Monday, August 13, 2012

Used, for real this time.

I texted him when I woke up.  "I need to be used."  I didn't expect a response at that hour, so I nearly forgot that I had even sent that text.  I had been so caught up in my work I didn't look at my phone all afternoon, but when I finally did, I saw this:

"When you get home, take a shower, pour a glass of wine and leave it next to the bed.  I will be by to play after work.  You're going to be doing some new things today."

"Yes, Sir."  I was instantly wet.  I could no longer concentrate on anything else for the rest of the day.  The more I thought about what he meant by "new things", the more nervous I got.  I had some serious bruises from the last time we were together - what would this encounter entail?

I couldn't take it.  "I'd ask what new things you are referring to, but I have a feeling you wouldn't tell me anyway."

"I will not.  But I think you will enjoy yourself.  Make sure your pretty little ass is cleaned up for me."

I was back to being excited.  He knew what I needed without me even saying.  I needed him to use my ass and I needed it badly.

I received an important phone call right before leaving work so I arrived home later than expected.  He arrived as I was just getting out of the shower.  I poured the glass of wine and dodged my roommates. At last the mystery would be solved.

He'd had a terrible day at work, said he wasn't feeling appreciated.  I told him that he should know that there are people that do appreciate him.

"Well then, come over here and appreciate me."

I kissed his neck gently, asked if he would lie down, then kissed and gently touched him up and down his chest.  My lips made it up to his nipple - I gently licked and sucked as my hand moved lower to his inner thigh.  As I was transitioning to his other leg, my hand brushed his hardening cock.  He was stern.  "No!  Not yet." I stopped touching his legs altogether and went back to his chest.

I was perfectly happy just touching him and giving him the attention that he deserves, but I was afraid I was missing something.  "Is there anything else you desire right now, Sir?"

"No, I'm enjoying this for now.  Trying to decide how to go about teaching you new things."  I gulped, hopefully not too loudly.  I was excited and a bit scared all at the same time.

A few more moments of touching and then he sat up and kissed me.  "Go pick out a toy, your favorite.  Put on a bra and heels, then lie down on the floor for me."  My mind raced.  What was he going to have me do with this toy?

I followed instructions, and when I went to lie on the floor, he was gracious enough to offer me a pillow.  "Masturbate."  My thought process at this point was that he was trying a form of humiliation, him perhaps thinking that exposing myself and showing him how I get off would somehow be embarrassing.  This was not the case, I have always found mutual masturbation to be very hot.

I licked my fingers and began rubbing my clit, and then placed the toy in my mouth to get it wet.  I don't get off on sucking on a toy, but I'm sure the visual was there for him.

"Am I allowed to orgasm as I wish, or should I wait for your call?"  I had to ask, I didn't want to ruin whatever he was planning.

"Keep playing with yourself until I say stop.  The idea is to stop right before you cum.  But if you cum before I stay stop, it's okay, it just means I wasn't paying enough attention to your body."

Ahh, his lesson today was edging.  Little did he know that I normally do this to myself when I masturbate and have for years.  I never did it intentionally having learned about it, I just discovered on my own that if I waited, my orgasm would be that much more intense later.  The new part of this however was that he was controlling when I stopped and when I could start again.

"This a bit awkward as I taught myself to masturbate face down.  But that wouldn't be as good of a show for you."

I came so close to orgasm with my fingers but he caught me and told me to stop.  Then when I was allowed to resume again, I started in with the toy, relishing the feeling of being full of cock and the pressure on all the right parts.  When he began to see my face contort or my breathing became heavy, he would tell me to stop and pull out the toy.

I looked up at him and noticed he had his phone out, taking pictures and video.  I wish I could see them, I've often wondered how I look when I'm pleasuring myself.  After he sent me to the edge several times, he finally let me cum, my cunt contracting around the toy.  He didn't really give me a chance to come down though.

"Get up on your knees and worship my cock."

He let me take him into my mouth and make my own rhythm for only a few moments and then grabbed my hair and started thrusting.  I always liked the idea of being face fucked but could never do it properly, damn gag reflex.  But he knew this and didn't go in that deep.

He took his cock out of my mouth and slapped my cheeks with it, not too hard.

"Is this what you had in mind when you asked to be used?"

"That's the beauty of being used, you don't get to decide how."

"A textbook answer."

"Perhaps, but it's true."

He went back to fucking my mouth, and slid it in deep so I would choke a little.  He had to show me he was the one in control.

He then had me stand up and bend over the bed, spreading my legs very far apart.  I did my best to arch my back the way he likes, but in heels it hurt to stand like that.  I leaned over some blankets to help prop myself up a bit.  He slides a finger in my ass, opening me up.  Between masturbating, having a gorgeous cock sliding in and out of my mouth, and the anticipation of having my ass railed, my cunt was soaked.  I loved being a fucktoy and I couldn't wait to see what was next.

Before he slid his cock in my ass, he had an idea.  I have a free standing full length mirror in the bedroom.  He moved it so it was at the end of the bed so both of us could watch our own depravity.  He got back behind me and slammed his cock in my ass.  I wanted to watch myself but I closed my eyes at the combination of pain and pleasure that was radiating from my backside.

"The rule today is that every time I allow you to cum, you'll look in the mirror so I can see your face."

"Yes sir.  Thank you sir for using my ass, for letting me be your fuckslut."

I loved watching us, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of using the mirror sooner.  I begged to cum.  He denied me and fucked me faster.

"You look so hot fucking me, I love seeing my ass bouncing against you.  Please sir, may I cum?"

He let me this time, and I did my best to look in the mirror but couldn't keep my eyes open.  I got lost in the pleasure.  KH made some grunting noises of his own - I thought he had cum in my ass, which is something I'd wanted to happen for a long time.  But alas no, he wasn't finished with me yet.

He then had me get up on the bed so I was looking directly into the mirror, and he got behind me, wrapped it up, and started plowing away at my pussy.  He slid in easily because I was so fucking wet.

"I love the way your tits look right now."  I had to agree, I was sporting some major cleavage as my breasts were barely supported by the bra I was still wearing.

"Thank you sir for using all of my holes.  You always know exactly what I need."

Between watching my breasts swinging, his face contorting behind me, and his cock filling me up so deliciously, I was desperate to cum again.  I think I even began to fuck him back a little, relishing the sound of him slapping against my ass.

Before I could even ask to cum, he flips me over onto my back.  I hold my legs apart and back while he goes in deep.  He's still looking in the mirror even though I no longer have the same view.

"I've never seen what I look like fucking.  I rather like it."

He fucks me hard and deep and I can tell he's about to cum.  Normally I relish the idea of cumming with my partner, but this wasn't about me, it was about him using my slutty body for whatever he wanted.  If he wanted to fuck all of my holes, to merely use me for his pleasure and then leave me there, that was his right.

He didn't leave me hanging though.  I think he realized mid-orgasm that I was just lying there waiting for permission to cum with him.  I came just after him, wrapping my legs around him.  I probably shouldn't have done that, but I really wanted him to stay inside me as my orgasm rolled over my body.  I clenched around his cock, trying to hold him inside.  I loved the way he felt inside and I always hated when that had to end.

Everything about the evening was perfect, it was exactly what I needed. I thanked him several times. Also, I didn't cry!  But that was probably because he didn't spank me.  As much as I love being spanked, I liked having one experience without it.  As much as the pain and the crying is a release for me, it's selfish of me to always want that.  I need to learn to let go of my needs and be there for his.