Sunday, May 25, 2008

Change of Plans

After much consideration, DN and I talked about what we both wanted out of our interactions, and decided that it got much too serious much too quickly. We had 2 additional sessions. In the first, he still was unable to cum, no matter how much I teased him. He'd gotten it into his head that he would cum for Mistress no matter how long it took, but I sent him away before he beat his dick raw. He was disappointed in himself, but once I explained that I dismissed him for his own safety, he was appreciative. I realized that while I do enjoy being given the power of being Mistress to someone, this particular situation was less than ideal. I'm not really attracted to DN, his cock is nothing to speak of, and I really didn't want the responsibility of taking his virginity.

I think he'll be fine...he seems to have found a girl from the next state over via the internet that he's smitten with. I think his first true sexual experience should be with someone that can be there for him emotionally as well as physically. In the end, he would have been disappointed with me. I just think I was able to give him enough of a confidence boost to be able to have a proper conversation with someone he was interested in. He's better off this way.

JS and I have been chatting a bit - he's still really into the idea of me fucking him in the ass. However, he wants to have time to "loosen himself up". We exchanged pics, his being of shoving a few fingers up his ass, and mine being of me wearing a strap on. He's deliciously hot, but I need to figure out when I'll see him again. I love making people's fantasies come true.

A few days ago, I ended up messing around with my roommate's best friend, KZ. Despite being gorgeous, he seemed to have a terrible amount of hangups that I eventually figured out came from an intense Catholic upbringing. It led to a huge misunderstanding. I thought we were going to fuck, but he was more interested in just messing around, and was supremely against me giving him head. I think the whole situation would have been easier had I gotten to know him better before we messed around, and had realized what he really wanted. The next morning, he and my roommate left to go camping for the long weekend, and I have no idea how much of what happened will be shared with my roommate, and how pissed my roommate will or will not be at me. We shall see when he returns tomorrow.

A called me yesterday. It had been a little over a month, which was about right - he likes to disappear, which used to bother me, but now I don't mind. I know that when he wants me, he'll come find me. We'd talked about him wanting to be dominated before, but at the time we met (early last fall), I was looking for someone to dominate me. We still had great sex, but I think he was looking for someone that would take more control of him. He actually texted me first, saying "Know any dominant mistresses?", but I didn't get it until after he called me. We caught up a little bit, and decided to get together soon. I alluded to my experiences with DN, and told him that I had invested in a riding crop recently. He seemed to be excited about that.

Later, A was online and we chatted about how he was looking to be dominated. He said that he enjoyed the idea of being tied up, and that he would like to led around by a leash. I found a leash online that was meant to be attached to his cock and balls, and he really got into the idea. I made a "wishlist" of bondage items on this site that I think would be useful in dominating him, including an under the bed restraint system, bondage tape, and Wartenberg pinwheel. He really liked the idea of everything I showed him, so I think we'll be in for some good times.

I ended up being out at a party that night until after 3, but when I got back, A was still online waiting for me. He ended up coming over around was really good to see him. I was really tired, but he has this way of getting to me, where I knew that I'd never get to sleep if I didn't fuck him silly. He knows to undress when he gets here...he left his boxers on though. We kissed for a long while, rolling over and alternating who was on top. Eventually I told him to roll over, face down. I removed my shirt and pressed my breasts against his back. I swept his hair to the side (his hair hangs halfway down his back) and began to kiss and bite his neck. His immediate reaction was to thrust his hips into the mattress. I ran my nails down his back and intensified his hip movements by thrusting into him as well. He loved every second of it. I entwined my fingers with his, and covered his back with a mixture of kisses, licks, and bites. He moaned approvingly.

I eventually rolled off him and he turned to face me. I grabbed his cock...I always forget how thick he is until i wrap my fingers around him. He pulled me close to him and grabbed my ass, kissing me deeply. I scratched his back again as I lifted one leg to ease his hand's access inside my panties. He moaned into my mouth as his fingers slipped into my core - one of his ultimate turn ons is how wet I get for him. I was so turned on that as soon as his fingertips found my clit, I was shuddering in his embrace. My grip tightened on his cock and the pace of my strokes quickened as I neared orgasm...I screamed as I went over the edge. It was delicious.

