 5, Sir."

Most of the blows landed on my ass, but a few were on my back and those ones hurt rather badly.  I kept proper count and breathed through the pain. I have a love hate relationship with it.  There was one blow in the middle where he sort of missed and I didn't count because I subconsciously knew that he was going to do it over.  I was right, he said that one didn't count and hit me again, much harder in the same place.

"I don't care who else fucks you, but I'm going to mark you so they know that you belong to me.  Who does this ass belong to?"

"To you, sir."

After count 25 he got impatient and got up on the bed behind me. My cunt had to have been dripping from all of the beating.  He entered my pussy and for as good as it felt, I kept concentrating on the numbers as I feared this was a test.  If he thought he could mess up my counting with his cock - I desperately wanted to prove him wrong.

He kept fucking and eventually told me to cum. As I was cumming, he hit my back again. "26, thank you sir."  I was proud of myself for remembering what number we were on and I probably smiled but was glad he couldn't see me do that.  On strike 29 he sort of missed again, and I said out loud "that one doesn't count, Sir".  He told me I was a good girl for realizing that. I smiled a hidden smile once again.

He got through the last couple of counts quickly and dropped the crop, grabbed my hips and began to pound my pussy.  I could only imagine it from his point of view, his body bouncing off of my marked-up ass, his cock disappearing inside of my cunt over and over again.  He pressed me forward, leaning on me as he fucked, getting inside of me as deep as possible.  My pussy was starting to hurt a bit - after a week of no activity, the sudden intense fucking was a bit much after it had been prolonged.

He then wanted me to fuck him back from that position, and I don't know if I was too wet or just at a bad angle, but I could feel his cock bend back on my second stroke.  I immediately began to cry and apologized for hurting him.  I fully expected another beating in short order, but I didn't get one. Instead, he laid back on the bed, seemingly spent.  I laid next to him but didn't touch him - I wasn't sure what he wanted at that point.  He said he wasn't done and I told him I wasn't sure how much more my pussy could take.  I still wanted so desperately to please him but didn't know where this was going.

He told me to get on top of him, and I couldn't get the correct angle because the shoes I was still wearing were cutting off the circulation in my toes and he told me I couldn't take them off.  Eventually he realized they were in the way and took them off of me but by that point I was getting a cramp in my foot and generally just felt like a major disappointment.

I was ordered to get off of him, then he pushed my head down toward his cock.  "You'll have to do a really excellent job through a condom."  I hate the taste of condoms but at this point it tasted more like me than anything, but it was still sort of awkward.  I did my best though, and he seemed to like it.  I began rubbing the spot just below his balls, and he was in heaven, telling me to do it harder.  He eventually gave up on fucking me any more at least for the moment and ripped the condom off saying "I want to feel you" and I gave him my best effort at getting him off, rubbing and sucking and trying to look into his eyes although it was difficult from the angle I was sitting.  He really loved how I was rubbing him, even saying that it felt like he was orgasming even though he wasn't cumming.  I loved knowing that I could do that for him.

"I want to feel you inside me, do you have any gloves?"  A long time ago, I had bought a box of purple exam gloves when I was fucking this girl, but never got a chance to use them.  I remembered where they were, and jumped up to get them.  Unfortunately, my glasses were on the floor from when I threw them off earlier to suck his cock, and I stepped on them and broke them.  I didn't care though, I wanted to please him and this seemed like a perfect opportunity.

He began rubbing himself as I put on the glove and got the lube.  It was hot just watching him lie in the middle of my bed touching himself, with so much desire in his eyes for what I was about to do to him.  I positioned myself between his legs, and he demonstrated on my nipple the amount of pressure I should use once I was in there.  This was not to be, he eventually wanted me to press much harder than that.

Despite our previous engagement where I had fucked his ass, this was the first time I had ever had my fingers inside him and I loved it.  I moved in slowly, making sure that he was ready.  He tried to explain to me the spot he wanted me to reach and I told him that I knew where it was, I was just moving slowly so that I didn't hurt him.

When I found the spot, his eyes nearly rolled back in his head.  I'm sure I had a smug smile on my face but I couldn't help it.  I loved knowing that I could bring him this much pleasure.  I eventually switched to using my middle finger as it is slightly longer and I could get a better angle.  I experimented with different techniques, pressing directly up, rubbing side to side, in circles, etc. and listened to his words and his body to tell me what was working and what wasn't.

He continued to touch himself throughout this.  I had thought that I would take this over, either with my other hand or my mouth, but I liked that this was something we were doing together to get him to that place he so desperately needed to be.

I loved watching the expressions on his face as he was about to cum.  I just kept the same motions inside him as he jerked himself faster.  I smiled as I watched his thick juices pour out of him.  I ever so slowly began to withdraw my fingers, and he offered his hand to me to clean off.  I licked his fingers clean, then I took his cock into my mouth.  I could feel his body tense as I gently licked and sucked him, the sensations post-orgasm seemed rather intense for him.  I got a tissue to completely clean him up.

"I can't even move right now."  "You don't have to."

He then said he wanted me to spoon him and that he wanted to stay over, thinking these were odd requests.  I didn't think they were odd at all, but it was interesting to realize that this was the first time someone had slept in my bed with me since SM moved away.

I was happy to kiss his back and caress him until he fell asleep.  I was still slightly in awe that he was there at all, let alone completely sated from something I had done.  It didn't take him long, he was asleep rather quickly.

