Sunday, May 2, 2010


I was in the mood to be used, to have my body twisted and turned and manipulated for your pleasure. I wasn't quite sure how to ask for that, however I had an idea. You were due home from work soon, so I showered and prepared myself for you. I got on all fours on the bed, naked. I laid my head on a pillow, my ass perked up and facing the door.

Waiting for you to discover me was deliciously excruciating. My mind filled with the possibilities of how you would react, what you would do. Would you dive right in? Would you tease me? My cunt become wetter by the second. Finally I heard the front door close.



"Hello? Anybody home?"

I hear you coming up the stairs. I hold my breath.

"Hel--Oh my, what do we have here?"

I couldn't speak. I wanted so badly to see your face, to witness your reaction to my bold move, but I couldn't budge.

I felt your presence move across the room to get a closer look. "Someone wants something, I can tell." I felt a gentle touch at my opening, that moved very slowly downwards until it just grazed my clit. My hips instinctively moved backwards, trying to increase the pressure, but your hand was gone. I could hear you lick your finger.

"What a naughty girl! Leaving yourself exposed so that anyone could just come along and take advantage. I think this deserves a bit of a punishment, don't you?"

I could only nod. I could hear your belt buckle being undone, and in a flash there was a searing pain across my right ass cheek. I trembled slightly and let out a small moan. A similar sensation came across the left side, matching the other and making my skin warm. The pain went straight to my brain and back to my clit. A few more strokes and I was beginning to float.

"You wait here and think about what a dirty girl you are."

You left the room. I felt could you leave me like this, begging for you to touch me, taste me, fuck me, do anything to me? My cunt was gushing...I craved so badly to touch myself, to relieve some of the pressure that had built up inside of me, but I stayed put, waiting, wondering. I heard water running through the pipes, so I could only imagine that you were in the shower. I started getting lost in thoughts of being with you under the warm water...


I couldn't tell you how long you were gone, my mind was too full to pay attention to the time. I didn't even hear you come in, but I did feel your hand crashing against my ass in quick succession.

"Did you miss me?" I nodded. "Answer me."

"Yes." My voice cracked. "I always miss you when you are away."

You walked in front of me, all I could see was a towel wrapped around your waist.

"Did you miss this?" The towel dropped to the floor, revealing your stunning erection.

"Yes. I love your cock."

You tangled your fist in my hair and pulled my head up, your cock millimeters from my face. "See what you do to me? Show me how much you love it."

I could barely open my mouth before it was shoved full.. I did my best to lick and suck but the motions were yours, fucking my face. Not quite choking me, but close. I heard a soft moan escape your lips.

"You like having me in your mouth, don't you?" I nodded. It was true, I was one of those girls that liked the taste of cock, the feel of it's smoothness going in and out of my mouth, the noises I could make men emit with my tongue's ministrations.

Without warning you pulled out. "What was that you said?"

"Yes, I like the feel of your cock in my mouth."

My cunt was aching now, desperate for attention. I wiggled my ass almost involuntarily.

You walked back behind me and kneeled on the floor, inspecting my cunt, whispering, "I wonder what I should do with you..."

I quickly found out. I felt the tiniest motion on either side of my clit. It must have been your thumb and forefinger moving gently back and forth. The combination of that and your warm breath sent me over the edge nearly instantly, and my whole body shuddered. I was so turned on you didn't even need to touch my clit directly for me to come. A much needed release but I craved more. I felt a finger, maybe two slide inside me, ever so slowly, pressing down until you found my g-spot. The smallest motions of your fingertips sent a completely different sensation throughout my body, one that could only begin from deep inside and exit through an unanticipated moan escaping from my lips. I pressed back against your hand with urgency, always craving your touch, more and more as each second passed. I felt your lips wrap around my clit as you increased the pressure of your fingers inside of me. At this point I was screaming and clawing at the sheets, there was no way it could be helped.

Following wave after wave of intense pleasure, I suddenly felt empty again. You fed me your fingers, telling me to clean them off. I licked and sucked greedily...I love the taste of myself. You withdrew your hand, and there was a pause. I was still trying to catch my breath from all of those g-spot orgasms when in one swift expert motion your cock was buried to the hilt in my pussy.

I'm positive the sounds I made were inhuman. After entering me, you were motionless, letting me writhe and grind and cover your cock in my arousal. I think I may have heard a noise or two from you as I spasmed, clenching you tightly. You grabbed my hips and started fucking me intensely, grabbing my hair, telling me that I'm such a dirty slut for making you want to do these things to me. I couldn't disagree.

After I came a countless number of times, you flipped me on my back. It was at this point that you noticed the toys and lube that I had left sitting on the nightstand.

"You have a choice...I can fuck you with your legs above your head with a plug in your ass, or I can fuck your ass with a toy in your cunt."

"I ass." I was still breathless.

Sucking on my clit made it easier for your lubed fingers to open up my ass, and soon my cunt was filled with my favorite dildo. You told me to hold it there and pushed my knees to my chest. My ass was extra tight from the hole next to it already being filled, so it took a moment to find the right angle to enter me. It was worth it...the slow stretching of my backdoor while the toy pressed against my g-spot was heaven. Soon, I didn't need to hold the toy, your body did it for me.

I love having both holes filled at once, it's a sensation that is as intense as it is hard to describe. As I relaxed around your cock, you started a slow rhythm, looking deep into my eyes.

"Is this what you wanted, to be taken advantage of?"

I was too far gone for words, I could only smile. You laughed and increased your pace in my ass, pressing the toy into my cunt with each in stroke. My mind was blank, I couldn't focus on anything except your face and how full I felt. You reached down and pressed your thumb against my clit. That was the pièce de résistance. My body couldn't handle all of the sensations at once, I bucked and screamed and convulsed and came so hard I pushed the toy right out of my cunt. You grabbed my legs and put them over your shoulders and slammed into my ass, determined to get yours as well. I felt you grow just the slightest bit before filling my ass with your cum.

I barely remember you sliding out and laying down next to me. There was a kiss and then everything went black...I passed out, content that I had received what I had set out for.


Yours Webfully said...

bliss! absolute bliss...

Anonymous said...

I want to learn to write like that!!


Ciao x

Anonymous said...

>You tangled your fist in my hair and pulled my head up, your cock millimeters from my face. "See what you do to me?"<

That sent shivers down my spine. :D

Liras said...

In a word-masterful. But the feeling it leaves is exquisite.