I decided I needed him inside me, so I took off his pants, and he knew to remove his boxers. As I climbed onto him, I could hear him mutter an "oh, yes". He really needed me to fuck him, but it was not to be quite yet. I straddled him, my pussy only an inch or so from his throbbing cock. I kissed him gently, and then took his hands and pinned them above his head. I looked straight into his eyes, and asked him what he wanted. He completely let go.

"I need you. I need you to dominate me. I need you to take control of me. I need you to take control of my cock. I need you to have your way with me."

"You want me to own your cock?"

"Yes, Mistress."

It was extremely hot, I thrive on dirty talk. I moved my hips to align the tip of his thick cock with my entrance. I pressed my forehead to his.

"Do you like it when I tease you with my pussy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I began to slide my wet cunt lips gently up and down his shaft, not yet letting him enter me.

"Do you like feeling my juices coat your cock?"

"Yes, Mistress."

I let just the tip of his cock enter me and then stopped. He squirmed a bit, thankful to feel me dripping onto him, but desperate to be buried inside me.

"Hold still."

He did as he was told. I ever so slowly descended onto him, reveling in his thickness stretching me open. I stopped after about an inch, and then rose back up just as slowly. A sucked in air between his teeth as I sank back onto him, a little further this time. I played this game for a long while, until eventually I was completely impaled on him. I held still, loving the feeling of being full, and kissed him. Then I couldn't take it anymore, I needed to cum. I rubbed my clit against his body and came all over him, clenching his cock. He said that he loved feeling my wetness cover him.

Keeping his hands pinned above his head, I began to fuck him. My intention was to start slowly and build up speed, but my need to fuck took over. I bounced on his cock forcefully, loving the look on his face and the way he felt deep inside me. To get more leverage, I moved my hands to his chest and pressed down, trying to get him inside me as deep as possible. As a good submissive, he kept his hands above his head as I ravaged him. I came and came on his cock, wearing myself out. After several orgasms, I rolled off of him, spent.

We kissed and talked for a minute while I caught my breath. I then told him to fuck me from behind, to fuck me hard and cum inside me. (This was special, as he usually hasn't cum when we're together, it's always been more about pleasing me than himself.) I turned over and before I knew it, he was pounding into me and I was gushing everywhere. It was a delicious feeling. His thrusts were so hard that he knocked me out of a kneeling position, I was nearly lying flat on my stomach, yet still he continued his direct assault on my cunt, just as he was told. I reached between my legs and pressed hard on my clit. When I came, my muscles clenched so hard they pushed him right out of me. He attempted to reenter me, as he was on a mission, but I told him I wasn't sure how much more my pussy could take, and guided him to lie on top of me. I loved feeling his weight on me.

Now that I had cum a million times, I wanted him to cum too. I nestled beside him and guided his hand to his cock and told him to cum for me. He stroked himself as I touched him all over, kissing his chest. He didn't seem to be getting anywhere, so I asked if there was anything I could do to help. He said that I was being wonderful to him, but that he was left handed...I'd completely forgotten! We switched sides and all was well with the world. I kissed him deeply and wrapped my leg over his as my nails scratched the inside of his thigh and pressed against his balls. Soon, he said "I'm going to cum, Mistress" and then shot his load over his stomach, some of which landed on my tits - it was a beautiful sight.

We cleaned up and then cuddled. One of my favorite things about A is not only is the sex amazing, but he's not afraid to be affectionate post-sex or to stay the night. I reiterated that I think he missed me (this is an ongoing joke for every time I see him, even though he's the reason for the time lag between visits) and we turned off the light and fell asleep to music.

I thought we might fuck again in the morning, but alas he had someplace to be and I was quite tired still. I hope now that we have plans for me to be more controlling of him that we see each other more often. Just thinking about the possibilities gets me going.


Rogue said...

Very lovely.

I would have enjoyed watching him take you from behind. Yum.

Sexual Adventurer said...

yes, it was delicious. his cock always hits me in just the right spots when he gets me from behind. he's coming over again tonight...