After he was asleep, I laid on my back so as not to completely lose feeling in my arm.  The pillows were not arranged in a proper manner for us both to use them so I grabbed some smaller blankets, one to lay over me and one to use as a pillow.  He eventually rolled over onto his back as well, his hand on my thigh.  I wasn't sure if that was intentional or coincidence, but I enjoyed being close to him nonetheless.

I woke up around 4am, used the restroom and came back to about a foot of space where I had been sleeping.  I knew this would be useless, so I slept on the floor until about 6am.  I wondered if he even noticed I was gone.

In the morning, maybe around 10am, we were both awake.  He simply asked, "Morning sex?" I sarcastically said no.  To me it was completely obvious that were going to go at it again that I found it silly that he even asked.

He put his hands behind his head. This was my cue to worship his body. I began kissing down his chest, then decided to tease his cock a little, running just the tip of my tongue up and down the length of it slowly.  When I eventually took him into my mouth, he moaned, loving the feeling of warmth surrounding his cock.  I worked up to a nice rhythm.  He held my hair back, not to direct my motions but so he could see what I was doing.  He had taught me a trick to help with deep throating since I still have a terrible gag reflex, so I tried that a few times as well.

He eventually told me to turn around so he could eat my pussy while I continued working his cock.  I was rather enjoying his tongue, but so often during 69 I get distracted by what is happening to me instead of what I'm doing.  To counteract this, I employed a simple rhythm that I could do mindlessly while enjoying his tongue exploring me.

He had me sit back on his face, nearly smothering him. I tried to use my hands on his cock, but I was off balance, so I arched my back and just let myself enjoy it.  Even though we weren't really in a scene, I still asked if I could cum.  He mumbled a positive noise from underneath me and I came all over his face.

I sat up, told him thank you and kissed him.  "I love it when you taste like me."  We instantly dove back into each other, my mouth devouring his cock and him eating my cunt as though it were his last meal.

He told me to get up.  I didn't even have time to balance myself before he pinned me down on the bed. He then kissed me gently. This is his M.O., demanding yet gentle - a total mindfuck.  He spread my legs open wide and wasted no time, just fucking me really intently.  He's said in the past that he likes dirty talk and he definitely likes compliments so I just started talking, making sure to end all of my sentences with "Sir".

"I love watching your face when you fuck me, Sir."

"I love it when you use my body for your pleasure, Sir."

"I love the way you pound me, Sir."

"Who am I kidding I like everything about you, sir."

"Well, it's time we did something about that."  Before he even finished his sentence he slapped my left breast from the side, and didn't even miss a stroke in my cunt.  Then I felt him pull my right breast inward, his teeth gnawing into my side.  I whined because not only did it hurt (it still hurts as I type this), but my pussy was starting to burn as well.  I had gotten too happy in that moment, and he had no choice but to put me in my place.

He then had me turn on my side and put one leg on his shoulder and went back to fucking.  I'm sure he could see the unhappy look on my face but I tried to keep quiet.  My pussy just didn't feel right and my thigh was not accustomed to being stretched in that manner.  Eventually I made some sort of noise and he asked what was wrong.  "It hurts, Sir."  "Why didn't you say something?" "Because you were having fun, Sir."

He laughed and pulled out and put my leg down.  I must have been holding my breath unwittingly because I gasped and then began to sob.  I was a disappointment and I knew it.  But he wasn't going to let me be one.  He was going to use me until he'd had enough.  He turned me onto my stomach so he wouldn't have to see me cry while he kept on fucking.  I bawled into the sheets, biting them so I would make as little noise as possible.  I couldn't understand why it burned so much.

A glimmer of hope appeared when I heard him mutter "oh fuck" and I could tell he was close to cumming.  I wanted him to reach that end because I didn't know how much more I could take but I also wanted to make sure he was sufficiently pleased.  I was afraid that he would stop himself from orgasm and bend me into some new position, but he didn't, he just pounded away harder until he shot his load.

When he pulled out and there were no longer the sounds of fucking to drown me out, he asked why I was crying.  At this point it was more tears of relief that it was over and that I didn't have to ask him to stop before he came and having him be mad at me for that.  I told him that it hurt and he got angry and asked me why I hurt and I told him I didn't know.  I crawled to the edge of the bed by the wall and curled up, still crying and apologizing for being such a disappointment.  I wanted to be exactly what he needed at all times, and despite how much I try, I knew either my body or my mind would always let him down.

He ordered me to shut up and stop crying.  I bit my tongue to try and stop myself but it was difficult.  He told me to take deep breaths, in through my nose and out through my mouth.  I couldn't breathe out of my nose at all because I'd been crying so much, so I sat up and got a tissue and tried to breathe like he asked.

He told me that I was done apologizing, and I said that I'd probably have something in the future I'd need to apologize for.  "For today, you're done apologizing."  He was very firm, so I simply said "Okay".  "Is there anything else I can do for you sir?"  "Smile."  "It's difficult, Sir."  "I know."

At this point he was already half dressed - I could tell that he wanted to get out of there.  Yet still, he held me close, my face pressed to his stomach.  "Thank you for being so good to me, Sir. I probably don't deserve it, but thank you anyway."

"Do you remember last night, when you had your fingers in me up to the hilt?  That was one of the best orgasms of my life."  "I'm glad you enjoyed it, Sir.  We can do that anytime you like, I have a whole box of gloves."  I smiled.  "See there's that smile!"  "Forgive me sir, I enjoy doing naughty things to your bum."

We kissed and as he was walking out, I mentioned that he never asked how I got this bruise on my breast.  He said, "it doesn't matter" and closed the door.

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