Thursday, July 9, 2015


We hadn't seen each other in a week since O had been out of town.  He started texting me old photos of us fucking that he was using as masturbation fodder, which I found incredibly hot.  While he was gone I had had a few dates but one ended after dinner and the other couldn't keep it up so my body was feeling extra needy.  We both had plans for most nights this week but decided to squeeze in a session before dinner with mutual friends the next day. 

This wasn't a normal need, a simple desire to fuck and cum as many times as I want and be done.  No, I needed him to use me.  I directed him to a fantasy on this blog to read that night as he was touching himself, and on my way to work I recounted via text the fantasy I had had that morning that made me cum so hard - details of how I wanted all of my holes to be used, to be denied orgasm, to be tied up and there for whatever he desired. 

It takes a long time for me to trust someone enough to truly let go and submit, but he has become an expert at knowing what my body is craving and giving it to me...eventually.  My words kept his cock at full attention at work and he had to ask me to stop so he could relax before going into a meeting.  I relished the thought that my dirty thoughts had such an effect on him, this gorgeous man 5 years my junior. 

I nearly ran out of work and rushed through a few errands before arriving at his house, already sweaty and wet between my legs, remembering our conversation and wondering if the fantasy would become reality.  He came downstairs to answer the door and said no more than hi before I pinned him against the wall and kissed him deeply.  He was taken aback for a second and then grabbed the back of my head and I could feel the desire in his lips and tongue. 

We retreated to the bedroom and I was thankful for the A/C.  He was already shirtless but took off his shorts and as I struggled to strip off my clothes across the room I pretended with some niceties.  "Hi, how are you? How was your day? I don't care, at least not right now.  I just want you."  He smiled and I noticed his stunning erection already. 

"I've been thinking about this all day.  I cut this rope in half and these scarves can serve as a blindfold and a gag."  I instantly became wetter at the prospect of rope and the fact that he'd been planning all day to use me.  As I cooled myself in front of the A/C for a few moments before we began, he kissed me more and it took everything in my power to be patient and not just jump him right there.  He slid his fingers between my legs and saw how wet I already was. 

I was directed to sit on the bed and had my wrists bound together.  Then came the blindfold and gag - I am an awfully loud slut - and then my legs were bound above my knees.  I was still too warm but content in my binding.  As he tied my legs I felt something wet on my toe, and realized he was already so turned on that his cock was dripping.

I was on my back, and had to play "come and get it" with my mouth to find his cock.  I was right, he was dripping a fair amount of precum.  He asked if I could taste it and if I liked it.  I lapped it up greedily, trying to figure out an angle where I could fit his cock in my mouth.  I was moved back so my head hung off the bed and then he was able to fit his cock in my mouth much more easily.  Having his cock in my mouth was just making my other holes feel more needy.  I wanted him everywhere at once. 

He stretched my bound arms above my head and had me grip his cock, then applied lube to both my hands.  He asked me if I knew what that was for, and I said to jerk him off with.  "Wrong!  You're going to tease're just not allowed to touch your clit."  Between my legs was already a wet sticky mess, I certainly didn't need lube!  But I did as I was ordered and teased my pussy lips as he slid a toy in my mouth. 

"Suck on that, show me how much you want to suck my cock again."  I licked and sucked and teased myself and showed him what a good girl I can be. I realized the shape of the toy with my tongue and could forsee where it was going.  He withdrew it from my mouth and there was a pause and next thing I know my legs are being lifted above my head and there is lube being spread in my asshole and the plug is being shoved deep inside roughly, a delicious mix of pain and pleasure.  "Gotta get that asshole ready for my cock."  I shivered at the thought.

He rolled me onto my side and placed his cock back in my mouth and I was happy to have two of my holes filled at once but still desperate to have something in my pussy. He had me get on all fours and then sat down so I could suck his cock more directly.  He reached down and played with the plug in my ass and spanked me hard as I took him deep in my mouth.

"Your mouth feels so good, baby, but I think it's time to switch it up. He rolled me onto my back again, inserted two fingers into my cunt and I found his cock again with my tongue. "Do not cum," he ordered.  I adored the feeling of his fingers against my G spot and it was really difficult not to go over the edge. 

He removed his fingers after much too short of a time and also pulled the plug out of my ass leaving me feeling empty.  But, soon enough there was a toy shoved in my molten cunt and my ass was filled with his gloriously hard cock.  I lost control of my mouth, thanking him repeatedly for filling me up and using my ass for his pleasure.  "Wait, why are you talking? Get that gag back in your mouth."  He paused long enough to fill my mouth up with scarf and then began to plow my ass extra hard, seemingly as punishment for speaking out of turn.  I was loving that he was using my naughtiest hole to release his built up desire.  It hurt a bit after the plug but I was there for his use and I was going to take everything he was going to give me. 

He took a few more strokes in my ass and I thought he was about to cum but he stopped himself, which I found surprising.  He slid the plug back in my ass and unbound my legs and took off my blindfold so I could see him for the first time.  Despite the A/C, it was still warm in the room and he had worked up quite a sweat.  He put on a new condom and went to work fucking my pussy.  I was so wet  there wasn't much friction but I was loving him filling me and hitting bottom as I had been craving all day long.  I begged through the gag to cum but was denied as he just kept plowing away.  I grunted and moaned into the gag, and he commented that I looked like I was in pain.  I shook my head.

"You're just on edge, aren't you?" I nodded emphatically.  It was almost painful to not cum when all of my buttons were being pushed in quick succession.  Finally, he said I could cum and my eyes squinted and my body exploded and my legs wrapped around him and pressed my clit into his body and I completely lost track of everything as I screamed into the gag. 

It took me a few minutes to come back to earth and I was so lost in my own release that I thought he had cum with me but he hadn't.  He needed to take a break for a bit to cool off...fucking me so hard really started to wear him out.  He unbound my hands took off the gag and fingered my cunt for a while.  After he got hard again he immediately went back to jackhammering my cunt.  He's often pounded my pussy in the past when he is about to cum, but this was most frantic and intense I'd ever seen him.  Nothing was going to stand in the way of his orgasm and he was going to use my cunt to send him over the edge as soon as humanly possible.  I loved watching his face as we came together and he nearly collapsed on top of me. 

I could have stood to lie there motionless for an hour or two, but alas, we had dinner plans.  My legs were like jello but somehow I willed them have me stand so we could shower and wash the lube and sweat and cum off of each other before being around others.  The sheets were a mess!  We were late to dinner but I had no regrets - I could almost still feel him in my ass as we carried on usual conversation with our unsuspecting friends.