Friday, August 3, 2012

5 hours of fun - Part 2

He had me get on all fours on the bed.  "Spread your legs, arch your back, present yourself to me."  It wasn't the most comfortable position, but I knew it turned him on to see me in those stockings with my ass and cunt pressed toward him.  I was scared of what was going to happen next.

He decided that 30 would be a good number of strikes.  This sounded horrifying but I went with it.  For open hand strikes (at least the ones I had become accustomed to from CW) this was nothing, but the crop?  I had no idea where it would land or how hard it would be.  I knew nothing except that I had a safe word and that I inexplicably trusted him.  I needed to prove that I could do this, not to him, but to myself.  This is what I had been craving for so long, I had to know that this was really what I needed and not just what I thought I needed.

I counted and thanked him for each stroke, even the ones that hurt.  Strike 14, I believe, he hit my pussy. I don't know if it was because he missed or because he wanted to see if I could take it.  I yelped so loudly - I had no idea I could even make a noise like that, let alone involuntarily.  It stung so badly I began to sob.  His words then were apologetic, and I could tell he was considering stopping the entire thing.  I couldn't let that happen, I needed this.  I needed to breathe through the pain, to know that I could take it.  I told him I needed to go on, that I wanted him to finish.  The rest of the strokes are a mere blur, I think I had hit subspace at this point.  I loved it.  I was his good little pain slut.

It was decided that to keep us going through the evening that we needed some artificial help.  Despite this making my experience that much more intense, it also allows me to remember less of the details of the rest of the evening.

Things I do remember:

 - My ass being pounded in all positions - on my knees, on my back, on my side even.  I begged to cum but was denied. I needed the release so badly - I loved that he was using me for his pleasure.  He finally said I could cum when he did - but he pulled out and released all over me so I didn't get the satisfaction of having his cum inside me.

 - The rattan cane flogger.  While fucking me on my back, he grabbed this toy (that I had fully intended for use on my ass) and began hitting my breasts.  One of the strikes hit the ends of the canes rather close to my nipple and bled a bit, it left marks for quite a while.  I don't remember it hurting so when I saw the marks in the mirror later, I was surprised.

 - A crop mark on my inner thigh that lasted a week.  I don't know how he can leave a red mark that never bruised, but I loved seeing the mark there.

- Photos. I remembered that he had snapped a couple pics of me in various compromising positions, photos that he said were for his own use, but he had asked if he could post a pic of my ass online.  I barely remembered this until I saw it for myself.  I had never thought to look at my ass in the mirror after he left so this was a fun tidbit for me.  My pussy gets wet every time I look at it.

- Him cumming twice.  I remember being surprised that he was able to cum a second time, but the time duration in between the two occurrences is completely unknown to me.  I just know that he used my body for his pleasure in every way possible and I couldn't have been happier.

 - Time flying. I remember looking at the time when he left and I couldn't believe we had been going at it for 5 hours, with maybe a 5 minute break somewhere in the middle.  I loved that I could keep him interested for that long, and only hoped I would see him again soon.